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How I Improved Flying in My OBEs

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers
Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers
In several experiences out of the body, I felt limited in my ability to fly around and explore other places beyond where I was. I would either get too excited because of the speed I was traveling at or fear would come up because of the height I was at. Other times, I would simply feel the limitation of my mind which was unable to concentrate long enough on where to fly to.

The most obvious improvement I could make was in improving my concentrationI chose to add several practices throughout my day.

I particularly focused on visualizing a forest in the heart region, an alternative practice to visualizing the heart that Belsebuub mentions in his works.

The more I did this practice, the more I started to look forward to doing it. It reminded me of my childhood dreams in which I was often flying or had this greater sense of freedom.

As I continued flying lower and lower towards the forest in my visualization, I experimented with flying at a higher and lower altitude as well as how to slow down or fly faster. Once I landed, I would continue the practice as described in the book.

At night, I would try to fall asleep consciously and astral project. One morning I woke up quite early and knew I had another chance to try again.

My mind was fairly quiet, so I took advantage of that. I laid down, relaxed my body and felt the sensations of the astral split. Fairly soon after, I found myself standing in my bedroom. Carefully, I walked towards the door and opened it. I went down the stairs to the living room. I was curious to see if I would be able to fly in a more controlled manner now, so I made it to the backyard.

I took a jump, lifted up in the air and imagined myself flying up. This happened and to my surprise with the same control as I had in my visualization practices.

I experimented a bit to see if I was able to control flying better now. I wanted to go a little lower and I did. I looked underneath me and saw the ground a fair bit away, this time without the fear of falling.

Instead, I stayed at the same height and felt a sense of control that I hadn’t achieved before. Once I wanted to go lower, it happened with ease. The same applied when I wanted to fly higher.

A photo I took during a trip.A photo of a forest path I took during a trip.

After I landed, I felt the pull of my body and found myself waking up in my bedroom.


  • Oh this is quite amazing Roy. I admire your creativity in this; how with just visualisation you were able to improve a skill in another dimension. It makes me wonder of its power. Reading your description of ‘practicing’ flying above the forests in the heart actually sounds so pleasant and relaxing that I want to do it. It makes me think that improving a skill may not always have to be this tough process of putting your utmost effort into transcending your limits and going beyond your comfort zone that can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, but you managed to find a really inspiring way that you could relate to, and it happened naturally it seems.

    My problem with flying in the astral sometimes seems to be that I can’t fly at all; I try to jump but I seem to fly very heavily and soon just land back down on the ground again. It happened so often that I began to expect it, and so began to be afraid if I tried, ‘again I probably won’t be able to fly’. I don’t know why sometimes it works and sometimes not, though I think it’s a problem with my mind and probably level of consciousness and maybe fear too. Sometimes in the very past I would be able to hover a bit but not be able to go anywhere, like I was inside this maze or a building and I hit a ceiling and I couldn’t go out. But this I think was definitely my mind and my level and I stopped experiencing that after a while.

    One time recently I tried to jump in the astral and again I landed heavily back down, but I tried again and took hold of the roof of a house, kind of giving myself speed from that, and did fly smoothly for a little while afterwards, though it felt a bit like someone must have helped me.

    Then the other problem I have that I start flying but things fade away quickly, and it’s like I’m in this darkness and there’s nothing around me and I’m just inside my mind. Sometimes it’s helped to just continue being aware, and I began to see things again, but this is probably also a problem with concentration and the level of conscious awareness in the dream.

    Thanks for the uplifting article : )

    • Hi Laura, just wanted to say that I also had problems that you describe, like there being darkness around and unable to see or fly very well. I found it helps to do recitations in these cases, as I am often able to see well again after singing them, just merely hearing my voice helps me to stay grounded there. But even if you don’t hear your voice, just continue mentally, as sometimes the negative beings play on that as well, “muting” our voice so we think it does not work.

      I also remember the cases when I thought it was just due to the level of my consciousness that I could not see very well, but actually after singing the recitations I could see everything again. I think undermining ourselves is a big stoppage there, its better to try and just push ourselves forward no matter what, and then things are suddenly possible (like your example of holding the roof of a house in order to keep flying). Even when feeling myself coming back to the body for example, if I overcome the “disappointment ego”, and just simply focus immediately again on the feeling I had before, when I was in the astral, then I can often be back very quickly.

      I also sometimes struggle with losing the scene in the middle of the flight if the flight is longer. What helped me here is to pick something from the astral scenery before I jump and start flying, like a stone for example, and hold it in my hand during flight. This feeling of holding something in my hand helps me to stay grounded in the astral even if the scenery fades. I also sing recitations sometimes during the flight to dispell any possible negativity and also hearing my voice is additional help to stay grounded there.

      • Some good tips Lucia thanks, especially that point about negative entities undermining us while we think it’s us. I’m also often struggling to stay clear there and often it takes a lot of effort. What I do depends a bit on how I feel there. The recitations are very good, the ability to concentrate also seems important.

        I also had (/have) trouble flying and issues with that ‘gravity ego’ as I used to call it in my dream diaries. 🙂 Where I would start flying and then I would start to come down. Our own psychologically plays a big role in that one imo. Looking into the ego’s manifestations at that instant and analysing it later helped a lot. For example I noticed the thought of this happening would cause an ‘oh no’ depressive state in my emotional centre, this self fullfilling prophecy, and before you know it… I’d be sinking down.

        What helped me a lot as well with that ‘gravity ego’ is to concentrate on where I’m flying. For example once I was losing altitude or couldn’t even get off the ground and I just concentrated and focussed on the top of a high pine tree I saw in the distance. I just ‘will’-ed myself to it. My focus became so intense that after a few seconds of flying I actually transported there instantly.

        But I do also definitely would like to be a lot more clear and stable there than I am currently, and have more of that quality freedom flying!

  • Very interesting Roy! I have often done visualizations of flying, but never with the intent on trying to better my astral flying and/or other movement techniques in the astral. +1 for the power of visualization!

  • Thank you, Roy!
    I like how you found a solution to your problem using Belsebuub’s technique of concentration on the heart. I never thought that an exercise like that would help you in the way you described it.
    You inspired me to try and improve my flying!!

  • Thank you, Roy, for those flying tips. I think I’m going to follow your advice. I certainly need to work on my flying skills!

  • Yeah!

    Your description of your experience makes me want to try that visualisation, definitely tonight!

    I think it’s very entrepreneurial to use practices to get more acquainted with flying so as to help you in your experiences. Great you got to see the result as well.

  • This was very inspiring to read, thank you Roy. It is amazing how you were able to gain that confidence and control thanks to the repeated visualizations. I also wonder if involving heart in this case could have played a role – like your Divine Mother helping you with the problem.

  • Thanks for sharing this. It’s fascinating that you taught yourself how to fly better through visualizing it. I’ve also struggled with fear when I’m flying in the astral, especially if I seem to go too fast, or too high up. I might try this as well 🙂

  • That’s really good you were able to overcome those psychological barriers to gain a clearer experience Roy. It shows that there are often new opportunities around the corner, if we can adjust our approach and find new ways around obstacles.

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