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An Astral Breeze in the Morning That Helped Me Have an OBE

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

I’m not sure of the precise cause, but every so often I have a lucky series of astral experiences over the course of a few mornings. Often these come about when I have been reasonably diligent with awareness and self-observation, such that my dreams are more clear and I can more easily remember them.

I want to share a recent couple of experiences that, although very simple, have been uplifting.

First Morning

One morning I was coming out of a deep sleep. As I lay in bed, I felt a cool breeze blowing through my hair. It never touched my face, but I could hear it whistle (it was moving pretty fast).

It felt very nice like a cool autumn breeze or like the air on your skin when you’re going downhill on a bike.

This was very relaxing for me and I found myself falling back asleep, feeling this wonderful breeze, and at the same time feeling my body becoming lighter and lighter.

I knew this was a golden opportunity to astral project, but I wasn’t able to pull it off so easily: although I was very relaxed, I couldn’t fully separate from my body because my head was stuck. The rest of my body lifted into the air and seemed to flap around in the breeze, mind you.

It seemed pretty hard to directly release the tension holding me back, so I gave up on leaving directly and focused my efforts on teleporting to a location.

I began to visualize my junior high school – don’t ask me why… I really didn’t like that place at all and had many bad memories there. But I visualized one of the classrooms.

Soon, I was there.

Well sort of…

I could see the classroom, with limited clarity, but I didn’t actually feel present in the room. Maybe this was more of a remote viewing?

The experience ended after I tried to look outside the classroom into the hallway.

Second Morning

Two mornings later, the same thing happened to me. I woke up in bed with the refreshing and calming breeze.

I made a stronger effort to relax and added a little improvisation. I focused upon the movement of air currents and imagined just “letting go” and being carried away with the beautiful, soothing wind.

I was successful.

My eyes remained closed and I couldn’t see, but I felt the joy of being weightless. I was being carried around by the wind, seemingly without direction. But I felt serene and it was so freeing to have let go.

I tried to focus intently upon the sensations of being carried by the wind, as there were still lingering thoughts in my mind of my physical body, which could have surely brought me back if I didn’t ground myself in the astral experience.

Eventually, I landed and could see clearly. I think I was in a library. There was a translucent lady (she looked like a normal person but I could also see through her) with red hair standing by what looked like one of those book scanners.

I asked where I was but she didn’t reply. I tried to examine my surroundings in the hopes of later verifying their authenticity but woke up in the process.

  • It was so inspiring to read your description of this astral breeze and I enjoyed your detailed description of it as I could visualize how it must feel. There a nice learning curve as well and goes to show how important relaxation and focus are with astral projection. Something to keep in mind for myself for sure.

    Also even without a profound teaching to it, being in such a library in the astral plane and meeting this lady sounds uplifting too.

  • Really interesting, Mike!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Your experiences reminded me of a concentration technique I learned many years ago… After relaxation, you consciously imagine / see yourself walking up a mountain, really perceiving the details as much as you can as you walk up until you reach a cliff edge from where you can see a valley – you really try to feel you are there, just like other exercises we learned. At the cliff, you simply let yourself float away in the wind over the valley.

  • Sounds like a beautiful breeze Mike, maybe it’s the same special wind that sometimes I thank for bringing me out of my daydream… the one that rustles the leaves on the trees around me, or makes a low swoosh in itself, and helps me to feel the life in everything again.

    I’ve been really working on getting into a good pattern with my sleep so I can enjoy those in-between states more. Alarms are such a harsh way to start the day! I know when I get into a good rhythm with myself and nature’s waxing and waning of light and dark, then I can wake up early enough not to need an alarm. Also going to bed before I’m exhausted means I can enter the ‘zone’ more often.

    But, I have created another plan B when all this inner strength needed doesn’t cut it – a beautiful alarm that just rouses me but doesn’t offend me so much that I have to jump out of bed to turn it off (I mean, what a terrible way to start the day…) that plays melodies for a minute, then shuts off. Then I put the obnoxious alarm set for 30 minutes later so I know I will have to get up at some point and not waste time … then I can do an astral practice/dream recall/whatever. Much better way to start the day! Just relaying all this as it feels like it’s taken me ages to figure the system out and hoping it might help someone!

  • Hi Mike,
    I like your determination to project and to have astral experiences and by the sound of it, you are getting a lot of help because of it. I remember feeling some kind of a wind in the process of astral projecting but I have never experienced the kind of astral breeze you are describing. It sounds beautiful.

  • Hi Mike,
    That was really nice to read about your experience and the help you received in getting to the astral.
    I don’t think I recall experiencing that wind but it seems like such a nice way to ‘lift you up’ out of the bed and up and about into the astral plane 🙂

  • Delightful. I would love to feel such an astral breeze and especially that feeling of hovering away in the wind, having let go off everything for moments, I imagine this feeling also transferred beyond physical/astral body sensations to include how you felt internally as well?

    It’s not so good to realise how few opportunities I create for myself to have experiences like this. Going to bed too tired certainly won’t do it, hastening to get up to work in the morning also won’t. I think I need to relax a lot more, internally as well, and ensure I make some time for such experiences to have the chance to happen.

    I know what you mean as well Mike about how we receive the type of experiences we need.

    • Yes, the letting go of everything was also present in my internal state as well. In fact, I was a bit fearful at first to let go, almost due to an attachment to my known, predictable, and familiar bed, not knowing where I might go. But by letting go internally, I managed to separate and be carried away by the wind. It was such a beautiful feeling.

      I can really relate to those sleep issues. Going to bed tired or being awakened early by an alarm doesn’t help with astral experiences 🙁

      When I get into a good sleep rhythm, it pays big dividends: there’s more time for a practice in going to bed, being more rested in the morning increases the chances of catching the astral split in the early morning or having clearer dreams, and it’s even possible to wake up feeling rested about 10-15 minutes before the alarm so dream recall can be done. Sleep is so important for us both for our physical bodies and our spiritual learning.

      • Yes, I agree Mike: sleep is very important both for the health of our physical bodies and for spiritual learning, which we can gain through dreams and out-of-body experiences.

      • When I get into a good sleep rhythm, it pays big dividends: there’s more time for a practice in going to bed, being more rested in the morning increases the chances of catching the astral split in the early morning or having clearer dreams, and it’s even possible to wake up feeling rested about 10-15 minutes before the alarm so dream recall can be done.

        I have noticed this as well Mike. Things are working better like this.

        Thank you for sharing your experience, I would like to experience what this astral breeze is. Sounds interesting

  • Hi Mike, thank you for sharing these nice experiences with the astral breeze! I can totally relate to this, as I often feel this breeze (actually, more often than not I would describe it as a little “tornado”) when coming back from the astral plane to the physical. At a few occasions, I managed to use the fact of feeling the wind as a sign that I was still in the astral plane, and similarly to you, just relaxed into it to find myself back in the astral plane fully. If I don’t manage to use it, then the wind gradually stops and I wake up in the physical.

    I also really liked your experience of being carried by the breeze and meeting the “translucent lady”. 🙂 Even though you didn’t manage to stay there longer on that occasion, it sounds like something that would leave you with a lot of enthusiasm to keep trying and exploring the astral plane.

    • Oh, that’s so cool you’ve experienced that, too, Lucia!
      LOL, maybe a “wind” isn’t quite the correct word since it did manage to blow me away from my room all the way to a library somewhere. “Tornado” might be a better descriptor, indeed 🙂

    • hi guys,
      Lucia i read from ur post that u got an mp3 with astral projection mandras.
      can i have it to get an idea how i should pronounce it?the link on ur post for the mp3 is not working any more
      u just chant it until u achieve astral projection or until u fall asleep? or for some time and then u concentrate in ur energy feild?
      when is best time for mandras?before sleep ,to wake up around 3am or after 7-8 hours of sleep?
      i had 4-5 times astral projection via dreams but it happening very rarely.

      Admin edit: personal email address removed

      • Hi Costas,

        You are right, that link to mp3 mantras on Belsebuub’s website does not work anymore. I am not sure which mantra you are talking about in particular, so I can not comment on how to pronouce it.

        In general when trying to astral project with the help of mantras, I chant them out loud at first a couple of times, and then go mentally, focusing on them very well until I start feeling the first signs of projection, or until I fall asleep and wake up in dreams. 🙂 On the Belsebuub’s astral course I took years ago it was recommended to practice mantras a few times during the day just to train and help your body to tune into the mantra and its vibrations, and then to use them for astral projection whenever you wanted to astral project (like before going to sleep at night for example). Wishing you a good luck!

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Mike. It’s interesting to hear about that astral wind, which you felt. I’ve never heard of that before. It’s good that on the second occasion, you were able to release the tension that was holding you back and just enjoy the experience of astral projection.

  • They are some very interesting experiences Michael. Seems you have your own personal gust of wind to help you out. I wonder if the wind is something native to the astral or related to some mystical aspect or divine help. Sounds like feeling wind on your face might be a great trigger for reality checks though especially if it helps you to come aware during what would be normally unconscious astral splits. Awareness and efforts through the day definitely make all the difference.

    • Maybe wind is native to the astral plane? When Bellilin is used to banish negativity, it can take the form of a breeze, too.

      Great idea about reality checks, Adam! I can try to add a check when I feel a gust of wind.

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