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How I Finally Achieved My First Astral Projection

Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski
Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski

The first time I felt the split of the astral and physical bodies was while using the mantra FaRaOn. I learned it from Belsebuub’s course on astral projection.

I got into a very relaxed state on the verge of falling asleep, but with my mind awake, chanting the mantra mentally. Then I started feeling my legs floating in the air and my arms swinging around, but was stuck in my torso and could not fully get up in the astral.

Eventually, I was able to experience a full, but brief astral projection.

I felt my astral body separating from my physical one and found myself standing in my bedroom. I looked at the bedroom door, and then flew through the door very fast. Unfortunately, not being used to the sensation of passing through the solid objects in the astral plane, I woke up as soon as I hit the door.

Nevertheless, it was my first real success after many years of trying and failing, and even though it was not as spectacular as I had maybe imagined, it was something I had accomplished and was able to repeat again and again, with more success.

  • Hi Rich,
    Its great that you finally got results after much hard work 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Rich,

    I agree with others. When you put it like that it becomes clear that we need strong and consistent efforts in order to get results.

    When I’ve gotten into a true momentum with a certain spiritual exercise I’ve been surprised at what is possible. A completely different thing to one-off attempts.

    Thanks for the reminder Rich. Wishing you many great concentration practices and astral experiences.

  • Thank you, Rich. What a great reminder that having success with astral projection really comes down to consistent effort and practice. It’s so easy to forget that because it pertains to the non-physical! Hope you are well!

  • It sounds like a pretty cool experience, so it’s best to hear those efforts paid off in the end!

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