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Pulling My Self Out-of-Body

When I was first introduced to Belsebuub’s work on astral travel, I began practicing the techniques and slowly discovered a new sensitivity in the separation process that began happening spontaneously. The most common kind of astral projection...

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About Belsebuub and His Work on Out-of-Body Experiences

Mark (who writes as Belsebuub) is a British-born author who taught spirituality between 1990 and 2010. He published multiple books on out-of-body experiences and dreams. In 2010 he withdrew from public life.

While he was actively explaining astral projection to others, his focus in this area was to show people how to use the study of dreams and astral experiences for spiritual growth and for gaining a wider perspective of life.

“By using the astral plane for spiritual knowledge we can find out what is really behind what is going on in the world today and get answers to some of the most profound questions of life, such as why we are here, where do we come from, and what happens after death—from our own direct spiritual experience.”
~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Belsebuub's approach to explaining astral projection has always been philanthropic, sharing his knowledge and experience with others freely and without profit as a principle.

In 2001, Belsebuub created a highly popular website on astral travel and pioneered an innovative online course system and course about astral travel and dreams; it ran for nine years until 2010.

This practical week-by-week astral projection course system was the most popular of its kind at the time. His series of courses (including others on self-knowledge and esoteric wisdom) were taken by over ninety thousand people in over one hundred different countries. In addition to being offered online, the courses were also offered in person in seven countries.

Belsebuub also authored several books on out-of-body experiences and spiritual transformation. An earlier edition of his book The Astral Codex became a bestseller on Amazon. Belsebuub has made over seventy media appearances to discuss OBEs and other spiritual topics in various countries around the world.

Belsebuub’s Experience with Astral Projection

Belsebuub’s research and personal investigation into psychic and spiritual phenomena dates back to his childhood in the 1970s. He states that these early paranormal experiences gave him a sense of the wider reality of life.

In 1990 Belsebuub began practicing astral projection in a focused manner, with the aim of investigating out-of-body experiences and what they had to offer. A series of early experiences and experiments using astral projection techniques helped him confirm the reality of the astral plane.

Belsebuub has since used astral projection for his own personal development, and based on his extensive experience in the field he began to teach others about exploring the astral plane through conscious experiences and through the study of dreams.

On the topic of why someone would want to astral project, he shared that:

“If you are interested in spirituality you would want to go there to learn. In itself, going into another dimension is an education. However, there is much more that you can do there, most importantly, you can get information about your spiritual progress, about your life, about how to change, what your purpose in living is, etc. – you can get spiritual knowledge that is beyond that which you find here on earth.”
~ Belsebuub – A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences

Belsebuub stated that spiritual seekers have explored beyond the body throughout history, bringing back knowledge that was expressed in the myths, artwork and symbols of many different cultures. Ancient texts and sacred teachings around the world speak of these explorations, often presented as dreams, visions, or otherworldly accounts. Belsebuub felt that the best use of astral travel should be to find spiritual knowledge.

In his book, The Astral Codex, Belsebuub shared that:

“The astral plane is humanity’s connection to spiritual realms and guidance; we all go there at death as our stay here is just temporary, but we also go there every night with dreams. Spiritual seekers throughout time have understood this connection and used it to get spiritual guidance to help them in their own spiritual journey and bring back knowledge to help people here.”

Belsebuub’s Work in the Field of Out-of-Body Experiences

Belsebuub's work on out-of-body experiences was first published as a free online course on OBEs as described above. It was available as downloadable weekly PDFs alongside popular web forums where people could share their experiences and interact with one another. This course was also available in person in multiple countries and altogether was taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

the astral codex by belsebuub
Image republished with permission from Mystical Life Publications.

Belsebuub later released this material as a book, which quickly became a bestseller in its genre. The last version of his astral book was titled The Astral Codex. While available as a free ebook, it was downloaded over forty thousand times.

This book offers a practical and comprehensive guide to the spiritual purpose of astral projection, what out-of-body experiences are, and reasons to explore the astral plane in a broader sense—seeing how it fits in the bigger picture of life and how it can be used for spiritual development.

The topics in his book include:

  • What the astral plane is and what can be achieved with astral projection
  • The benefit of remembering dreams, how to interpret them, and how to use the information in them for self-knowledge
  • What NDEs are and what other types of out-of-body experiences can occur
  • The importance of training the mind to focus for astral projection
  • Learning about lucid dreams and how to turn them into conscious astral experiences
  • The process and stages of astral projection from start to finish, including common sensations
  • The benefit of developing consciousness and self-awareness in daily life to enhance astral explorations
  • How to overcome common obstacles with astral projection
  • What bad dreams and nightmares are, and how to stop them
  • An approach to travel in the astral and exploring other dimensions objectively
  • And much more

Please note: The Astral Codex is currently unavailable. You may find some secondhand booksellers on Amazon trying to profit from the book being out of print by selling secondhand copies for a very high price. These prices are set by individual sellers on Amazon. Belsebuub does not receive any profit from the sale of his books.

Belsebuub's main focus was on practicality over theory, so that people are enabled to explore the astral plane for themselves. Belsebuub stated that with the right approach,

“You don’t need to believe in something; you can actually see and experience a multitude of spiritual things and really find out what’s going on with life.”
~ Belsebuub: A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences, Nicosia University, Cyprus, 2006

Belsebuub's approach to astral projection was tested and fine-tuned over the years, and proven to be highly effective—over two-thirds of participants (67 percent) surveyed had an out-of-body experience within two months of taking his course on Astral Travel and Dreams while it was running.

Spontaneous out-of-body experiences are in fact quite common. Studies have shown that one out of every ten people has had at least one OBE at some point. Belsebuub stated, however, that spiritual seekers throughout time have developed the ability to astral project intentionally to use it to further their spiritual development. Likewise today those interested can learn to have astral experiences on a regular basis to explore the astral plane.

On his website, Belsebuub shared that:

“This has profound implications. When you realize that you’re not your body, that you’re something more than physical matter, you can get access to life that is not limited by the body or the five senses, and then you start to question your whole existence – why you’re here and what you should be doing with your life. You wonder what’s real and what’s actually going on.”

About This Blog

This blog aims to provide a platform for people who have studied Belsebuub’s work on out-of-body experiences to share their firsthand accounts of personal explorations and the results of their experiments using his methods. More information about this site and its editors can be found here.

About Belsebuub

Mark (Belsebuub) is a British-born author. Belsebuub has written several books on OBEs and dreams. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more

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