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How I Learned the Value of Persistence in Gaining Astral Experiences

Experience Submitted by Michael

I heard about lucid dreaming many years ago, but had never experienced it myself. I then had the occasional lucid dream in the years that followed, but these seemed to occur randomly and were generally fairly short and unclear experiences. So I was enthusiastic to learn about Belsebuub’s course in astral travel and dreams, which gave techniques to increase the ability to experience lucid dreams and even to consciously astral project during the process of sleep.

I practiced the exercises for a while, but didn’t have the successes that seemed to come so easily to my fellow students on the course. But I persisted nevertheless and took up a few opportunities to practice astral projection with a group of friends. I’d already felt an increased motivation, when participating in other spiritual practices with a group, so hoped that a group astral practice would also bring about positive results.

Comparing Myself to Others

To my disappointment, I didn’t have much success during the first group practice, but tried again a few weeks later.

Some friends shared their experiences from the several practices we had done together, but again, I felt I was going away “empty handed.” I was disappointed as I travelled to another friend’s apartment, where I was staying for the weekend and decided to have a nap in the afternoon.

I didn’t expect to experience lucid dreaming or astral projection – then to my pleasant surprise, I “woke up” within a dream.

An Unexpected Result

In my dream I was in the room where I was staying, which was a replica of its physical counterpart. I started to do some investigations to check if I was in the astral, such as touching objects to see if my hand would pass through them, or pulling my finger to see if it stretched. This lucid experience was probably one of the longest I’d had and it gave me a boost to see that my efforts had eventually paid off.

Since then I’ve woken up in dreams in most of the places I’ve stayed and have been able to explore within the room, or outside it, which were useful experiences. However, my focus gradually changed so that my main interest is to now learn about myself, both in daily life and through the astral or dream worlds.

Understanding the Importance of Activity

I have noticed a big variation in the frequency of these lucid experiences, depending on my level of activity. So, I realised that in order to gain knowledge from them, efforts first need to be made. I’ve also seen that although the results may not always be immediately visible, with persistence, experience and learning may come unexpectedly.

Furthermore, I’ve become more aware of the pitfalls of comparing my progress against the experiences of others and have become more appreciative of the learning that is available in my own life, if I make the efforts to uncover it.


Featured Photo is a Public Domain Image by Bobby Johnson found on Unsplash

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  • Thanks for sharing your insights Michael,

    Wonderful to read that through your investigations your focus ended up being to learn about yourself.

    Comparing yourself to others is a rokie error isn’t it? I remember making that mistake as well; obviously there’s a lot to be learned from it.

    I’m very grateful for the reminder about persistance and activity, it’s crucial, thank you.

  • Thank you for this insightful perspective, Michael. There were a couple of things that really stood out to me. Firstly, you are so right that we mustn’t compare ourselves to others. I’ve been disheartened many, many times, not having the experiences of some of my friends who also astral travel. But these sorts of comparisons do nothing to help us, really only bringing us down. And after all, as you noted, often we get an experience when we are least expecting it, at the right time for us.
    The remark on being appreciative for the learning within our own lives also struck me. There are so many opportunities given to us and it would be such a waste to overlook them in the misguided expectation of needing profound mystical experiences and needing to “keep up” with others. It is so important to remember, but easy to forget.

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