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Astral Projecting Several Times in One Night

Experience submitted by Hayden

One day I got together with a few friends to try to astral project inspired by what we had learned in Belsebuub’s astral travel course. We had chosen a date several weeks into the future to give ourselves adequate time to prepare.

I was very excited by the idea of having some time focused on astral projection and decided I’d do everything I could to maximize my chance of success. Referring back to Belsebuub’s notes I set myself a multi week schedule to strengthen my level of concentration.

When the date arrived I had a high sense of anticipation. My first attempt was alright but not great, I had plenty of sensations, high pitched whirring, limb movement etc., but wasn’t able to project.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar via unsplash
Photo by Saksham Gangwar via unsplash

Things got interesting in the second try and I felt myself rising out of my body ending up half floating and half standing, though quite unstable. I couldn’t hold it together that well and soon ended back in my body.

It would have been nice to be out for longer but nonetheless I had some success and I could feel myself grinning. I decided to try to intensify my efforts and went back to do the method I was doing, soon I felt myself raising out of my body again and ended up standing in the room. I looked around and my friends were all still lying down so I decided to go exploring.

I ran and dived into the fireplace and came out the other side flying through a cityscape. I veered in and out through the skyscrapers which was kind of cool but I wanted something more so asked to be taken somewhere spiritual. I accelerated and was soon flying over nature heading somewhere at high speed, for some reason my mind began to takeover and things got fuzzy and back into my body I went.

Photo by Edewaa Foster via unsplash
Photo by Edewaa Foster via unsplash

The second attempt ended soon after I returned to my body but now I was inspired. I tried a third time and intensified my efforts even further. In a matter of minutes I was out of my body for a third time and headed off on an adventure.

When that concluded and I returned into my body I just said to myself lets go again and out I popped this time I sort of rotated my feet remaining on the floor and my body rising for my fourth projection of the night and another adventure before returning to my physical body.

Again and again the process repeated, five times, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, each time I came back into my body I concentrated my mind and took off again in the astral, it was so natural and exciting it felt like I could project at will.

I was stoked. Ten projections in one night, I’d projected several times in a night before but nothing like this. It was time to try again and I was still abuzz but this strange sense of self-satisfaction came over me, for some reason I lost the hunger to get out of my body and soon drifted into sleep.

  • Hi Hayden,

    What a great night of success with the astral projections! It must have felt great to experience what it would be like to be able to astral project at will…

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing what you learned from that adventurous night, Hayden. I felt inspired just reading your excitement and how you felt you could project at will. I believe that’s really true, that it’s a matter of will and applying it persistently. I know when I’m not really focusing on AP that much because other things are a priority and then when I get back into it, it gives life that magical feel and so much inspiration to work harder and have more success.

  • Hi Hayden. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. I especially liked what you have learned about complacency. I also fell into its trap quite a few times when things were going well but as a result, I lost everything and what is more, I have lost the help that was given to me.

  • Thanks Hayden, this is such a great reminder of how much can be achieved in the space of a single night. When I’ve had an inspiring night (or day) I remember just how much can be gleaned from life with the right mix of enthusiasm and determination, and on the flip side just how much time can be wasted when we keep putting off until that never-coming right time to practise, or make a real push for the work and mystical experiences.

    I really like your point at the end about not getting self-satisfied. I’ve often found I’ve taken a step back through this state, right at the point when the inspiration could propel me further forward – as it evidently did in the night you wrote about!

  • Incredible experience Hayden, really shows how possible astral projection is with a well directed effort. Thanks for sharing!

  • Good work Hayden. I think your determination and lead up must’ve helped a whole lot in your success that night. I get the sensation from your story that you went into the night really not to simply sleep, but with the actual intention to use the night to astral project. Thanks for sharing your motivating account.

    I do also see the trap of complacency when I’ve had some results or feel I’ve gained some momentum, like Mike mentioned. However I would also say that, after projecting 10 times 😉 , sometimes a break can also be natural. If I’ve done a long meditation practice for example I might feel that instead of another right after it can be better to go for an awareness walk or do some work for example.

  • Sounds awesome! : )

    So much learning in one night. It’s inspiring that you had this determination and strength to keep getting out of your body, do better each time even if at first it didn’t work out very well. It’s great you weren’t just flying around and being lost in excitement about it, but remembered to aim at getting spiritual lessons and used your chance very well with that it seems.

    I’ve noticed that even the slightest feeling I got something “right” spiritually triggers pride and this feeling of self-satisfaction. Belsebuub says that both pride and fear makes us stupid, and I feel it’s true, it weakens my ability to make further inner efforts and weakens the connection I had with the divine. But if there is so much pride about getting it right then there is lots of fear about getting it wrong. But what is beyond that? I want to be free of that and just sincerely try better.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Nicely said Laura. I also think it’s so much better to be free of those sidetracks, then its the real experience of the experience that emerges. Instead of our ego’s about the experience. (so tiresome!)

  • Oh wow. It must have been amazing to project that often in one night. It makes me think that anything is possible, really. No limits 🙂

  • Those multiple experiences must have come as a great boost Hayden, after making efforts to astral project. I think you also highlighted an important point at the end, which is how becoming self-satisfied about our achievements can become a stoppage to any aspect of our spiritual work.

  • Wow! 10 projections in a single night! Your intense efforts leading up to that night of practices really paid off! I think if I made it out more than twice, I would have let self-satisfaction slip in 🙂

    Going into a fireplace and coming out of the chimney: very cool! Or hot! 😉

    It is a shame that a spiritual success, at least what our mind deems ‘success’, can lead to our efforts becoming weaker or our losing some of our sincerity and effort. For me, I think I would lump that into “mystical pride”, and I know that leads to failure. I find it is especially prevalent in my self-knowledge work in daily life: after I’ve had a few discoveries and made some progress, a sense of accomplishment sets in and muddies up my energies, and can put an end to the forward momentum I’d been building.

    But your experiences really show just how limitless our potential for experience can be, when given the appropriate efforts.

  • Thanks for sharing Hayden,
    Sounds like you were really on a roll that night using your frequent flyer points
    to very great affect with Belsebuubs teachings,sounds amazing.

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