Experience Submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

In a recent astral experience, I looked at myself through a mirror, a symbol which Belsebuub says can show the inner workings of one’s psychology.

The experience started with a lucid dream:

Realizing That I Am Dreaming

In a dream I was standing in the middle of an empty city road, at night-time, looking at the sky. The crescent moon drew my attention, as it moved abnormally fast across the sky.

In disbelief, I looked a second time and saw a similar kind of thing.

Not sure what was happening I called a friend over and we looked together. This time, after concentrating hard on the sky I noticed a similar type of strange phenomenon. I really had to pay attention this time.

A thought passed through my head that I may be in the astral. I was not sure, but the strange things I was seeing made it definitely worth checking.

I used the finger pulling method taught by Belsebuub, a technique he gave to help determine which dimension a person was in. As I pulled my finger it stretched and I knew without a doubt that I was in the astral.

I jumped up and flew alongside some buildings in the city. I saw nothing that peaked my interest and was thinking about where to go.

A New Way to Approach Resistance

Moments later I felt a resistance to fly further and considered whether I needed to listen to the resistance or go against it. In the past, going against the resistance caused me to lose lucidity in the process, and so this time, I decided to stay where I was and explore instead.

By staying back my lucidity continued in a relaxed way.

I entered a building nearby. I was not interested in the initial place I entered and tried to float upwards, thinking to exit through the ceiling. Once again, I felt a similar kind of resistance and realised it would be better to just stay where I was. By staying back, I was able to naturally continue being lucid.

The Astral Mirror

I walked forward a little and sat down on the floor. A hand-held mirror nearby peaked my interest. I wanted to look at myself through it.

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Belsebuub says that we can see ourselves in a symbolic way through a mirror in the astral plane:

I lay down feeling a sense of defeat, even desperation. Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow I was lifted up into the air accompanied by the usual OBE sensations. This time I got up, sat on the edge of the bed and looked in the mirror. The astral plane had a colourful luminosity and I looked at myself in the mirror; the reflection that came back was me, but with changes due to the inner state I was working on. It showed in symbolism how that state affected me, but it showed it in a profound way, a way that I could never have grasped here.

 ~ Belsebuub, Training in Spiritual Exercises

To look into the mirror is a rare opportunity for me, and I was interested in what I would see.

As I looked I saw my reflection distorted in a way I understood immediately. I made note of this inner state and immediately made an effort to let it go. I succeeded and immediately my chest area relaxed – likely this is where the emotion came from.

I looked in the mirror a second time.

This time I was shocked to see something horrific. Once again, I intuitively understood the feeling, as well as the facial expression it was related to.

This inner state sometimes comes up in daily life. I do not like it and make efforts to come out of it but without much success. Seeing it in the mirror was shocking because it was as if I saw what my face was moulding into as a consequence of the facial expression.

After waking up I gained a lot from reflecting on the experience and the ego states that appeared in the mirror.