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Switching Between Dimensions

Experience submitted by Lucia Beznik

On a few occasions, I found myself on the verge of switching to the astral plane, but still being quite well connected to and aware of the physical world. During these moments, I got a chance to compare the different qualities of these two dimensions and how it is sometimes possible to simultaneously experience both of them.

In the following short video, Belsebuub talks about the different realities/dimensions that exist within here and now, and how awareness is the key to perceiving them, which relates to these observations.

A Glimpse of Polyvision

One day after taking a nap, I became aware of waking up, but still feeling very heavy and comfortable, as if still sleeping, to the point of not really feeling my physical body yet.

The state I was in felt more like ‘my astral self‘ than ‘my physical self‘, and I knew that just by focusing more on this ‘astral feeling‘, I could find myself consciously in the astral plane very quickly at that moment.

The only thing that was connecting me to the physical plane was the fact that one of my eyes was slightly open, and through that tiny crevice I could see a part of my room in the physical world. I also realised that if I wanted, I could ignore that physical vision and tune in to my astral vision instead.

When doing that, I could see my shadowy astral arms and legs still floating above my ‘astral torso’ which had already merged with my physical body.

I had fun switching between these two visions for a while, when suddenly a family member came into that area of the room where I was napping which I could see through my tiny eye opening, and started talking to me, apparently thinking I was awake due to one of my eyes being slightly open.

As I was listening to them, I realised that I could see them and at the same time still see my astral limbs, so I started “cycling” with them to see them better.

I thought how amazing that was, that I could listen to and see a person in the physical world, and in the same time perceiving and moving with my astral arms and legs.

After a while, I started losing the ‘astral feeling’, my physical body became less numb, and I woke up in the physical world fully, enthusiastically explaining to the family member what had just happened.

Photo by Bessi
Photo by Bessi

Astral Room Versus Physical Room

On another occasion, I was trying to astral project thanks to what I learned on Belsebuub’s courses, and at some point managed to get to a nice, relaxed state.

Then I suddenly became aware that I was seeing my room in the astral plane. It was a bit darker than in physical, and had a different/dreamy almost magical quality to it.

Amazed at the difference the astral counterpart had from the physical one I was in just a second ago, I could not resist to open my physical eyes and check how the physical version looked like.

The physical was more solid, and for this particular occasion brighter, though at other times the astral counterpart felt often brighter, and as if lacking the ‘magic’ of the astral plane.

So I relaxed and focused again and within a second I could see the astral counterpart of the room again.

Again, I enjoyed the different feeling it had in comparison to the physical plane, and then opened my physical eyes again.

I repeated this for a few times, until I lost the ability to ‘switch’ to my astral vision and woke up in the physical fully.

This little experiment was unexpected, as I was just trying to astral project and nothing else, but it was enjoyable nonetheless, as I was able to perceive the different qualities of these 2 dimensions in such a clear way and switching between them so easily.

  • Hi Lucia,

    I read your experience about 2 days ago and this morning I experienced something similar. It was early morning and I was drifting in and out of sleep, at a point I was aware of my physical body sleeping, being deeply relaxed. But at the same time I kept dreaming. Slowly I became more aware of my body, so eventually I woke up. It was interesting experience though, I don’t think I’ve ever had it. 🙂

    I wonder if it’s connected to reading your experience in the first place!

    • That’s nice Pavlin! I think these websites are really inspiring overall, and I also had a few astral experiences as a result of reading some articles here, so I would not be surprised. 😀

      Back to the topic, I find this ‘transition state’ very inspiring too, as it proves how inter-connected all these dimensions are, and how we are not really this physical body or that astral body, but something else, that has the ability to use one or the other. This makes me wonder how wonderful it must be to have built the many other bodies for higher dimensions and to be able to use them properly, like what Belsebuub describes in his work. So many new worlds would open to us!

  • Hi Lucia. I can imagine how magical must have been for you to experience the astral and the physical planes at the same time. It is amazing to witness that there are other non-visible dimensions and that we can visit them. Before I know anything about the Belsebuub’s teachings I thought that I was crazy when I was experiencing these realities through the sleep paralysis but now things had come together and it seems all those weird experiences actually were a part of the bigger picture of our existence.

  • Your experience reminded me of my childhood and how easy it was back then to play with that in between state. I never managed to get to the two views of each dimension you describe. but for me, it was very enjoyable to feel the body getting heavy and relaxed. That feeling when you kinda relax and sink a little bit into the mattress. Also, the sleep paralysis used to be a fun stage to get at. When you can’t move your legs or arms but if you move too much you “free” them again. Then relax once more and they would “lock” again. Sounds maybe scary, but it never freaked me out as it came very natural and I guess being so relaxed made it very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this as I would like to bring this enjoyment and playfulness back to the time before going to bed or early in the morning.

    • Ha ha Roy, I like how you described our limbs getting “locked” after a thorough relaxation, and how we can not move them in that state, but if move A LOT, we unlock them again. 🙂
      I really like that “locked” feeling, as it is an indication I am getting closer to being in the astral plane. It feels very comfortable as well, and like my body is recharging when in that state (as opposed to being fully awake and mobile, which feels like it requires energy).

  • Your astral bike again Lucia! 😉

    I remember when I first experienced something like this – kind of half asleep around a campfire with friends. I realised I was perceiving a lot, though I was asleep. I could see the shapes of the people and the fire, but my eyes were closed. And I was aware of their voices coming through my ears, but I also knew I was asleep as I could hear myself snoring lightly.

    I was speaking with a friend about astral projection and how becoming really sensitive to this in-between stage is really important in becoming proficient.

    • I agree Ella, I think that this in-between state is actually very magical in itself! To perceive how the 2 dimensions are both here and now, how natural it is to be “there” and then in a split of a second “here”, I find this so inspiring. It also makes me aware how I am not just this physical person, but that I have my presence in other dimensions as well. And this is just 2 dimensions… When I imagine switching like this between 3 , 4 or more dimensions, perceiving and existing in their respective qualities – how amazing and rich life would be! I guess that’s what awakened beings can normally do. 😀

  • What is this ‘cycling’ you keep talking about Lucia? ! 😀

    But I feel I can relate to that in between exploration. Especially when first finding Belsebuub’s astral travel and dreams course. I would also spend whole mornings going to sleep and coming back again and exploring the various things that would happen and the dreams I would have. With many instances of me being aware of coming back to my body. 

    Your transitioning seems very fluent though!

    • Hi Karim,

      This ‘cycling’ is like… if you have ever seen a beetle flipped on his back and unable to get up, moving with all his legs in the air – that’s the movement. 🙂

      • I knew what you meant straight away Lucia, as that kind of “beetle cycling” was a favourite activity of mine as a child! 🙂

      • I think I know what you mean Lucia with the wacky waving arms. Sometimes when locking back to my body I would still try to rapidly move my astral limbs like that, but was never sure it was just more my imagination doing it rather than my actual astral body parts.

  • Reading your experiences Lucia makes me get a sense of how close we are to the astral realm, and how you had got to a special state to be able to cross that border in such a nice relaxed, curious and even playful way. In general I get this light hearted feeling from reading your astral experiences, which is really nice and inspiring 🙂

    I used to have a lot of anxiety and quite heavy emotions, not having figured out how to use what information I had to deal with them, so often my astral attempts and experiences would be tainted by this agitation, fear and heaviness. I found that a little discouraging and it put me off from trying with the astral. But it gives me a sense of what kind of energies I lived in during the day, as I didn’t know better since it was always mostly the same. Even if it’s unpleasant to see the darkness and heaviness in dreams/the astral, it’s actually empowering because it shows me where I can change. A mistake I made for the longest time was to feel disheartened about it and stay in it, whereas I now wish I had used it as guidance and seen the amazing opportunity to change it. I’m trying to do that now 🙂

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, I found any kind of heavy feeling makes astral projecting very difficult. Being light-hearted and explorative, eagerly awaiting new, magical things is the best attitude. And if it is not possible to feel that way due to some heavy inner states or any distractive emotions/thoughts, then the elimination of the negative states technique while falling asleep works well for me to achieve clarity in the astral.

      Wishing you a lot of joyful and magical experiences!

        • Just wanted to share that I feel like I am at square one with my astral practises in many ways Laura – as in, I know what needs to be done, but I am embarking again on making the efforts needed. I find it really helpful to try and put everything behind me and to seek that original wonder and interest that I had at the beginning.
          So I wanted to share that this morning during my astral practise I must have been between worlds, when I realised I’d been hearing beautiful music, and myself snoring a little. It was a blip of an experience of this ‘switching between dimensions’, but motivating.
          Wishing you (and myself!) a fresh start!

          • Thank you Ella, it’s encouraging and inspiring to hear that you are trying even though it feels tough, and then getting this glimpse of something beautiful. I feel like I want that simple state of just trying and seeing what I can discover, and clearing away psychological stuff that has accumulated over time that brings in doubts. To go to try it with a fresh mind and trusting heart.

          • Last night I had a small experience of splitting from my body as I started to understand that I was seeing my dream through my eyelids – somehow being aware of the dream, its story and narrative running along side being in my bed and seeing my bedroom. It was as though the story wanted to continue, like it had a script to play out, and I kept pressing the ‘pause’ button and seeing where I was. I had been really trying to come out of thoughts while going to bed and I think this was being carried over.

            Then I felt my body separating, but its was an immense struggle, like being in treacle. I was singing Bellilin but it didn’t change anything. In retrospect I think I should have relaxed more after singing it once, I think I may have been similar to an animal that starts to panic when it’s tied up in a rope and just gets more caught in knots! Though I’m not sure, maybe I should have continued with the recitations at the same time as relaxing … ??

            So much to learn about how to move this other body and how to perceive in this other dimension!

          • That sounds very encouraging Ella! Hearing a beautiful astral music while at the same time hearing the noise from the physical dimension is the perfect state to be in! 🙂 And I agree, this wonder and eagerness to explore and be open to whatever you discover is the way to go. I also keep experimenting with my astral practices, trying to find out what it is that could possibly make them regular.

          • I feel I’m in that same spot Ella, learning to astral project again, and being enthusiastic about it, eager to explore 🙂

  • Some interesting experience, Lucia. It’s cool you got to explore the dual vision of the astral and physical a little. Good thing your family member didn’t wake you up full, before you got to test things out.

    I know when I am doing an astral projection exercise, or even just a meditation, I may still be awake but I have these sudden perceptions of seeing my surroundings as though all the lights are on (even when things are dark in the physical). In those cases, I’ve never been sure if what I am experiencing is polyvision, or if it is actually just the natural process of the astral split, because it seems to happen between the two worlds.

  • Neat experiences Lucia! I’ve always thought this should be possible, but couldn’t imagine how you could access astral senses while still remaining conscious in the physical dimension (polyvision), or that you could gain good enough control to toggle back and forth between each of them.

    A great lesson on the different qualities of these dimensions too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Those are nice experiences Lucia. It must have been nice to experiment with the differences between the astral and physical planes. I particularly liked what you mentioned about cycling with your astral legs! 🙂

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