Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

When I started to explore beyond the body using Belsebuub’s techniques to astral project, I soon realized that in the astral there are a variety of beings, similarly how there are different kinds of people here. At times, I would find myself in the presence of a spiritual being who would help me understand certain inner states or teach me how to be more aware. Other times I’d come across negative entities who would try to scare me so that I would return to my body. The recitations taught by Belsebuub helped to fend off these beings so I was able to continue my endeavors.

Seeing a UFO in the Astral Plane

To my surprise, the astral also is a place that extraterrestrials use. I would either see their ships or see them in the room with me. One night, I managed to come out of my body and projected into my bedroom. Once I realized I was out of my body, I looked around and grounded myself by taking in the details of the room. This helped for the environment to stabilize and gave me more control over my movements.

Roy astral projecting. Image copyright Roy Scheffers

Image Copyright © Roy and Zorana Scheffers. All Rights Reserved.

I walked out of the room into the hallway and had a feeling to look out of the window. I expected my car to be on the driveway but instead, a flying saucer was parked there. It was a circular shaped disk of brushed metal which, by the looks of it, was made out of a single piece of steel. The excitement got a hold of me and soon after I found myself back in my body.

Coming Across Two Curious Extra-Terrestrials

On another occasion, I was using the visualization of a place technique to come out of my body also taught by Belsebuub. I lied down and felt the sensations of splitting out of my body were coming on stronger and stronger. My mind was reasonably still up to that point, but all of a sudden became very active which I felt was distracting me from the practice. I tried to bring myself back again and again as I felt I was very close to coming out of my body.

Instead of being in the place that I was visualizing, I saw it as if it was before me, like watching an image on a screen, and it slowly moved further and further away. Thoughts of failing with the exercise tried to convince me that it was over, but I was determined not to give up.

In an attempt to regain ground, I relaxed my body by taking a deep breath in, and on the out breath, I felt all tension fall off of me. At the same time, I felt this yearning to be at the place I was visualizing. By now, it was far away and only a little square on the screen of my mind; the rest of my vision was black. I reached out to the square and again tried to picture myself in the scene.

Within an instant, I flew out of my body, through a kind of tunnel that formed what looked like stars rapidly passing by. I saw the little square of the scene become bigger and bigger. Flying through the tunnel at a great speed about midway, two faces of extraterrestrials flew by as if they were watching me come out of my body. I only saw their heads, which were slightly faded, symmetrical and oval in shape. Their eyes were oval too and of a dark color. They did not look frightening at all, but rather curious as to what I was doing. I was not prepared for this little surprise and their presence overwhelmed me. Within a split second, I was back in my body feeling quite inspired by this encounter.