Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski

Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski

Half-Hearted Efforts

When I came across Belsebuub’s course on astral projection I tried doing the exercises as best as I could, or what I thought was my best, but looking back at that period of my life it is obvious that my efforts were not very consistent.

I would do the practices for a while, only to slack later, then starting all over again. I did the course once, twice, even moving on to learning about Belsebuub’s work on Self-knowledge without actually achieving astral projection.

Identifying the Problem

About 2 years later I got an opportunity to attend a retreat where I met other people who were also studying and practicing Belsebuub’s work. It was an incredibly inspiring experience for me, and quite an eye-opener.

I didn’t realise how much one had to practice, but there I saw how much effort was needed, and that it was not something to do here and there, but a lifestyle if you wanted to achieve real results.

In the same manner that I enjoy going to the gym to train, and know that if I don’t put in enough energy, proper nutrition, etc., I don’t get results,  I now understood that I needed that kind of commitment with spiritual practices as well.

After returning I briefly mentioned to a family member that I was trying to astral project, and to my surprise, they told me that it would happen to my uncle naturally. Apparently, he would just relax and get out of his body, flying around.

This was the “last nail in the coffin” for my half-hearted approach. I thought: “If I don’t do it now, when am I going to do it? If my uncle can do it, I can do it as well…

Setting up a Schedule of Practices

From then on, I set up a schedule of daily practices for myself. I would mainly focus on concentration practices combined with different visualisations and mantras. I would start with just short practices, and gradually increase their length and frequency over time.

This was most apparent with mantras, where I would start with just 10 minutes of chanting a day, until after some time I could chant from half an hour to an hour without any problem, feeling very comfortable doing so.

Then at night, I would try to astral project using different astral projection methods that I learned on the course. The schedule and increased discipline finally brought results, despite my old habit of inconsistency that would still resurface from time to time.

First Humble Successes

The first time I felt the split of the astral and physical bodies was while using the mantra FaRaOn. I got into a very relaxed state on the verge of falling asleep, but with my mind awake, chanting the mantra mentally. Then I started feeling my legs floating in the air and my arms swinging around, but was stuck in my torso and could not fully get up in the astral.

Eventually, I was able to experience a full, but brief astral projection.

I felt my astral body separating from my physical one and found myself standing in my bedroom. I looked at the bedroom door, and then flew through the door very fast. Unfortunately, not being used to the sensation of passing through the solid objects in the astral plane, I woke up as soon as I hit the door.

Nevertheless, it was my first real success after many years of trying and failing, and even though it was not as spectacular as I had maybe imagined, it was something I had accomplished and was able to repeat again and again, with more success.

I also shared my experience with trying to astral project in this video, from 5:22 to 6:53 and from 7:13 to 7:53: