Experience submitted by Steve F

When I was taking Belsebuub’s astral course, I took part in several group astral projection gatherings where people were trying to get out consciously into the astral dimension, and if they made it, to fly to various destinations and to meet up there.

Projecting Using a Mantra

One of these was to try to meet up at the pyramids in Egypt. We used the mantra Fa Ra On which is known to be a very powerful mantra which helps people to get into the astral; however, I wasn’t that good at concentrating and focusing on mantras to get into the astral so I was a bit skeptical about my chances of making it, but I wanted to give it a good go, and like others in the group I focused on the mantra and tried my best.

I didn’t feel any of the sensations like vibrations, or motor noises that can occur when coming out of body but I noticed that after a while of pronouncing Fa Ra On I seemed to feel that I had a floating sensation.

Stuck in my Head in the Astral

Actually, it felt like all of my body was floating and waving about like a flag in a light wind but the one thing that I could feel that was not floating was my head; it seemed still and locked in one position.

It felt like my astral body was almost completely out of or separated from my physical body except for my head which seemed locked within my physical body’s head. It was like I was stuck in my head and my feet were floating about in the astral world!

I tried but I couldn’t separate my astral body’s head from my physical body’s head. I was stuck, I was literally stuck in my head, I couldn’t believe it! So close but I couldn’t get completely out into the astral world..

Seeing Someone

I also got a sense of someone walking around the place upstairs. I saw one of the people from the group walking around and it was unusual because when I looked it seemed almost cartoonist or dull in color compared to real life.

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

I could see the person and knew who they were but the color seemed really dull but somehow, I could see them, yet I still felt like I was stuck in my head, it was like I was seeing things with my ‘mind’s eye’ so to speak.

After this I fell back asleep and then the astral attempt ended. Once we were all awake we gathered together to talk about the method we just tried and I discussed my experience with my friends.

To my surprise, the person I had seen walking around upstairs in the astral then shared that they had been able to have an an out-of-body experience as well, and was taken through the earth to the destination in Egypt which we had put as a goal at the beginning of the gathering. So it seems to me that I had been able to see them in the astral.

I realized that I had been pretty intellectual about my approach to  astral projection and spirituality at that point in time and this experience showed me that I was really just stuck in my head about it all and not really experiencing it, but it also showed me how effective and real the method was by seeing the other person in the astral and being able to verify that they had projected as I had seen them in the astral.

Seeing a Negative Entity in the Astral

On another occasion a group of us taking Belsebuub’s courses decided to get into the astral on one particular weekend.

I don’t remember the specifics of the astral method we tried at the time but I remember waking up in the astral in the room where we were all trying to project. The room seemed a bit dimmer than usual, yet I recognized where I was as I could see items of the room that were there in the physical but I noticed a bad feeling somewhere around in the room.

I couldn’t pin point it until I heard a whispering sound coming from the window, the whispering sound seemed all mumble jumble to me but someone or something outside was at the window whispering something as if they were intending to say this mumble towards the people inside the room. “What is it?” I thought.

A sudden feeling of darkness came over me as I sensed that the entity at the window was evil in nature.

Someone else had also made it into the astral as well as I heard one of the other people yell out “Call the police! Someone’s at the window!

Confirming my Encounter with a Negative Entity with Others

Unfortunately I fell back into dreams, losing my awareness of being in the astral, but when I later woke up and discussed it with the others participating, we confirmed that we did sense a dark entity at the window at the window that night trying to stop us from getting into the astral.

And that person I had heard call out in the astral confirmed that they had also made it to the astral and had felt the same dark feeling coming from the window, and even saw a negative entity standing outside whispering at the window.

Funnily enough, my first reaction when I felt the negative entity was to go find a phone to call for the police, following what the other person had yelled, yet when I woke up, I realized I would have a better luck with a protective recitation, after all, that negative entity was outside the room and could not come in and break our circle of protection, but it is funny how the mind works, and I wanted to call the police in the astral!