Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

I’m not sure of the precise trigger, but every so often I have a lucky series of astral experiences over the course of a few mornings. Often these come about when I have been reasonably diligent with awareness and self-observation in daily life, such that my dreams are more clear and I can more easily remember them.

I want to share a recent couple of experiences that, although very simple, have been most uplifting.

First Morning

One morning I was coming out of a deep sleep. As I lay in bed, I felt a cool breeze blowing through my hair. It never touched my face, but I could hear it whistle (it was moving pretty fast).

It felt very nice like a cool autumn breeze or like the air on your skin when you’re going downhill on a bike.

This was very relaxing for me and I found myself falling back asleep, feeling this wonderful breeze, and at the same time feeling my body becoming lighter and lighter.

I knew this was a golden opportunity to astral project, but I wasn’t able to pull it off so easily: although I was very relaxed, I couldn’t fully separate from my body because my head was stuck! The rest of my body lifted into the air and seemed to flap around in the breeze, mind you.

It seemed pretty hard to directly release the tension holding me back, so I gave up on leaving directly and focused my efforts on teleporting to a location.

I began to visualize my junior high school – don’t ask me why… I really didn’t like that place at all and had many bad memories there. But I visualized one of the classrooms.

Soon, I was there.

Well sort of…

I could see the classroom, with limited clarity, but I didn’t actually feel present in the room. Maybe this was more of a remote viewing?

The experience ended after I tried to look outside the classroom into the hallway.

Second Morning

Two mornings later, the same thing happened to me. I woke up in bed with the refreshing and calming breeze.

I made a stronger effort to relax and added a little improvisation. I focused upon the movement of air currents and imagined just “letting go” and being carried away with the beautiful, soothing wind.

I was successful.

My eyes remained closed and I couldn’t see, but I felt the joys of being weightless. I was being carried around by the wind, seemingly without direction. But I felt serene and it was so freeing to have let go.

I tried to focus intently upon the sensations of being carried by the wind, as there were still lingering thoughts in my mind of my physical body, which could have surely brought me back if I didn’t ground myself in the astral experience.

Eventually, I landed and could see clearly. I think I was in a library. There was a translucent lady (she looked like a normal person but I could also see through her) with red hair standing by one of those book scanners, or so it looked like.

I asked where I was but she didn’t reply. I tried to examine my surroundings in the hopes of later verifying their authenticity but woke up in the process.


Neither experience was profound esoterically, but at the time, these experiences really hit the spot and quenched my thirst for connecting more with the astral world.

These experiences weren’t the only times I’ve felt this breeze or wind as I have been close to projecting.

In my early experiences with the wind, I used to become fearful and I would tense up, unable to let go. But through time and experience, I have grown more comfortable with a gust of wind taking me away somewhere.

It seems there is so much help given to us to have experiences, often in very creative ways.