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How I Learned to Explore and Test the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

For some months a group of friends and I explored astral projection on Saturday nights. It was during this time that I had some of my most memorable astral experiences.

One such experience happened when we were trying out one of Belsebuub’s methods for improving concentration. We chose various things to focus on, including a candle, our heart, mantra, a place, as well as many other things.

As I was falling asleep I was concentrating my mind on one of them but my mind started drifting and I did not know whether I was awake or asleep. Suddenly I could hear a friend nearby saying to himself, “I am in the astral,” over and over again. Because we were trying the methods silently, I knew that I was conscious in the astral, and that he was still trying to get there. Everything was dark around me, I could not see and very quickly lost the experience.

Moments later I became lucid again. I was in the same room as before – not far from my bed and with my friends close by. This time I didn’t hear anyone talking. I thought of asking my Being for a spiritual teaching, but hesitated and instead chose to explore on my own.

Testing the Astral Plane’s Qualities

I remembered one of Belsebuub’s first experiences in the astral plane that I’d read about recently where  he describes how he created a pink toothbrush by visualizing it in order to see whether you can create matter in the astral plane.

“A thought came to me that people say it’s possible to create your own reality when in the astral plane. I wondered how this worked and how real it would be, so I imagined a pink toothbrush—to my surprise, it appeared there in the room like a real object. I moved around a bit, looked around to see if it would be gone, but it was still there, as bright and as real as everything else. I wondered what else I could imagine and I started thinking, but began to move downward and merge back into my body, until waking up back into the physical world.”~ Belsebuub

Excerpt from The Astral Codex, Using Dreams & Out-of-Body Experiences on a Spiritual Journey, Chapter 3, My Early Astral Projection Attempts

Because I was conscious in the astral I could carry out the test for myself. I remembered a toothbrush and it was there in front of me. I picked it up, turned it around, looked at it, and even brushed my teeth with it to check that it was real. It was! After doing that I was satisfied with the experiment and floated towards the door of the room.

As I came out of the building I found myself immersed in a really brilliant light with beautiful colors and with lush green trees around.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

I could sense the sun shining brightly on my left and had a really strong urge to look at it. As I started turning towards the sun an animal, which was sitting on a fence to my right started talking to me in a strangely familiar way, which was also bossy and somehow arrogant.

It called me, saying: “Aleksandr, how are you doing?” I was so surprised at the tone that I automatically spun around to look at it. It’s not usual for animals to speak to me, let alone in such a familiar way. As I took a few steps towards the strange animal, it jumped away, drawing my attention after it. As soon as I saw where it jumped, I went straight back into my body, waking up with a strong emotion.

I was regretting that the experience was brought to a premature end by the ill-mannered animal. I suspect that it may have been a negative entity that was there to stop me from being conscious in the astral, and distracted me from looking at the sun.

Next morning I recounted this experience to my friends. It was interesting that the person whom I had heard repeating to himself, “I am in the astral” confirmed that this is something he often says in the process of astral projection, but he did not remember saying it that time.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Aleks. I had to smile when I read how you also tested the toothbrush :- )

  • That’s a really neat experience Aleks – thanks for sharing – I’ve never tried to create something ‘intentionally’ in the astral like you did – but your experience reminded me why being clear and ‘neutral’ in the astral is so helpful on so many ways – I guess it’s the reason why we can so easily get taken away into dreams during an astral experience 🙂

    • It was a very spontaneous decision to test the toothbrush. Not long before the practice someone related me Belsebuub’s experience and it inspired me. That’s why I remembered to do it once I became conscious in the astral.

  • Very cool to find out you were in the astral through hearing someone speaking next to you.

    It’s interesting how it works with ‘creating your own reality.’ I’ve also had some experiences with this and like you said even when you turn away and do other things and look at the object again it’s still there. But how ‘real’ is it? Can others see it? I’m sure it’ll fade away after a short while. I like that you actually brushed your teeth with it though :-)!

    Unfortunate about that bossy animal managing to distract you, I think I sort of sense his attitude from the way you describe it, very unpleasant. There’s probably a good lesson in there connected to daily life.

  • What nice a nice series experiences and astral validations, Aleks. Too bad the animal distracted you, because I bet it would have been awesome to gaze at the sun. And you hearing your friend in the astral is also really amazing (even if they didn’t remember – the fact it seems so plausible is awesome).

  • Nice one Aleksandr,yes it is so important to be focused in the astral otherwise we can be distracted and the experience is gone.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Seems like you learned a lot about the astral through just this one experience!

    Thanks for sharing! Was great to hear about the group practises – must have been a magical time.

  • How beautiful, thanks for sharing Aleks! How neat you decided to re-try Belsebuub’s toothbrush experiment in the astral. 🙂 Pity that the astral creature thwarted your efforts, but even with that, seems like it just taught you more about the inner obstacles you need to work on.

    Wishing many more fruitful astral experiences!

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