Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

I first learned about mantras for astral projection on Belsebuub’s Astral course years ago. It was my first encounter with mantras of any kind and I still remember how magical it felt to listen to them for the first time on the MP3 recordings we were given. The mantras sounded very powerful and I was very inspired to put them to practice. It was recommended to dedicate at least a few days to one mantra in order to get used to it and investigate how it works. We were given several mantras for astral projection, and I gradually got to try them all.

Verifying the Effectiveness of the Mantras

The first mantra I managed to astral project with was the mantra LaRaS. I liked the extended ssssssss at the end, and found out that it worked very well for me. Later on, I managed to astral project also with the mantras FaRaOn and Egypto. What I really liked when projecting with these mantras was that I was able to witness how they gradually helped my astral body to detach from my physical one. I would usually feel my hands and arms moving first, then my legs and other body parts, with the torso usually being the last. At some attempts, I would try moving immediately when feeling the first body parts moving, but that didn’t work and I would find myself being stuck, unable to move further. This taught me to relax and just patiently keep pronounce the mantras mentally, until all my body parts had separated completely.

Another advantage I found when using these mantras for astral projection was that I was often able to say when I switched to the astral dimension simply because I would suddenly hear myself vocalizing the mantra. I would start pronouncing the mantra mentally in the physical dimension, and as I gradually started falling asleep, I would at some point begin hearing my voice. This could go on and off during one practice, with the periods of not hearing my voice as I was getting closer to the physical dimension, and then again starting to hear my voice as I was transitioning more to the astral again.

Exploring the Effects of the Mantras on My Astral Body

However, it was only relatively recently that I managed to get more understanding about how these mantras worked based on the vibrations they produced in my body.


For a couple of days, I decided to focus on the mantra FaRaOn in my astral practices. I would vocalize it at some point during the day as a training, and then before going to sleep at night. I would also try to project with it any time I spontaneously woke up during the night. Then one early morning I woke up and decided to take advantage of the relaxed and sleepy state I was in and started pronouncing the mantra FaRaOn mentally again.

It didn’t take long before I started hearing my voice in the astral plane. This time, however, I could also feel how each vowel caused a different vibration in my astral body. When pronouncing the elongated Faaaaaa, for example, my body would vibrate differently than when vocalizing Rrrrraaaaa, and then again differently when pronouncing the last sylable Oooooon.

I really liked to observe these newly discovered effects, and kept vocalizing the different syllables of this mantra for a while to investigate how it worked. It seemed that the vibrations were strongest when I did this mantra at a bit lower tone, and I also noticed that as soon as I stopped pronouncing a syllable, the vibrations stopped and the separation of my astral body also got a bit stuck. That’s how I found out that unlike when pronouncing a mantra out loud in the physical dimension, where there is need to take a breath before another syllable, when doing it mentally it seems best to not make these breaks as they unnecessarily break the flow of the sound and vibration of the mantra in the astral plane.

Eventually, my body separated completely and I went to explore the astral plane a bit, seeing some symbolic sceneries. After some time, I felt myself coming back to my physical body and so started vocalizing the mantra again. This time I applied what I learned before, using a slightly lower tone of my voice, not doing the breaks, and very quickly I found myself back in the astral plane, ready to explore it once again.


After a few days, inspired by these findings, I wanted to investigate how a mantra with different syllables worked. So I decided to try to project with the mantra Egypto this time. And just as with the FaRaOn mantra, I could witness the different vibrations the syllables Eeeeee, gyyyyyp and tooooo produced in my astral body while pronouncing them mentally on the verge of falling asleep.

They were different than with FaRaOn, and also the tone didn’t need to be as low as in FaRaOn, but similarly to the first mantra, it worked best when vocalized without breaks so that the sound and vibrations were uninterrupted. This time I was so engrossed in studying the mantra that I kept vocalizing it even after the full separation of the two bodies took place and I was flying in the astral landscape. 🙂


Another interesting mantra that I got to successfully try for astral projection was the mantra Rusti. This mantra was given on one of Belsebuub’s later courses, and was suggested as a good mantra to get to a certain spiritual location in the astral plane. I didn’t expect much success with this mantra, as it was quite new for me and I thought maybe a longer familiarization with it would be needed. Surprisingly though, I found it working very quickly and effectively, and after some time of concentrated vocalization I found myself fully separated in the astral plane.

Similarly to the mantra FaRaOn, it had a slightly trilled R on the beginning, and had therefore the same powerful effect, which to me felt like an engine starting. 😀 But the most interesting thing about this mantra was the “swinging” feeling. When pronouncing this mantra mentally in order to astral project, I felt like when people do the rhythmic “yo-heave-ho” chant (or “hey-rup!” in my native language), in order to lift or pull something heavy. So it literally felt like swinging my astral body to pull it out of its heavy physical shell.

In Conclusion

These experiences with the mantras I learned from Belsebuub’s work confirmed to me the powerful effects of sound on our bodies. I was able to see how they can temporarily change our vibrations, and how different vowels, syllables or tones of the voice varied in their effect. That made me think more about the hidden power and spiritual meaning of different sounds, words or melodies, and how much more there is still to explore…