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My First Experiences Exploring the Astral

Experience submitted by Ella Klyashitsky

Soon after I discovered Belsebuub’s courses for teaching astral projection I was off on a long hike in nature, and not being able to have regular internet access, had to postpone my first astral course until I got home. Still, the thoughts of astral projection and anticipation of the course inspired me. I believe they gave rise to my first small experience.

Spontaneous Astral Projection Experience Under a Tree

I was resting under the shade of a tree after hours of walking. I was deeply relaxed and felt full of a peaceful kind of happiness. I was calmly watching the sun in the leaves above me and enjoying the beauty. I didn’t know any astral techniques at that time, but felt a strong longing to be close to the divine, as well as a curiosity – I wondered what it would be like to leave my body.

Photo by Rob Mulally via Unsplash. (Modified).

I fell asleep in this state and then ‘woke up’ in the trees, seeing the same leaves, sun and branches that I had been watching from below, but now close up. I knew that I was simultaneously there and also lying on the ground. The experience only lasted a few moments; when I thought about what was happening and my physical body lying somewhere else, the surprise curtailed any exploration. I felt myself merging back into my body gently and woke up.

First Experiences Using Belsebuub’s Astral Projection Tips

Though this taste of the astral was motivating, I questioned whether it was real or my imagination. My next experience erased any doubt. Now enrolled on Belsebuub’s astral travel and dreams course, I was enjoying trying the astral exercises, which combined relaxation with various concentration practises, and feeling the various sensations of the ‘astral split’.

I started going to bed early so I could try my astral exercises, yet also getting up late; basically I spent a lot of time dozing, in that place in-between sleep and wakefulness where astral projection often takes place. I really enjoyed the feelings of becoming acutely aware of what was going on both within me and around me as I was falling asleep.

Taking an ‘astral nap’ one afternoon, I had dozed off and turned on my side, when I woke up and returning to my practice felt myself lift up and move backwards up into the room. I was surprised, but knew what was happening and managed to stay calm. I went to the light switch and checked if it worked – it didn’t, so I pulled my finger and it stretched – I was in the astral!

I left the room wanting to explore, and saw a woman who certainly didn’t live in our house coming up the stairs to meet me. She wasn’t particularly scary, but not someone I felt great vibes from either. Just coming face to face with this other-dimensional person startled me enough to make me return to my body. It was a short experience, but finally I had the certainty I hungered for that astral projection was real.

Exploring Astral Travel Further

The following period, until I moved out of home and into a new routine was full of mini-experiences. I felt the boundaries between the physical and astral worlds get thinner. I would do a lot of ‘reality checks’ and would often ‘wake up from a dream’ in my house as a result. As soon as I knew I would immediately run and fly outside – it kind of felt like a dash for freedom – then try to get somewhere specific or explore.

Photo by NastyaSensei Sens via Pexels (image has been modified)
Photo by NastyaSensei Sens via Pexels (image has been modified)


  • Thank you Ella for sharing your first experience and explaining how your practices moved on from there. Very inspiring 🙂

  • Those are some wonderful experiences Ella, even as you describe the sensations of the splitting process earlier on, you can tell its the beginning of a magical adventure that we seldom hear about. How couldn’t that be a phenomena that would grab the attention of scientists everywhere. You have certainly reminded me of the importance of childlike curiosity. Where would we be without it..

    • It just shows how stuck and corrupted main stream science has become!

      I feel very glad I came across Belsebuub’s astral travel courses when I was still quite ‘mentally flexible’! That childlike curiosity certainly wanes as you grow older … for most … but I can see that with tools to explore beyond the body and deep into our psyche, that it needn’t, and that we can become even more ‘childlike’ than children … Belsebuub says that the ability to astral project/lucid dream can be learnt so that it is much more than that natural ability children and young people seem to have. With so much wonder in the world, it’s quite a surprise that people ever get ‘stale’ – but yet it’s such a common state to live in.

  • Great experiences Ella its sounds like your efforts you were making really started to pay off, the 1st experience is always a great knowing and proving to yourself that it is real, Thanks

  • Thanks for sharing Ella, your first concious experience!! it really takes your breathe away and what a way to learn
    things spiritual.

    • David and Rich – yes that first experience really is life changing, and there’s not so many things you can say that for, not really. I wish more people would do what it takes to have that direct experience of being beyond the body if they’re curious – then there’s just no doubt and you can take real confident steps in choosing spirituality. I’ve known a few people say. “oh I tried it and it didn’t work”, or “surely it’s just all in your mind.” Without actually feeling how hyper-real astral experiences are, it’s so easy to brush them aside, and with that, so easy to put spiritual longings on the back burner.

  • Thanks for sharing a very nice experience Ella. I can also relate to nature being conducive to mystical experiences. Nature somehow seems to be conducive to coming out of the mind and having heightened awareness. Although I have never had an obe directly in nature, I have had many times when heightened awareness during a nature walk translated into an astral experience in my sleep (at night).

  • A first experience of projecting into a sun-lit tree is a lot nicer than projecting into a ceiling 😄

    I can relate to being startled by running into someone too. I think nearly all my first experiences ended when I met someone or saw someone — somehow it was too jarring or just made me think too much and back to my body I’d go.

    • Haha – yes Jenny – though there were a lot more ceilings than sun lit trees to come … 😉

  • Thank you for sharing you first experiences in the astral Ella! The first experience in the tree must have been so beautiful! I know of people projecting in the rooms, even in the cinema as their first AP, but being in nature and able to perceive its beauty in the astral plane must have given you a great boost. There is something about the astral counterpart of nature that is just so bautiful, the colors more rich, the interplay of light so breathtaking. I remember I had a period at the beginning of my astral explorations, where each time I saw a really shiny green grass, I did a reality check, and very often actually found myself in the astral.

    Its also interesting how you got startled when meeting your first “astral person”. 😀 It is indeed very surprising to realise that there is this other dimension full of life out-there, populated with beings of all kinds, forests and cities, just like the physical world….

    Wishing you many more insightful experiences!

    • In the cinema! Whoa! I think this calmly watching the trees/sky/birds was my first ‘mystical practise’, something that evoked these higher feelings in me. Nature’s beauty and pure energies can really help draw us out of our base states it seems.

    • Yes Lucia, astral experiences can sometimes occur at unexpected times or in unusual locations. I met a guy on an astral course who said he experienced his first astral projection while listening to a David Bowie album 🙂 It happened while he was listening to some of his softer music while lying in bed though, not in the middle of rocking out! 🙂

      • Michael, yes ,astrals experiences could occur any where ,depending, if the soul ,it is preparing to flight so further, probably natural environment helps, but isn’t the most important ,firth the body,must to be completely relax .

        • Thanks for reply Mara. Yes, relaxation is very important for astral projection. I wish you success with your efforts!

  • I love that your first projection was up into a tree. It seems fitting somehow 🙂 Going out of body was life changing for me as well. I felt that everything had changed after that, that nothing would be the same again. And I wanted the people around me to know about it, but most were not that interested 🙂

    • It was quite a hard lesson for me too, that not all my friends and family were interested in this new amazing thing I’d discovered! Took me a while to accept … but now I know that pushing my will is really not a spiritual thing … even if it’s my wanting to introduce spiritual ideas!

  • Hi Ella,

    With the way you described it I could really imagine myself in that short projection or out-of-body vision in the tree. And there is something so beautiful about sunlight shining on a tree and its leaves, with interplay of colour, light and shadows. With such a beautiful expression of life in nature I can imagine being inspired to pursue its source by doing practices like astral projection.

    Anyway a very nice share on your personal introduction to the astral part of life.

    • I love the look of sunlight through leaves as well. A forest is one of my favorite places to be.

      • Yes, just watching nature can stir up spiritual longings within … for me, spending time in nature was how I first experienced spiritual feelings. Forests do have a wonderful energy – the practise of visualising the heart as a forest is one of my favourites!

    • Yes, Oak trees in the month of May against a blue sky are probably one of my favourite things in the world.

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