Experience submitted by Lucia Beznik

I have always felt very close to my father. We would often hold discussions about the nature of God and the possible existence of other realms/dimensions of the universe – mostly from a scientific point of view.

Towards the end of his life though, seeing me trying out astral projection and talking about my experiences of the astral plane based on what I had learned from exploring Belsebuub’s work, he started pondering on these things a bit deeper and after some time even had his own spontaneous and very clear lucid dream experience, which left him quite baffled, since he didn’t expect these things to feel so real.

A Sudden Farewell

It was around this time, when he got his second heart attack. By a mysterious arrangement of circumstances, I was visiting my parents’ house at that time, just planning to leave the next day. My parents went to a grocery store, to get some things for my travel, and in that grocery store they met all kinds of people my father hadn’t seen for quite a while and he got to talk to them. On their way back, while driving, he started to feel unwell and upon arriving home he collapsed.


Me and my Father

My mother immediately called an ambulance, and I started praying to the Divine. I asked for help for my father to have more time in this life, or whatever was best for him. I kept praying and asking for quite a while… When the ambulance arrived, they managed to resuscitate my father and took him to their vehicle that stood in front of our house.

However, for a while the ambulance vehicle was not leaving. I kept watching it as it stood there and then suddenly, I got an intuitive feeling of my father being happy, and hovering above the vehicle.

I felt intense love towards him at that moment and imagined hugging him in my mind. Later on we learned that my father passed away in the ambulance vehicle exactly at that time, as the medical personnel tried to resuscitate him again in vain.

A Ghostly Visit in the Astral Plane

That night or the night after, I found myself conscious in the astral plane. I didn’t do any specific astral projection attempts before going to sleep, just suddenly realised I was lying in my bed in the astral. Everything was super clear, and exactly the same as in the physical world.

It was dark in the room, and I heard the rain outside and the winds howling. I got up from my bed and wondering how crisp and real everything was, I left my room and planned to explore the house.

Suddenly, I heard my father’s voice calling me from the downstairs of the house. He just called me by my name, and then asked if I was going to sleep and if I had switched off all the lights (something he always used to ask).

However, being aware that he had just passed away, I got really scared. I knew it was not my “real father” so to speak, but just his ghost and I didn’t know what I could expect from such an apparition. I knew I could go downstairs and try to talk to him and explore, but I suddenly started feeling like I didn’t really want to see whatever he had “become.”

Frightened as never before in the astral plane, I deliberately decided to go back to my body and end the experience, something I have never done before or after!

I still remember literally “jumping back” to my physical body, feeling my astral body slowly merging with it, with the legs being the last, and then waking up. The physical room looked exactly as in my astral experience, the wind was howling and it was raining outside, and I continued being very afraid.

I remember trying to apply the method for eliminating negative inner states I learned on Belsebuub’s courses, but I was too identified with the fear and so it didn’t work very well in that moment, so I just decided to pray for protection, which gave me some comfort and after some time I managed to fall asleep.

Looking Back

lucia_father_youngIn the morning, I remembered the experience very well and felt very remorseful for wasting such a wonderful opportunity for meeting with my father’s ghost. I thought of all the things I could have asked him about, and if nothing else, just hugging him again. But the opportunity was gone, and I never met him consciously in the astral plane afterwards.

I also realized how this opportunity was most likely an answer to my previous intensive prayers to the Divine, who could have tried to help me in this way to learn, and to meet my father once more.