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How Questioning My Surroundings Helped Me Wake up in the Astral

Experience submitted by Sofios

I was asleep when I had an experience which made me wonder and ask whether I was in the astral or the physical dimension.

Prior to this I’ve been practising “reality checks” to help me become lucid in the astral. It’s something I learned to do from the work of Belsebuub on out of body experiences and dreams, and it worked on this occasion.

I was spending the night at my parents’ place, sleeping comfortably in my bed but my dream sequences made me feel scattered and all over the place. Nothing seemed to make sense — I found myself asking ‘what was happening and why was I there?

In one particular dream, I was standing outside on the rear porch looking in the distance at the mountains, like I used to when growing up. This felt normal and natural but in an instant I felt an urge to ask ‘am I in the Astral or the Physical?

As I asked this, I felt like a light switch had turned on and I knew that I was in the astral plane and that meant that I could fly. Knowing this, led me to have a lucid astral experience.

As I asked to be taken somewhere, I recall gliding horizontally along the porch surface and down the ramp towards the driveway. The interesting thing about this gliding sensation was that the buttons on my top were hanging and scrapping along the concrete path because I was facing downward. The scraping sound from the buttons was so loud that it felt deafening.

At this point I knew that I needed to fly/float higher to prevent this from continuing.

As I continued slowly up the driveway I observed the vivid brick colours to the left of me and the shiny metal fence on the right. Even the cracks in the concrete driveway seemed so defined, compared to how they appear in the physical.

I kept floating towards the solid gate across the driveway. I noticed it was closed. This didn’t concern me, I just went through the gate like I was going through an open door. As I passed through the gate I headed towards the letterbox. I could see the neighbouring houses and street trees as I got nearer to it.

Once at the letterbox I turned left to head along the street, still floating or hovering about a foot above the footpath. Soon after I made that left turn I came to a sudden stop.

I saw a dog wandering around the lawn just ahead of me. This dog looked like a Beagle and had no owner nearby but was sniffing the lawn. What caught me by surprise is that this dog was at my eye level but did not seem to notice me, yet it was only a couple of feet away from me!

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

I remember thinking how strange this was, as I and everything around me felt lucid and clear, apart from the dog being in a haze or in its own world.

Soon after, I came back into my body and woke from this lucid astral experience.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Sofios. It reminded me of the wonder of perceiving life in the astral plane and at the same time see what is stopping me from doing it right now. All the best!

    • Yes, I agree that being aware and open to the present moment is hard but also rewarding.

      I find that taking 10-20 mins in the morning to centre myself (when time permits) is the best way to prepare for the day ahead. Like an athlete preparing for an event – it needs preparation beforehand.

  • What a neat experience, Sofos! I really enjoyed reading it – especially your confidence at being able to pass through “solid” objects like the fence. I wonder how the dog would have reacted had it been able to see you floating in front of it!

    The loud sound of your button on the concrete is surprising. I guess it goes to show how clear all of our senses can be when we’re conscious in the astral plane.

  • Sounds like a beautiful and crystal clear astral experience, thank you for sharing Sofios. I really like this type of experiences, as in them even every-day objects look “magical” due to their clarity and crisp colours. I remember how once during this type of clear astral experience even an old button with which I used to call an elevator in the old block of flats where I used to live felt special, and how I perceived its shape (bruised on one side due to many years of use) as something amazing, something that used to be a part of my every-day life in that particular house that I already forgot.

    The dog experience also sounds interesting, it would have been nice if you’d had a chance to check if the dog was there at that time and you saw him from the astral plane, or if the dog was dreaming and you saw his astral body.

  • It’s good you were able to gain those experiences through applying the reality checks Sof. I’ve had some similar situations of waking up in dreams after doing a reality check and it can give a positive boost to explore the astral world.

  • Hi Sof,
    That was really interesting to read and useful too – just showing again how these reality checks are so worth it and yet don’t take much to do, except genuineness and persistence! Glad it paid off too 🙂
    And I liked the dog interaction, I’ve had something a bit similar happen to me once, which made me wonder a bit, but now I know my dog wasn’t the only dog looking a bit ‘out of there’ / ‘confused’ in the astral!

  • Thank you for posting this here. It’s very interesting to read these experiences. It really helps (me, anyway) to realise that we’re all different and to overcome the idea that being able to be clear in this way is something only others can do (an ego or fear of mine). Something fairly similar happened to me a few weeks ago but nothing since. I have been feeling distracted by some life circumstances and this post is reassuring and has given me a sense of reconnection at just the right moment, as though something knows I’m trying 🙂

    • Good luck Jane 🙂

      Even though many dreams and lucid dreams might be symbolic, and with guidance, and moving etc. It does seem to, most often, take a specific effort to get the very ‘sharp and clear’ type of astral experience. Personally also want to get more of those again.

      • Yes, very true.

        There is something very special and unforgettable about having clear astral experience, and remembering the vivid details that is shown to us, such as seeing so clear and crisp like never before. The minor details that stand out.

        Thanks everyone for sharing.

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