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An Astral Projection Experience to the Sun

Experience submitted by Penny Bradas
Experience submitted by Penny Bradas

Every so often I took part in group astral projection practices, based on the work of Belsebuub, and on one occasion I had one of my most memorable and joyous astral projection experiences.

When I arrived at the gathering I was glad to see a large number of people had turned up for the group practice. From previous experience, I knew that meant that my chances of success were going to be higher than being on my own, thanks to the focus and joint effort.

The aim of the astral practice was to project to the sun of our solar system.

The suggested approach for the practice was to first lay down comfortably on meditation cushions and go through a deep relaxation, then to begin with by imagining ourselves starting off from where we were physically lying on cushions and imagining ourselves getting up and jumping up to float up in to the air and fly up to the sky to travel to the sun, and that’s just what I did.

Public domain image found on Pexels. This images has been modified.
Public domain image found on Pexels. This image has been modified.

When I felt very relaxed, I began to imagine myself getting up gently from my cushion where I stood up and took a little jump up and I began to float through the roof and in to the sky where I stopped to hover over the building where I looked out over the city lights as it was night time already.

I then looked up into the night sky and I saw the stars shimmering I knew the sun was somewhere out in space and began to fly up and out in to space with the aim to reach the sun.

I was able to keep my concentration consistent, very clear and uninterrupted by any unwanted thoughts, and I was there in the darkness of space flying around looking at all the lights from the stars until I saw before me the sun with its radiating light and energy.

I flew closer and closer to it until I reached up to it from where I dived right in to the outer roaring flames and in to the outer surface of the sun where I flew around almost saying “weeeee.”

I felt the beautiful radiating warmth of the sun and I felt so happy, I just kept flying around and around the place enjoying the warmth of the sun and its impact upon me until I decided to go out in to space again to feel the difference.

And that’s what I did; I flew out in to space where I experienced the cessation of the feeling I had in the sun. So I flew back in, and continued to fly around with the feeling of joy again.

Public domain image found on Pexels. This image has been modified.
Public domain image found on Pexels. This image has been modified.

As I was flying around I noticed that there were two people there. I flew past them smiling and I could see that they were happy too. I recognized one person as Belsebuub, but I did not stop to talk; I just kept flying around and around until I heard the alarm going off in the practice room and woke up.

At the end of the practice session, I sat with others who shared their experiences but I did not talk about my experience because even though I felt I had had a very good concentration practice I thought that I hadn’t been successful in astral projecting.

Later on, I got talking to a friend who had also attended this recent astral group practice. I shared my vivid concentration experience with them and I mentioned that I saw Belsebuub in the sun and one other person.

My friend asked me what the second person looked like and when I described them to my friend they realized that they knew the person and that this person was also familiar with Belsebuub’s work and also studying it but that they lived in another city.

This made me realize then that my experience was not just a vivid concentration practice because I couldn’t have known what the other person looked like because I had never met them beforehand.

At the time I hadn’t had that many astral projection experiences and I was also expecting to experience the signs and symptoms of projecting that where commonly described, but during my experience, it all happened very naturally. This also showed me that what I expect isn’t always the way things really are.

  • Sounds like an amazing experience Penny. Its quite something to get that verification of real world events and people from Astral experiences.

  • Inspiring to hear Penny! It must be incredible to go so far into the solar system! Also very interesting that you weren’t sure at first if it was a particularly vivid concentration practise at first. It makes me think of how tentative I was when I first explored and experienced imaginative concentration. I was uncertain how much was ‘real’; in the end I realised actually a lot more than I ‘allowed’ myself to believe at first was real. It’s a mysterious and powerful thing how our concentration can literally pull us to a place.

    I really enjoyed the description of the joy you felt too – I would love to experience feeling the real other-dimensional character of the sun, as well as the other celestial bodies more.

  • Awesome experience! Exploring the sun through OBE’s sounds amazing!
    I think apart from what this experience was for you Penny, this is another example/proof that OBE’s are real and no mind’s work.
    It reminded me one of Belsebuub’s radio interviews where he talks about that and gives examples like yours when people who don’t know each other meet in OBE and they verify it when they come back.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  • This is so awesome Penny, thanks a lot for sharing. I love how you were so joyous flying in the sun. I also found it really interesting with what you mentioned about how you thought you hadn’t had a successful astral experience and had certain expectations. I can relate to that a lot. Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

  • Penny, I’ve always wanted to project to the sun and to experience the heat and intensity of it’s life force and whatever else might be experienced or understood about it’s deeper spiritual nature. As I read your story I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out and I guess that’s an important lesson about being open to experiences which don’t fit into our ideas of how things are.

  • What an amazing experience Penny! I cannot imagine what it would have been like to fly into the sun – not from the point of view of heat, but because so much mythology and art suggests the sun is a spiritual place.

    I can relate to your statement about being hesitant to share your experience. When I started doing astral practices I also had many experiences that somehow did not fit in with my expectations, and I just assumed they were my imagination. This attitude took away many experiences.

  • Hi Penny,
    What a nice experience! Flying into the sun and feeling its warmth and giving you that sense of joy was so inspiring to read and you captured it so well, I could really imagine it 🙂 Nice that you were also able to verify your experience by ‘meeting’ someone in the astral that you did not know yet being able to verify their existence here later on. Really neat experience, thanks for sharing.

  • Very intriguing experience Penny. While I was reading it I was wondering if you were still visualising or whether you were describing time spent present in the astral dimension. It seems from what you mention towards the end that it was in fact an OBE, though you weren’t aware of the occurrence of splitting from your body, is that correct? Or was it more like a ‘remote viewing’ experience, where your visualisation was so strong that you even got to see real things?

    It seems vert magical anyhow, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Karim,
      Yes! I believe that it was an OBE. It was too real to have been a ‘remote viewing’ experience.
      During the experience I had no awareness of my body lying on the cushions in the room I could only feel the feelings of my body in the night sky where the temperature was cool, the lack of gravity in space as I was flying, the sound of the roaring flames as I stood just outside watching the sun and I felt the warmth of the sun whilst I was inside flying around. And since then I have had other OBEs and I know that the sun experience was even clearer and more real than some of my other astral experiences where I have had the common projecting symptoms.

      I had not had that many astral experiences at that time and I could not realy tell the difference. And I also find that my mind can convince me of things that are not based on reality, and that also applies with all kinds of ideas about all sorts of things.

      Wishing you all the best with your explorations.

      • Thanks for clarifying Penny 🙂 sounds wonderful. Experiencing the heightened senses perceptions over there can be so enjoyable.

  • This is amazing, thank you very much for sharing Penny. Weeeee – I can imagine that! 🙂
    It must have been so very joyful for you to fly around the Sun like that, submerged in its warmth and beauty… so much you didn’t even stop to talk to Belsebuub! 😀

    And how incredible you even found out who that other person over there was. Have you by any chance managed to speak to them to see if they may have also remembered the experience?

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful journey through the space.

  • That’s an awesome experience, Penny. You must have had incredibly intense concentration to leave your body without even realizing it. It sounds incredible to fly into and around the sun, even to see others there and find evidence the experience was real!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds like a beautiful experience Penny – thanks for sharing it. It’s nice that you were also able to also match up the person who you saw in the astral experience with someone your friend knew.

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