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An Unexpected Astral Voyage to Bondi Beach

Experience submitted by Martin
Experience submitted by Martin

One morning I awoke a bit earlier than planned and realised that it was a perfect time to try one of the astral projection practices I had learned in Belsebuub’s work.

At the same time, that morning my plan had been to rise early and go down to Bondi Beach, it was always better to leave early and beat the crowds but since there was a bit of time still before my planned wake-up I relaxed into a visualisation practice to astral project.

My goal was to travel in the astral to a temple in Greece that some of my friends had told me about. Everything was going well with the practice and my body started to fall asleep.

Although I had been trying to concentrate on the temple, the last thing on my mind whilst actually going through the sleep process was the reminder of my planned trip to the beach.

My will was strong and I accidentally visualised Bondi Beach perfectly. I projected and surely enough ended up standing knee deep in the water at Bondi looking out over the water at the sun rising in the astral plane.

It was a beautiful setting and there weren’t many people around, I thoroughly enjoyed taking it all in.

Bondi Beach, Australia By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
Bondi Beach, Australia By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
Unfortunately while standing there thoughts crept in about how the practice hadn’t turned out as I had planned and these thoughts started to cloud the experience.

Soon I woke up physically. It was difficult to fall asleep again after that as my body was well awake and ready for the day. After many attempts to project again and go to the astral temple in Greece I gave up and went to the beach as planned.

The experience was a good reminder of how I need strong intention in order to project using a visualisation practice.

  • Hi Martin,
    You had very nice experience. It sounds that it was very beautiful experience as the Bondi Beach is nice place and I can imagine that being there alone or almost alone is something that cannot happen in the physical world.
    Thanks Martin for sharing this experience and I hope you are doing well.

  • Hi Martin,

    I really enjoyed reading your experience, thanks for sharing. Maybe next time you can call past my place and borrow my surfboard:)

  • So basically, by learning to have OBE’s, you can actually go for your morning walk/jog/swim/surf while simultaneously sleeping in bed? Sounds great! 😉

    Martin, sounds like a magical experience, seeing the sun rise in the astral like that, and a good lesson about intent and focus and how they work in the astral. I liked the image of you sat in traffic with other commuters, remembering your morning adventure, and that strange disconnect that comes with being in such a mundane setting while being either reminded of a spiritual experience, or with the sense of the spiritual within and without.
    Hope you get to that temple one day!

  • Your experience with two intentions (Bondi Beach and temple in Greece) stood out the most to me. I have noticed that it is difficult to bring in an focus or concentration on something different from what my mind is currently revolving around. This is the way I usually try to do astral practices, but your experience made me wonder if there is a better way, and whether I need to shift the theme in my mind onto my focus before even doing the practice. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • What a nice surprise. It’s neat that despite a brief loss of focus from the temple, that you visualized the beach so well that you were taken there at the moment of sleep.

    I find the natural world so much more beautiful in the astral plane, so I’m sure that was a spectacular trip to the beach!

    Thanks for sharing this, Martin.

  • It’s very magical that such an experience can be had right from the ‘doorstep’ of our own bed. Going to a beach at sunrise in the astral like that sounds wonderful.

  • How lovely you got to see the rising sun in the astral, Martin. Sounds like quite the scenic experience 🙂

  • Must have been lovely to see the rising sun @ Bondi Beach. A place you may have been too so many times, but now you will always remember the astral reality of it and the feeling of beauty it had. Thanks for sharing Martin, amazing how powerful thoughts can be, and where they can take us – it seems that even dimensionally thoughts reign supreme.

  • Sounds like a really nice experience Martin and incredible how quickly it can happen. I’d love to see the astral sun rise at Bondi beach someday!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Martin. The astral sunrise must have been a spectacular sight! But it also shows the importance of maintaining a clear mind in order to prolong the experience.

  • Thank you for sharing Martin, it sounds like a beautiful and clear OBE, pity you could not enjoy it longer! I can relate though, as it is often very hard to control where our will really drags us. So even though we may have a good intention to go somewhere, if our drive to reach that particular destination is not strong enough, then other spontaneous desires and wills will take its place and take us in their respective directions. It may not be bad though, and may provide us some insights nevertheless. It looks like your heart preferred the beach over the temple that morning… 😉

  • Very nice little OBE experience there Martin! Visualization can work really amazingly well, and almost too quickly so to speak that in one experience I had, I could barely believe how fast I had made it to my destination making me doubt about it, but then realizing that it had worked indeed, and very well too, but got too excited about it and then woke up back in my body.. Still, little experiences like that are nice in themselves to better understand and experience how visualization works. Best wishes to get to your original destination next time. Thanks for sharing 😉

    • Thanks Geraldine,

      I understand how you feel 🙂

      You picked up on something in your comment that I reflect on quite a lot and that’s the subject of speed and how quickly things can happen. That’s something I recognised in Belsebuub’s works early on when I first started looking into them. His work seemed to revolve around training to do things at fast pace. It’s something I’d learnt through sport before looking into spiritual matters and Belsebuub helps to bring this into spiritual development which is fantastic!

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