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My First Astral Experience

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

My first real astral experience took place shortly after I found Belsebuub’s courses. There were still a few weeks to wait until the next astral travel and dreams course was going to run, but I began to make use of the resources available. I read the public forums every day and began posting questions…

One day, someone gave me an amazing piece of advice: astral projection comes down to concentration and having a clear goal in mind.

They didn’t recommend any techniques in particular, but I knew what my goal was: to have a conscious out-of-body experience.

That night, I lay down to sleep on my back and decided to repeat the phrase “I am going to have a conscious out-of-body experience” in my mind.

I repeated this over and over and over and over and over and over again…

I must have said it hundreds of times; this was all very new to me so I didn’t feel bored with the repetition.

I’m not sure if I fell asleep and dreamed for a little bit or if I caught myself at the onset of falling asleep, but the next thing I remember was suddenly feeling very awake but still deeply relaxed physically.

I then felt very light and sort of like I was “flickering”: rapidly oscillating between being weightless and feeling my body on the bed. Eventually the weightlessness dominated and I felt myself lifting off of my bed.

I could suddenly see – my eyes must have opened up spontaneously. My room was lit up by an astral light: no lights were on, but I could see everything clearly as though the midday sun were coming in through the window.

Still remaining horizontal, I floated up above my bed towards the wall on my left and then I swayed to the right towards my window. I just floated around like a leaf in the air, without any control.

I must admit I was quite startled by all of this because this all took place quite quickly over the course of maybe 2 or 3 seconds. I then heard a loud noise and I awoke back in bed.

  • Great Mike! To me it really shows how far we can go with enthusiasm, how much divine help is present too, and also how that magical formula: concentration + relaxation can be applied to anything for an OBE!

  • Thank you, Mike, for sharing your first experience. Your description was very vivid, indeed. I believe that enthusiasm in connection with determination were your good allies in order to achieve your goal. I wish you many more experiences and new astral ”discoveries”!

  • It’s great that your enthusiasm led to being able to verify life in another dimension Mike. It must have come as quite an eye-opener for you and provided a strong motivation to continue your investigations.

  • Mike, it is very beautiful and interesting your first astral experience. It has common parts with my first astral experience. I remember how much magical was that experience.

    It is awesome to have this “opening” to another dimension very close to us

  • Great to read Mike, thanks for sharing.

    Concentration and a clear goal in mind, it’s amazing you simply took that and ran with it like that first time 🙂

  • It’s amazing that such an otherworldly and unknown place exists so close on ‘our doorstep’, right around the corner when we fall asleep. It’s so magical you were able to prove that reality that night Mike 🙂 Wish many more people get to experience the same.

  • Hey Mike. Sounds like an amazing and quite clear first astral experience. There really is something to having a clear intent using will and not letting doubts interfere. It seems when one does practices for a long time it can be quite easy to get into a rut or expected outcome that is vastly beneath the potential ceiling that the practice could offer. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing your first experience Mike. It actually sounds quite similar to my first OOBE in that it also occured while I was waiting for the astral course to start. Like you, I also could not wait to try it, and was eagerly reading the forums and trying whatever I thought could work. Those times were really unforgettable and inspiring, weren’t they? 🙂

    I liked how you were “floating like a leaf”, it must have felt very relaxing! It is also nice that you were able to see in the astral plane immediately in this first attempt.

    • Looking back to the times of the forums… yeah, it was unforgettable and inspiring. The websites and the forums formed a wonderful, supportive community, full of opportunity and magic. Oh, those were the days!

      LOL, actually I wouldn’t describe the floating like a leaf as relaxing. It was exhilarating, maybe. But it was so sudden and I really had no idea if what I experienced was normal or what was going to happen next, I was kind of in shock. With a little more experience now, I could find such an exit from my body very relaxing, but I was a newbie at the time 🙂

  • Nice experience Mike! I also remember my initial enthusiasm when I found out that it is possible to astral project. I was taking the courses at the time, and specifically remember simple practices such as relaxation, mantras, and later on reality checks.

    The way the practices were taught made them very achievable, and I can now appreciate the focus that this initial enthusiasm brought and the many glimpses of the astral that came afterwords.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hey, Aleks! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s amazing how such simple exercises can be so profound and a little enthusiasm can go a long way. Especially in the beginning! Happy New Year, I hope you are well!

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