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Verifying Several Means of Protection in the Astral

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

Over several years of astral experiences I have had some experiences with negative entities in the astral plane.

Belsebuub’s work provided me with both the background into what these sinister entities are after, and methods of protection against them.

Here are a couple of experiences that took place one night that showed me the effectiveness of two of these techniques.

Verifying the Circle of Protection

This first experience took place when I was a student living in a residence hall on campus.

In the middle of the night I awoke feeling myself in the sleep paralysis phase, nearly projecting. I then had a small worry: what if I forgot to do the Circle of Protection around myself tonight before starting my practice? It’s a technique I learned from The Astral Codex.

Surely I’ll be taunted by evil entities. I decided the best strategy would be to draw the circle again, just to be sure I was protected.

I sang the Bellilin recitation to dispel any negativity first, and found myself more relaxed and even closer to falling asleep.

After the recitation, I then prayed to my Divine Father for the Circle of Protection to be drawn around me.

As I was making this prayer, I also began to see through my eyelids.

Around my bed, as I prayed, I could see a magical sparkling, green “curtain” moving around me in a clockwise direction.

This curtain was made of light, and it kind of looked like aurora borealis. Embedded within the curtain were the most beautiful and majestic sparkles, like twinkling stars, of many different colours and sizes.

aurora borealis-like astral projection circle protection
An example of Aurora Borealis. Public domain image found here.

They each seemed to have a life of their own. I observed this protective barrier throughout the process of creating the Circle of Protection, by which time I was already out of my body sitting on my bed in my astral body.

Once I was fully out of my body and the circle had been drawn, I couldn’t see it in as much detail save perhaps a sparkle or two. But since I had made it out without any negative encounters, I decided to go on exploring the astral plane.

I leaped out my window and landed on the sidewalk leading to the cafeteria. This lead to my next experience.

A “Friendly” Negative Entity and Recitation of the Cosmic Father

After I had landed, I turned my head to the right and one of my friends/classmates, who lived a few doors down, was walking out of the cafeteria. He walked up to me nonchalantly with a big grin on his face and said, “hey.”

I had serious doubts that this was actually my friend.

I didn’t think he knew about astral travel…

I thought it might have been an entity trying to distract me, so I responded with a different sort of greeting… I performed the Recitation of the Cosmic Father, also from The Astral Codex.

After completing the recitation, this being just walked away and vanished. I was expecting a more spectacular departure, but he was gone and I was then able to continue exploring, without distractions. I think that was an entity trying to distract.

Knowing the Techniques Work

I used to have many fears about what could/might happen to me when astral travelling, and with these experiences I’ve seen that it’s possible to be protected from evil/deceptive presences, which made me feel more secure in my astral explorations.

  • What you said about the circle of protection looking like the northern lights was so beautiful. It also makes me curious about the northern lights themselves. If there is a deeper meaning to them.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It makes me recall when I first learned about the recitations, and how silly I thought they seemed. But then I tested the recitation of the Cosmic Father in the astral and was so surprised when it actually worked! Like you said, it made me feel more secure while exploring the astral plane.

    • It seems almost anything we look at in nature has a symbolic significance or illustrates a spiritual principle. Your comment now really makes me wonder what aurora borealis means. It’s certainly fascinating physics with charged particles ejected from the sun interacting with gases in our atmosphere. I’ve only ever seen photos and one mediocre view when I was in an airplane. I’d love to see them from the ground in detail.

      It is amazing when we see these techniques work 🙂 It’s so easy to dismiss this stuff until we experience it.

  • Thanks Mike for the wonderful experience. It was inspiring to read. It is amazing that you saw the circle of protection as you did, and your description of it is beautiful. I have never seen the circle of protection like that, however I have often experienced a psychological calming after doing the recitations. This is a regular reminder that there is more going on than the five senses can tell me. All the best!

    • Those recitations are really powerful! I can really relate to the psychological calming effect of the recitations.

      I often feel the Bellilin is like a lullaby. It calms me down and helps me to sleep better. There’s definitely a lot more going on than the five senses allow us to perceive.

  • Beautiful insight into the circle of protection Mike! It made me smile how you said “I’d expected a more spectacular departure”; I’ve had the same reaction!

    It seems it only takes most people a few experiences that really confirm that these mystical practises and conjurations work for them to put their heart into it. Without this, it’s hard to go on; it seems like most people, including yourself, are given these glimpses when they first try to explore.

    Will enjoy doing the circle of protection even more tonight!

  • Seeing that circle drawn sounds beautiful Mike, would love to have been there 😉 I’ll keep your particular description in mind when drawing a circle of protection around me before going to sleep tonight.

    I can’t say I remember seeing the circle in an out-of-body experience, however sometimes when I’ve already got all lights out in the evening and visualise this circle strongly while drawing it, I can just about ‘see’ something there and it can feel very magical.

  • This was wonderful to read Mike, what a beautiful sight it must have been to see the circle like that!
    I really like watching the videos of Aurora Borealis too, and hope that one day this phenomenon will be explained fully.

    Also good on you that you didn’t get fooled by your “classmate”. It is interesting how in some occasions these entities don’t seem to disappear, but just walk away. Not sure what it depends on, but the main thing is they are gone. 🙂

    Also thank you for sharing about the circle being drawn in a clockwise direction. I must say I have always been drawing it anti-clockwise, but now will try the other way.

    • Yeah, I wonder what governs how a negative entity is taken away…

      Sure, give clockwise a shot, see how it feels.

      But maybe that was just the way the circle was being drawn for me at the time. And I’m sure our Divine Fathers ensure the circle is drawn in the “correct” direction, if there is one 🙂

  • Hi Mike,
    What an awesome set of experience 🙂
    I haven’t seen the circle of protection when I’ve done it myself, but I have seen it the recitation in action when it was drawn by another being in the astral when I was being attacked by negative entities – I wrote about it here. And like you, it was a bluish/lightish color, and the effect were immediate, but I wasn’t able to see the details as you did – it sounded so beautiful and magical – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, Geraldine. Thanks for your comment. I took a look at your experience and… wow! That must have been so incredible to see a spiritual being banishing a negative entity. Not to mention, of course, receiving a teaching.

  • It must have been inspiring to see the many elementals making up the circle of protection Mike – what a memorable experience! It’s good that you were able to question the appearance of your “friend” too. As you mentioned, the fact that the person disappeared as soon as you did the recitation indicates that it was likely to be a negative entity trying to distract you.

    • Yes, Michael, it was very memorable. And it has been very helpful for me in better visualizing the circle of protection when I ask for it to be drawn.

      Interestingly, over several months, that classmate and I became closer friends and he became interested in astral travel and lucid dreaming. I never told him about the negative entity story, though.

      • That’s a nice twist to the tale Mike 🙂 I can only think of three people, out of the hundreds I met when studying, who were interested in astral travel or lucid dreaming. So it’s nice that your classmate developed this interest.

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