Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

For a while, I was attempting on a daily basis to astral project before going to work. At the time, I was just learning about the astral world, and so every morning, I gave myself 20-min of extra time to attempt to get into the astral plane by trying various exercises I had learned to astral project based on the work of Belsebuub.

Getting Stuck in the Bed Sheets

In one of these morning experiences, I found myself waking shortly after trying to fall asleep using a technique of concentration on my heartbeats. I wasn’t in my usual room, but that was normal as I had been at a friend’s place and as I ‘woke up,’ I was looking at the ceiling. I started to look around, and everything seemed so similar to the room I had fallen asleep in, that I wasn’t too sure if I was really in the astral plane. Knowing I had to check, I decided to get up and see if I could fly.

As I tried to get up, for a split-second, I wondered if the bed sheets were going to be a problem. Sure enough, as I tried to move and sit-up, I felt my feet get tangled up in the blankets. I was very surprised how tangled up I was and thought that it was a bit funny. How could have I gotten myself trapped like that was beyond me.

As I moved around trying to get untangled from the bed sheet, the bed started to squeak and make a lot of sounds, it felt so very noisy. The more I moved, the more noise the bed made. And it became so noisy in fact that I thought I had to stop moving. However I decided to push forward as in the back of my mind, I still wanted to know whether or not I was in the astral plane.

I lay there for a little while and decided to try a new tactic, rolling on my side instead of sitting up. Perhaps that way, I could free my feet? As I turned to lay on my side, I looked at the curtains and noticed their colors. There were two colors, with one on top of the other, I could only see the main red curtain and a tiny bit of the blue curtain.

Alas, I was really stuck, and still couldn’t free my feet and thinking that it was way too real to be in the astral plane, I decided to try again to get to the astral instead, thinking “at least in the astral, I won’t have to bother with the bed sheet and blanket, I can just go through them and in my sleep I may untangle myself naturally,” and fell back onto the bed. It sounded very logical at the time…

As I did that, I woke up, and I was now slightly confused. Had I really been in the astral? I looked at my feet, and all along I had been laying on top of the bedspread, but just beforehand I had been under the blankets…

I moved a bit on the bed to check for the noise and realized the bed made a very slight and quite muffled squeaky noise… Just a minute ago, it had sounded as if the squeak had been amplified and at least a 1000 times louder!

I then turned to look at the curtains, and the colors were reversed. I could only see the main blue curtain and only a tiny bit of the red curtain.

The difference in colors was so drastic that it’s what really made me pause and realize that I had been in the astral, and how real the astral world was. There was such a substance to everything that had taken place and I really doubted I had made it.

But, I truly had been in the astral and everything had felt so, so real. And while there had been some slight difference in the set-up of the room, I believe it was on purpose to make me realize that I was out of my body.

It made me think then that if I had paid a bit more attention to my surroundings in the physical, and remembered what it was really like, I would have realized that all along I was in the astral… It also made me realize that it was highly possible that I had created my own predicament of being stuck in the bed sheet by simply thinking of its possibility, as something which similarly happened in Aleksandr’s experience shared here.