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Below you can find more information about us. We all collaborate to review contributions, prepare them for publication, and to keep the blog maintained and up to date.

We are volunteers who have learned about OBEs through Belsebuub’s work and have benefited from the experiences we’ve gained by practicing his methods.

Our hope is that this site can be a place for those who are exploring out-of-body phenomena to share and learn from each other and a source of ongoing inspiration for anyone seeking to gain out-of-body experiences of their own.


olgaEver since I was a young child I have been captivated by stars, extraterrestrials, the supernatural, the spiritual, and the unknown. I continue to explore and renew my approach to spirituality, delving deep into the mysteries of the self, freedom, happiness, and spiritual experience. Discovering Belsebuub’s work in 2002 led me toward a life-changing turning point where a practical, hands-on, and experiential spirituality began to unfold.


I have always had an interest in spirituality and a deep feeling that there is much more to life than what is commonly known. After becoming a mother to a little girl, I was even more inspired to understand how to live out a spiritual life. I came across Belsebuub’s work in 2006 and have used his techniques to have mystical and out-of-body experiences, explore self-knowledge and inner change, and understand my dreams. This has allowed me to explore and understand that hidden side of life I always knew was there.


geraldineI grew up in a haunted house, within an atheist family environment surrounded by poltergeist activity. After overcoming end-of-stage cancer in my twenties, I set out to uncover life’s meaning and to comprehend the unexplained connections to the other side I had encountered in the past. I came across Belsebuub’s work ten years ago during my search and have been exploring his practical and experienced-based approach to spirituality ever since.


jenny-old-picI am a writer and researcher and I have been practicing and exploring various forms of spirituality for the past fifteen years, and have been practicing techniques and approaches to spirituality from the work of Belsebuub for the past twelve years.


JordanAfter a happy childhood and relatively typical upbringing in a big city in Canada, I nonetheless felt that something was missing—even though I could get pretty much whatever I wanted. I considered myself as an atheist, yet at the same time felt good about attending religious services now and again and appealed to “God” internally whenever I felt I really needed help with anything. As fate would have it, I was introduced to and really inspired by Belsebuub’s work in 2003 and have been dedicated to actively integrating spirituality with my daily life since.


Picture of DavidSince a young age I was always interested in my dreams, especially the occasional lucid dream, and I had some spontaneous out-of-body experiences as a teenager which lead me to discover more about astral travel and wider spiritual topics such as awareness and self-knowledge through courses written by Belsebuub, which I found in 2002. Since then I have enjoyed exploring spirituality in a practical way using the straightforward techniques I’ve learned from Belsebuub’s courses.


DavidWhen I was a young I had a number of spontaneous lucid dreams where I would find myself flying through my family house while asleep. This and other life experiences led to a strong interest in astral projection and frequent visits to the paranormal section of my local library. I couldn’t get enough of learning about psychic and spiritual phenomena! In 2002 I came across Belsebuub’s work on astral projection and not long after had my first conscious out-of-body experience. I didn’t know it at the time, but finding Belsebuub’s work was the beginning of an amazing journey into the exploration of spirituality. I’m really glad to be an editor on this site and able to read all the experiences people have had with Belsebuub’s work.

About Belsebuub

Mark (Belsebuub) is a British-born author. Belsebuub has written several books on OBEs and dreams. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more

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