Experience submitted by Steve F

During one of Belsebuub’s courses that I attended, one day, we all tried a concentration method to learn about how the mind can become concentrated on one thing.

For this we used a candle and its candle holder to try this approach out.

I gave it a go, and focused my mind on the candle and the holder that was used to support the candle, by looking at them in great detail.

I tried to sense or feel what the candle was like and also tried to sense what the candle stick holder felt like by focusing my mind on it, by wondering about it, inquiring about it and exploring the materials which made these items up.

As I focused my mind, I imagined what the wax felt like, what it would be like to go into the wax and run over the surface of the wax, etc.

As I did this I got a sense that I was running my finger over the wax and could actually feel things on the candle like the slight bumps on the surface of the wax. Because I was concentrating so much it felt more vivid than the normal way I looked at things. There was this sense of stillness in some way too.

The interesting thing was that there was a lot of feeling involved with the process of the mind concentrating. Actually it felt like a combination of thinking and feeling until the feeling process seemed stronger and a sense of the materials making the candle holder and candle seemed real.

It almost felt like time stood still with this experience and the separation from myself to the candle didn’t exist. As I kept visualizing the candle I was able to achieve a higher level of concentration within me that felt solid, still and focused.

Having the mind concentrated in this manner was really awesome, it was a feeling that was very different to the ordinary everyday state that I was used to my mind being in, it was actually the very opposite of that everyday state I was used to where my thoughts were always running wild and in all directions.

This experience was amazing and gave me such a strong feeling to keep trying the method out. It felt beautiful to feel the sensation of being in that state and being able to perceive the candle in a totally different way.