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Pulling My Self Out-of-Body

Experience by Olga Grapsas

When I was first introduced to Belsebuub’s work on astral travel, I began practicing the techniques and slowly discovered a new sensitivity in the separation process that began happening spontaneously.

The most common kind of astral projection separation experiences I had were the spontaneous kinds where I found myself partially splitting into the astral plane early in the morning, many hours after practicing any technique. Often this would happen very naturally as I lay in bed drifting in and out of sleep.

Belsebuub mentioned that some of the signs of astral projection would be feeling limbs separating, like an astral arm or leg floating, or shifting body position without having intentionally done so. While taking his courses I remember also being taught to take advantage of those moments, and to even try rolling out of bed, or lifting up the bed sheets and actually attempt to ‘physically’ get up when noticing such signs.

On one occasion, while in that in between sleep and wakefulness state, after lifting my arm, I immediately understood that my arm was in the astral plane, but the rest of me wasn’t. Holding my arm up, the only thing I could think of was to follow it, and through its sensation, to pull myself, or rather the rest of my body towards it, out into the dimension my arm was in. This process felt like I was pulling myself out of a very solid state. Almost like I was glued to the physical world, and peeling myself out of bed like one would do with an unripe orange with the skin still tightly attached.

On another occasion I got to practice this kind of “pulling myself out of my body” as well. It happened  in the morning as I was lying in bed on my stomach, embracing my pillow, feeling very tired and still wanting to sleep in. I knew I had been still dreaming and I was drifting in and out of that comfortable sleepy state. I had a thought to get into the astral, but was overtaken by this underlying emotional resistance of being too tired to try. This feeling of being so tired was funny in some way, like I could feel myself complaining that I would dare bother myself right now from this comfortable sleep I was in, as though I was a grumbling teenager protesting to be left alone, but I simply ignored and went against this funny mood. Instead, I put my attention to the arm under my pillow and reached out, away from my bed and towards the centre of my room. I then continued with the rest of my body until I was completely out and standing in my bedroom. I was so delighted to have gone against the initial resistance and began to explore the astral plane and call a spiritual being.


  • Thanks Olga for such an inspiring description of such a gentle technique to come out of the body. It reminded me of a state of awareness of daily life where passing perceptions, such as wind, smells, sounds, etc. are noticed and appreciated. Reaching this state in daily life has helped me to also be more perceptive to the environment of my dreams and notice hints that I am in the astral plane.

  • Hi, Olga. I can really relate to the morning attempts being especially successful. It seems there’s something pretty mystical about the dawn timeframe that’s sort of intrinsically geared towards enabling spiritual practice like this. Mantras to a rising sun, for example, feel different than when done along with a sunset. Sometimes subtly so, but still there. What you mention about peeling yourself out of bed and your unripe orange analogy (pretty fitting!) reminded me a lot of one of my first attempts where I sat up in my bed but had to grab onto the desk in front of the bed and really work to pull myself out, as if my astral body wasn’t used to consciously being told what to do. I remember being surprised at how resistant and heavy it felt as I expected to be kind of floaty.

    And way to outmaneuver your teenage voice! Reading that was maybe too relatable for me 😉

  • That’s a very cool and effective way to get into the astral plane Olga! I’m glad you shared it because I’ve felt these lose astral limbs but if I try to move them they tend to merge back into my physical body, so this is something I’ll definitely try.

    It was inspiring to read about your resolution to firmly go against the complaining mood that wanted to sleep. It can feel convincing, but once you move past it, it’s surprising how you aren’t actually that sleepy at all : )

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with astral projection Olga. It’s good to hear that you were able to push past the intial resistance in the recent example and gain a valuable experience as a result. I hope you will have more opportunities to explore and learn from the astral plane.

  • I really enjoyed reading your article Olga. I’ve also had times where I’ve noticed a couple of my limbs have separated into the astral and they’re just hovering over the top of me. I remember one occasion where this happened and I decided to pull the rest of my astral body out by grabbing a hold of my bed frame and it worked. It really did feel like I was peeling myself out!

    • I’ve done this before too! But in my case it was to stay longer in the astral. I was feeling myself being pulled away back into my body, and I grabbed the ledge of a window that I was close by so that I could stay longer in the astral. And it worked! I remember being just completely horizontal in the air, feeling that pull back to my body, yet I was holding onto astral matter that felt strong and so real. After a little while, the pull lessened and I was able to let go of the edge and continue on. Unfortunately, I felt the pull again and woke up shortly after.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences with splitting to the astral plane Olga. I had to smile when reading your “unripe orange” analogy. To me, this shedding off the physical body often feels like “taking off a glove”, but your UNRIPE orange really expresses the difficulty one can sometimes experience with this process! 😀

    Another thing that sounded familiar was your description of the feeling of “heavy comfortable sleep” that is often very difficult to overcome indeed. In these moments, there seems to be this quite compulsive emotion/ego (at least in my case), that my body will really suffer if I don’t let myself to be taken by this heavy and sweet sleep. But of course, if I don’t listen to it and manage to astral project, then all the heaviness is gone, and I actually feel full of energy and enthusiasm. 🙂

    Thank you again, and wishing you a continuing success in peeling off that orange!

    • Yes I think the aim would be to separate more naturally, but we can’t always have what we want, at the time we want! I also think that this ‘immobility’ so to speak, to move freely is probably the result of certain personal restraints and possibly fears that restrict my separation. I am still looking into it. I think in some deeper way, it might be connected to a kind of false sense of wanting to control my experience rather then just go with it. I used to fly doing the frog swim 🙂

      • Ha ha Olga,
        The “frog swim” is also my usual way of moving in the astral plane! If you have any tips on how to leave it behind, that would be much appreciated… On a few occasions, I tried to focus on some near objects and get to them that way, and it worked quite well, but the default is still the frog. :-O Unless I am being taken by the Divine help of course, then I don’t have to do anything except of making sure I don’t lose it in the middle of the flight.

  • That’s a very creative exit, Olga! It’s neat that by focusing on your loose astral limbs, you brought yourself out your body. I wonder if grabbing a hold of something nearby with a loose astral arm would also help?

    Oh yes, those comfortable sleep-ins can be amazing opportunities for astral projection. It is one of the (many) reasons I have for sleeping in on the weekends 🙂 I’m glad you overcame that resistance to practicing and got yourself an uplifting astral experience.

    Having astral projection as part of one’s life is such a precious gift, even sleep becomes something so magical!

  • Thank you for sharing your story Olga.
    I think you described very well this heaviness before the split of the astral body from the physical. Even the actual weight is little to be lifted, the psychological one it feels so huge. And the example of the grumbling teenager, spot on!

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