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Verifying the Astral Plane with a Tennis Ball

Experience submitted by Adam

I was learning about the astral and awareness practices as explained by Belsebuub in his works.

There was one aspect I was particularly interested in, which was the direct link between the physical and the astral dimensions, that everything existing here also exist over there.

I had experienced enough in terms of astral projection by this point to logically deduce this was the case but I wanted to be careful about not taking things as absolute truth without having explored them myself.

With that in mind I switched the focuses of my astral practices to try and gain a definitive insight.

I used an empty room in my house and every night I would throw a tennis ball inside so it bounced off numerous walls and quickly closed the door before I knew where it stopped. The goal being to locate that ball at night in the astral and verify that I had seen the correct location in the morning when I woke up.

Through visualization exercises I eventually found myself consciously in the astral and immediately shifted focus to my astral goal.

I travelled directly to the spare room passing through the wall effortlessly and began to look around.

I soon found the tennis ball lying in a particular spot underneath a bed and began to lodge the location firmly in my mind.

From some of my previous experiences I had learned that specific information if not carefully remembered could be muddled or lost when I’d return to the physical, very much like a half-remembered dream.

However, as I focused my mind concentrating on the tennis ball it began to multiply, filling the room until the floor was covered.

Photo copyright by Adam

I realised in that moment that I had inadvertently created these other tennis balls via thought and gained an insight into the way mental matter manifests as ‘real’ in the astral plane and how the same process exists with subconscious thoughts becoming dreams or false realities.

I didn’t want to potentially risk losing the information I had gained through a longer experience and soon returned to my physical body.

The next morning I visited the room to find the tennis ball exactly where I had seen it in my astral experience and thankfully.. none of its friends.

  • Wow, that’s a very methodical way indeed of achieving your goal. Yet I understand that that’s how spiritual practices actually work – having it clear what you want to achieve, what you need to do and how to do it, and what obstacles come up, how to overcome them. I feel like this is one of the aspects where Belsebuub’s work excels over others – he lays out exactly what you need to do in a simple and practical way that anyone can understand. Then the factor that you need to provide is personal strength and effort to make it happen.

    Reading about your determination is an inspiration in and of itself, so thank you very much for that.

  • Sounds like a worthwhile experience to have a physical item to focus on in the astral plane. Glad you touched on a valuable point, that having our own verification is so valuable, rather than believe what is said or read.

    Thanks for sharing Adam.

  • Wow Adam, you really devised yourself a thorough way to test the astral and your ability to perceive there! I’m quite inspired by your story to work on creating a more disciplined regime for myself to explore mystical practices – thanks!

  • Hi, Adam, thank you for sharing your experience. That was a creative test! It put a smile on my face. : )

    Your experience also made me remember the excitement I had for the astral plane when I first learnt about it on Belsebuub’s website. It’s great that you were able to achieve the goal you had, but it seems like that experience also taught you about things you didn’t expect, which reminds me how learning can come in new ways as you are working on something.

    Thanks again.

  • What a great little personal adventure, just you and this secret world, exploring it.

    I also did many little experiments, though not as carefully pre-planned out as yours :-), in the past with sounds, moving around, trying to verify the interactions between the two dimensions like you, trying to find ways to have others remember our meetings over there. Etc.

    It was inspiring to read your article Adam.

  • What a cool verification of astral travelling. And a very clear lesson in keeping the mind clear and trying to only perceive the reality that is there.

    I have often wondered if some things I’ve seen in the astral plane, although seemingly so real with a tangible form, have unintentionally come from my mind. It’s apparently only too easy to create a false reality.

  • I like how you set your goal and devised a plan to achieve it, Adam.
    It is amazing to be able to verify for yourself something that is so “out of this world” as you say.

    What also stood out to me is the way our thoughts are creating our own reality – either here in the physical or in the astral.

  • Adam,
    Nice experience to share with others! And nice to see/hear from you too. I hope you’re doing well.

    I remember as I was first investigating astral travel how I really wanted to sort out this link too, and to identify things in the astral and check them in the physical. I did not however devise such an organized method as yourself! In my attempts to do such tests, I was always surprised by the results, thinking they were not possible, only then to verify in the physical that this was indeed true and that I had learned information I didn’t even know, didn’t think was possible or that my perception in the physical had actually been erroneous. After a few of those experiences I was ready to move on and try to focus on other things to do in the astral.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Adam. It sounds like a novel approach of verifying the astral plane is real and I like the fact that the random nature of the ball bouncing and where it would finally land added that extra level of verification, as it would be impossible to predict the exact spot with any kind of accuracy. So you created your own astral “spot the ball”competition, but even more randomly! 🙂

    It’s good that you were able to pinpoint the location in the astral, before verifying it the next day. It’s also interesting that your focus on the ball caused your perception of it to alter during the experience. I think that really shows the importance of keeping a clear mind during astral experiences, as well as during the day.

    Thanks again for sharing this and I wish you many more successes in your astral investigations!

  • Thank you, Adam, for sharing your really methodical approach. It seemed to be very progressive and with concrete results which can serve as a big example of dedication and persistence.
    I see that the tenacity of purpose moves things in a different level because planning how to achieve a goal is related to an order which should be set, structuring the effort, putting discipline and being active so as to verify new knowledge in other dimensions or some aspects of ourselves.

  • I am impressed by the creativity of the test you devised and how you were able to sustain the interest on it. Apart from that the last bit you mentioned stood out, about how you created many balls with thought. Do you remember the kind of thought it was? Thanks for sharing your experience.

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