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Astral Projecting Together — Almost

Experience submitted by Nicole & Andrew Sepic

Here’s a short experience Nicole and I had when we were just starting out learning about how to have out of body experiences based on Belsebuub’s work.


“One morning around dawn Andrew and I were doing an astral practice. We lay on our back’s next to each other in bed and began our practice. After a short while I managed to come out of my body.

I was pretty excited because this was one of the first times I was not a blob and had control over my body. I sat up and decided to try and wake Andrew to get him in the astral with me.

I rolled over and sat on him, shaking his shoulders, saying ‘Get up! Get up! We’re in the astral!’ My efforts were fruitless, so I got down off the bed.

Once I was down I decided to make one last effort to wake Andrew. I reached up and grabbed his foot and gave it a hard yank. Nothing happened, so I decided I’d better get going.”


“As I lay still and relaxed my body I quickly felt very heavy and almost ‘numb’ as my body began to fall into sleep. I began using my concentration technique trying to relax deeper and maintain a good focus.

At a certain point I felt a weight on my chest and it suddenly seemed hard to breathe. I tried not to let this distract me and continued with my concentration.

Soon after I felt my right foot begin to pull away from my physical body. It was my astral foot of course and it felt like it was being stretched out and downwards.

I’d experienced my arms and feet disassociating from the physical like this before and so I tried to ignore my excitement at getting close to leaving my body and I continued my practice. A few moments later I slipped out of consciousness and fell asleep. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember any dreams.


“I walked into the living room and turning around I saw Andrew walking out of the bedroom towards me. ‘Woohoo! Andrew you’re in the astral, lets go!‘ I shouted.

But he brushed past me like I wasn’t even there. It was as if he was sleep walking. (He had fallen asleep and left his body, but was in a dream, not conscious and awake in the astral plane) ‘No big deal‘ I thought, I had some questions I wanted to ask so I went along my astral way.

Going into the kitchen some of it was blocked off by strips of yellow caution tape, but I saw a huge calendar on the wall, with a date circled in red. I told myself I better remember this date, it seems important and then I left the apartment. Not long after that, my experience ended and I woke up.”

  • I loved this experience!
    Probably the power of practice both of you helped each other, to have these nice experiences!

  • Loved reading from both perspectives here! Really cool how Andrew felt exactly the actions Nicole was taking in the astral. Neat experience to share, you two. Thanks!!

  • Nicole trying as hard as she may to no avail!

    Very cool experience Andrew and Nicole 🙂

  • What a nice shared and neat experience guys! Like Lucia, I also had a little smile / chuckle when Andrew mentions feeling this weight on his chest, and then the pull of his feet – but then kept on ‘concentrating’ – yet how incredible it must have been to then correlate what happened just right afterwards.

    Andrew, your experience makes me remember how I’ve tricked myself many times in the past too, thinking oh I can’t be ‘out’ yet – that would have been too fast. Or that I’d wake up thinking that I was still in the physical, but then would later realize after truly waking up that something was different (like the curtains were ‘in&out’, or that the time on the clock did not match what I had seen earlier..

    Seems like another good reason to test more genuinely if we’ve made it.

  • Thanks for sharing Andrew and Nicole – how close you were to a real adventure together. From Andrew’s experience in makes me realise how fluid we need to be with the practise – it seems like in this case it would have been better to go against the ‘rules’ and turn towards the distractions, rather than away.

  • Thanks for an inspiring experience! I think this type of combined approach to esoteric exploration can give depth to relationships – not just between couples, but between family and friends too. I think this is one of the gifts of doing the work that Belsebuub writes about.

  • That’s really incredible. And kinda funny! I loved reading the experience from two different perspectives.

  • So close to meeting up, what a great experience it seems that in your experience you had a lot of control to stay focused and in control with out the influence of the mind, thanks for sharing very inspiring

  • What a cool experience Andrew and Nicole! It must have been funny and amazing to tell that to each other in the morning and confirm that it was real. I was very intrigued to read how Andrew felt Nicole’s attempts to wake him in the astral, with that weight on his chest and the pull from his leg. It’s very interesting to me how one can affect the other like this from another dimension, though perhaps Andrew was between dimensions in this case.

    How wonderful it would be to project together with your partner into the astral plane and go exploring together. That would probably need a strong level of practice and probably lots of spiritual help too.

    • Laura, Yes I think in this case I was close enough that I was already disassociating from my physical body and I could feel my astral leg being pulled. When I began projecting my feet always would detach first often floating upwards or curling back on themselves like I didn’t even have a knee. So this was hard for me to distinguish as anything different. Too bad I winked out!

  • That’s a funny account of your attempts to astral project together Nicole and Andrew! 🙂 It shows how much our level of consciousness can influence the experience though.

    It was funny to read about how Nicole trying to wake Andrew was felt as a pressure on his chest. It was also interesting how her attempt to pull his foot was felt in his astral body.

    Although it’s a pity that you weren’t able to share the experience on this occasion, I’m sure it provided you with some useful tips to bear in mind for future attempts. Good luck with your next experiences 🙂

  • Thanks Nicole and Andrew. Doesn’t knowing about astral travel open up such an opportunity for adventure!

    What I thought Andrew when reading of your astral sleepwalking was how much of chance missed it is to fall asleep psychologically like that. Made me think that that’s how I fall asleep virtually every night, missing out on such a chance really…

    Very cool that you guys were able to verify your interdimensional encounter like this. Turning things upside down a bit :-D, no longer is it ‘Honey, wake up!’ in the morning, but ‘Honey fall asleep already!’ in the evening.

    • Karim, It is interesting to to reflect on my sleep walking self. The way I walked by but without any perceptual awareness. I’d like to see myself sleep walking (from a conscious state) and see what I could learn from watching myself.

      There was another experience we had where I was able to try to wake up Nicole in the astral. But I got a sense of what her experience was like here… I tried to wake her up, telling her we were in the astral etc.. but she was just very confused, sluggish and resistant to anything I suggested.. I realized she was asleep and reluctantly left her and took off flying. Then I almost lost the experience when my mind strayed back to thinking about her and wishing she was with me 🙂

  • This is amazing, thank you guys for sharing. I had to smile when reading how Andrew felt a mysterious weight on his chest in the astral, and then afterwards his leg being pulled. It is interesting that he could feel that, but he would not open his “astral eyes” at that point to see what was going on. Still, a really neat attempt at astral projecting together, I have always wanted to do something like that! 🙂

    • Yes, it is interesting I didn’t feel moved to get out of the body with those sensations. We were still quite new to the practices and I didn’t want to interrupt the process which can be quite delicate as you are first becoming familiar with it. It makes sense to me because back then there was always something trying to distract me, jump on me, weigh me down etc.. when I was trying to project. So I can see why I ignored those sensations as much as possible. But reflecting more on it now, it is a pretty good lesson with some different angles of learning, which wasn’t clear to me back then.

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