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Receiving Guidance on Using My Arms to Split from My Body

Experience Submitted by Dara

One night I was trying to project from my body by concentrating on my heartbeats. I laid down on my back in bed, made sure I was comfortable, closed my eyes, and focused my concentration the best that I could on my heart area.

One at a time, I noticed how my heartbeats felt, the rhythm they followed, and how the beats subtly reached the rest of my body. I felt the beats first in my chest area, and then tried to sense them in other areas as well, like down in my knees, in my throat, and in my arms. It was very relaxing, and I could feel the tension from the day dissipating slowly, one beat at a time.

As the minutes passed my body felt heavier and sleepier. The only thing was that I was quite interested in the sensations of what was going on with my body, and this ended up being a little bit distracting. I remembered what I had read in Belsebuub’s book, The Astral Codex, that you needed to ignore the sensations of projecting (like your body getting heavy or feeling your limbs moving) because that would interrupt your concentration.

It was hard for me to actually ignore it, though. One minute I’d be concentrating diligently on my heartbeats, the next I’d feel my body getting heavy and sort of fuzzy and wobbly, as if it were beginning to split.

When I felt those splitting sensations I got excited and even though I didn’t want to, my attention would shift to what was going on with splitting. As soon as I got distracted away from my heartbeats, the splitting sensations stopped because my concentration was broken, and so I’d go back to my heartbeats again.

This went on for maybe 30-45 minutes, with me going back and forth between concentrating on my heartbeats and then noticing my body felt like it was made of airy waves. Whenever I felt that kind of thing I’d wonder, “Have I split yet?” and then would lose the sensations completely.

I eventually fell asleep, unsuccessful.

The next thing I remember I awoke in bed again, still lying on my back with my eyes closed. I heard a woman’s voice, and felt instantly that this was my divine mother speaking to me. Both her voice and her general presence (though I could not see her) was soothing and peaceful, and I felt safe.

She directed me to open my eyes and when I did I saw a warm glowing light in front of me, a bit distant, which I fixed my vision on.

She told me to lift up my arm, which I did. As my arm raised, I realized that I must be in the astral, because the arm which I raised was light and floaty, gliding into the air effortlessly. I had the sense that there was a heavier arm still lying by my side in bed.

Then she told me to raise my other arm, and I did, slowly lifting it up and feeling the sensation as my astral arm peeled away from my physical arm. Now I had two arms fully detached in the astral, and tentatively moved them around, getting used to the sensation.

Photo by David Chen on Unsplash.
Photo by @dcp on Unsplash.

She directed me next to move one leg, so I slowly bent one leg at the knee, amazed at how unusual it felt. Next she told me to move the other leg, which I carefully pulled towards my body, bending it at the knee as well.

The last direction she gave me was to sit up slowly, and so I lifted my head, then my neck, and finally peeled my torso away from my physical body, until I was sitting upright in bed in the astral, completely separated.

At this point I gently pushed off my bed and flew into the air, away from my physical body and bedroom. It felt wonderfully free, weightless, and completely natural at the same time. The experience ended shortly afterwards, and I awoke back in my body in bed.

As I lay there taking it all in, I marveled at how simple and natural the process of astral projection had been when it was explained to me what to do. Rather than trying mentally to imagine myself getting up or moving around in the astral, I saw that it was actually just like how I would move during the daytime – actually moving the part of the body that was required to reach for something or otherwise get around. In the case of splitting from the body, that meant actually moving my arms, legs and torso to sit up and get out of bed.

Besides this useful understanding about the process of astral projection, having such direct, explicit help and contact with the spiritual was completely unexpected and touching. It’s difficult to put into words how it made me feel, except that it’s one of those experiences that changed my perspective about life.

  • Sounds like a mother helping her little child to do the first steps. So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing Dara

  • That’s such a very inspiring experience Dara, I really enjoyed it.

    Most of my out of body experiences have been by waking up in a dream but I’ve never had personal training 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve discovered that out of body experiences are an amazing way to learn about our spiritual work, and this magical experience is surely needed in everyone’s lives.

    I have the knowledge from Belsebuub’s Astral Codex to thank for this, since this book gave me every tool needed to astral project and to wake up in the astral.

    More and more everyday, I’m understanding that it’s so important to connect to our Divine Mother in every moment possible, this as many benefit including our experiences at night.

  • Such a beautiful experience, Dara. How amazing to receive really direct guidance like this. I remember one time I also got help to split from my body — it wasn’t as detailed and as direct as your experience, but the feeling of getting up out of the body and exploring the sensations associated with those movements was really interesting and likewise showed me how different it is to actively make all those movements vs my usual approach of mentally imagining things moving, etc. up until then.

  • Something that happened to me last night. I had a dream where I realised I was dreaming, but after a time I found myself very much back in my physical body. I tried to remain still and focus on the flavour of dream images and after a while there was the sort of sensation of shifting into them. This however brought on excitement and it prevented me from ‘going back’. What I want to mention is how incredibly involuntary the rise of that feeling was, it seemed to come out of nowhere (or actually it felt like it suddenly came from behind me on the right) and was such a separate ‘thing’ from me. It made my body react on its own and grounded me in my physical body.

  • Beautiful experience Dara, shows how much love there really is for us and how much help we get when we want to learn to experience the astral consciously.

  • I much agree with all the other comments here Dara, a really wonderful and inspiring splitting experience. It was absolutely touching to read how that divine voice was helping you.

    Interestingly, most of my out-of-body-experiences have been a result of feeling my astral arms, and coming out of my body through the coming awareness of my perception of them, using my arms, and any other astral limbs to pull me out of my body into the astral plane.

  • Amazing experience, Dara!
    Especially the encounter with your Divine Mother!
    A few times, when I decided to astral project directing all my attention to the process of sleep, I passed through the part-by-part split like you mentioned, only that it occurred almost by itself – first my arms, then legs, then my head and soon after, the rest. I’d move an astral arm, for instance, and still perceive the corresponding physical arm immovable there. In one of those occasions, I switched attention between my astral arms and my physical arms several times, to learn the difference of controlling either one or the other, trying to get acquainted with my astral body.

  • What a beautiful experience, Dara! I liked it very much!

    It is amazing to have a divine guidance for the astral projection.

    Your experience inspired me to try to project with that way.

  • What a nice, clear and caring first AP experience! Its so beautiful to be guided by our Divine parents like this. I am still amazed at how close to us, and yet at the same time distinct from us these higher aspects of us are.
    Regarding the “technique” that you were taught, of gradually moving different body parts, it immediately reminded me of one video, where a friend of mine explains how she was helped to astral project by a Divine being (starting at 2:11): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYhld8KYvXE Interestingly, she was also advised to move her hand first, then another one, then leg, etc.. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Dara,it is wonderful to get divine help when we have L plates on it adds so much to the experience.

  • The care from your Divine Mother is so clear in the experience. It is wonderful to experience such care. I wish it was part of daily life for me and for people in the world. It would change so much…

  • I love this Dara, how your divine mother came to guide you, lovingly and gently. This must have been very precious for you. I would like to get such verbal instructions from the higher dimensions!

    Like others have said, that sounds very familiar with my attention being drawn, either from excitement or automatically and without me wanting to, to the sensations of the split. Then that sometimes creates the worry that now my attention has been disturbed from the practice 😀

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying.

  • Your experience really highlights the mystical side of life that astral projection can bring, very inspiring, and I’m looking forward to the night to give it a good go myself.

    One question I have is how you manage to stay still for 30-45 minutes. After about 20 minutes I find my body becomes very restless when I’m unable to focus on the exercise anymore. I then need to get up, get out of the bed and shake off the feeling and try again. At least that’s a way for me to give it another go.

  • Such a beautiful experience Dara, thanks for sharing. I remember being really amazed at when I first was able to perceive those split-sensations, but also confused, with concentration ebbing as soon as excitement comes and not knowing how to move my astral body. Many times I would be lying there, trying to continue with the practise, and would only realise I’d already split when I felt myself come back to my body.
    How wonderful to have had that comforting, calm, divine presense guide you into the split. It makes it sound oh-so simple … and I suppose, really, it is!

  • A very inspiring experience with the heart beat exercise, Dara.

    I can relate to that getting verbal instructions business because the same thing happened to me on one or two occasions, but for me, I heard a masculine voice.

    I think having this sort of shared experience in the nature of verbal instructions is quite special. It’s cool to see a common thread. I wonder how many others have had experience of astral guidance in the splitting process?

  • Reading this inspires me to try to get to that stage in the practice where I would be able to move my limbs.

    I too am, unfortunately, very familiar with becoming excited when the astral splittng sensations. And even when trying to make sure not to get excited just the thoughts commenting on it can already easily ruin the flow of concentration.

    I like the kind gesture of the presence of that spiritual being helping you. 🙂

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