Experience submitted by Martin

Experience submitted by Martin

One morning I awoke a bit earlier than planned and realised that it was a perfect time to try one of the astral projection practices I had learned in Belsebuub’s work.

At the same time, that morning my plan had been to rise early and go down to Bondi Beach, it was always better to leave early and beat the crowds but since there was a bit of time still before my planned wake-up I relaxed into a visualisation practice to astral project.

My goal was to travel via the astral to a temple in Greece that some of my friends had told me about. Everything was going well with the practice and my body started to fall asleep.

Although I had been trying to concentrate on the temple, the last thing on my mind whilst actually going through the sleep process was the reminder of my planned trip to the beach.

My will was strong and I accidentally visualised Bondi Beach perfectly. I projected and surely enough ended up standing knee deep in the water at Bondi looking out over the water at the sun rising in the astral plane.

It was a beautiful setting and there weren’t many people around, I thoroughly enjoyed taking it all in.

Bondi Beach, Australia By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bondi Beach, Australia By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately while standing there thoughts crept in about how the practice hadn’t turned out as I had planned and these thoughts started to cloud the experience.

Soon I woke up in the physical dimension. It was difficult to fall asleep again after that as my physical body was well awake and ready for the day. After many attempts to project again and go to the astral temple in Greece I gave up and went to the beach as planned.

The experience was a good reminder of how I need strong intention in order to project using a visualisation practice. It also reminded me of how powerful and effective these astral projection practices actually are.

Later on, sitting on the bus stuck in traffic for a long time gave me a good opportunity to reflect on my experience and the opportunities I’ve gained since learning about Belsebuub’s work. In the astral plane I don’t need to sit in traffic for hours or book a flight in order to travel somewhere. And the mystical wonders that exist out of physical sight is something I can experience for myself with a bit of help from above.