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OBE Insights

On this page are some insights from Belsebuub’s work on out-of-body experiences in the form of quotes.

The Astral Plane

“If you’ve ever wondered where spiritual beings and the like have come from, you can actually go into the astral plane and see them.” ~ Belsebuub, A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences

“There’s much that can be done to prepare to go into the astral plane, it doesn’t need to take long to achieve it. It’s a natural process that takes place within every single person every night. You’re simply becoming aware of it when you have an out-of-body experience.” ~ Belsebuub, Encountering Divine Beings, Demons and Sinister Entities

“The symbolic content of ancient texts and the art of archeological sites have often been misinterpreted as myths, legends, and the attempts of primitive peoples to understand their world, but many have their origin in the astral plane.” ~ Belsebuub

“What you see over there looks just like it does here, as long as the subconscious is not interfering. Sometimes though you might get taught in the astral plane, so what you see can be altered according to what it is that you need to learn. We can also do different things over there than we can do here because that dimension has fewer laws and we’re a bit freer. We can for example fly and travel to different places in the world and into space.” ~ Belsebuub – A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences

Experiences out of the Body

“[An out-of-body experience] is a real experience, it’s not imaginary. You go out of your body and you’re in another dimension. And if that happens to you, you know it’s real because you experience it— just like you experience being here now, or anything that you do in life that you know is real.” ~ Belsebuub, An Interview on Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

“Out-of-body experiences are a natural process. The ability to have them is part of the way that we are built; it’s part of the design.” ~ Belsebuub


“Astral projection is a natural function of the human body—every night we go into the astral plane unconsciously in dreams; astral projecting is simply going there consciously (which is going there knowing that you are leaving your physical body). It happens spontaneously to around 10 percent of the population, but it’s possible to learn techniques to consciously be aware of the natural process of traveling out of the body into different dimensions, to learn to travel around the astral plane, and to seek out knowledge there on a regular basis.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

the astral codex by belsebuub
Image republished with permission from Mystical Life Publications.

“To be outside the body can be a profound experience, even life-changing. Many people after having an out-of-body experience for the first time relate how they were changed in their perception of who they are and what life was, after feeling what it was to look back at their body and realize that they were more than their body and life was more than just the material world. This kind of experience can open someone up to the realms of higher consciousness and the incredible potential that awaits us.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Out-of-body experiences are much more common than most people think. It is estimated that more than 10 percent of the world’s population has spontaneously had an out-of-body experience, and this figure rises to over 55 percent if we include lucid dreams, which are actually a kind of OBE. That’s a lot of people.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Astral Travel for Spiritual Knowledge

“By using the astral plane for spiritual knowledge we can find out what is really behind what is going on in the world today and get answers to some of the most profound questions of life, such as why we are here, where do we come from, and what happens after death—from our own direct spiritual experience.” ~ Belsebuub
The Astral Codex

“If you are interested in spirituality you would want to go there to learn. In itself, going into another dimension is an education. However, there is much more that you can do there, most importantly, you can get information about your spiritual progress, about your life, about how to change, what your purpose in living is, etc. – you can get spiritual knowledge that is beyond that which you find here on earth.” ~ Belsebuub – A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences

“The astral plane is the source of many of the premonitions, prophecies, visions, spiritual teachings, divine visitations, and symbolic artwork found in ancient spiritual texts and teachings. Although not referred to in the terms we use today, out-of-body experiences have been written about throughout human history in terms specific to the time and culture, and are an innate part of human nature and experience.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Photo by Greg Rakozy found on Unsplash.

“The language of the astral plane is intuitive and symbolic, which is why many of the messages brought back by people who have astral travelled or dreamt are symbolic in their nature and have formed highly sophisticated symbolic artwork and texts such as those of ancient Egypt, India, and Latin America.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“From their texts and artwork it is clear that ancient peoples knew of the existence of the astral plane and used it, and they did so not for pleasure or entertainment, but as a means of acquiring spiritual knowledge, to assist them in the process of conscious awakening. I propose a return to that ancient way of learning for everyone interested in learning about truth in life.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“The astral plane is humanity’s connection to spiritual realms and guidance; we all go there at death as our stay here is just temporary, but we also go there every night with dreams. Spiritual seekers throughout time have understood this connection and used it to get spiritual guidance to help them in their own spiritual journey and bring back knowledge to help people here.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“The mysteries of life and death are revealed in stages according to a person’s capacity to understand them and according to a person’s inner spiritual level. This is why many can learn to travel in the astral plane, some on a fairly regular basis, but few ever penetrate its mysteries. To do that requires much more than learning how to astral travel” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Having OBEs can change your whole view of life. Although you can just astral travel and have some random experiences, it’s a huge waste of an opportunity to treat it superficially or like a hobby; it’s far better to have the aim to do something fundamentally worthwhile in the astral world.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Learning to Astral Travel

“To have out-of-body experiences (OBEs) when you want to requires learning the right kinds of techniques; most of the effective ones have been used by people around the world since antiquity. The techniques are actually able to go far deeper into the experience of travel out of the body than the methods of conventional science, since science is limited by its methods in an area of study that by its nature is nonphysical and based on inner personal experience.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

astral-travel experiences_belsebuub

“The most effective way to astral project is through a program, where you practice a set of exercises over a defined period of time; you could compile different astral techniques to create your own successful program once you understand the principles involved.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“There are lots of exercises to astral project, but the most essential component to get right is the ability to focus the mind on one thing. Most astral projection exercises stem from this and use it.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Astral Travel for Self-Knowledge

“Astral projection is a way to understand some of the nature of consciousness and its experience of the multi-dimensional universe. Astral experiences can help you to explore not only other dimensions, but also your inner self too. You can discover hidden layers of yourself you never knew existed, and with that understanding you can change. You can also be taught about yourself, what you need to change, steps you can take in your life, and learn about mistakes you’re making, about future events affecting your life, and your dreams can become a great source of learning too.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

The Connection Between Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences

“Dreams are related to OBEs—they occur in the same place as OBEs, and when we dream we are actually out of the body. We can verify this by having a lucid dream or by projecting and seeing unconscious or partly-conscious dreamers. When we are dreaming however, we don’t always see where we are because of the subconscious projections of the mind, so we don’t realize what’s happening; in an average dream the psyche is locked into the images and model of the world it has unconsciously created, is without self-awareness, and the ability to question the situation.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

“Because dreams and OBEs are personal experiences, the actual event cannot be seen by current scientific means, nor can science today properly understand them; therefore, the best way to explore dreams is through personal experience. In this way you’ll gain your own knowledge about yourself and how you function on a spiritual/psychological level. By doing that you’ll also be able to understand the fundamental principles behind astral and dream experiences, including other people’s and what the causes are, and you will understand more about the nature of consciousness. This is much more effective than just studying intellectually, which provides lots of theories but little or no experience.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Using lucid dreams and having out-of-body experiences with astral projection offers a way to explore what happens to us when we dream, have OBEs, and die, that is far more effective than conventional science can offer.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Sleep is an extremely valuable spiritual asset that you can use to your advantage if you want to and know how to. If you study your dreams you can find information about yourself, and when combined with lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences, you have excellent tools for self-discovery. If in your daily life you observe and study yourself, see how you act, feel, think, etc., you can also learn about those same things in your dreams. As you change in daily life, then so do dreams change, and self-study in daily life, dream recall, and OBEs become mutually sustaining ways to real and lasting change.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Near Death Experiences

“Not surprisingly, you can learn a lot about death from going into the astral plane, because the dead usually go there when initially leaving the body before moving on to other regions or dimensions.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Near-death experiences are also out-of-body experiences. Indeed both kinds of experiences, NDEs and OBEs occur in exactly the same place and the out-of-body traveler can meet the deceased, just as they can meet other living people.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Photo by Joshua Sortino found on Unsplash.

“Near-death experiences are another way in which it is possible to experience existence outside the body. In a near-death experience, a person’s body dies and their mind and consciousness continues to exist outside the body. Strictly speaking according to the definition of the terminology, it’s not a pre-death experience or a post-revival one, but it takes place at the time when the body is actually dead and that usually means the brain is dead; in practice though in many cases they do occur before actual physical death, usually in the preceding unconsciousness.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“NDEs are quite common and exist in all cultures around the world and happen to people of all ages. Statistical reports have said that around one in ten people who die and revive have a NDE. The figure is rising however, as more accounts are reported or recorded and as medical technology improves. There are even accounts given from children as young as three.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“By having out-of-body experiences, it’s possible to see things about death you had no prior knowledge of. You may even be able to read about them later not only in NDE research, but even in religious writings that are thousands of years old.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Benefits of Having Conscious Out-of-Body Experiences

“…in an OBE you can meet and receive teachings and guidance from spiritual beings, discover secret knowledge, learn about yourself, and see what and where your spiritual obstacles and inner defects are. You can monitor your spiritual progress knowing each step that you have made, learn about the process of awakening, get premonitions of the future, discover the purpose of your life, discover what happens with death, and much more.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“By traveling out of the body you can see something of what is going on beyond the physical world, and it’s better to find this out personally than accepting or rejecting what someone else has said or written.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

Lucid Dreaming & OBEs

“The difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection is that you project from your body during astral projection, while in lucid dreaming you become conscious that you are in the astral world from a dream. Although in lucid dreaming the dream images can tend to distort what’s there more frequently, as long as you’re not affected by those, you can do the same things as if you had projected there because you are in the same place.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“There are exercises that can be done to become conscious in the astral plane while dreaming. They basically involve questioning during the day to see whether you are in the astral world or in the everyday world, in order to record that question in the subconscious and to repeat it while dreaming, and thereby to realize that you’re there.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

“Sleep is an extremely valuable spiritual asset that you can use to your advantage if you want to and know how to. If you study your dreams you can find information about yourself, and when combined with lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences, you have excellent tools for self-discovery.” ~ Belsebuub, The Astral Codex

About Belsebuub

Mark (Belsebuub) is a British-born author. Belsebuub has written several books on OBEs and dreams. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more

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