Experience submitted by Zorana

Experience submitted by Zorana

A couple of years ago, I came across an article on astral projection from Belsebuub’s official website. I had never heard of the concept before, and once I started perusing the wealth of information provided on the site, I was getting answers to questions I hadn’t pondered in a long time.

The dream world was a mystery to me, as it is to many people, and I was excited to have a means to explore it consciously and even get an understanding of it for myself.

In one of the articles, Belsebuub mentions that using a mantra can greatly help the process of projecting. My experience with mantras was also very limited, so overall, I was quite excited for this little experiment, to put the theory to the test. Later that day, I put aside about 20 minutes to try out the mantra and get used to it several hours before going to bed.

I found it to be an enjoyable new practice and felt a little bit uplifted afterwards. I was curious to see what would happen and if this method would eventually work. That same night, I followed the tips Belsebuub laid out and did the mantra again for a little bit out loud and then internally, while staying very still, until gradually drifting off to sleep.

Sometime later, perhaps a few hours, I felt myself coming out of a dream and suddenly sensing a different kind of “waking up” occurring. I sat up from my physical body and tried to get off my bed. At this point, I knew that I had made it and was in the astral.


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I remember it was hard to move my astral body at the beginning, as if I hadn’t used it properly before, and how I had to really pull myself up by holding on to the desk in my room. I looked around and took in the slight vibrancy of the bedroom, where my alarm clock and desk were, and the general layout, simply trying to get used to the fact that I got to verify for myself my existence beyond the physical.

My thoughts at first were echoing awe, and I was astonished and in slight disbelief over what was happening to me, but at the same time, I knew where I was. I knew it in a way that felt like I was being reminded of a knowledge I always had but that was deeply buried within me, inaccessible until that moment.

So, while I was amazed, I don’t remember feeling surprised by it. Simply surprised that the experience happened sooner than I had anticipated, but I somehow knew it would happen eventually.

This sensation of waking up in the astral was reminiscent of those times when you dream that you’ve woken up and proceed to get ready for work or school or whatever it is, and then you actually wake up and realize you weren’t properly awake before.

Except in this case, that feeling of being properly awake was so magnified, I believe it can only be understood through direct experience.

I felt light and excited at this opportunity, but also a bit exposed, like anything could happen there or to me at any moment. I spent some time exploring traveling to different places and eventually snapped back to my body, almost as if pulled back by something.

I woke up so happy that it worked and grateful for the divine help I must have gotten for the projection to really take off. This was a pretty profound way for me to verify some of what Belsebuub was writing, and it encouraged me to explore further into the other topics covered, like self-knowledge for inner transformation, spiritual practices, world issues, and many more.

At the time, I didn’t know how to express what I experienced or how to even begin to explain to family or friends since it was very new to me. I’m glad now that there’s a platform here where people can benefit from other’s experiences and share their own if they want to.