Experience submitted by Adam

I was learning about the astral and awareness practices as explained by Belsebuub in his work, by applying them with as much time and effort I could and building my daily activities around them as a central focus.

This aggregated time of effort and accumulated practices eventually resolved into personal insights and experiences and subsequent astral travel with varying degrees of clarity.

Trying to deepen my understanding, my focus shifted from exploring how the process of astral projection works to actual exploration of this new and amazing dimension.

The ability to fly, investigate and communicate with different Beings in this alternate dimension was literally out of this world and I was eventually able to corroborate with most of the basic components outlined within Belsebuub’s work on out of body experiences.

There was one aspect however I had yet to verify completely, which was the direct link between the physical and the astral dimensions, that everything existing here also exist over there.

I had experienced enough to logically deduce this was the case but I wanted to be careful about not taking things as absolute truth without having verified them myself.

With that in mind I switched the focuses of my astral practices to try and gain a definitive insight.

I utilised an empty room in my house and every night I would throw a tennis ball inside so it bounced off numerous walls and quickly closed the door before I knew where it stopped. The goal being to locate that ball at night in the astral and verify it in the morning when I woke up.

With effort and time plus many visualisation practices I eventually found myself consciously in the astral and immediately shifted to my astral goal.

I traveled directly to the spare room passing through the wall effortlessly and began to look around.

I soon found the tennis ball lying in a particular spot underneath a bed and began to lodge the location firmly in my mind.

From some of my previous experiences I had learnt that specific information if not carefully remembered could be muddled or lost when I’d return to the physical, very much like a half-remembered dream.

However, as I focused my mind concentrating on the tennis ball it began to multiply, filling the room until the floor was covered.

Photo copyright by Adam

I realised in that moment that I had inadvertently created these other tennis balls via thought and gained an insight into the way mental matter manifests as ‘real’ in the astral plane and how the same process exists with subconscious thoughts becoming dreams or false realities.

I didn’t want to potentially risk losing the information I had gained through a longer experience and soon returned to my physical body.

The next morning I visited the room to find the tennis ball exactly where I had seen it in my astral experience and thankfully.. none of its friends.