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My Experience with the OM Mantra and Waking up in a Dream

Experience submitted by Slawek
Experience submitted by Slawek

Every month or so, I like to dedicate some time to connect with various spiritual exercises I had learned studying Belsebuub’s works. And this month, it was with the OM mantra. It is one of my favourite mantra, because not only am I familiar with it, I have found it very useful in the past. I started to chant it daily.

Waking up in a Dream and Receiving a Teaching

I had been chanting the mantra OM for a few days and at first, I did not notice any changes in my perception during the day and my dreams were as usual; however, I noticed that doing the mantra was helping me in falling asleep and not worrying about work, and it was really helping to quieten my mind after a busy day, so I continued with it.

Then one night, while I had a usual unconscious dream, I woke up in it and realised that I am in the astral plane. What a joy to be aware and awake in the astral plane!

I rose up into the air and proceeded with the plan I have in case I wake up in the astral plane: I started asking for a teaching.

Deep inside however, I felt that my efforts during the recent days were not that spectacular and that I did not have much really to show of value over there, but I continued with asking in spite of my doubts.

Then suddenly, a person appeared that is very close to me in the physical that I love very much. It has happened in the past that this person’s representation has helped me to see useful things about myself and certain inner states during astral experiences.

It was no different on this occasion; a situation was created for me to see what I need to work on most during the waking hours.

Strong emotions interrupted the astral experience and I woke up in bed.

Learning from my Experience

I instantly remembered that this particular inner state I needed to address also manifested in the evening just a few hours ago. If it wasn’t for the astral experience I would have forgotten about it.

Now, thanks to the astral experience, I clearly saw what I need to correct in my daily life at this stage as a priority.

I try to pay more attention to those subtle intricate emotions and my reactions to exterior events that trigger and accompany this particular state I was shown in the experience, and I have a better understanding that reducing this inner state is vital in improving my interactions with people so I do not cause them unnecessary discomfort nor make them unhappy.

Mantra OM - Wikimedia (image has been modified)
Mantra OM – Wikimedia (image has been modified)

I feel that the OM mantra is what helped me wake up from a dream, and so I will continue with chanting it daily.

  • Hi Slawek, Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It sounds like you received a special gift as a result of your efforts despite all the resistance. I also like this mantra and the combination of it AUM. I often chant it before and after the sleep. You inspired me to continue with it.

  • I think you make a wonderful point about sincere efforts helping to make breakthroughs. How you made the sincere effort to continue asking for a teaching even though you felt you didn’t have much to earn it by, and it was given. I’ve also seen how persistence is important like you said. Belsebuub says, paraphrased, that there is a time after you start where the practices and techniques don’t seem to work, but if you persist, eventually they will, that they work for everyone, they are mathematical. So I suppose that’s why the pure effort is needed and why it has so much value, because that is actually the only time where we are really learning and progressing, not in worries and doubts.

    It’s wonderful you got that teaching and I hope it has given you strength and more breakthroughs : )

    Thanks Slawek!

  • Thanks for sharing Slawek. I also enjoy chanting the Om mantra to calm my mind, and have found that when I am well focused on it that it can have repercussions in dreams.

  • This is such a nice experience. Mantra OM, or O is the mantra I keep coming back to. I’ve been doing O in the mornings, because it helps me connect with something mystical, beneath all my thoughts and emotions. And brings me close to my Divine Mother. Now I want to do it in the evening also. I’m curious if it would help me wake up in the astral, if I just keep doing it. It feels like a strengthening of the heart 🙂

  • Thanks Slawek. I like how you, if I understand correctly, set a certain date or time to investigate a specific practice more deeply. I find that it’s easy to get into a certain mode where I don’t really find the due time to give to a practice like that outside of the main practices I do. But from reading your article it seems like a nice thing to set such goals every now and again, perhaps to investigate a certain thing through specific practices on a day off from work.

  • Hi Slawek, it was nice to read about your experience with the mantra Om. I never astral projected with the help of this mantra, but have been inspired to try it since.

    It also sounds like you were able to get a lot out of your exercise, despite the fact that you felt “unworthy”. It just shows how our sincere efforts are never neglected, no matter what our inner level may be at the time.

    Wishing you many more lucid experiences!

    • I found that part interesting as well. To receive guidance even when we feel unworthy. Sometimes it seems I receive more guidance when I feel unworthy. Maybe it’s seeing reality, and then they can help me.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Slawek. It’s good that you were able to use the astral experience for self-knowledge and to apply the understanding you gained to your daily life.

  • Hi Slawek,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with OM and the insight it helped bring about what emotions you needed to focus on. Your experience touches on how precious these experiences are for self-knowledge – we’re able to grasp meaning in a heightened way, like you said, you could have easily forgotten the emotion that had emerged during the day, but instead you were able to use it and tap into the yearning from the consciousness to be free from it.

  • Thanks for sharing Slawek 🙂

    It’s a great mantra and it’s wonderful to read about your efforts with it.

    I understand how you feel about the doubts.

  • Sounds like it was a very useful experience for you, thanks for sharing it Slawek.

    Yes it really is joyful isn’t it when you become conscious in a dream and wake up in the astral and realise you have a chance to consciously gain a spiritual experience.

  • Nice Slawek sounds like your efforts really paid off, the OM mantra is also one of my favourites and I have also seen the benefits of dedicating time to this mantra, thanks for sharing

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