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Two Astral Visits to the Pyramids of Egypt

Article Submitted by Lucia Beznik

When I was taking Belsebuub’s courses, the Pyramids of Egypt were one of the main mystical locations we were trying to astral project to.

Back then, I didn’t know much about Egypt, nor the exact location of the pyramids. In the pictures from the courses we were given , as well as on those that I found online on my own, the pyramids were always seen as the lonely structures in a desert, so my impression was they were somewhere in a remote location. The images were not so important in this case anyway, as we were using a special method that Belsebuub gave which included the mantra FaRaOn, in combination with visualizing a static image of the pyramids in the back of our minds.

I liked the mantra very much, as it felt very powerful and always produced tangible vibrations in my body after a while, which were even stronger in the astral plane. So I tried this mantra together with the image in the background for a week and then finally on Saturday I decided to make a lot of effort to get to this destination.

My first attempt of concentrating on the pyramids while keeping the image in the back of my mind didn’t get me consciously into the astral plane, because I fell asleep too quickly. I woke up in the early morning, remembering some symbolic dreams. Then I started focusing on the mantra again. This time my focus was much better, and soon I started feeling the mantra vibrating in my body.

I didn’t managed to catch the point of separation of the 2 bodies, but shortly after that I found myself flying consciously in an astral town. I asked the people there where I was, but I couldn’t understand their language very well; it felt similar to Russian or Ukrainian, as far as I could tell, but was neither of them.

Seeing the Pyramids from a Balcony

Then I took a little jump with the intention of flying and asked to be taken to the Pyramids of Egypt (another method I learned from Belsebuub’s courses). Immediately, I felt a strong magnetic pull and started to fly by a rapid speed, feeling the wind ruffling my hair. Since the flight took quite long, I started losing my concentration in the middle of it, and found myself back in my bed, but still feeling the wind in my hair.

Not wanting to lose the experience, I continued my concentration and the wind became stronger again. Shortly after that I found myself in a room somewhere. It felt like a hotel room, even though it didn’t seem to be used for a while and there was no furniture. I took a little jump and asked to be taken to the pyramids again, but this time nothing happened.

So I got an idea to open the balcony of that room and try to fly from there. However, as soon as I opened the balcony, I got the most surprising view that I didn’t expect. I must have been on a third or fourth floor of a higher building, looking straight on the three Egyptian pyramids in quite a close distance from the hotel.

It was an early morning, and the bustling city was just awakening to life. Its roads were dusty, and some heavy trucks with building material were passing by. I got a feeling there was a lot of construction activity going on around the pyramids.

Pyramid of Menkaure in front of Giza and Cairo by Br0m (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons
Baffled at what I was seeing, I lost my concentration and the pyramids started changing their shape and became more dream-like and soon after that I fell into the usual, unconscious dreaming.

After waking up the next morning, I remembered everything in my dream very clearly, but was not sure if what I saw was real. Judging from the pictures I saw of the pyramids before, I thought they were in a desert, not so close to a big city. However, after searching for more images I discovered that they were indeed very close to Cairo.

In addition to that, people that visited the pyramids confirmed to me that there are many hotels around the pyramids, with many floors and balconies. This experience was very exciting for me, as my first longer astral experience during which I verified something that I didn’t know existed in the physical world.

Later on, I also found there was a quite big Armenian community  living in Cairo, so possibly those could have been the people I met in the first part of my experience, but I am not 100% sure.

Visiting My Friend in Egypt

After trying to astral project to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt for a few days, I found myself in a dream somewhere in an elevator of a high building, going up. After the elevator stopped at one of the top floors, I got out and entered an apartment of that floor, where I found my friend (who was living in London and was also trying to project to Egypt at that time), together with a roommate, sleeping.

For some reason, I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and then saw that they were starting to awaken. At that point I became aware that I was in the astral plane, and remembered that I wanted to go to Egypt. Since my friend lives in London, I figured I must have come to visit her there, but didn’t want to be distracted from my goal of visiting Egypt.

So I decided not to talk to her in the astral, but to leave that apartment and try to fly to Egypt instead. Therefore, I quietly left the room and went down the floors and outside of the building.

Absolutely sure I must be in the UK, I didn’t even take a better look at my surroundings, just immediately jumped and asked to be taken to the Pyramids of Egypt.

I also decided to recite the mantra Bellilin that Belsebuub gave in his courses and books, just to make sure that there was no negativity surrounding me. Unfortunately, I woke up while doing this.

All Giza Pyramids
By Ricardo Liberato (All Gizah Pyramids) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
The next day, I wanted to verify if I really visited my friend, so I asked her if she lived in a high building. But to my surprise, she told me that she was actually visiting Egypt those days, together with a group of people, and was accommodated on one of the top floors of a high building, very close to the Pyramids!

Had I taken a better look around myself after I had left her astral apartment, I could have saved myself some time and flown directly towards the Pyramids instead.

This experience, just as some others before, proved to me again the importance of always checking where I am in the astral, paying attention to my surroundings or even asking people there if I am not sure.

  • Hi Lucia,
    Very neat experiences there! I like how you were able to confront the unknown preconceived ideas you had about the pyramids, and learn from your dream more about something thatyou could actually double check on in the physical – these are always very amazing experiences, to see how both the physical and the astral are connected and interact with one another. I know it’s something I had to experience to better understand, how we live in a multi-dimensional plane, and how they exist simultaneously, yet outside of time as well.
    It is baffling to the mind, but somehow by experiencing it, and verifying it, it actually makes sense because once you’ve lived it, then you know for real the truth.

  • Great you got such confirmation that you were really there, not so great you didn’t make it to the Pyramids! That’s very curious how you were guided to your friend’s apartment – I wonder whether it was so you could confirm it the way you did, or whether you had some kind of energetic affinity that pulled you there.

  • That’s very funny and interesting, how in both of those experiences you were in real places and were really seeing what was in the astral plane, without realizing it, as it didn’t match the information you had in your mind about them. It must have been inspiring and exciting to verify those details in the physical world. Thank you for sharing!

    • Ha ha, that’s a good point Laura. I really did have some preconceived ideas in my mind in both of those experiences! In the first one being caught off guard after discovering the pyramids right in front of my nose and therefore losing the experience, and in the other one not paying attention to my surroundings due to an idea that I can not be there yet.

      I guess its good to remember that the astral plane is a magic place and we can find ourselves at the destination with a blink of our eyes, especially if there is a Divine help. 🙂

    • I can totally relate though why you couldn’t believe at first the pyramids were next to a city. For a long time I also thought they were in the middle of the desert, before seeing a photo such as you have in the article 😀 Kind of destroys that magical illusion that it’s this sacred amazing place hidden far away somewhere… I guess it is a testimony to their power and strength that the sacredness hasn’t ‘worn off’ throughout the millenia, being so close to civilization, being visited by so many tourists.

  • Lucia – it is amazing that you verified your astral experience with your friend. Those instances somehow make our efforts even more valuable. I really like your persistent effort that you put into your practices. I found that the divine matches the effort we put into the practice with their help in order to achieve our goals.

  • What incredible experiences, Lucia. It’s amazing that you not only were quite successful in your travels, but that you also were able to objectively see things in the astral plane and later verify their reality in the physical world!

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Lucia. They highlight the importance of persistence in achieving our goals, as well as the need to be as aware as we can while in the astral plane. Like the other experience you mentioned with projecting to Machu Picchu, it’s interesting how you discovered details about the pyramids in Egypt in the astral plane first, which you were then able to verify in the three dimensional world.

  • I find that the pyramids are just such an incredibly mystical place!

    Thanks for sharing more of your astral adventures Lucia. I think it’s really cool that you met that friend, and obviously more than just a coincidence that she was visiting Giza at that time.

    I’ve also had a few experiences with the Pyramids. And I have to say that even when I did such a mantra as FaRaOn and focussed on that place it seemed to create or tune me in to the magic of that place. A lot of mystery and history there.

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