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My Astral Encounter with an Angelic Woman Amidst an Angry Crowd

Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

The experience started as I became lucid in a dream, something I had achieved previously since exploring Belsebuub’s body of work on spirituality and out-of-body experiences.

Entering an Astral Room Full of Discontented People

I found myself in an unpleasant place, possibly underground or in an enclosed building. I wanted to leave, but I could not as there was no sense of exit.

I entered a room full of people. The room seemed like a school staff room or an office building. It was reasonably full of people, similar to how one would expect a staff room to be.

People in the room seemed discontent. I could sense that many of them were on the verge of shouting or arguing, or something else that would make it unpleasant or even dangerous to be around them.

Their negativity was held at bay by the atmosphere created by a single woman.

The Angelic Woman

A woman was standing on her own more or less at the front of the room. She was not an authority figure — she was just there, dressed as a normal woman would be.

From her radiated a beautiful sound, similar to the sound of the mantra o.

I do not think that she vocalized the sound, like when one would sing a mantra. It just seemed to emanate from her.

The sound filled the room with a serene atmosphere and through its peacefulness held at bay everyone’s discontent.

As I entered, it was the sound of this woman that dominated how the room felt. Yet, the disharmonious people took away from the serenity of the room because I could sense that this atmosphere could be shattered at any moment.

I was thankful to the angelic woman for what she was doing.

I suspect that the woman is a spiritual being, although I cannot be sure as I have never met her before or since. I felt I was seeing the harmonizing effect that spiritual beings can have on violence and anger in this situation.

A Massive Outburst of Anger

An angry shout shook everything.

The man who seemed like a manager, or principal, or some other figure of authority shouted.

He shook the entire space with his shout.

Its impact was akin to a loudspeaker blaring to the point that windows shatter. The outburst had a ripple across the entire space. Everyone, including me, were put in unrest.

The Harmonizing Impact of the Spiritual

The angelic woman was not shaken. She persisted with her peaceful mantra, seemingly unmoved by the conflict of others.

I was very surprised to see her gentle mantra create a steady shift of this massive chaos.

Right in front of my eyes the room was returning to the state it was in before the outburst, while just moments before I thought that nothing could shift the chaos created by the manager.

I moved towards the door. As I was leaving I wondered why the angelic woman stayed in this place and yet did not wish to disturb her purpose.


  • Hi Aleksandr,

    That was a really neat encounter you had! It made me wonder, do you think you could have seen this experience in the physical world via the astral world? And that perhaps this angelic women could have been exactly this? A guardian angel, or perhaps even a being from another planet working to help bring and keep peace in this turmoil? It just made me wonder.

    I’ve had an experience where I saw both people in the physical world as well as people who were in the astral, and both type of people had this ‘reality’ to their respective bodies, whether it was the astral body or the physical body. If it wasn’t for seeing the ‘sleeping’ physical body of one of the other person present in my experience, I don’t think I would have been able to ‘know’ in which dimension they were except through their interactions.

    In any case, what a beautiful experience – seeing the power of the mantra, the love and care that we can emanate and how we affect each others through our inner states. Many lessons in just this one experience I can just learn from, so many thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Interesting experience Aleks. Thanks for sharing. It seems that the woman’s sound-frequency was in a way fighting against the negative vibe of the “manager” or darkness.
    Your experience reminds me of the psyche; overtaken by the forces of darkness (egos) within only the expression of consciousness, subtle but powerful, can fight against them in order to gain knowledge. I wonder if that woman was in that unpleasant place in order to learn.

  • What a lovely experience Alex.
    It sounds like you were shown a few important things that probably meant a lot to you at the time. On the other hand, it speaks to all of us about the importance of practising and persevering in our efforts to change our own vibrations that will not only have a positive impact on us but on our wider surrounding too.

  • That’s an interesting experience Alex – thanks for sharing it. As you mentioned, it shows the positive effect of inner harmony upon reducing external discord.

  • Inspiring, Alex. They way you described I feel gave me a sense of what the experience was like.
    Inspires me to want to follow her example and to have a similar influence upon others around me due to my own inner state.
    I’ve seen in everyday life that our own inner state and how we choose it be has a great affect on others through our interactions. Not as I would perhaps ‘logically’ think it be a fifty-fifty thing, but rather if we choose to be in a certain state it can affect others a lot, in both good and bad ways.

    • I have also noticed this. I am constantly impacted by the inner state of people I interact with. For example, angry people spark off anger or fear in me, same thing with gluttony, worries, confusion, etc. In the same way calm people calm my fear, people who eat in moderation help me with gluttony, people who do not get sparked off with anger help me not to get sparked off, and so on.

      I think it is very feasible to positively impact others when we have victories in dealing with the same inner states ourselves.

  • That’s a very interesting experience, Aleks. I wonder who that woman was.

    It really shows the power of serenity in tense situations. It’s an inspiration to be more aware so as to reduce negativity (or even possibly counteract it?).

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Very powerful dream Aleks with an equally powerful message on how an inner state such as anger can create an awful ripple effect around us as demonstrated by the manager figure and the people in the room and how that can be countered by emanating inner peacefulness. I often wondered about that too Laura, how spiritual beings work in the physical plane to prevent certain negative vibrations from escalating. I was shown in a dream once how negative entities and higher beings were working in close proximity to each other. One group would initiate an action, usually the negative group, and the higher beings would immediately counter/reverse it, converting it into a different colored form of energy.

    • That’s very interesting. I guess that there is much more help that we are getting that we can see with our eyes.

  • Thanks Aleks, that’s a lovely experience and powerful to see just how much impact one person/Being can have amidst chaos. It’s quite simple to understand when I think of what a disruptive effect one person can have on an atmosphere, and how I’ve witnessed one person being able to life up a whole group in the physical.

    I agree with Zorana that the conclusion you came to that gentle spiritual practises can have a profound effect is a nice reminder of the immense power within seemingly simple practises. Though it seems like, of course, this wasn’t just a case of a person chanting internally mantra O, rather that this women had somehow encompassed/integrated the power of that primordial sound.

    • The experience made me realize that the inner work can have a real power on people around us. Not only can we act better when we are at peace, but that reaching a peace in itself can have a positive impact on a group.

  • This was wonderful to read, thank you very much for sharing Aleks. I wonder if something like this could possibly work in the physical as well? It also made me wonder if what you saw was an astral counterpart of a real situation from the physical world, or if it was just a teaching put there for you.
    In any way, its very inspiring to see the effect of a peaceful inner state of just one person on a negative atmosphere.

  • Alex, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. There is a great lesson to be learnt from it.

    I can also remember some occasions where being in a group of people your peaceful presence has helped me to remember myself and bring myself to a peaceful state as well. I wonder if in those instances you were remembering that astral experience and were trying to bring the lesson from it in your life. Thanks for that!

    It’s a real gift to have the information that Belsebuub shares to be able to explore how emotions and awareness impact not only ourselves but our whole environment and people around us.

  • Very interesting and inspiring Aleks. I wonder if this was a scenario created just for your learning, or a real place/event you happened to observe. If it was the latter, I wonder why the spiritual figure stayed there.

    It also makes me wonder whether something similar might not be going on in the physical plane – inconspicuous spiritual beings helping things from escalating.

    It’s also a great lesson that relates to something I was recently part of, the way unseen vibrations, states and energies work within a group setting and how the interaction in such a group can either be spiritual or mundane and how either way of interacting could be turned into its opposite. It seems that if everyone makes an effort to deal with negativity and chaos within themselves, or even if only one or two people do it, it has a huge impact on the group on the whole, whereas if you don’t deal with it, likewise it has a significant negative impact. I noticed that I need to have a significant spiritual momentum going on before entering such a setting to be able to hold onto any spiritual standards or principles within myself and not go along with the subtle subconscious interplays of egos expecting a certain response or way of being etc. Wanting to please everyone and meet their expectations and look good in their eyes seems to be a big obstacle to keeping or even remembering these standards. I’m inspired by what you wrote to work more on that.

    • Hi Laura,

      I don’t know if the experience was put there for me or that I just happened to observe it. It definitely seemed like the situation was going on of its own accord. However, I may have been helped to be able to observe it.

      I very much agree with what you say about group situations. I also find that I need to have a level of inner work to have a chance to impact mundane gatherings. This is also the same in other mundane situations too. For example work, or food, or cleaning. I find a spiritual focus in each situation is very helpful, but each situation seems to be a challenge on its own. This is also what I am trying to improve these days.

      I wish you all the best with bringing a spirituality into situations in your life.

  • Wonderful experience that you’ve shared, Alex. I especially appreciated this part: It often seems to me that negativity is too strong to be able to change it with seemingly gentle spiritual practices. But, as I saw in this experience, this is not the case. Thanks for this nice reminder.

  • Nice to read your experience, Alex.
    Looked like both figures (woman and manager) could influence “their audience” and these people were passive and were just receiving their vibes.
    I didn’t understand how the sound was emanating from her without vocalizing it, but I can relate to a feeling/impact mantra O has inside a place, creating a mystical atmosphere, if it’s that what you meant.
    This scene also reminds me the painting with the churning of the milky ocean.

    All the best with your reflections about this experience and thank you for sharing it.

    • Hi Foti,

      I did mean similar to what you said. I could hear the sound when I came in (it was a bit similar to a singing bowl). In the physical this is not possible, and the closest I can think of is the atmosphere in temples, or after a strong practice.

      All the best to you too.

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