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On this site, you’ll find a collection of accounts from people who have had OBEs as a result of practicing the techniques in Belsebuub’s astral course and book The Astral Codex (and earlier versions of it).

If you would like to submit an out-of-body experience you’ve had as a result of Belsebuub’s work for publication on this blog, please use the contact form below.

Experiences could include:

  • Pre-split sensations or what it feels like to leave your body
  • Waking up in dreams
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Checking your reality and whether you’re dreaming during the day
  • Results and experiences gained from using the different techniques Belsebuub teaches, including concentration on the heart, visualization, mantras, etc.
  • What you experience during practices for OBEs before coming out of your body
  • Learning how to fly, moving through objects or breathing underwater
  • Developing concentration and focusing the mind
  • Meeting other people who were also out of the body

Or any similar astral experience.

Article Submission Guidelines

Please consider the following guidelines when preparing experience articles. Following these guidelines will improve an article’s chances of being accepted for publication and streamlines the work of our editorial team.

We accept articles for publication on this site that:

  • Are longer than 300 words. There is no upper limit.
  • Are focused on your experience. Articles read best if they go straight into what the experience was like without lengthy backstory. This gets right to the heart of the experience and makes the article compelling. Your experience article doesn’t need to have a beginning, middle and conclusion. We really want to focus on the experience. Experiences must be your own, not repeated secondhand from someone else.
  • Are detailed and specific. Clear and precise descriptions and tangible details of what you experienced (as long as they are not details best kept personal) help catch the interest of readers and make the experience come alive for them.
  • Avoid explaining the topic: The goal of the article is to share an experience, not to explain the topic. We provide links out to topics and sites that provide relevant background information, which will provide context for any readers who wish to learn more.
  • Are relevant to a wide audience. Approach the article from the perspective of someone who might never have had an experience like this before. Something you might be used to and not think of as noteworthy – such as the process of leaving your body in an astral experience or what it feels like to be aware – might be fascinating for someone who has never experienced it.
  • Have been checked for grammar and spelling errors. The easiest way to do this is to write your experience in a word document.
  • Are not personal and only for you. Some types of spiritual experience are just for the individual and are best not shared. If something is particularly symbolic, specific to your own inner learning, or simply feels too personal, then it is best not to include it.
  • Are about experiences gained after learning from Belsebuubs work on out-of-body experiences. Experiences had prior to reading Belsebuub’s books or doing Belsebuub’s courses, or that are not relevant to what you have learned from Belsebuub are more suitable for other sites online that share general spiritual experiences.


Please include a selection of photos that relate to your article with your submission. You must own the copyright to these images or submit images that do not require attribution or are shared under creative commons. The best images are natural, relatable, down-to-earth images in landscape format that you have personally taken. Please include the link to the images if you did not take them yourself.

Please also send a selection of images of yourself in landscape format that would be suitable for use as the featured image on your article. If you prefer not to have a photo of yourself in the article or as the featured image, or would like the article to be published anonymously, we will use one of the other images you send through. At the discretion of our editorial team we may choose not to include an image you send through or may choose to look for a different image to use in the article or as the featured image.

Articles Published at Discretion of Editorial Team

We appreciate and welcome all submissions that meet these guidelines and fall within the intended topic area of the site.

If the article you send through does not meet the above guidelines, our editorial team will work with you to suggest improvements.

If the editorial team determines that an article is not suitable for any reason, we reserve the right not to publish it.

To submit your experience please use the form below.

If you would like to share an experience related to dreams or dream guidance, it may be a better fit on another experience site we have created: mydreamguidance.com

If your experience is more mystical in nature, e.g. you met a spiritual being or dealt with a negative one, traveled to a spiritual place or received spiritual guidance beyond your body, experienced psychic faculties or had experiences with extraterrestrials please submit it to our mystical experiences site, available at spiritualjourneys-belsebuub.com

If your experience is more to do with self-knowledge, please share it with us via our self-discovery site: selfdiscoverylife.com

Submission Form

Data submitted via this form is collected and processed on the basis of legitimate interests that enable us to provide our services and which benefit the users of those services. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

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