Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski

Experience submitted by Rich Marinkovski

Since learning the concentration/visualization practice on Belsebuub’s courses some years ago, this simple yet powerful sit-up exercise quickly became one of my favorites. I liked to pick up a random object like a pencil, glass or a plant and focus on it for a few minutes, often several times a day.

As I got used to doing these practices, I also started exploring what worked most for me, and found out that I would often have a success when practicing after coming back from the gym. Being physically tired but mentally awake proved to be a very good state for doing mystical practices, so I made it my routine to do a short practice of concentration or visualization after my daily workout.

I would sit down very comfortably in a recliner and start to focus on whatever object inspired me. For about a week, I decided to focus on a lit candle. After the usual full-body relaxation, I proceeded to the concentration.

rich-meditatingThis time, however, I didn’t want to just concentrate on the candle itself, but wanted to be aware of my surroundings at the same time. This new way of visualizing/concentrating really got me inspired and I spent the whole week fine-tuning it, until I felt like I had achieved a good level of focus and awareness of my surroundings.

After about a week of practicing in this new way, I had an unexpected experience.

I sat in my recliner as usual and got very comfortable, relaxing all the muscles of my body. Then I focused my attention on the top of the candle, where the wax was melting. I kept concentrating on that part of the candle while at the same time perceiving my surroundings.

My mind was calm and my focus sharp, and then all of the sudden I found myself floating on my back, looking up. All around me was a white/ivory light and I realized that I was actually floating in the melted wax and the white thing around me was the candle.

Interestingly, I didn’t feel any heat, it was just very comfortable and the light around me was beautiful and soothing. I didn’t have to work at floating either, it felt very natural to me. As I looked up from my position, I noticed the blue part of the flame straight above me.

Amazed, I started looking around a bit more and then suddenly came back to myself. I became aware that I saw the whole candle again, feeling very still as a result of the practice.

Later on, I started practicing this concentration with awareness more, instead of just concentrating on an object alone. Practicing this way helped me a lot to have more frequent astral experiences.

I also briefly shared this experience in this video (from 9:54 to 10:57):