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My First Astral Experience Using the Mantra Fa Ra On

Experience submitted by Zorana
Experience submitted by Zorana

A couple of years ago, I came across an article on astral projection from Belsebuub’s official website. After browsing through more of the site I noticed that in one of the articles, Belsebuub mentions that using a mantra can greatly help the process of projecting.

My experience with mantras and astral projection was very limited, so overall, I was quite excited for this little experiment, to put the theory to the test. Later that day, I put aside about 20 minutes to try out the mantra and get used to it several hours before going to bed.

I found it to be an enjoyable new practice and felt a little bit uplifted afterwards. I was curious to see what would happen and if this method would eventually work. That same night, I followed the tips Belsebuub laid out and did the mantra again for a little bit out loud and then internally, while staying very still, until gradually drifting off to sleep.

Sometime later, perhaps a few hours, I felt myself coming out of a dream and suddenly sensing a different kind of “waking up” occurring. I sat up from my physical body and tried to get off my bed. At this point, I knew that I had made it and was in the astral.

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I remember it was hard to move my astral body at the beginning, as if I hadn’t used it properly before, and how I had to really pull myself up by holding on to the desk in my room. I looked around and took in the slight vibrancy of the bedroom, where my alarm clock and desk were, and the general layout, simply trying to get used to the fact that I got to verify for myself my existence beyond the physical.

I was in slight disbelief over what was happening to me, but at the same time, I knew where I was. I knew it in a way that felt like I was being reminded of a knowledge I always had but that was deeply buried within me, inaccessible until that moment.

So, while I was amazed, I don’t remember feeling surprised by it. Simply surprised that the experience happened sooner than I had anticipated, but I somehow knew it would happen eventually.

This sensation of waking up in the astral was reminiscent of those times when you dream that you’ve woken up and proceed to get ready for work or school or whatever it is, and then you actually wake up and realize you weren’t properly awake before.

Except in this case, that feeling of being properly awake was so magnified, I believe it can only be understood through this type of experience.

I felt light and excited at this opportunity, but also a bit exposed, like anything could happen there or to me at any moment. I spent some time exploring traveling to different places and eventually snapped back to my body, almost as if pulled back by something.

I woke up so happy that it worked and grateful for the divine help I must have gotten for the projection to really take off.

  • Very lovely experience Zorana, thanks for sharing.

    You captured that sense of awe and astonishment very beautifully, as though not something new, but something which has always been, buried deep within the caves.. I find that so true when we realize something profound, as though the insight and knowledge is unfolding from something eternally internal. Making the search for the unknown that much more amazing.

  • It felt very nice to read about your enthusiasm and sincerity and how you simply applied the mantra you had read about and had this wonderful first experience. It makes me long for that simplicity – of not fearing or doubting anything but just feeling what a fresh opportunity it is and how anything could happen when I just try.

    I too can relate to that feeling of ‘recognizing’ the astral realm deep down, not being surprised by it but being in awe, as I have felt the same. Thanks for the very nicely written article Zorana : )

  • Hi Zorana. thank you for sharing your experience.
    It was very nice that you wrote “… I felt like I was being reminded of a knowledge I always had but that was deeply buried within me, inaccessible until that moment”
    Indeed it is also nice that there is this platform for sharing these experiences

  • That was quite a quick ROI Zorana. I haven’t heard of that very often. For myself it was 3 months of practice. How did you continue with your practices after that? Did you continue to access the astral easily after that, or was it a once off experience to help you see that it’s real.

    • Hey, Andrew. Yeah, I did have a couple more experiences after this one, but nothing that substantial. Getting up in my room and trying to travel to different places. I did find it hard to stay there for an extended period of time. As I was new to exploring Belsebuub’s work at the time, I was more drawn to the self-knowledge topic he wrote extensively on. So my focus shifted to that. While I thought projecting was definitely something to explore, I think at the time it simply didn’t feel as intriguing to me as this inner work laid out in front of me.

      When I’ve given it more attention later on, I noticed it comes almost easily very early in the morning. This one time while splitting from the physical, I felt it was all to do with the will. For a moment, I had the knowledge that I could project at any time, I just had to use the will in a certain way. After I woke up and some time passed, this snippet of “knowledge” kind of faded some, and I can’t entirely recall that feeling with certainty anymore. But it was an interesting insight that we have this innate power/ability within us – it was just a matter of activating it and practicing consistently.

      I also had to deal with some fear after that first experience because, as I mention, it felt to me like I was very exposed and that anything could happen to me. So, as you can imagine, all kinds of scenarios came to my mind of a fearful nature. I remember this one time, soon after, I projected in my room and there was a giant stuffed animal sitting at my desk with bunnies and other innocent animals scampering around. I was really very suspicious of it all, wondering what they would do. But it just kept sitting there being fluffy, and nothing scary happened. I think I had that experience to show me that I was pretty much afraid of anything there and borderline paranoid to the point that it could have really impeded any learning I would’ve sought from higher and spiritual beings there. So I had some things to work on… 😉

      • Ha ha, that’s a funny experience Zorana! 🙂 I’m glad you were escape the ‘terror’ of those fluffy bunnies! 🙂

      • I also remember for some time having that type of will that you describe, where I knew I could project if I wanted to. It is interesting to be reminded of it because it’s also happened soon after I learned about astral projection and not so much since.

        Thanks for sharing your experience.

        • I’ve also been shown a number of times while still in the astral how to astral project or been given the feeling that successful practices can have. One example is with visualisation where I was doing a practice there and was given to feel how that sensation felt when I would get really into the visualisation, as well as what projecting from the body would feel like through it.
          My attempts after in the next few days weren’t up to scratch though to reach that point I was shown I could. I should’ve!

          Very nice and considerate to be shown a technique that could work well for me though.

  • Hi Zorana,

    that’s a really lovely description of the feeling of astral projection – like you say, it’s got to be experienced to be understood, but you still did a great job describing it. It’s a surreal thing, first peering into the higher dimension. I remember being amazed at how I could somehow feel ‘more like me’, and that things were ‘more real’, in an experience that I knew most people would say was just in my head. It was also quite a shock to realise that the happiest I’d ever been and the freest I’d ever felt was in this other place, that most people thought didn’t exist. It is so precious that Belsebuub has given us all the chance to learn this, to uncover this innate knowledge, and to share it with others who understand.
    Wishing you many more experiences!

    • Its interesting what you said Ella, as I can also confirm that some of my astral experiences were the most happiest moments in my life, happier than anything that may have happened to me in the physical world (maybe with the exception of joy upon finding Belsebuub’s work).

  • What a nice first experience, Zorana. Thank you for sharing.

    I especially liked how you described “…that feeling of being properly awake was so magnified…”: it is so true, that being conscious over there, in a more spiritual realm, feels like a much greater state of wakefulness than typical day-to-day living.

    It sounds like a very powerful first experience, especially given your sincere efforts with the mantra leading up to it.

  • Hi Zorana,

    Reading your experience gave me chills, but in a really good way! This part you write especially:

    “My thoughts at first were echoing awe, and I was astonished and in slight disbelief over what was happening to me, but at the same time, I knew where I was. I knew it in a way that felt like I was being reminded of a knowledge I always had but that was deeply buried within me, inaccessible until that moment.
    So, while I was amazed, I don’t remember feeling surprised by it. Simply surprised that the experience happened sooner than I had anticipated, but I somehow knew it would happen eventually.”

    It just brought back my memory of first waking up in the astral, like you with a similar feeling I had as well – I’m just so glad you wrote about it and how you described it, this feeling of knowing like something that you have forgotten can’t recall, yet you know about, and how you were not surprised about the existence of yourself outside of your physical body. It is so very special, and how wonderful you just did it with that simple genuineness and it totally paid off.

    So thank you for writing it, I was having the biggest smile across my face as I read on and on what you wrote! I also find these experiences sites a wonderful platform – it is inspiring, motivating, helpful and really eye-opening to read what people have experienced. So best wishes for more to come!

    • That description also stood out to me as it brought back early memories of my own first moments in the astral as well. Somehow feeling very familiar.

    • I’m glad it struck a chord, Geraldine 😀 That part about re-accessing a knowledge that’s kind of hidden still comes up sometimes in the astral. Like, “Oh, yeah. That’s right. *Now* I’m awake” — kind of getting reacquainted with this other realm. It’s entirely unique. I’m trying to image that feeling or “knowing” being replicated… perhaps in even higher dimensions? Much to explore 🙂

  • That’s a great first astral projection Zorana. Reading about your difficulty walking reminded me of my first AP, where I also could not seem to get the balance of my astral body right at first. As you say, it felit like not being used to using it for quite some time! What you mentioned about the feeling of familiarity you had there also rings true. I can imagine how many people must have felt this way upon having their first out-of-body experience – like visiting the long-forgotten world that in the same time feels so very familiar.

    Thank you for sharing and I also hope that this wonderful platform will help people realize the reality of the astral plane and other dimensions, and how they are just a natural part of how the universe is set up.

  • Thanks for sharing that Zorana. I really got a feel for the sense of wonder that you must have felt upon experiencing the astral for the first time. It must have felt like a priceless gift.

    I can also relate to what you said about the feeling of something being so familiar, even though it is a completely new experience. I got a similar kind of feeling when I first started looking into Belsebuub’s work. Although a lot of what I learnt was new to me, at the same time it seemed to resonate in a way that made complete sense. Similar to what you mentioned about how your experience triggered a memory of what was once known, but had become submerged over time.

    • Very true, Micheal, about the first AP and finding BB’s work. It all feels vaguely familiar and makes you wonder how many times you’ve come across this in your previous lives. Seems like a lot of us can relate to that triggered feeling of something once known and rediscovered. Thanks for your comment.

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