Experience submitted by Jenny Resnick

I had first heard of astral projection from my uncle in my early teens, though at the time I simply shelved it into my “cool anomalies” mental file and moved on. Years later I decided to revisit the subject after coming across Belsebuub’s work on astral travel, and gave the course he penned on the subject a go.

Concentration on the Heart

Of all the different methods taught in the course, concentration on the heart beats became my favorite. I always felt it was relaxing and natural — an easy way to rest my mind while going to sleep.

I loved the different astral sensations it brought about too — from tingling, to strong beats, to actually lifting off out of the body — somehow these sensations were all more intensified for me with that one particular approach. And that is the method I used to have my first few experiences with.

Training for the Astral – My First Experience

I was trying out the astral methods, a few weeks passed and I was able to experience clearer dreams, some astral split sensations, a few close calls, but no actual astral projection.

I’ve been hearing feedback from others in the class who were successful, and I really wanted to have my own experience. So one day I decided to give it my all and have a dedicated day to trying out the methods and see if I can do better with them. Someone in the class told me that worked well for them.

On that day I was using the methods in succession – trying one for a short while, then getting up to walk around, and then trying again. I was home alone, but still closed the door to my bedroom just so that there were no interruptions in case someone comes home early and decides to pop into my room. The door was locked too, because if unlocked my cat could easily pry it open.

During one of the attempts I was lying down using a concentration method (on the heart) for astral projection, but to no avail. I just did not seem sleepy at all, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate and relax.

My Surprising First Astral Projection Experience

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

It felt like I was just lying there forever doing nothing but feeling some mild tingling sensations, a speeding up heart beat here and there, and not much more. So I decided to cut it short and got up.

The moment I got up I noticed something peculiar – the door to my room was wide open. I got up and looked around to see if anyone came home without me noticing, but no-one was there.

I questioned whether it’s possible I didn’t lock it after all, but that just wasn’t realistic. I clearly recalled locking.

I tried to blame it on my cat, but she was incapable of opening a locked door – I knew that. After a few moments of trying to figure out what the deal was, I just shrugged it off and decided to take another mini break and then give an astral projection attempt another go.

I went to the kitchen, got a glass of water to drink — all business as usual. It wasn’t until I was on my way back to the bedroom that I suddenly felt a pull towards my body. Things became more of a blur all around me and suddenly I found myself “falling” back into my body.

I jolted slightly and realized I was lying in my bed, my bedroom door closed and locked as I had left it when I began.

It took me a moment to reconcile what happened, but I suddenly realized I had just experienced the astral and finally had somewhat of a conscious experience – one of getting up, examining the oddly unlocked door, and getting a glass of water in the kitchen. My first experience really seemed like business as usual though. How odd!


I laughed a little at this non-eventful astral projection. My very first experience, and it was the farthest from anything “grand”. It was a bit comical in contrast with all the stories I had heard – no tour of the planet, the ability to fly, revisit past events… Just got a regular ol’ glass of water!

Photo found via Pexels. License CCO.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

Despite it being so simple, the experience was still really exciting. I could see how remarkably similar the astral could be to the physical world – to the point I went and had that drink, poured the water, held the glass in my hand, tasted it, and didn’t even realize I was doing it all in the astral. It felt real and things looked, felt, tasted the same as in waking life – all except for that unlocked door.

Had it been a very intense and “fantastical” first experience, I would have perhaps questioned whether it was real or simply a dream or my mind playing tricks on me. But the simplicity of it, the clarity, combined with something very concrete I was able to cross compare between the physical and the astral (the door), made it very tangible.

I was so excited to get back to the course and share my experience with others that week!