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Sharing an Astral Experience with a Friend

Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

For some months I explored astral projection with a group of friends. We got together on Saturday nights and practiced concentration, meditation, and mantras that were taught to us in Belsebuub’s courses. Over the course of these months I had many memorable conscious experiences in the astral plane (such as this one where I created an imaginary toothbrush).

Following is a shared experience of meeting a person in the astral plane that a friend and I related independently to our group later that morning.

Realizing I Was Dreaming

alex-meditating_smallIt started off with a concentration practice. As I drifted off to dreams my mind was trained enough to realize that I was dreaming. The dream faded and I found myself in the same room where my friends and I were doing our concentration practice. A person who was not in our group came to me and asked how strong of an effort we were putting into the practice. I (and our entire group) knew this person, so I was not surprised by the question.

A Meaningful Conversation

I replied honestly, saying that we could put in more effort. As I said this my head went down as an expression of sorrow for not putting in 100%. At this the visitor recommended us to be accountable for our level of practice. I then had a chance to ask a question related to my own esoteric practice and the experience ended as I drifted off into a dream.

Waking Up

Next thing I remember is waking up to an alarm clock. I often have trouble remembering my dreams and astral experiences, and this time was no exception. I could sense that something out of the ordinary had just happened, and started pronouncing the mantra ‘Raom Gaom’ while praying to remember my dreams. I must have repeated the mantra for around ten minutes before I finally recalled the experience. By this time I had to hurry to join my friends who were already gathered in the adjacent room recalling their own experiences.

A Surprising Retelling of the Experience

As I joined our group one of my friends was relating an experience that just happened with the same person that I saw. He described how the visitor come into the room and asked our group a question. He recalled the people gathered in the group and how the newcomer addressed me for an answer. Although my friend could not hear my answer, he described the exact head movement that I acted with.

It was interesting for me to hear my friend’s account of the experience because he filled in gaps in my own memory of the experience (I did not remember the visitor enter, nor the fact that there was a group of us gathered in front of that person). My friend was also happy to hear me recall my response to the visitor and their reply.

  • I was at a meeting with tribes and suddenly I was above my body moving in a circle with tribal members at the table. Our energies were moving together in a circle above our bodies. The experience was confirmed by a tribal woman at the table following the meeting. She refered to the experience with an Indian word meaning “the wind.”

    Not everybody at our table shared in the experience. Those that did formed a moving energy circle above our bodies.

  • Thanks for sharing, Aleks! It is really cool how your experience was verified by someone else when you all were giving feedback.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Aleks. What a surefire way to confirm an experience in the astral. Sometimes I find that I wake up from one and really question whether it happened or not even when it felt so real at the moment. But when you get another person describing the same experience and even filling in the gaps, that’s a great verification and pretty fascinating!

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Alex. It’s good that you were able to compare your own account with that of your friend.

  • What an amazing experience Alex! Thank you for sharing. It is indeed another prove that the astral is not just the world of our imagination and a lesson as to the efforts we should be putting with the practices. Very inspiring, thanks!

  • This sounds like a wonderful experience. It struck me that you knew and felt that you could make a better effort. And that the visitor recommended to keep yourself accountable for your lever of effort. It makes me want to try harder when I do a practice.

  • Such a strong and meaningful experience and article Aleks.

    It’s amazing how you and your friend were able to fill in each other’s experiences!

    Like others that commented I too feel determination now to improve my level of practice, make sure I am always trying better or that I am at least trying hard and not making excuses and falling into self-deceit that make me feel it’s ok to do spiritual things weakly and half-heartedly.

    This kind of reminds me of a practice I was doing once with a group online. I was feeling quite weak and defeated about spiritual things at the time but I was trying to make an effort with it. So this is not to do with the astral and nothing as clear as yours but during the practice (concentration or mantra or something simple like that) I felt a spiritual presence that told me through feeling that I shouldn’t allow the very best level that I could achieve in that practice to slip away but keep it as much as possible, out of reverence. I don’t remember the exact words that went with that last bit but it was a feeling like out of respect (for the spiritual beings I think) I had to try to maintain my level in the practice as good as possible. At the same time he was showing me a bit about how to keep my concentration too. It was empowering and inspiring.

    Thanks so much for sharing Aleks.

    • Oh I love this Laura. To keep a strong effort because of reverence for the divine. I think I’ve felt something like that. That I should keep trying, and almost as though there’s someone watching me trying, and it feels wrong somehow to stop trying. This makes me feel I should follow that feeling more.

    • By the way, what I find inspiring that both in this and in this experience you replied honestly to what the spiritual being asked you, and it lead you to learn something more. Even though you might feel ashamed about not being able to give the answer you think would put you in the best light, honesty is empowering and somehow very spiritual. It’s inspiring to try to find more of this honesty in my interactions in daily life.

    • That’s very nice Laura and a powerful I remember when I first came across the practises that Belsebuub gives, I approached them with a huge amount of reverence, and yes, that translated into practises that were, if not ‘technically’ good, had an impetus of their own through trying my best.

      • Sorry, I got distracted by our cat bringing in a mouse and forgot to read that before I sent it! A powerful piece of guidance is what I meant to say. 🙂

    • It is a good reminder to not give into excuses and do as well as we can. Thanks for sharing.

  • What an incredible experience, Aleks. So inspiring to hear of the shared experience and to hear about the advice on being accountable.

    From reading your experience, I feel a deeper sense of responsibility in practicing these teachings.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing this experience. It made me want to question my own level of practice.

  • This was lovely to read, thank you Aleks for sharing! How incredible that not only you received a teaching in the astral plane, but were also able to verify these happenings with another person in the group.

    The “accountability for the practice” you mention really stands out. I am still trying to figure out how my practices work and why sometimes I am able to keep my focus and determination strong, and at other times i am not able, even if i try. It seems like so much happens in my psychology deep below the surface that I am not able to see nor control, so it is hard to achieve that inner preparedness for the practice on regular basis or even on “demand” so to speak. Still, its a good goal to keep in mind, especially figuring out what inner states keep us from achieving that perfect conducive state for mystical practices.

    • It is a good reminder for me too! :-). I also feel that it’s difficult to maintain the efforts in practices because of all the inner turmoil that happens. In most cases I can still try harder, regardless of how I feel.

      At times in the past I used to invite a spiritual teacher to join me for a practice. I would pray for help from the Divine and then sort of visualize/invite them to join me in my next activity. This made me feel more accountable for the efforts that I put in because this type of prayer made me sort of ‘feel’ a spiritual presence in my company. And this naturally made me remember to do the work more and also to pray for help more often.

      • The “accountability for the practice” also stood out to me. This experience must have given you a new way of understanding how we should approach our practices.
        I like your way of inviting a spiritual teacher to join you when practising Alex. Sometimes I get this sense that the divine is watching me all the time and that gives me the impetus to try harder.

  • Thank you Alex.

    What a simple yet lovely experience. Makes you want to go try to get into the astral now and have such encounters.

    I felt I understood that advice shared with you about ‘being accountable for our own level of practice.’
    I happened to feel a little bit of that myself yesterday evening, where I had planned to do a meditation practice but didn’t really feel like it and I could’ve done ‘this and that’ as no one was telling me to do anything. Even as I sat down for it I felt a sort of temptation that made me want to make it a weak practice. But a bit like your experience advises I knew it was me who had to make that choice even if I felt unaccountable to anyone at that time. So I decided to go for it.

    I like that image of you in a practice room, I could imagine the experience happening as you were describing it. 🙂

    Another thing that stood out was the importance of remembering dreams and what happens to us in the astral at night. I mean if you hadn’t remembered your dream this article wouldn’t even be here for example. For me too, sometimes if we miss out on remembering an experience we were given, then that’s it, it’s gone.

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