Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

In several experiences out of the body, I felt limited in my ability to fly around and explore other places beyond where I was. I would either get too excited because of the speed I was traveling at or fear would come up because of the height I was at. Other times, I would simply feel the limitation of my mind which was unable to concentrate long enough on where to fly to.

The most obvious improvement I could make was in improving my concentrationI chose to add several practices throughout my day.

I particularly focused on visualizing a forest in the heart region, an alternative practice to visualizing the heart that Belsebuub mentions in his works. The part where you visualize forests full of life and sunshine, I visualized myself flying over it and used all my senses to immerse myself as much as possible in the experience as follows:

As I was flying, I felt the wind, my clothes moving, and my body in general. Beneath me, I saw lush forests and could hear the sounds of the various animals living in it. It was also helpful to get a feel of how far the ground was beneath me and that feeling of being suspended in the air.

The more I did this practice, the more I started to look forward to doing it. It reminded me of my childhood dreams in which I was often flying or had this greater sense of freedom.

As I continued flying lower and lower towards the forest, I experimented with flying at a higher and lower altitude as well as how to slow down or fly faster. Once I landed, I would continue the practice as described in the book.

At night, I would try to fall asleep consciously and astral project. One morning I woke up quite early and knew I had another chance to try again.

My mind was fairly quiet, so I took advantage of that. I laid down, relaxed my body and felt the sensations of the astral split. Fairly soon after, I found myself standing in my bedroom. Carefully, I walked towards the door and opened it. I went down the stairs to the living room. I was curious to see if I would be able to fly in a more controlled manner now, so I made it to the backyard.

I took a jump, lifted up in the air and imagined myself flying up. This happened and to my surprise with the same control as I had in my visualization practices.

I experimented a bit to see if I was able to control flying better now. I wanted to go a little lower and I did. I looked underneath me and saw the ground a fair bit away, this time without the fear of falling.

Instead, I stayed at the same height and felt a sense of control that I hadn’t achieved before. Once I wanted to go lower, it happened with ease. The same applied when I wanted to fly higher.

A photo I took during a trip.A photo of a forest path I took during a trip.

After I landed, I felt the pull of my body and found myself waking up in my bedroom. It was very motivating to see what the extra exercises throughout the day and at night brought about.