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An ET Presence in my OBEs

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers
Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

Seeing a UFO in the Astral Plane

One night, I managed to come out of my body using one of the techniques I learned from Belsebuub to astral project. I projected into my bedroom.

Once I realized I was out of my body, I looked around and grounded myself by taking in the details of the room. This helped for the environment to stabilize and gave me more control over my movements.

Roy astral projecting. Image copyright Roy Scheffers
Image Copyright Β© Roy and Zorana Scheffers. All Rights Reserved.

I walked out of the room into the hallway and had a feeling to look out of the window. I expected my car to be on the driveway but instead, a flying saucer was parked there. It was a circular shaped disk of brushed metal which, by the looks of it, was made out of a single piece of steel. The excitement got a hold of me and soon after I found myself back in my body.

Coming Across Two Curious Extra-Terrestrials

On another occasion, I was using the visualization of a place technique to come out of my body (also taught by Belsebuub). I lied down and felt the sensations of splitting out of my body were coming on stronger and stronger. My mind was reasonably still up to that point, but all of a sudden became very active which I felt was distracting me from the practice. I tried to bring myself back again and again as I felt I was very close to coming out of my body.

Instead of being in the place that I was visualizing, I saw it as if it was before me, like watching an image on a screen, and it slowly moved further and further away. Thoughts of failing with the exercise tried to convince me that it was over, but I kept going.

In an attempt to regain ground, I relaxed my body by taking a deep breath in, and on the out breath, I felt all tension fall off of me. At the same time, I felt this yearning to be at the place I was visualizing. By now, it was far away and only a little square on the screen of my mind; the rest of my vision was black. I reached out to the square and again tried to picture myself in the scene.

Within an instant, I flew out of my body, through a kind of tunnel that formed what looked like stars rapidly passing by. I saw the little square of the scene become bigger and bigger. Flying through the tunnel at a great speed about midway, two faces of extraterrestrials flew by as if they were watching me come out of my body. I only saw their heads, which were slightly faded, symmetrical and oval in shape. Their eyes were oval too and of a dark color. They did not look frightening at all, but rather curious as to what I was doing. I was not prepared for this little surprise and their presence overwhelmed me. Within a split second, I was back in my body feeling inspired by this encounter.

  • Interesting how you describe the tunnel formed out of stars. Reminds me of the movie “Contact,” I think, where a similar scene plays out with a wall of stars within the tunnel the person is traveling in — or made to look like a wall of stars because of the speed, as you mentioned.

    The driveway part also made me smile. Can’t complain about the upgrade, can you? πŸ˜‰

  • Feeling inspired by this article. Thanks for sharing those experiences Roy. Awesome

  • Hi Roy,
    Your determination as well as not feeling impatient and not giving into defeatism really paid off! Very inspiring, as well as giving relaxation its full due – a good reminder for all of us peeps it seems. I have to say that your experience of seeing the flying saucer in your driveway made me laugh..! What an interesting and peculiar vision it must have been, I can’t say that’s ever happened to me. πŸ™‚
    As for seeing the two extra-terrestrials looking at you, it reminded me of an astral experience I had with a group of friends, and I saw 2 people I knew who were already in the astral not far from where I was, and I heard one of them say, “oh, great, Geraldine made it as well” but that surprised me a bit and it also made me loose my concentration, then I heard the other person say, “oh no, looks like she’s going back” just as I was merging back with my physical body! It made me laugh a bit when I woke up as the whole thing was a bit comical, and so matter of fact – yet the three of us just had met in the astral! Later on, I asked them if they remembered it or not, and while one of them knew they had made it to the astral (they did not remember seeing me) the other was not sure and only had vague memories of their dreams experiences. While I can’t guarantee it was them, the intuitive feelings I got from our encounter felt really real, like it was them.

    • This sounds really nice Geraldine! Looks like those people may have really been your friends, as you were all trying to project at that time and one of them even made it. Pity that they didn’t remember the incident, but similar things happened to me too. Once I met somebody I knew in the astral, and they told me things that they later confirmed in physical were true (I didn’t know about them before they told me in the astral), and yet they could not recall our astral conversation. It would be so great if we were all conscious all the time, wouldnt it? Then we could go and explore things and remember everything… Wishing you a lot of clarity during the day and night and hope to see you in the astral plane soon and to remember it! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing Roy – I wish more people were able to have this contact with ET’s and there was more direct knowledge about them rather than the prevailing fear. Like others said, your persistence is an important lesson for me to take away from this. I’ve only ever seen a ship in the astral/dreams, and more its light rather real nuts and bolts form, though I had a kind of telepathic contact with it too. I can imagine the surprise of seeing one parked outside your house!

  • Nice experiences Roy! Your perseverance with the last practice stood out to me most. I can also relate to how the yearning in a practice allows it to become much stronger. I also think that this yearning can be nourished throughout the day through doing the work Belsebuub describes.

  • Neat experiences Roy! I definitely would have been pretty excited to see an ET ship in my driveway. I’ve seen ships in the astral, but never an ET in person, and your story encourages me.

    It’s also interesting how you relate the feeling of flying through a tunnel as you left the body going towards the destination of your visualization. I only remember projecting out of the body with a visualization practice very few times, but during those times that same feeling of basically being where your body is and then moving tremendously fast, kinda like a teleport and kinda like being sucked to the place your visualizing. It’s different then the slow separation you might experience with other techniques and has always startled me back to my body quickly.

    I guess that shows the level of intent and will you need to leave your body at the speed of light (or faster!). πŸ˜€

  • I was just rereading your experience and thought how it’s so cool that it’s possible to make ‘Contact’ in this way, really. From our own house, alone in a room, shifting into another dimension… And then coming back having just seen, or even spoken to extraterrestrial life! To people from other planets. And then you’re back in your bed again, these things unseen, yet experienced by the person who ventured out there.

    Did you get any other impression from those two beings Roy? or any later encounters, or reasons they were there in the first place?

    • I like your description of how to make contact, and yet it is so unknown to the average person. I do feel meeting them can be limited by our own inner level. For example, when we are full of random thoughts and lower feelings, then we may not have the affinity with them nor the proper state to clearly communicate as our awareness is easily hijacked by egos. After my experience seeing them, I had a hunch that what brought them there were my efforts and sincere desire to have such an experience. Unfortunately, I did not see them after that.

  • Those are some inspiring encounters Roy, even though very brief. It sounds like the ETs “have you on the radar”. πŸ™‚

    I really loved reading about your second experience; your description of how your vision of the place was fading and getting far away, until it became just a little square surrounded by darkness. Similar things have happened to me as well in the past, whereby an astral scenery around me would start to darken until all I could see was just a little circle, similar to looking through binoculars.
    It is great that you were able to put yourself back to the scene by deep “relaxation breath” and then focusing on your goal again. The flight through the “stars tube” also sounds exciting, how amazing that there are all these techniques and ways how we can reach our goal when we let ourselves to be guided by our intutiion and don’t listen to any defeatist voices. Even after you came back, startled by those 2 curious ETs, you could have possibly still tried immediately again and who knows what would have happened…

    • I agree with you Lucia, Belsebuub provides a lot of techniques to experience more of reality and then there are so many different ways the experience can turn out. Each experience is in that way is unique. It did take me a bit of time to build my concentration and have the faith and determination to stick with the practice. Like you said, if I would have given into defeatism, I would have never gotten this experience.

      I did try to give it another go and see if I could project again, but the excitement prevented me, so it felt better to stop it and to try it again a later time.

  • Wow! Very inspiring Roy.

    I liked how you persevered, and believed, and wanted to go for it. Great that you managed to make it it out, even despite the sudden change of the out of control mind. That deep breath sounds so very nice btw, I think I need to seriously make a better effort at relaxing…

    I can imagine two extraterrestrials beings being curious as to what you’re doing. I sometimes wonder if we’re the out of the ordinary ones with our lack of control over our own psyche!

    • I sometimes think that too Karim, that we are the odd ones out there in the universe. Recently, I watched a video about the effects of the use of social media and the internet on our attention span. Research showed that in the last 15 years along it dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. Considering that astral projection needs a certain amount of focus, this is pretty unfortunate.

  • That sounds like an interesting encounter Roy. It’s good that you were able to go past the thoughts that wanted to convince you that the practice was over, in order to gain that experience.

    I have to say, I chucked when I read this part: β€œI expected my car to be on the driveway but instead a flying saucer was parked there”! I guess it’s not the first thing you would expect to see when looking out of the window! πŸ™‚

    • Oh dear! A bit of an unfortunate typo there! I meant to say “I chuckled”, not “I chucked”! πŸ™‚

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