Experience Submitted by Dara Percival

One night I was trying to project from my body by concentrating on my heartbeats. I laid down on my back in bed, made sure I was comfortable, closed my eyes, and focused my concentration the best that I could on my heart area.

One at a time, I noticed how my heartbeats felt, the rhythm they followed, and how the beats subtly reached the rest of my body. I felt the beats first in my chest area, and then tried to sense them in other areas as well, like down in my knees, in my throat, and in my arms. It was very relaxing, and I could feel the tension from the day dissipating slowly, one beat at a time.

As the minutes passed my body felt heavier and sleepier. The only thing was that I was quite interested in the sensations of what was going on with my body, and this ended up being a little bit distracting. I remembered what I had read in Belsebuub’s book, The Astral Codex, that you needed to ignore the sensations of projecting (like your body getting heavy or feeling your limbs moving) because that would interrupt your concentration.

It was hard for me to actually ignore it, though. One minute I’d be concentrating diligently on my heartbeats, the next I’d feel my body getting heavy and sort of fuzzy and wobbly, as if it were beginning to split.

When I felt those splitting sensations I got excited and even though I didn’t want to, my attention would shift to what was going on with splitting. As soon as I got distracted away from my heartbeats, the splitting sensations stopped because my concentration was broken, and so I’d go back to my heartbeats again.

This went on for maybe 30-45 minutes, with me going back and forth between concentrating on my heartbeats and then noticing my body felt like it was made of airy waves. Whenever I felt that kind of thing I’d wonder, “Have I split yet?” and then would lose the sensations completely.

I eventually fell asleep, unsuccessful.

The next thing I remember I awoke in bed again, still lying on my back with my eyes closed. I heard a woman’s voice, and felt instantly that this was my divine mother speaking to me. Both her voice and her general presence (though I could not see her) was soothing and peaceful, and I felt safe.

She directed me to open my eyes and when I did I saw a warm glowing light in front of me, a bit distant, which I fixed my vision on.

She told me to lift up my arm, which I did. As my arm raised, I realized that I must be in the astral, because the arm which I raised was light and floaty, gliding into the air effortlessly. I had the sense that there was a heavier arm still lying by my side in bed.

Then she told me to raise my other arm, and I did, slowly lifting it up and feeling the sensation as my astral arm peeled away from my physical arm. Now I had two arms fully detached in the astral, and tentatively moved them around, getting used to the sensation.

Photo by David Chen on Unsplash.

Photo by @dcp on Unsplash.

She directed me next to move one leg, so I slowly bent one leg at the knee, amazed at how unusual it felt. Next she told me to move the other leg, which I carefully pulled towards my body, bending it at the knee as well.

The last direction she gave me was to sit up slowly, and so I lifted my head, then my neck, and finally peeled my torso away from my physical body, until I was sitting upright in bed in the astral, completely separated.

At this point I gently pushed off my bed and flew into the air, away from my physical body and bedroom. It felt wonderfully free, weightless, and completely natural at the same time. The experience ended shortly afterwards, and I awoke back in my body in bed.

As I lay there taking it all in, I marveled at how simple and natural the process of astral projection had been when it was explained to me what to do. Rather than trying mentally to imagine myself getting up or moving around in the astral, I saw that it was actually just like how I would move during the daytime – actually moving the part of the body that was required to reach for something or otherwise get around. In the case of splitting from the body, that meant actually moving my arms, legs and torso to sit up and get out of bed.

Besides this useful understanding about the process of astral projection, having such direct, explicit help and contact with the spiritual was completely unexpected and touching. It’s difficult to put into words how it made me feel, except that it’s one of those experiences that changed my perspective about life. For instance, small things that happen during the day seem less significant when considered within the wider picture of higher dimensions, spiritual beings, and being able to access direct, personal learning through spiritual methods like astral projection.