Experience submitted by Lucia Beznik

On a few occasions, I found myself on the verge of switching to the astral plane, but still being quite well connected to and aware of the physical world. During these moments, I got a chance to compare the different qualities of these two dimensions and how it is sometimes possible to simultaneously experience both of them.

In the following short video, Belsebuub talks about the different realities/dimensions that exist within here and now, and how awareness is the key to perceiving them, which relates to these observations.

A Glimpse of Polyvision

One day after taking a nap, I became aware of waking up, but still feeling very heavy and comfortable, as if still sleeping, to the point of not really feeling my physical body yet.

The state I was in felt more like ‘my astral self‘ than ‘my physical self‘, and I knew that just by focusing more on this ‘astral feeling‘, I could find myself consciously in the astral plane very quickly at that moment.

The only thing that was connecting me to the physical plane was the fact that one of my eyes was slightly open, and through that tiny crevice I could see a part of my room in the physical world. I also realised that if I wanted, I could ignore that physical vision and tune in to my astral vision instead.

When doing that, I could see my shadowy astral arms and legs still floating above my ‘astral torso’ which had already merged with my physical body.

I had fun switching between these two visions for a while, when suddenly a family member came into that area of the room where I was napping which I could see through my tiny eye opening, and started talking to me, apparently thinking I was awake due to one of my eyes being slightly open.

As I was listening to them, I realised that I could see them and at the same time still see my astral limbs, so I started “cycling” with them to see them better.

I thought how amazing that was, that I could listen to and see a person in the physical world, and in the same time perceiving and moving with my astral arms and legs.

After a while, I started losing the ‘astral feeling’, my physical body became less numb, and I woke up in the physical world fully, enthusiastically explaining to the family member what had just happened.

Photo by Bessi

Photo by Bessi

Astral Room Versus Physical Room

On another occasion, I was trying to astral project thanks to what I learned on Belsebuub’s courses, and at some point managed to get to a nice, relaxed state.

Then I suddenly became aware that I was seeing my room in the astral plane. It was a bit darker than in physical, and had a different/dreamy almost magical quality to it.

Amazed at the difference the astral counterpart had from the physical one I was in just a second ago, I could not resist to open my physical eyes and check how the physical version looked like.

The physical was more solid, and for this particular occasion brighter, though at other times the astral counterpart felt often brighter, and as if lacking the ‘magic’ of the astral plane.

So I relaxed and focused again and within a second I could see the astral counterpart of the room again.

Again, I enjoyed the different feeling it had in comparison to the physical plane, and then opened my physical eyes again.

I repeated this for a few times, until I lost the ability to ‘switch’ to my astral vision and woke up in the physical fully.

This little experiment was unexpected, as I was just trying to astral project and nothing else, but it was enjoyable nonetheless, as I was able to perceive the different qualities of these 2 dimensions in such a clear way and switching between them so easily.