Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

For some months I explored astral projection with a group of friends. We got together on Saturday nights and practiced various types of concentration, meditation, and mantras that were taught to us in Belsebuub’s courses. Over the course of these months I had many memorable conscious experiences in the astral plane (such as this one where I created an imaginary toothbrush).

Following is a shared experience of meeting a person in the astral plane that a friend and I related independently to our group later that morning.

Realizing I Was Dreaming

alex-meditating_smallIt started off with a concentration practice. As I drifted off to dreams my mind was trained enough to realize that I was dreaming. The dream faded and I found myself in the same room where my friends and I were doing our concentration practice. A person who was not in our group came to me and asked how strong of an effort we were putting into the practice. I (and our entire group) knew this person, so I was not surprised by the question.

A Meaningful Conversation

I replied honestly, saying that we could put in more effort. As I said this my head went down as an expression of sorrow for not putting in 100%. At this the visitor recommended us to be accountable for our level of practice. I then had a chance to ask a question related to my own esoteric practice and the experience ended as I drifted off into a dream.

Waking Up

Next thing I remember is waking up to an alarm clock. I often have trouble remembering my dreams and astral experiences, and this time was no exception. I could sense that something out of the ordinary had just happened, and started pronouncing the mantra ‘Raom Gaom’ while praying to remember my dreams. I must have repeated the mantra for around ten minutes before I finally recalled the experience. By this time I had to hurry to join my friends who were already gathered in the adjacent room recalling their own experiences.

A Surprising Retelling of the Experience

As I joined our group one of my friends was relating an experience that just happened with the same person that I saw. He described how the visitor come into the room and asked our group a question. He recalled the people gathered in the group and how the newcomer addressed me for an answer. Although my friend could not hear my answer, he described the exact head movement that I acted with.

It was interesting for me to hear my friend’s account of the experience because he filled in gaps in my own memory of the experience (I did not remember the visitor enter, nor the fact that there was a group of us gathered in front of that person). My friend was also happy to hear me recall my response to the visitor and their reply.