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My Surprising First Astral Projection Experience

Experience submitted by Jenny

I had first heard of astral projection from my uncle in my early teens, though at the time I simply shelved it into my “cool anomalies” mental file and moved on. Years later I decided to revisit the subject after coming across Belsebuub’s work on astral travel, and gave the course he penned on the subject a go.

I was trying out the astral methods, a few weeks passed and I was able to experience clearer dreams, some astral split sensations, a few close calls, but no actual astral projection.

I’ve been hearing feedback from others in the class who were successful, and I really wanted to have my own experience. So one day I decided to give it my all and have a dedicated day to trying out the methods and see if I can do better with them. Someone in the class told me that worked well for them.

On that day I was using the methods in succession – trying one for a short while, then getting up to walk around, and then trying again. I was home alone, but still closed the door to my bedroom just so that there were no interruptions in case someone comes home early and decides to pop into my room. The door was locked too, because if unlocked my cat could easily pry it open.

During one of the attempts I was lying down using a concentration method (on the heart) for astral projection, but to no avail. I just did not seem sleepy at all, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate and relax.

My Surprising First Astral Projection Experience
Public domain image found on Pixabay.

It felt like I was just lying there forever doing nothing but feeling some mild tingling sensations, a speeding up heart beat here and there, and not much more. So I decided to cut it short and got up.

The moment I got up I noticed something peculiar – the door to my room was wide open. I got up and looked around to see if anyone came home without me noticing, but no-one was there.

I questioned whether it’s possible I didn’t lock it after all, but that just wasn’t realistic. I clearly recalled locking.

I tried to blame it on my cat, but she was incapable of opening a locked door – I knew that. After a few moments of trying to figure out what the deal was, I just shrugged it off and decided to take another mini break and then give an astral projection attempt another go.

I went to the kitchen, got a glass of water to drink — all business as usual. It wasn’t until I was on my way back to the bedroom that I suddenly felt a pull towards my body. Things became more of a blur all around me and suddenly I found myself “falling” back into my body.

I jolted slightly and realized I was lying in my bed, my bedroom door closed and locked as I had left it when I began.

It took me a moment to reconcile what happened, but I suddenly realized I had just experienced the astral and finally had somewhat of a conscious experience – one of getting up, examining the oddly unlocked door, and getting a glass of water in the kitchen. My first experience really seemed like business as usual though. How odd!

I laughed a little at this non-eventful astral projection. My very first experience, and it was the farthest from anything “grand”. It was a bit comical in contrast with all the stories I had heard – no tour of the planet, the ability to fly, revisit past events… Just got a regular ol’ glass of water! Despite it being so simple, the experience was still really exciting.

  • But i have a confusion that how can you touch the physical thing if you are out of your body …physical object and astral objects are vibrating at different

  • My astral experience seems slightly different than most. When I left my physical body,
    I had total vision of 360. No space or time as we understand it. No male or female
    gender exists beyond. All knowledge was available. Love was the force. I went
    through the colors of light, experienced the emotions that each gave me.
    Call it light, love or god, I was given an education that I wish I could live again.
    While separated from my body, I was 1000% more pleasured than I have ever been.
    Nothing was unknown. Everything was available, I guess limited only by me.
    My euphoria, where all my senses are 1000 times more acute, caused me to wish,
    “I never want to go back”. That was the only thought process I had in this brief
    separation of body/soul. As soon as I wished not to return to my physical body,
    I was slammed back in to it. Totally confused, I didn’t know what had happened
    to me. I danced in a circle, thought I was levitating off the ground. I was so strong,
    I could have picked up a car and tossed it. I view myself as a 12 volt battery.
    I came back from this separation with 10’s of thousands volts. It took 24 hrs.
    for me to regain some degree of normal. It was the best experience of my life.

    • Sounds like a wonderful heightened awareness OBE Kim and so happy you had that experience; it must have helped you a lot! I’ve had that same quick pulling back to my physical body when I have thought about it when I was in an OBEs. I find that no two OBE’s are the same, and that to be open to learning from each experience is better than wishing for the same one. Peace be with you Kim!

  • Thanks Jenny. It’s almost a long time I have astral projection experiences voluntary and involuntary. I had research on that and many say that all happens in our minds.
    But I made a test and ask a friend to visit him and his house in a location I have never seen. I did it and when I explained the details of what I see to him it was 70 percent come exactly true. Wow.
    It surprised me.
    I finally understand all astral projections are real and not happens in our mind. We also can travel in another worlds, future, past tense.
    Anyway It was my experience and I thought it is good to share it with others.

    Good lucks

    • Nice experience Hamed and good on you for testing the reality of the astral and verifying it for yourself. When you have personal experiences like that, its unshakeable as you know personally for yourself. I hope that your experiences in the astral inspire you to discover much more!

      Thanks heaps for sharing and good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Hamed. It’s really good that you were able to test the accuracy of your experience and I hope you can gain more experiences too.

    • Hey Hamed,

      Very nice that you were able to verify it like that for yourself. In my opinion it’s such a huge difference in view to either think ‘it’s all happening in our head and comes from ourselves’ versus ‘we go to a real place and there are other intelligent forces able to teach us etc.’ Because then we can value and use those experiences to improve and enrich our lives, rather than just dismissing them.

  • Thanks Jenny. It’s interesting how closely the astral world can resemble the physical one. I’ve had similar experiences where I’ve been looking around in my room, thinking I was awake, only to realise that something was out of place and that my physical body was still sleeping.

  • Nice account Jenny. My first astral experiences after finding Belsebuub Astral Travel and Dreams course were also not what I was expecting or thinking they should be. They were more subtle and came on gradually. One of my first experiences that I remember at that time was where I became lucid in a dream and was hugging the edge of the pavement in my attempt to try to stay clear, finding myself waking up in my bed soon after. Quite unsensational, it felt very normal actually. But the whole study of dreams and the spiritual gradually generated more experiences of various kinds.

  • Funny experience Jenny! But also so valuable to realise how normal the astral can feel, and how we can so easily be there just going about our every day business without a clue of where we really are.

  • Thanks Jenny its very inspiring to hear your accounts and the efforts you put in. It definitely shows the efforts that are needed if we really want to get these experiences

  • Hi Jenny, thanks so much for posting this. It really motivated me in a way you wouldn’t think. The phrase where you say “On that day I was doing practices in succession – trying a short exercise, then getting up to walk around, and then trying again.” Reminded me of how I used to practice when I first found out about astral projection. I was so enthused that I would spend whole afternoons or nights practicing, not because I felt I had to, but just because I wanted to. Hearing another person talking about multiple practices in succession really reminded me of how it was for me back then. Thanks again, it really meant a lot reading that.

  • Very interesting your experience, Jenny

    I had also a similar experience.

    Sometimes it is unbelievable how the astral can looks with the physical and miss the astral experience!

    • Definitely! Reminds me also of all those times when you lie there doing an astral practice and feeling awake and like it’s not going anywhere, and then later you’re told you’ve been totally asleep the whole time ?

  • 😀 “Business as usual” for sure! And while I can relate to your eagerness of having a special astral projection, with flying, symbols, meeting beings and so on…, somehow these simple but very clear experiences speak the truth of that plane in a really beautiful way. How real it is, how crisp clear, and yet profoundly magical. Wishing you more of this “business” on a regular basis!

  • That’s very funny, Jenny! For some reason that never happened to me, I mean just walking through my house in the astral and doing normal things and everything looking precisely like the physical. I suspect it’s my mind putting too much stuff there that I’ve had a hard time to control and detach from since the beginning. Of course, even if there are weird things around you can easily take it for granted in dreams. It has helped me sometimes though, when I’ve been questioning during the day, to realize I’m dreaming just because there are weird things around. Or sometimes I know it’s the astral plane because it does have a slightly more ethereal or dreamy feeling to it than the physical (maybe I was being helped those times though.)

    • You know, perhaps this is why the experience was so unexpected for me as well — because in my dreams things are usually never precisely like real life. So when that experience happened I wasn’t familiar with the astral much yet, just with dreams, which is maybe why I expected something very different to experiencing the exact astral counterpart of my house.

  • Hi Jenny,

    It’s funny how we think during an astral experience as there tends to be a certain “Mind set” that pervails as it’s easy to miss an astral experience simply due to us not realising or questioning when the actual experience is happening. the most strangest things seem to happen in the astral and the mind just carries on just like normal, thinking everythings just fine and dandy and never thinking to question, how could of that just happen?

    • Yes, it’s a really interesting element, Steve. Makes you wonder how much of your day the mind is playing tricks like that too — i.e. seeing things you expect, missing things that you’re not perceptive to, and so on.

  • I too have had many experiences where I see ‘strange’ events unfold only to realize that in the morning, when waking up, that I should have known that I was in the astral and that it was a gentle tap on the shoulder to get my attention.

    • Yes, isn’t it funny how there’s this conviction it’s the real thing, even though you might be doing something completely impossible physically. Just shows how much our mind determines things for us and sets our “show”…

  • Interesting – I had the same thing happen many times. For example I’d wake up in a dream for a second or two and then it would seemingly end when I would wake up in the physical in bed – or so I thought. I say “or so I thought,” because after going about my day for a few minutes, the next thing I know I would actually wake up in bed in the physical! Of course only then I’d realize I was “going about my day” in the astral…I’ve had so many missed opportunities to explore the astral like that. Nonetheless, like you said you experienced, it helped me learn more about what the astral’s like and how it works, so I think it’s still a good experience to have.

    • Ha ha, I can relate to this Jordan. When I was a little kid, I would often have these false awakenings. And usually they happened in the exactly same way: my father would be waking me up in the morning to go to school (in the physical world) and I would reply that I was already getting up. But then shortly after that i would drift to a dream again, dreaming of getting up, dressing, having my breakfast, only to hear my father calling me again. Sometimes, this would repeat again, I would have my ‘astral breakfast’ again, only to hear him again, this time already a bit angry, asking me to get up immediately. 🙂

    • I used to have that happening as a child too! Especially when I was anxious about an exciting event or something coming up and I suppose have it on my mind so strongly I couldn’t fall asleep very deeply and would be in this in-and-out-of-sleep sort of state. Then I’d think I woke up and start getting ready and so on, only to wake up in bed and realize my “getting ready” was a dream. Sometimes there would even be successive dreams in that way, like waking up in a dream in a dream 😀

      Lucia, I have such similar memories with my dad waking me up! 😀

  • Very funny first experience. Mine was similar in that it wasn’t anything super amazing or fantastic, it was just being in a park and touching a couch which happened to be in front of me for some reason. Interesting how the astral feels just like the physical to the point we don’t realise we’re there most of the time, like how you describe concentrating on the practice and getting up not even knowing it was the astral.

    • Yes, it feels so unexpectedly real. In fact, I think my “expectations” really got in the way because I was able to go through that whole time in the kitchen with the drink, examining the door and all that and it didn’t even cross my mind to think that could have been the astral. Somehow I thought it would be more “ethereal”? “dreamy”? Somehow it can be both ethereal and physical all at once. I think those first “practical” experiences were so awesome in terms of exploring the feel and different qualities the astral can have.

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