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Observing Myself through an Astral Mirror

Experience Submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

In a recent astral experience, I looked at myself through a mirror, a symbol which Belsebuub says can show the inner workings of one’s psychology.

The experience started with a lucid dream:

Realizing That I Am Dreaming

In a dream I was standing in the middle of an empty city road, at night-time, looking at the sky. The crescent moon drew my attention, as it moved abnormally fast across the sky.

In disbelief, I looked a second time and saw a similar kind of thing.

Not sure what was happening I called a friend over and we looked together. This time, after concentrating hard on the sky I noticed a similar type of strange phenomenon. I really had to pay attention this time.

A thought passed through my head that I may be in the astral. I was not sure, but the strange things I was seeing made it definitely worth checking.

I used the finger pulling method taught by Belsebuub to determine which dimension I was in. As I pulled my finger it stretched and I knew without a doubt that I was in the astral.

I jumped up and flew alongside some buildings in the city. I saw nothing that piqued my interest and was thinking about where to go.

A New Way to Approach Resistance

Moments later I felt a resistance to fly further and considered whether I needed to listen to the resistance or go against it. In the past, going against the resistance caused me to lose lucidity in the process, and so this time, I decided to stay where I was and explore instead.

By staying back my lucidity continued in a relaxed way.

I entered a building nearby. I was not interested in the initial place I entered and tried to float upwards, thinking to exit through the ceiling. Once again, I felt a similar kind of resistance and realised it would be better to just stay where I was. By staying back, I was able to naturally continue being lucid.

The Astral Mirror

I walked forward a little and sat down on the floor. A hand-held mirror nearby piqued my interest. I wanted to look at myself through it.

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Belsebuub says that we can see ourselves in a symbolic way through a mirror in the astral plane.

To look into the mirror is a rare opportunity for me, and I was interested in what I would see.

As I looked I saw my reflection distorted in a way I understood immediately. I made note of this inner state and immediately made an effort to let it go. I succeeded and immediately my chest area relaxed – likely this is where the emotion came from.

I looked in the mirror a second time.

This time I was shocked to see something horrific. Once again, I intuitively understood the feeling, as well as the facial expression it was related to.

This inner state sometimes comes up in daily life. I do not like it and make efforts to come out of it but without much success. Seeing it in the mirror was shocking because it was as if I saw what my face was moulding into as a consequence of the facial expression.

After waking up I gained a lot from reflecting on the experience and the ego states that appeared in the mirror.

  • I flew to a very high white tower in a lucid dream once, there are some other stuff that happened too but I want to share my mirror experience also. In this white tower was a tall mirror. The angel wanted me to look inside. What I saw was so beautiful, and after a while of gazing I realized that is was me. I looked kind of similar to myself but there was a slight difference in facial features. I was so beautiful with shining long golden hair and a fair complexion that glowed with white light. My eyes were a radiant blue, I was dressed in a white robe and my reflection spoke to me and told me my name – It is very similar to my earth name, but I really can’t remember it. I would really like to hear it again and make a point to remember it.

    • Sounds so beautiful Karen, thank you very much for sharing. Maybe you saw a higher aspect of yourself? I saw something like that once in a vision on a verge of falling asleep, and like you, I was surprised that the being somehow looked and felt like me, and yet not really me, being so much more gracious and peaceful. I felt like… what on Earth would it take for me to change into that? 🙂

  • I liked the instructive way that you have been consulted in the astral, Alex. I feel that these conscious experiences can make the difference in our effort for learning, base an in-depth understanding and be engraved indelibly into us.
    I hope you got the most of it and that this experience inspired you giving you greater insights into special psychological aspects.
    All the best for your next steps!

  • Nice reading your experience Alex.
    I think the mirror by itself has this self-knowledge aspect which is very interesting for someone to investigate how it works in the astral.

    What you said about this resistance it’s also interesting and sounds mysterious where it came from. Wish you go further with these.

  • What a fruitful astral night Aleks! It sounds to me like you really started this experience well, by trying something different, resisting the urge to just continue the flight no matter what. I think it can be tricky sometimes to know what’s the right thing to do, if to pull through this kind of stoppage, or take your time and observe the surroundings instead. It happened to me also in the past, that after some flying, I would arrive at a location I was not “satisfied with”, as that’s not what I had in mind, or where I wanted to go. And so instead of asking where I was, or paying close attention, I just aimlessly flew, not knowing what to do.

    Your mirror experiences sound very useful, helping you to understand the related inner states in a deeper way. I remember seeing myself in a mirror in the astral a few times too, but not necessarily seeing the facial expressions. For some reason, I often see my hair in the astral mirrors, which takes on different qualities and colors, which I think are also symbolic. Seeing the facial expressions as you did though, I think must be very revealing and helpful in understanding the real nature of this or that inner state and boost one’s enthusiasm to get rid of it.

    Thank you very miuch for sharing and wishing you many more lucid experiences!

  • It’s inspiring to me that you were able to let go of the first inner state that the mirror showed you. And that you kept looking to see more.

    In one of my first astral experiences, I saw my reflection in a window. But I didn’t look much different. I wonder if windows work differently, but I also didn’t know about the inner work on ourselves back then. And I was seeing myself from further away. Though I also remember going into the bathroom and seeing myself in the mirror there. I was moving very fast, and I felt less aware. It seemed to me that many faces were looking back at me through that mirror, their expressions changing very quickly. It felt a bit crazy.

    • It was encouraging to be able to let go of the first inner state and be able to see more.

      Your second experience of the mirror in the bathroom sounds very similar to mine, and highly symbolic. Perhaps what you saw were the inner states that you were experiencing at the time.

  • Thouroghly enjoyed reading your experience Alex,

    I’ve looked in the mirror many times in my astral journeys and it’s wonderful to learn from what you’ve written here.

    Thnk you.

  • Your description of that resistance is interesting – almost as though the resistance was there to guide you to your experience. I don’t think I’ve noticed that before in my travels but I’ve certainly had things go blurry and lost plenty of experiences so maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. I hope to remember this the next time I’m out.

    That’s a really cool experience with the mirror. Sounds like it was quite impactful and helped in better understanding some troubling states. It’s really remarkable how differently we can perceive things over there and how much astral/dream experiences can teach us about inner states that would be virtually impossible in the physical world alone. Thanks for sharing this, Aleks.

  • It was inspiring to read about your experience, Alex.
    What stood out to me was when you noticed that your face is being moulded by that facial expression of the inner state you saw in the mirror. I have seen how a whole of our demeanour can be affected by some of our feelings that we might not even be aware of having but having it written on our face nevertheless.

    I wish you all the best in your study of yourself.

    • Yes, that’s interesting Tina, how our inner turmoil can be clearly written on our face, which is so apparent to others, yet we may not even be aware of it. I was speaking to a lady recently in a polite interaction, yet it was clear from her facial expressions that there was a lot troubling her underneath the surface. I’ve also sometimes gone and looked in the mirror when in the middle of a strong emotion and been surprised to see how contorted my face was as a result of it. I was by myself at the time, but it’s really not the sort of impression that I would want to convey to others.

      I looked at some old family videos over the last year and found it interesting to observe own my interactions with others. Again, I could see emotions such as anxiety or discomfort in my facial expressions, which I didn’t realise I was revealing at the time. Participants in reality shows such as Big Brother must receive quite a shock when watching footage on themselves on TV, which shows them acting in ways they may not even have been aware of at the time.

      • Yeh Michael, I found also interesting watching videos of myself, like recently when I send an extensive video message and watching it later I found again this mirror effect taking place and self-knowledge extracts from it be beneficial when looking into them.

      • That must have been useful to see yourself in that family video Michael. It can be helpful to see ourselves externally like that, in pictures even or videos, and I’ve found that retrospection can sometimes glean this kind of perspective when it goes well, when I can see my actions from an observer’s perspective. It’s so true that faces express so much. I used to get into trouble a lot with someone for having my emotions on my face very clearly – I was probably very emotionally unbalanced at that time and they would really pick up on my expressions and hold me to them! It was a good lesson on how little can be hidden in the face.

        Thanks Alex for sharing your experience. It must have been inspiring to get that direct and higher experience of overcoming your internal states and through that seeing a deeper, and more painful one.

        • Yes, I think it can be eye-opening to see ourselves from the perspective of others Ella. It’s a common thing that people will hold onto incidents in which they were treated badly by another person, while missing their own contribution to the problem.

          For example, I’ve had some very challenging situations over the last few years, in my interactions with others. Yet looking back, I can see that by reacting emotionally to the situation, I inflamed it and made it worse. It would be really interesting to be a able to replay those interactions as a fly-on-the-wall observer and to see how my facial expressions, tone of voice and body language subtly or overtly influenced the course of events.

      • Hi Michael, I can also relate to what you say about photos, videos and mirrors in day-to-day life. I also find it at times painful to watch photos or videos from the past, as they are very revealing of emotions that I was in.

        Recently I was looking through some old photos and I kept wandering what photos to keep and what to delete (because there are so many). The usual way of approaching this is to delete the ones in which people do not look good, however I now think that old photos and videos can be an excellent, and helpful documentary of one’s life when they are used to learn from.

        • Yes, that’s right Alex. Looking back at those old photos could give you some good insights into how you approached the situations you were in at the time. For example, seeing a particular facial expression could prompt a reflection of the origins of that emotion and how it related to those past events.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Alex. It sounds like it gave you a renewed focus and awareness of which particular inner states you need to work on reducing. I wish you a lot of strength in applying the learning you gained to your daily life.

  • Hi Nathan, I can relate that such astral experiences can give a strong boost to focus on one’s psychology.

    Regarding the resistance, it was more to do with something that was making it difficult to leave the situation. Sometimes, in the astral plane I make strong efforts to fly somewhere. However, in the effort I often lose the relaxed lucidity and the experience ends. In this situation, although I did not have anything specific I wanted to do, I still thought that I would be better off flying away than staying there. However, I noticed that I had to put in that type of energy, and decided to instead relax and explore where I was.

  • The part where you describe your attitude upon realising you were in the astral is insightful. The way I interpreted it, or how I could relate it to my own experiences, is that there was this somewhat anxious drive urging you “because I’m in the astral plane I have to do something”, perhaps with following thoughts of my time here is limited and I ‘need’ to get an experience etc. But it seems that precisely that can very effectively prevent us from being clear there. Your experience shows that a relaxed approach and natural approach seems to have worked out way better.

    It’s nice you received that experience, with you looking into the mirror, it sounds very useful and I wish you much success in completely freeing yourself from those states in your life! 🙂

  • Yes we have to keep reality checking to experience,and what
    an amazing experience Aleksandr,Thank you for sharing.

  • Sounds like quite a profound experience Alex, thank you for sharing.

    I can relate to what you mean about that resistance, I’m not sure what it always is, but sometimes it almost feels like something external ‘pushing gently’ onto me to try to help me – not sure if this is what you mean. I’ve also had some experiences of looking into a mirror and seeing some shocking things as well. Sometimes it hasn’t been the most pleasant thing to see, but I’ve been grateful for it as the ‘jolt’ from seeing how things actually are has helped re-focus me on the things that are important.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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