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Questions and Answers on Out-of-Body Experiences by Belsebuub

These questions and answers were from the course on astral travel and dreams that Belsebuub created. Republished here with permission from Mystical Life Publications. Text remains copyright of Belsebuub.

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An Introduction to Astral Travel and Dreams
Relaxation and Remembering Dreams
The Process of Astral Projection
Concentration/Visualization on the Heart
Waking Up in the Astral Plane from Dreams
Mantras for Astral Projection
Dealing with Negative Entities
Astral and Dream Experiences
A Group Astral Exercise

An Introduction to Astral Travel and Dreams

Question from a course attendee: Is astral travel the same as lucid dreaming?

Belsebuub’s answer: Astral travel includes lucid dreaming and also travel after a conscious projection. It is being self-aware in the astral plane of the fifth dimension, knowing you are there. Lucid dreaming is essentially the same as waking up in dreams, which is explained in a later topic on this course.

Question: Can I move objects in the astral environment?

Belsebuub: You can move astral objects in the astral environment, just as you can move physical ones in the physical environment. The astral plane has its own astral matter just as the three-dimensional world does.

Question: Is it possible to attract the attention of people in the physical world and interact with them while I move about in my astral travels?

Belsebuub: You are extremely unlikely to be able to interact with people who are in the physical while you are in the astral. Although you can see the astral part of the person who is in the physical world, whether they be shopping, etc, because of the interpenetration of the different dimensions in the here and now. But they are different dimensions so one cannot be directly touched by the other, although they can influence each other. In the physical, three-dimensional world a person needs to have polyvision active to be able to see things from higher dimensions.

Question: Can I move forward or back through time to any period I wish? If this is so, can I go back in time and change events, like preventing myself from making a bad decision?

Belsebuub: You can move backwards in time in the astral, but only through files of nature and you cannot not truly go forward either. You cannot go back in time to change events because what you see of the past are the Akashic Records. You step into what are basically records of what has happened; you cannot change past events.

Although you can see events that are going to happen while in the astral (because events other than some accidents happen in the higher dimensions first and then move down the dimensions), it’s often not 100% certain that all of the events of the future that are seen there will happen because it is possible to change circumstances here in the physical world and that alters what will eventually materialize. Usually though things don’t change here and what is seen there materializes here.

Question: Is it true that only certain people can astral travel, and that it is the kind of thing you inherit ‘genetically’?

Belsebuub: No, anyone can learn to astral travel. Many people who have traveled, had never done it until taught how to.

Question: How do I ask for help from my guides when I am trying to project?

Belsebuub: Presuming that you mean beings that have awakened for light, you call the name of the Being or angel. For example, if you call the being Anubis, you call “Anubis, I invoke you” or words to that effect, over and over. You can also ask for help and guidance from your own Being.

Question: I was wondering if taking Prozac or any other antidepressants some how affect your brain so you won’t be able to astral project?

Belsebuub: Yes, they will affect your astral travels, making them more difficult. They affect the consciousness which needs to be as clear as possible and the mind, which needs to be as focused as possible and the emotions which need to be absent unless they are of a superior type.

Question: Can drugs (alcohol, marijuana, psychedelics) help you get out of your body?

Belsebuub: They can damage your astral body, make the mind and emotions more active and can make your consciousness more asleep, all of which are not good for continuing astral success, not to mention the spiritual work. Cultures like the Shamans use them for experiences, but they sometimes get experiences that look spiritual, but which belong to the dark side and they don’t realise it. I’ve seen their ceremonies in the astral plane and was shown they were in darkness. Any drug-induced experience can strengthen the dark side in a person.

Question: I just wondered if it was possible to meet with other human beings whilst astral traveling, either while they are astral traveling too or while they are awake and their friend has come to see them by astral travel?

Belsebuub: Yes, you can meet with other human beings whilst astral traveling, but to talk to them meaningfully they also have to be conscious in the astral plane. Otherwise, if you find them and they are dreaming they will often look like drunken people. They are unlikely to recognize you although they may remember seeing you in a dream. You can see people who are awake in the physical world because you see their astral part, but you cannot communicate with them because they won’t be able to see you (unless they have polyvision).

Question: Can reduced daily eating help out-of-body experiences?

Belsebuub: Some people say that they find OBE’s easier when they eat lightly, however the main problem people have with astral projection is that there is a lack of concentration. All you need for astral projection is concentration and sleep, so how much you eat shouldn’t have much of an affect. Having said that, it is not so good to try an astral exercise or to go to bed after a very heavy meal because if it upsets the stomach it can take you into lower parts of the astral. You need to be careful about eating less, fasting and so on, because it can cause other problems. As long as you are eating sensibly, I suggest you keep your regular eating pattern and continue practicing in order to improve your concentration and OBE experiences.

Question: I really want to learn how to do this but I am scared that when I do start to split that I will become frightened and will not get to enjoy the experience.

Belsebuub: That fear is only natural to start with, but you will overcome it as you practice. And even if you do become afraid when you split the first time, in retrospect you will cherish the experience because it is so new and magical, and it will confirm the reality of it for you. Then after that you will be able to approach it with more stability, and it will become better and more magical if you persist and understand it more.

Question: I am very interested in gaining spiritual knowledge through astral travel but is it also possible to gain knowledge on any other subjects while out traveling? Information we can use in the physical?

Belsebuub: Yes, you can; the astral plane is a source of all sorts of knowledge. But bear in mind that much is taught there through symbols too and that you are not alone when you go there.

Question: If I astral travel, is my body sleeping and resting so that I will wake up refreshed as always, or will it be tired after you start traveling?

Belsebuub: Yes, if we astral travel, the body sleeps just the same as normal. So when you wake up, you feel refreshed the same too because the vital or etheric body charges it up while we sleep.

Question: After starting to travel, will you be able to return to normal sleep?

Belsebuub: Once you start to astral travel, you need to keep doing the exercises to keep going there, otherwise very little usually happens and the sleep goes back to normal. At the end of traveling you usually go back to your body and wake straight up in it, or the astral turns into a dream and you wake up the next morning remembering usually that you have traveled.

Question: What’s the difference between an out-of-body experience and astral projection?

Belsebuub: Out-of-body experiences cover all experiences of being out of the physical body in the astral and higher planes, while astral projection refers specifically to projecting out of the physical body into the fifth dimension.

Question: When you project, why can you still see things on the material plane?

Belsebuub: When you project, you are not seeing actual physical matter but the astral part of what is in the physical world, because everything that exists here also exists there.

Question: Is there ever any chance I won’t be able to get back to my physical body after I’ve been astral traveling?

Belsebuub: No, we are attached to the physical body by a silver cord that always brings us back. We go to the astral every night when we go to sleep. The only difference with astral traveling is that we are aware of the fact that we’re in another dimension instead of dreaming and not being aware of it. In fact, you usually get pulled back to your body too soon; the hard part is staying out there.

Question: Is there any chance that someone else could get into my physical body while I’m off traveling in my astral body?

Belsebuub: No, there is no danger of that happening. You are attached to your own physical body by the silver cord, so only you can get in. That is, unless you decide to become a medium or to channel, in which case all kinds of negative entities can get in without you knowing (not recommended).

Question: What is the best way to get rid of an unwanted attacker while trying to leave the body?

Belsebuub: Assuming you are talking about an astral attacker, to deal with them properly you need to use the recitations, which are explained later on the course.

Question: Can other beings within the astral plane sever the silver cord?

Belsebuub: The cord is severed by divine beings when the appointed moment of death arrives.

Question: What is the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection?

Belsebuub: The difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection is that you project from your body during projection, while in lucid dreaming you become conscious that you are in the astral from a dream. Sometimes though, in lucid dreaming the dream images can distort what is there. But as long as you are not affected by those you can be in the same place and do the same things as if you had projected there.

Question: My friend who’s interested in astral travel told me that while out of the body, if there is a spirit around your body while your spirit is away, traveling, it can take over your body. Is that true?

Belsebuub: No, a Spirit can’t take over your body like that.

Question: I am just beginning to do the exercises and looking forward to astral travel (hopefully). I’m curious whether I can go to a place that I want to in the real world when I astral travel. Say if I want to go to an exact place at an exact time, is it possible?

Belsebuub: You can travel to any place in the physical world but you will see its astral part, not the physical one, because you are in a different dimension and see the things that are there. The dimensions intermingle and everything that is in the physical has an astral part. We have an exercise at the end of the course where students meet up in a place, so you can try that if you want to precisely find out.

Question: Hi, I have read and heard lots of rumors about things you can do while astral traveling e.g. go back and forward in time. So I was wondering, would you be able to come into contact with departed relatives or loved ones through astral travel?? Any information on this subject would be appreciated.

Belsebuub: You can go back in time, because it has already happened and everything is recorded in Akashic files. The future is different, some events may be instigated by divine Beings or may be known to them and we can get information about those events in premonitions before they reach this dimension.

So we can sometimes see or be in things that have yet to happen. Sometimes though our actions here can change the events that were going to happen.

You can come into contact with departed relatives or loved ones through astral travel, because a recently deceased person is in the other dimensions. But you mostly see their personality, which is what would usually be the part most recognizable as the person. You can talk to them and they recognize you.

Question: As my family lives far away, say for example I get the feeling that my sister is unhappy or in trouble and I want to check on her. If I become adept at astral travel, can I travel in my astral body to where she is located in her physical body, unaware of me, and check that she is alright? In other words, can the astral body travel through the physical world and, although it is obviously removed from the physical, still view the physical plane as it exists in physical reality? Or is everything you would experience in the astral body necessarily ‘false’, i.e. if I told myself I wanted to go see my sister and suddenly I was there next to her, asleep or whatever, is that my real sister in her real bedroom at home in the real world or is it just a dream ‘vision’ of my sister?

I’m just wondering because sometimes I worry about her so much and would like to check on her in this way, but if it is ‘false’ and just a dream then what is the point?

Belsebuub: Yes you can travel in your astral body to see the real her if you are consciously in the astral and your psyche and therefore your perception is not being altered by your subconscious (the egos). You will see the astral counterpart of her physical body. She will be unaware of you unless she is traveling too, but she may remember seeing you in her dreams if she is dreaming herself.

Everything that exists in the physical world also exists in the astral, so if you throw a shoe on the roof of your house in the physical for example, you can go and see where it landed in the astral. Then you can find it where you saw it if you check later in the physical.

Question: Now another question that kind of follows from this one. Say I go visit my sister and she wakes up while I’m there, will she see me? Is the astral body visible to those not in the astral plane? Or will she maybe ‘feel’ my presence on some other, non-visual, intuitive level? If I speak to her, will she hear me, or will my voice enter her mind as thoughts?

Belsebuub: It’s unlikely that she will see, hear or feel you. Things are taking place in the astral all the time and they are normally not perceived.

That’s not to say however that it can’t happen, because there are many latent psychic faculties that would allow it to happen. These are increased with the correct techniques, but normally she wouldn’t perceive anything.

Question: I just wanted to know if there are any rules that we should follow when in the astral. I don’t want to get there and do something that will offend anyone or anything!

Belsebuub: Although you can use your commonsense and intuition, you need to know much more about what’s happening in general to know what is best to do and what not to do. Other courses in this series will explain more about this.

Question: If you went to the astral and saw something like a building that only existed on the astral, and you described it to me and then I went to look at it, would I see the same thing as you or is the building represented to us based on are own individual experiences and thoughts?

Belsebuub: Different people can see the same thing in the astral because things do exist in the astral and you can see what is really there. But things can also be put there just for one time, for a teaching for example, or they could just be projections of the mind. That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to learn about the psyche and to be free of the subjective projections of the subconscious, of the egos, if you want to have clear and objective astral experiences.

Relaxation and Remembering Dreams

Question from a course attendee: I was aware that I was in bed, but I was also sitting at the foot of the bed and a being swathed in black (very deep black) came in the room. At first I was rather interested, then fear took over and as it approached me I started to fight it. I remember while doing this, I could not move my real body. I continued to fight and try to speak, but was paralyzed. I finally woke up. This scared me quite a bit. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Belsebuub’s answer: Experiences like this are quite common and are well recorded in history. You were paralyzed because you were in the transition period between being awake and asleep, and so did not have movement of the physical body.

What you perceived coming towards you was possibly a sinister entity, taking advantage of your lack of movement. There is nothing to be frightened about though. They can be there at any time; it’s just that you were aware of its presence then. Later in the course you will have a technique that you can use to get rid of anything like that.

Question: Maybe it’s beginner’s luck. Last night, I had two lucid dreams, including a flying dream. In the first, I was aware I was dreaming and able to direct it. I was able to focus sharply on things and even read small text, which didn’t make much sense. In the second, I was able to fly where I wanted, for a while at least.

My question is – what does this mean? It was a nice experience, and I will try to duplicate it, but what context is there for this and what is the next step? Also, doing the first exercise of remembering the dream before completely waking up has helped me to retain a good bit of it, though a lot has faded.

Belsebuub: You are being helped to learn about the astral by spiritual beings or by your own Being. If you or anyone makes real efforts to try these exercises you can get a good deal of help.

The next step is to continue with what you are doing and to try the exercises that are going to be given with a lot of patience.

The Process of Astral Projection

Question from a course attendee: Are factors like noise (young kids), position of sleep, sharing a bed and age, linked to your ability to astral travel?

Belsebuub’s answer: Noise and sharing a bed can distract you, but if there is no alternative you have to get used to it and concentrate so that you don’t notice it. The position of sleep is the one that you find works best or is practical, but lying on the back works best for most people. Age makes no real difference; it only exists here, but children are less burdened by their egos than adults. As one becomes more involved and caught up with life, one becomes more psychologically asleep, however, this can be reversed and the ability to travel can be increased beyond what it was in childhood.

Question: Since I’ve started this course I have tried astral travel a few times. The closest I got was a sense of a small deep black kind of void in front of my closed eyes. This seemed to get larger/deeper filling the whole room. As this happened I would feel (rather than see) ‘flashing lights’. However, I would still be aware of things like the TV on or my kids playing in another room. In fact, if anything, I would be even more aware of these distractions. Then everything would go back to normal. Does this sound like I’m on the right track? Also when trying this I was very aware of my breathing, which sort of distracted me. Should you breathe deep or shallow?

Belsebuub: You are getting distracted by things. By learning to concentrate on the exercise, you will forget about the distractions. You should also forget about the breathing if you are not using it to project with.

Question: When you astral project, how conscious are you of the experience? Would astral projecting be as conscious as being in the physical body?

Belsebuub: Yes, it can be. When you astral project you are conscious of the experience, just as conscious as being in the physical body. However, there can be times when it is a bit dreamlike, but these are the exception.

Question: Could I have projected and taken off in flight even though trying to move at the time was impossible? I have also flown before, by the way. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences. You come away feeling 10 years younger and so relaxed.

Belsebuub: Yes, you could have eventually projected and taken off in flight when you found that you couldn’t move. Normally if you can’t move, you just wait a little longer and you drift up a bit and can get out, or you could try to see if you could get out by rolling over on your side, then out of bed. But struggling and sharp movements can easily wake you up in the physical.

Question: When do you know it’s the right time to try to get up and travel?

Belsebuub: If you notice that the astral body is moving about independently of the physical body; when, for example, parts of the astral body are moving, the head lifts, a leg rises up, the hands or fingers are moving etc. Then, take a chance and get up gently and naturally. When you get up, jump so that you see if you can fly, to check where you are.

Sometimes you just rise up a little way and you may not feel as though you have projected, but you also need to get up to check. Other times though the projection is obvious, or you already find yourself in the astral.

Question: When I am trying to astral travel, I get all these sensations. My mind is fully awake and I feel that my body is dense and unable to move. Am I supposed to fall asleep and then wake up? I have been unable to astral travel.

Belsebuub: You need to continue with your exercise and keep trying patiently every night until you get it, because you are making progress.

You will also do better to pay less attention to the sensations and to concentrate upon the exercise regardless of what sensations are taking place.

You also need to forget that you are falling asleep. Just relax and make sure that there is no anxiety or tension; you can often feel that you are still awake when you have actually projected. So continue with your exercise until there are definite signs of projection itself.

Question: I enjoy the lectures a lot and especially the last one. It led me immediately to an astral travel again; the best and most convenient one I have had. It was my first but short flight. I have been practicing one year now to consciously project and my efforts were sort of forced, uncomfortable, experiments. I have had many questions, trying to solve all of them by myself, which was not easy. So I consider this course truly precious. The questions that had been torturing me mostly are:

1. What kept me mostly worried was the lack of control. Why don’t I have control of the movement of the astral body? In the first months it was very difficult to move the astral body; I was mostly floating above the physical body. Only after one year I started walking a little and flying, and spending more time astrally.

Belsebuub: It’s because you need to increase your level of consciousness. This will increase with the exercises on the course and the whole esoteric work. It also improves with experience.

2. Why can’t I see clearly?

Belsebuub: Again it is due to the level of consciousness/awareness, but it can also be due to the interference from an inner state (ego) or an outside entity. If this happens again use a recitation (another topic) then you will see more clearly, if this was the problem.

3. What is the reason and the purpose of those loud sounds which resemble the sound of a bird flying? The grosser the sounds the more painful and difficult it was to detach the astral body. Also, there are strange sensations to be felt on the body, as if streams of something flow, especially on the side of the neck and at the base of the spine (a very uncomfortable push). Sometimes it feels as if the astral body raises slowly upwards and sometimes it feels as if it withdraws from the lower to the higher parts of the body and then leaves through the head.

Belsebuub: You need to be less caught up with the sensations of the body and more detached through concentration. There are symptoms, such as a noise when separation takes place between the bodies, or when the various elements of the subconscious detach and enter the fifth dimension, but worries and thoughts about noises and various sensations can exaggerate them, and it can ruin the exercise. So it’s better just to stick to the exercise you are doing (for example, if you are on the heart, concentrate just on that, or a mantra etc) until the moment you are out. Even if you are coming out, don’t get caught up with what is happening or the sensations – continue the exercise. And yes, you can go out either way – straight up or through the head.

4. A usual problem was to get stuck in the body and only a few parts detach. It’s a real struggle to detach completely.

Belsebuub: If a few parts of the body detach, slowly and naturally get up because the split has already taken place.

5. It is very confusing that when I walk astrally through the house I open the doors normally. How is it possible for the astral arms to touch and open the material doors? Doors which are closed physically seem to be open and vice versa.

Belsebuub: You can open the doors because they are in the astral and are made of astral matter, just as we can move things in the physical world with the physical body.

6. When is the best time to astral project? Usually, I am a little scared to project in the night (perhaps a childhood fear of darkness) so I project during the day, which can be done only during holidays though.

Belsebuub: You can project at any time – you just need to sleep. Many people have a great success with an afternoon nap, particularly when they are not too tired when they try. The night has its own advantages though; the atmosphere is quieter and more conducive to mystical things. You do need to overcome that fear though because it’s a waste not to be able to project fully at night.

7. In the night I see very poorly, which is a problem. On the other hand, I wonder how I see and perceive the light since the astral eyes don’t function with the light as the physical ones. Is there any way to perceive the places and objects more clearly, with more light?

Belsebuub: The astral eyes see astral things just as the physical ones see physical things, so you can see things just as clearly there as here. Clarity in the astral is due to the level of consciousness/awareness, the interference of entities, psychological states and what is being shown. Also the consciousness can be woken up by spiritual beings when they need to teach or show something.

Question: I’m currently doing the course and had an interesting experience last week that has given me quite a lot to think about. I would appreciate your thoughts and any advice you may have regarding this matter.

Firstly, and quite fortunately, simple self-observation is something I have been practicing for over a year now and can appreciate how self-awareness here would translate to the astral.

About six months ago, I recognized I was having recurring dreams. One night I was even able to redirect a dream by thinking, “No I’m not going there tonight,” and I didn’t. These are not bad dreams or nightmares by the way.

After last week’s lecture, when I went to bed I was beautifully relaxed, concentrating on my heartbeat, when suddenly I thought “(main content of dream)” and that instant the buzzing symptom began with great intensity. It was quite remarkable. (Although I am quite familiar with the buzzing sensation, I find it really uncomfortable and I am trying to work through what I believe is fear, which prevents me from completely separating.)

I dislike the buzzing sensation so much that, in this instance I put my fingers in my ears in an attempt to dull it. After a short period of this I gently returned to my heartbeat, and with great hilarity realized that it was my astral body with which I had tried to block my ears, etc!

To me, there are two issues that stand out; one – the thought connection to a previous dream event that clearly became a trigger to commence separation, which has never occurred with me before, and two – (although I haven’t got to your lecture on intuition) the feeling I get is that there is something I need to learn further by dealing with this dream/issue in the astral, even if it is to simply determine whether it is additional egos making mischief.

Fear, avoidance and denial seem to be the obvious egos in this experience. So, if for the time being I set these aside, my curiosity and enthusiasm is fired, fear allayed, and I have room to develop more courage needed to actually separate, hopefully with the potential to learn something, which I feel may just hold something of deep significant importance to me.

Thank you for providing simple access, and presenting this and other spiritual matters with a responsible approach.

Belsebuub: The decisions you make in the physical regarding what you are going to do in the astral translate into the astral that very night, so you may find yourself doing or not doing them, depending on what you decided.

Concentration on the heart is a very powerful exercise. If you have been very relaxed and concentrating on your heartbeats, it is very likely that your concentration on the heart triggered off the steps for real astral projection, to the point you were out of your body and closed your astral ears. You simply missed the separation as you may have drifted in and out of sleep.

There is certainly a lot to learn from dreams; it is very good that you are using your intuition for your dreams. It could be the case that in that dream you are being shown aspects of yourself, or something that you need to be aware of. That is something for you to decipher with the help of your intuition and looking into your life as you live it.

Fear of the unknown is very common in life. There were a lot of things in life that were the subjects of our fear, but we got on with them and now we do not even remember to be afraid of them. Think of a piece of fruit that you do not know of, would you eat it? Your answer would be “no”, but a person who knows the fruit will eat it and even enjoy it with no thought of fear. Experience and knowledge help a great deal with that type of fear. Having some initial courage you can begin to open many doors.

Question: Every time I try to astral project I lie there for a long time and I feel things, but I never seem to make it.

Belsebuub: You need primarily to develop concentration. If you are feeling all sorts of astral sensations, try to get up out of bed like you would in the morning. It’s not always true that we project into the air when we split. We sometimes split but remain on our bed, feeling like we are still not split. So then, you need to carefully get out of bed and take a little jump to float – you may get a pleasant surprise.

Question: I get to the point which I believe is right before separation, but I still see only blackness. Then I start worrying about my eyelids and wonder if I am supposed to somehow see through them upon projection.

Belsebuub: This is a common problem. You won’t normally see through your physical eyelids. If you are in the astral you need to open them. Very occasionally when trying to project we can suddenly seem to ‘see through our eyelids’, but then we are in the transition period between the two dimensions – the physical body has its eyes shut and the astral body is seeing. This passes when the full split has taken place.

Try not to confuse the functions of the two bodies: the physical body and the astral body. Once you feel you have separated, I would suggest firstly getting up out of bed carefully as you would in the morning, perhaps just sitting on the bed and then open your eyes just as naturally.

Question: When I try to relax in bed and concentrate, I almost always fall asleep. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need more practice? One more thing, my episodes of astral travel that just happen often happen if I have stayed up much later than normal and am very tired.

Belsebuub: It is very common to fall asleep as the exercise begins. This is because your mind needs to be trained to be on one thing. Otherwise, you fall asleep with the initial thoughts, which then become dreams immediately. You just need more practice, and as you practice the exercises more, you will learn to go further into the transition period between wakefulness and sleep. It is in that transition period that conscious astral projection takes place. Sometimes, if you are in that transition period you may think you are awake, but in fact you could even be snoring with a very light sleep, so that you cannot even hear yourself snoring.

Sporadic astral experiences can be the result of being helped spiritually, so that you learn to do it by yourself and in this way, you are taught and encouraged.

Question: Whenever I practice the exercises I never seem to fall asleep; when it doesn’t work I just get up. Does this mean I’m not relaxed enough or am I too aware of what’s happening?

Belsebuub: In astral projection it usually means that you need to develop the ability to focus the mind on one thing. If you do, you will find that you are able to actually attract sleep.

Question: I think I had my first astral experience. But I cannot be sure it was astral travel. Is there a possibility of dreaming of astral travel? The reason I ask is because in the middle of the night I sort of ‘woke up’ and began to feel the vibrations. I thought, “OK – this time I’m going to concentrate on my heart beat.” Sure enough, the vibes got deeper and more powerful and I felt I had projected (I had visualized a circle of protection before also).

After flailing around in my astral body unsure of how to use it for a few moments, I was able to get up and walk around the house. I did the recitation of Jupiter everywhere just in case. Then I tried to go outside my window and I was unable. I thought, “Enough of this – I’m doing it” and took a run and jumped through the wall in my living room, and ended up sort of flying outside. I tried to fly to my girlfriends’ house, tried to fly a little way down the road. This is where my memories stop.

My question is that it wasn’t nearly as vivid as I’d been led to believe or expected it to be. Also, it happened in the middle of the night, some time after I’d fallen asleep from trying the exercise. I can’t be sure I was fully conscious, and even during the experience it felt like I was a little out of it. Do you have tips or explanations? Also – how do I make the experience more vivid, like daily consciousness or even more so?

Belsebuub: It is good to see that your efforts are paying off. It was an astral travel experience and you did very well in your first go.

The technique of the concentration on the heart helps with astral experiences generally because it is the Chakra (a sense of the astral body) that helps astral travel and is an important spiritual center. You can get benefits from it not just of projection but also by being woken up in your dreams, or having a very vivid dream with very useful information for you own work, or you can be woken up in the middle of the night to try again and you took advantage of the latter.

There could be many reasons why your experience was foggy; one is that you need more experience. As you try more and more, you will get better at it. However, you need to get more experience in daily awareness of the moment and your level of consciousness needs to increase in the physical world for your experiences in the astral to be more vivid and clearer. Some people experience a vivid astral projection as a help, so that they know what it is like, but in your case you have been given information in the experience itself to do more than just try the technique for astral projection. That is, you need to make efforts to do the exercises like the jump for waking up in dreams, which will help you make the experiences more vivid and more conscious.

However, ultimately, the information on the Searching Within course and the Journey to Enlightenment course will enable you to have astral projection experiences far beyond what you can imagine. And more importantly, you will be able to acquire esoteric knowledge that will be given to you because you got there consciously and by your own efforts.

Question: How do I get my eyes open when I’m in the astral?

Belsebuub: It is quite common to be unable to open your eyes at the beginning, as you are not used to the astral plane or your astral body. This, as when the astral is dark even if your eyes are open, can also be due to the state of the consciousness (which is not clear or lucid enough at the time), or due to the influences of negative entities or negative inner states. There are techniques called recitations that are given on this course, which you can use which help to get rid of those negative influences.

Question: This question might sound a little bit weird. I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with astral projection or not, but before I astral projected for the first time a few months ago, I heard singing. It was a woman singing, although I couldn’t make out what she was singing. It was as if it was far away in the distance, and it was definitely not outside my head (this sounds weird), but I had to listen inwards to hear it. Do you know what this means?

Belsebuub: You can hear sounds from the other dimensions; this is called clairaudience. You usually hear them in the transition period between wakefulness and sleep. It indicates that you were probably assisted in your projection.

Voices of a different kind can also be heard in that transition period before going into the astral or sleep; these come from the various parts of the subconscious (egos) when they are leaving the physical body to go into the fifth dimension. They sound like shouts, moans and babble. These were not the ones you heard at that time, but it’s worth knowing about if it happens to you in the future.

Concentration/Visualization on the Heart

Question from a course attendee: Every time I try to astral project it’s really easy for me to relax my whole body. Then after I get the vibrations I always seem to make it to the point of the split, but then immediately my heart starts beating really fast and intensely. I always try to ignore it but it’s too intense to ignore. It feels like my heart is going to blow up out of my chest! This usually stops me from making the split (although sometimes it’s my chattering mind). I know for a fact that my heart doesn’t beat like that because of any emotions like fear or nervousness, because I’m always very calm and concentrating hard. It’s like a physical thing that comes out of nowhere. So is there any reason why this keeps happening and how do I prevent it?

Belsebuub’s answer: Try sticking to concentrating on the heart – then it doesn’t matter how much it beats. Once you get used to doing it then try it with the other exercises. If there is no emotional state involved it will go back to normal.

Question: Should we keep trying to concentrate until we eventually fall asleep? I just started the course and I’ve been concentrating for about 15 minutes then giving up and going to sleep on my side. I have the time to do it longer, just never have. Also for some reason, I just cannot visualize the heart for more than five seconds… I can concentrate on my heartbeat but it’s a quiet beat unless I take deep breaths. Any advice is welcome thanks.

Belsebuub: It is best to increase it gradually. If you are comfortable with 15 minutes then go on to 20 and so on. In this way you are going to train your body and mind at concentration very well, and you are not going to be disrupted by discomfort of any kind.

It is normal to last very little time concentrated on the heart. This is because the mind is not trained to focus on anything for long at all. You will see that as you carry on with your exercises regularly, your span of concentration will increase.

Going into the details of how your heart looks like through visualizing it, naturally increases the heartbeat. Try this; it works very well.

Question: I’ve been trying to astral travel several times now and I can feel myself getting close. I’ve even had some of the experiences mentioned in the lecture, but before I get anywhere I lose concentration on my heart either because my heart rate becomes more shallow and it’s really difficult to concentrate on it, or I become distracted by my own breathing. Can you please give me some advice on what to do?

Belsebuub: It helps to imagine the heart; then you can keep focused on it better. With practice you don’t lose it like this.

Once you feel the heart beating then visualize and concentrate on the heart, forgetting about the breathing, letting it return to normal. If you think about breathing at any time, go straight back to the heart. Eventually with some practice, the distraction from the breathing will subside. It’s a small ego that is affecting you.

Question: I’ve tried to astral project numerous times and still no success. I can relax my body to the point where my body is tingling, almost as if it has fallen asleep, like what happens when you sit on your foot for a long time, but after that nothing. Sometimes, this feeling gets really severe and my body feels like it’s contorted into odd positions even though I’m just lying on my back. This also is hard to explain. One time, while I was trying to project, I was in steady relaxation for about 15 minutes and during the other five minutes my body felt like it was sideways even though I was lying on my back. Is this my astral body moving, or am I doing something wrong? Are there any dietary precautions I should be taking?

I have the same problem about the heartbeat being too faint and becoming obscure because of the breathing. Should breathing be a conscious effort? I mean like, 1…2…3…4, hold…1…2…3…4.

Belsebuub: Once you relax, you need to concentrate on the exercise without paying attention to the sensations that are happening.

When your body felt like it was sideways even though you were lying on your back, your astral body had already split. This was your astral body moving, although other parts of the astral body can also move separately from the physical body. Next time, slowly get up from the bed and you can find yourself in the astral. You were not doing anything wrong – you were very close.

As far as dietary precautions go, the main thing is not to eat a heavy meal before you sleep.

When the heartbeat becomes too faint and obscure, you should visualize it and you will find it again. Once you do, then return to normal breathing. With practice you don’t lose it like this.

Question: Sometimes, when trying the exercise, I start feeling a heaviness, almost a pressure in my head and I start feeling as if I am being tilted in a circular motion and I feel dizzy. I can carry on, but I have never got beyond this and I never feel as if I have fallen asleep. Am I doing the exercise correctly? Also, can you concentrate on breathing? Because sometimes breathing blocks the feeling of the heart beating.

Belsebuub: If you feel as though you are being tilted and are moving in a circular motion and this is quite noticeable, you can try slowly getting up from the bed to see if you are in the astral, because you may just catch the moment after you have split. But if you are not quite there, it’s important to concentrate on the exercise you are doing: that focusing of the mind will bring about the split.

If you are concentrating on the heart, forget about the breathing; let it go on normally and stay just with the heart. You can concentrate on the breathing alone as an exercise if you want to experiment with that, but remember to stick just to that. Don’t switch between it and the heart or anything else, or you may easily spoil the exercise.

Question: I tried relaxing my body. The heartbeat was there and I could feel my heartbeat even shake the bed in rhythm, but when I tried to project there was nothing. Are you asleep when this happens or are we in that in-between stage of sleep and awake? Maybe I’m trying too hard.

Belsebuub: It’s not that you are trying too hard, but you are getting too physically involved with the heartbeat. You won’t then be able to sleep and sleep is needed for the projection (watch you don’t get emotionally involved either, with tension for example).

Make sure you carry out the relaxation exercise first of all. Then concentrate on the heartbeat, but relax into it. Try also to visualize the heart a bit more when you do it. You may find that other exercises like mantras help you to relax more into the projection, until you learn more about how it works.

Don’t give up on the heartbeat though, because with a bit more practice you could get somewhere with it. It can take a lot of patience and persistence to get it.

We are in that in-between stage of sleep and wakefulness when the splitting of the astral and physical bodies takes place, but as soon as you have projected, the physical body is asleep.

Question: I keep practicing the exercise, except I place my hands on my chest to better feel my heartbeat. Should I do this? Also, my heart does beat faster and faster, but then it feels like I have to fight to breathe, which usually breaks my concentration. What should I do?

Belsebuub: First of all you need to get your hands off your chest, because it is distracting you and you are becoming too involved with it.

Secondly, as you start the practice relax and go gently into the practice. When you begin to feel your heart beating, carry on as though your heart has always beat that way and keep your concentration on the practice. Then, you will feel the first signs of astral projection.

However, once the signs appear again you need to be concentrated in the practice and not get involved in what is happening. This is very important, because with your excitement or your fear you either get stuck at one point or the exercise will come to an end.

Keep going – you are not very far from achieving it.

Question: I just tried the heartbeat exercise. I asked for divine help to keep my mind clear and focused, to keep negative influences away, and to assist me in projection. I laid down and relaxed my body twice. Then I focused on my breathing. First, I felt the beating in my ears. Then my feet up to my calves tingled and the tips of my hands. After that, I was hearing the beating in my chest. Then I felt this circular motion in the center of my chest near my heart, my feet, and my hands. Then I only remember waking up; I didn’t get to the jumping part. How am I progressing? What was this? Was it just in my mind or what? Should my eyes be open or closed?

Belsebuub: You are getting there; you were splitting into the astral when you woke up.

Try to keep going with the exercise no matter what is starting to happen to you due to the splitting. Watch out for emotions too because they can easily wake you up.

You should have your eyes closed, as sleep will arrive better and you are less likely to be distracted.

Question: How do you know when to stop concentrating on your heartbeat and know you’re out of your body?

Belsebuub: When you actually lift up out of your body.

Question: Since I heard in the lesson about concentrating on the heartbeat, I tested it nearly every day. In the evening I always fall asleep, so I tested in the afternoon, which gave me some more results, but I only get some of the first things you describe – beeps in the ear and feeling heavy. Are there any other techniques, which are a little more effective?

Belsebuub: It sounds as though if you keep continuing with this one you will get some results. There are exercises that suit some people better than others however, and as you go through the courses you will get different ones. It’s a matter of trying them and being very patient.

Question: In general I have always been a light sleeper and maybe that is why I am finding astral projection difficult. What is the most important feature in reaching the astral: sleeping on the back, listening to the heartbeat or relaxation? I never sleep on my back, but I am trying to train myself. I am also blocking outside noise, but I haven’t made much progress. Is the main point of listening to the heartbeat to block out the subconscious thoughts and day dreaming so that they don’t mask the astral?

Belsebuub: You should try to get all three right. You can be in any position that is comfortable, but lying on the back is the most effective one for most people. The thing that helps astral projection most is concentration, concentrating fully on the exercise that you are doing. That is why it is important to practice it with the exercises on this course and to concentrate upon what you are doing during the day.

Question: I have been doing the concentration on the heartbeat exercise. I have been doing it and all of a sudden, a rushing to the head feeling happens and then I feel like I am floating above my body. It is quite a pleasant, releasing feeling. I can’t see anything but black. I still have my eyes closed. Should I try opening them or will that break the exercise?

Belsebuub: You should open your eyes when you reach that stage, because you have already gone into the astral. It will only break the exercise if you do it before you split.

Question: I’ve tried to concentrate on my heart in both the lying and sitting positions, but I am getting no joy. At moments I can feel it ever so slightly flutter, but mostly I can’t feel a thing. What am I supposed to be sensing? Am I supposed to be sensing anything? If however, I hold my breath, I do feel it pounding in my chest. What should I do?

Belsebuub: You need to be visualizing the heart, even if you can’t feel it very well. The more you do this, the more you will gradually begin to feel the heart. Later on you will feel your heart as soon as you concentrate on it, but getting visualization right is the key to it. Maintaining the visualization will enable you to project with this technique.

It is important to practice visualization for at least 10 minutes a day; the more you do it, the more you will explore your heart and get interested in what the heart is esoterically. Visualization will also help you in any other astral exercise that you do, because you learn to focus the mind.

Waking Up in the Astral Plane from Dreams

Question from a course attendee: How do you know the difference between getting into the astral plane by astral projecting or by waking up in a dream?

Belsebuub’s answer: The difference is only in the way that you get into the astral plane. You can be in the same place from both methods; it is only the way that you get there that’s different. With projection, you go straight into the astral plane from the physical body (which you leave behind). When you wake up in a dream, you have missed the projection, but are still consciously in the astral plane.

Question: I’m not sure if this was astral projection. At first when I went to sleep at about midnight or so, I was dreaming already, then I realized I was lucid dreaming. Then, when I kept on trying to get out of my body, I started feeling pains – in my dream. Then I lost that and I started dreaming again. This time I was lying down in bed trying to project because I knew I was dreaming.

Suddenly, I popped out of my body and I was just floating in the air in some brightly lit sky somewhere. I tried to will myself to go into my sister’s bedroom. However, it felt like I was being pulled there and the candles in her room allowed me to see her dresser. After that brief pull, I was pulled outside of my house and it was just me and the night sky. Then I suddenly found myself in my body again at 12:30 a.m.

Please tell me if this was astral projection. I’m so positive that it is because I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Partly I doubt my experience as being a projection because I didn’t get to have what people call spherical vision. Maybe that comes with practice. I’ve been thinking about it all day so any feedback is appreciated.

Belsebuub: Yes, you were in the astral plane. When you get pulled to a place like that it is generally because you need to be shown or experience something there. When a Master is called in the astral there is also that pull (experienced by the Master).

Forget about having spherical vision or trying to perceive in a certain way, because that can make you create things from your own imagination that are not really there and make you lose the astral, turning it into a dream or bringing you back to the body. It just becomes a distraction; it is best to be simple and clear in the astral.

There are different faculties and senses that enable us to perceive what we cannot see with the eyes, but you really need to develop them here in the physical world.

Just try to be aware while you are there. Then any faculties will be naturally activated.

Question: In the astral, whatever you want to happen happens, I think, but I’m not a hundred percent sure about that.

Belsebuub: It is not the case that whatever you want to happen happens. You can however imagine things in the astral and they will appear. They don’t really exist there though, they are projections of the mind and with them you can soon fall into a dream and lose awareness of the astral. It is better to be clear of those projections so that we can actually see what is there.

Question: I read about the ability to become anything, like a room or a flame or a chair. Do these things happen in the astral, or is that something else?

Belsebuub: You can imagine things in the astral and they become real, but it is not advisable because then you don’t see things as they are and you can miss out on teachings.

Question: How much practicing did you do before you finally did it? I can’t seem to get there with these exercises. I have projected before but it happened accidentally. I am starting to think that I am doing something wrong. Is it because I am too tired when I do try?

Belsebuub: I had been developing awareness for six months before I tried astral projection. I didn’t know about the astral plane before then, but because of all that training in awareness I managed to project first time.

So far, we have given just one basic exercise of projection, but there are more. It can take a lot of practice, time and patience to do the things necessary to achieve the astral.

Try doing the ‘jumping’ exercise and pulling your finger during the day to get yourself to wake up in a dream. It is a very simple and effective exercise. If you are too tired, you can have difficulties projecting; the mind finds it difficult to focus then and sleep arrives so quickly. The remedy is to conserve your energies by being less in the egos during the day and to go to bed when you are not so tired.

Question: In my experience, I tend to wake up from dreams either before the split or after. Is it normal to have dreams before the split?

Belsebuub: You can have dream images before the split. You are getting into the astral but are missing the process of projection.

Question: Opening my eyes ended two of my experiences in the astral. Should I not do this in future?

Belsebuub: Yes, you can open your eyes without losing the astral, but try not to be absorbed in what you see. You should watch your egos in the astral because feeling nervous and the like can bring you back to your body.

Question: I think I did it! When I was dreaming I suddenly thought, “Am I dreaming?” and realized that I was. Then I felt suddenly happy and free like I do when I am trying the awareness exercises in the daytime. However, as soon as I realized it my body started to feel fuzzy and vibrating and the place where I was dreaming disappeared and I felt as if I was waking up. I panicked because I thought I was seeing my room and my eyes were opening, so I told myself to keep in the dream, but then I must have fallen asleep again. Was this waking up in dreams? Why did I then wake up properly and how can I stop this?

Belsebuub: Yes, you did wake up in a dream. It often only lasts for a short time as it did for you. Then you wake back up in the physical world or lose self-awareness in the astral and merge back into a dream. This is usually due to a lack of awareness and consciousness, although heightened emotional states such as panic can also bring you back to the body. It helps if you can hold on to astral matter while you are there and to stay as naturally aware as possible, removing any egos (emotional states for example) that arise.

Question: I woke up in my dream and I thought, “Hey, this is a dream, now I should be able to do whatever I want.” So I tried, but nothing happened. Is it possible that I didn’t actually wake up but just dreamt that I did and that’s why I couldn’t do what I wanted, or is there something you have to do before you can actually do what you want or astral project?

Belsebuub: You did wake in your dreams, but the idea you have about astral projection threw it out.

What you really need to do and should have done is investigate that plane and seek knowledge there. If you improve internally and become more conscious, then you can learn things that you can’t even imagine at this moment because the mind is a basic tool in comparison with what you can know through consciousness. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time there.

If you wake in your dreams again, try finding out how that dimension works. For example, what happens if you jump? Are things really as solid as they are in the physical plane? Then try to push through something that is solid and you will see for yourself what happens. Learn to investigate things; then you will discover much more.

Question: I knew I wasn’t in the astral, but I thought that lucid dreams were where you could make anything happen. When I did jump in the dream I started to fly and then I woke up.

Belsebuub: Lucid dreaming is an unclear term. When you know you are in a dream then it is an experience that is taking place in the astral plane. Don’t waste the opportunity by trying to make things happen, you will only see what is in your subconscious if you do. Rather, be aware of what is there – it will help you to stay out longer too.

Question: A week ago, I was driving when I saw something strange and for a split second, I thought I was dreaming. That night while dreaming I was driving and again saw something strange (a distortion of the windscreen). I thought that if I could concentrate on the distortion, I would see what was really there. At this point I realized I was in the astral, but it was short lived. As I was driving in the dream when I woke, I thought I may have been driving in reality and nodded off at the wheel, so I panicked to find my body to make sure it was still okay – whoosh! back in my body, which of course was sleeping in bed. At least it is a start.

Belsebuub: Yes, that is a good start. Don’t forget to pull your finger and jump in the day. This will increase the chances of waking up in the astral.

Question: Lately I have tried to be more aware in my everyday life, focusing on seeing things in the present time rather than thoughts or emotions. Doing this I have realized I am remembering more of my dreams when I sleep and I am seeing more deja-vu scenarios of dreams or places I felt I have been before.

One night about a week and a half ago, towards the early hours in the morning (still dark outside), I felt I woke up within my dream state. This was quite unusual, but what made it more unusual was that as I woke within my dream. I could see a dark shape of something that I can’t really specify, but it was about 20 cm in height and 5 cm in width and there was a number of different rainbow-like colors outside of the darker shape.

In this state of mind, while I was sleeping, I felt this was the stage for me to try to astral travel so I tried to leave my body. As soon as I tried I snapped back into my body and was wide awake. I later learned I probably should not have willed my self out of my body, but let things take place by themselves.

I would like to know whether this sounds like the right process for astral travel or was I in dreamland seeing things? If that was a complete and utter load of nonsense, could someone explain to me what might have happened?

Belsebuub: By waking up within a dream state, you were already in the astral. There is no need to try to leave the body if you become self-aware in a dream. You should have tried jumping to make sure you were there.

If you see anything strange like that object again, use the recitations, which will be given later in the course. Then you will be able to get rid of any kind of negative influence or entity and will (along with your intuition) be able to tell if something is good or is negative.

If you have just gone into the astral, don’t try to will yourself out of your body – actually get up slowly. As it was, you were just pulled back into it.

Question: I have had a couple of experiences where I was in a normal dream, all of a sudden noticed something really out of the normal and suddenly realized, “Hey, I’m dreaming.” However, after this, I quickly lost control of the scene, and rather than being able to look at the images, it all became swirled together, and then I woke up.

Is this control something that happens with practice, or should I be doing something else to keep from losing the images and waking up? I am discovering with the exercises of awareness during the day that I am remembering more of the dreams that I do have during the night and I am continuing to do the finger pulling/jumping exercises.

Belsebuub: It is a very common experience. What you need to watch is that you don’t get too excited when you get into the astral. If you keep working upon your emotions during the day, you will find in the future that the experiences will be clearer. Just keep persisting with it – you are on the right track. Keep learning and you will see that you are able to stay in the astral for longer.

Question: I was finally able to wake up in a dream after a day of relaxation exercises. I practiced the relaxation exercise and after a while, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found myself in a city (I don’t know where). I knew I was in a dream so I walked a few meters and I jumped with the will of flying and flew into the sky. A second after, I noticed a black bird that I passed and then fear arose in my whole body (although I’m not afraid of black birds in the physical plane). I hastily returned to my body by thinking and moving my body parts. I noticed that the time in my dream was the same in the physical but only advanced a little.

Belsebuub: It’s very important to overcome the fear. This is done by gaining experience in the astral, by learning to use the recitations and by doing the esoteric work which will be explained later. You get fear when the energies are weak, but it goes away when they are strong. When you get the information on the recitations later in this course and you see anything like that which makes you afraid again, you can conjure it to make it go away. Then you will get the confidence that you can deal with things in the astral plane.

Yes, it is true that time is different there than it is here, because there we are in eternity when we are in the fifth dimension. But whenever you are shown the time in the astral, you need to pay careful attention to it because the numbers of the time will give you an indication of how you are doing spiritually (there will also be more about this in another topic).

Mantras for Astral Projection

Question from a course attendee: Part of the problem with the mantras is that I cannot pronounce them aloud. I think I will continue with the heart concentration exercise for now and wait for a few weeks until my wife is working nights for a week to try mantras.

In any one night does it matter if I swap around between the heart and a mantra i.e. go to sleep concentrating on the heart and then waking up later to try a mantra?

Belsebuub’s answer: If you can’t pronounce it aloud, but you still want to use a mantra for projection, just pronounce it mentally. It doesn’t really matter if you swap around in one night between concentration and a mantra if you already have concentration, but it will help to develop your concentration and your ability to experience the exercise if you concentrate on one for a while, because then you can learn more about it. Bear in mind that continuity is usually important in developing any astral exercise.

Question: In my home office I have a comfortable armchair giving support to my back and neck. Is it possible to project while sitting relaxed in a chair and concentrating on my heart during the day? Sometimes I will have opportunity to try this, but I just haven’t bothered to date because I thought it wouldn’t work.

Belsebuub: You can project from any position as long as you can concentrate on the exercise and can sleep, although lying on the back is the position that most people find works best.

Question: I tried the exercise in the afternoon by saying the mantra Tai Re Re Re and I felt really heavy, swirling movements and a sense of dizziness. This increased when I visualized my astral legs moving, etc. However, I then got up and I was still in the physical, but I still felt the sensations quickly when I tried it again. Am I getting close and is it alright to visualize the body separating? Am I trying to get up too quickly? Should I leave it for a longer time?

Belsebuub: You are getting close, but you shouldn’t visualize the parts of the body moving. You just focus on the mantra and they can begin to move by themselves. Visualizing the body moving is part of the same problem; it distracts you from focusing on the mantra and can disrupt the exercise.

You are trying to get up too quickly: you should leave it for a longer time, until either the body parts begin to move of their own accord, or you begin floating upward.

Question: If there are three words in a mantra, do I sound each word in the same tone? Does it matter whether I do or not?

Belsebuub: Yes, sound each word in the same tone. It will be evenly repetitive and will then work better.

Question: In a previous lesson you said that if you stop practicing the concentration exercise you would lose what you have built up very quickly. If I swap to using mantras for the next week or so, will I loose what I have built up in concentrating on the heart? Should I alternate nights, or do they complement each other?

Belsebuub: It’s just about alright because you are still concentrating on the mantra, but continue with the concentration/visualization exercises that are a preparation for the astral. Try those at other times during the day and they will help to build up or maintain the concentration.

Question: I have a lot of periods during day where I am free for 5-10 minutes (I can be sitting, but not lying down). Are there any simple exercises you can recommend that will help me improve my ability to astral project?

Belsebuub: You can do a basic concentration/visualization exercise that will keep your concentration going for the astral. Take any of the concentration/visualization exercises on this course. For example, look at an object carefully, then close your eyes and recreate the image in great detail; when you lose it, open your eyes again and repeat the process.

Question: Seeing that I share a bed with my wife and she is a light sleeper (don’t think she will be too impressed if I wake her a few times a night getting up to see if I am in astral), is there any less obtrusive way to check, i.e. pulling my finger when I am lying in bed? Also, I will not be able to say a mantra aloud, will this affect my ability to astral project significantly?

Belsebuub: You can try pulling your finger while you are still in bed to check and wait for sure signs of projecting before you try to get up in the astral. It’s only around the first seven times that you pronounce the mantra aloud, so saying it mentally still works – it’s just a bit more difficult.

Question: If you are doing a mantra exercise during the day, I assume you should keep your eyes closed. Would it be of benefit to wear an eye cover to block out light? Will concentration on the heart exercises work equally well in the daytime?

Belsebuub: Most people find that just closing the eyes is fine, but there is no problem using an eye cover to block out the light if you feel that you need to use one. Concentration on the heart will work in the daytime. There are more mystical energies at night, but a projection exercise can work at any time.

Question: I have heard that you should visualize Pyramids for Fa Ra On, but I am going to use La Ra S (I like the sound of it). Is there anything I should visualize for this one to make it more effective? When you say to concentrate on them, do you mean to concentrate on how they sound or the “feelings” they invoke?

Belsebuub: You don’t have to visualize Pyramids for Fa Ra On, it’s just an option. You can do La Ra S without visualizing anything. You concentrate on doing the mantras without thinking about how they sound or feel.

Question: Can anyone tell me what it means to trill the “R” in the mantra La Ra S? My first language is French, so does it mean to roll the “R” as we do in French?

Belsebuub: I think it would be like the French, but I don’t know exactly how that is pronounced. The “r” is trilled in many languages, although I am not familiar with most of them. I know that it’s trilled in Welsh and in some Arabic languages. Just check with the sound files included with the course and you’ll be able to tell.

Question: Every night, I practice the mantra Fa Ra On until falling asleep, but I find it difficult to project with mantras. I am not used to it but I will get used to it and practice the techniques given in these courses. I just hope it will work some day.

Belsebuub: If you persist you can find that it eventually works, but everything takes practice to achieve. As an alternative with the mantra Fa Ra On, pronounce it while visualizing the Pyramids, as real as you can. Look at a picture of the Pyramids beforehand if you think it will help.

The physical pronouncing of the mantra aloud shouldn’t go for long or you may not attract sleep. When you are doing a mantra internally, do it softly, so that you attract sleep.

Question: I was just wondering, when I projected before I had my vision and my head was out, but when the feet and hands came out, everything was dark as though my eyes were still closed. If I were to have gotten up at this point, what would have happened? Would I have had my sight? It felt like the bottom half of my body was out and the top half was still in the physical. Is that possible?

Belsebuub: If you got up at that point, you could have projected, even though it was dark, because the bodies were already separating. It may or may not still be dark often depending on your state.

If you get into the astral and it’s dark, you can use something to clear it called a recitation, which I will explain about later on this course.

Question: I have found that when I do any of the concentration practices in order to project, after a while I get absolutely freezing feet! I never experience cold feet at any other time, except when I am practicing these astral exercises and the longer I do the exercise for, the colder they get. It has got to the point where I have to wear ski socks every time I do a practice and my feet are still cold! Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know why this might be?

Belsebuub: Yes, the body gets colder as we fall asleep. We normally don’t notice it, but if we try to astral project, we go much further into the process of sleep and are aware of the increasing cold. Some may be more affected than others.

Question: I don’t have a clue if I’m saying the mantras at the right speed or tone.

Belsebuub: The ones with elongated vowels are pronounced slowly for as long as each breath lasts; listen to the sound files included on the course carefully if you have access to them and practice the mantras with them.

Question: Well I think I had my first experience, but I’m not sure. It scared me to death though. I was lying on my side saying the mantras aloud and as I felt more relaxed I started saying them mentally. The heartbeat was really noticeable too. Well, I felt myself trying to roll over and get up, but at the same time I was scared and yelling “no” and for someone to help me! It was like a force was pulling at me but the fear I felt was unbelievable. I even found myself trying to grab my hubby’s arm beside me to keep from leaving my body. Then I woke up.

Was I almost there or was this something else? I have never experienced anything like this before. I was aware of everything during all this. Also, I read that once you have the ability to project, you can visit any place you want to go and even go see loved ones that live far away. Is this true?

Belsebuub: Yes, you were there; you had split and were leaving your physical body. If you hadn’t been so afraid you would have gone right out into the room in the astral. You learn eventually that there is nothing to be afraid of; the fear of the unknown can be strong in the beginning. Fear generally is what we call an “ego.” If you learn how to get rid of them, then this will gradually remove fear.

Once you are in the astral, through whatever means, you can travel to most places.

Question: I read through the article and exercise on the mantra Egypto. I have been doing it for one week now when I go to bed with only little results. That was until last night. As I was doing the mantra Egypto I fell asleep. Then I woke up and realized that I was separating from my body, and it seemed like I was in some sort of weird trance. I was conscious and was having trouble separating from my body. I was reaching, pulling on anything I could reach for, scared and confused. I forgot everything I was taught in the previous lessons about how to handle these situations.

The thing that scared me the most was that before my eyes a big teddy bear appeared sitting in my chair and turned and looked at me. This scared me so much that I screamed to myself to wake up. It took a little while but I eventually woke up scared. I was not scared because something threatened me—I was scared of the unknown, scared because it took me a while to come back to my body, scared because this was actually happening. After all that happened I told myself after I woke up that I will never try to astral project again. Now after I thought about it, I realize this is a gift and I should use it. Tell me, how can I overcome my fear of the unknown?

Belsebuub: There is a fear of the unknown that you can overcome with experience. Fear generally can be overcome with the removal of those negative inner states (egos); this gives an inner strength.

The teddy bear may have shown you that in the state you were in, even the most harmless thing was causing you to be afraid.

Remember though, that negative forces use fear to stop any astral investigation. If you give in to them they will have won, but if you don’t, you will find a whole new world opening up for you. The recitations on this course will help to deal with them.

Question: I’ve been using the mantras now every night since I got the lesson. The first night I felt like my foot twisted up and started to wiggle about, and I don’t think it was my actual foot, as I didn’t seem to feel any resistance from the bed covers. The second night I felt my thumb suddenly jump up as well. Then I felt the sensation in my feet disappear and this slowly worked its way up though my legs, then my hands and up my arms. Does all this sound normal? Am I on the right track?

I get an itching feeling on my face and other places like my back and neck, what is that? I try to refrain from scratching but it just gets too much and I can’t focus on the heart when it happens.

Also, I can’t seem to stay still when I wake up—I always move. Any advice on how I can stop moving first thing in the morning?

Belsebuub: Yes, it’s normal and you are on the right track, but when your foot twisted up and your thumb suddenly jumped up, you should have slowly got up, because the bodies had already split.

Itching like that is very common in the beginning and is highlighted by an ego, a subconscious state. If you go back to concentrating on the exercise, it will reduce and go away. Then you find at future times it is not there or goes away easily. Ignore it. The body is trained with practice: you just keep going and eventually you will get there.

Dealing with Negative Entities

Question from a course attendee: Are there also other ways of dealing with negative entities besides the recitations and circle of protection? I have heard that if you mention Jesus’ name these entities disappear.

Belsebuub’s answer: Pronouncing a spiritual beings name can work, but not always for all people. You will find it effective to use one of the recitations on the course, bear in mind that negative entities of darkness can even appear in disguise as a spiritual being when you invoke a spiritual being in the astral plane.

Question: Are some of these entities created by us from negative habits like negative thinking or even smoking?

Belsebuub: These entities are beings that have awakened in evil. However, there are entities that are created by people, called larvae. These predominate in places where there is a lot of emotion, where egos predominate, for example in a room where there has been a lot of anger, lust, or drunkenness. These larvae harm the astral body.

There are also the parts of the subconscious that affect the astral, which we call egos. These are various elements such as anger, pride, fear, etc.

Question: When you dream about a negative creature, does that mean that in the astral there is a negative entity that is working on you? I had a dream about a vampire bat and it flew down and bit me in the left shoulder. It felt so real and I couldn’t get it off of me. I woke up and my shoulder felt funny. Was something doing me harm in the astral and I just didn’t realize I was in the astral?

Belsebuub: Yes, it can be, they do attack at night like that and bats in the astral can also have associations with black magic. But animals attacking can also symbolize egos that are attacking.

Question: While creating the circle of protection, do I also have to say the statement three times or is only the circle to be created three times?

Belsebuub: You have to say the statement three times and draw the circle three times as well.

Question: I understand that negative entities not only affect us in the astral, but the physical plane too. Can we use a recitation and the circle of protection in the physical plane also to keep negative entities away?

Belsebuub: Yes, you can also use the recitations and circle of protection in the physical plane to keep negative entities away if you feel you need to.

Question: Will the circle of protection keep negative entities away from only me, or will it protect all the persons I work with?

Belsebuub: The circle can protect everyone inside it as long as no one goes in or out of it and breaks it.

Question: Can I create a circle of protection for others even if I am not in the circle? If I can, what will be the statement?

Belsebuub: Yes, you can draw it around others even if you are not in it. You say everything the same as when you draw it around yourself except that instead of asking it to be drawn around yourself, you ask for it to be drawn around the people.

Question: Since my Lord is Christ (not the lesser god, Jupiter), how am I going to protect myself when I astral travel?

I cannot, therefore, invoke Jupiter for protection using the Jupiter recitation because I don’t believe in lesser gods. Can I invoke Christ for protection instead?

Belsebuub: Jupiter is another name for the ‘Father’ and he is very important in Christianity, he is part of the divine Trinity. These are just names for the same thing; it’s not worth getting stuck over them. If you stick to the rigid confines of a religion you will not be able to progress esoterically. If you want to be an esotericist you have to ask yourself what you really know and whether you only want to believe, because experience is needed to discover the truth. If you try this recitation you will see that it works, but use the ‘Father’ if you don’t want to use ‘Jupiter’.

Question: As I lay in bed, right before the astral split, in the moment of paralysis, a form descended on me in my bed. I fought out of fear at first and tried to fight it off, but I felt nothing there. Then finally I felt an arm wrap around me and I touched it (in my astral body). It was not threatening, but benign and unthreatening.

Last night I laid upon the couch and drifted off. At the moment of the split, and the paralysis, I felt an animal that seemed like a cat, jump upon the couch and lay upon me. I tried out of fear to smack it away but nothing was there, only making myself move to regain bodily control. This repeated over and over until I let the fear go and then I could feel it. I was feeling it with my astral arms, not the physical ones.

The first step is in learning how our astral bodies are different from our physical, and that we don’t move them the same way. I am learning, albeit in small steps, but the most amazing thing about it is that someone is helping me, showing me things. I am slowly but surely going down a new road and I am growing into much more than I was before.

Belsebuub: There are negative entities that use that very common astral experience known as sleep paralysis to frighten people and put them off the astral and esoteric things. They sometimes take the shape of animals; it could be that this is what you are seeing. To check this, use the recitation all the way through and see what happens to the entity.

Question: Since this lecture, every night before I hit the pillow, I have used the recitations in the house and asked for a circle of protection around the entire house. Although I have not knowingly experienced anything that would indicate I needed to protect my house in this manner before now, I try to be diligent and practice what I’m learning.

After forgetting to use the recitations and draw the circle one night, everything you said came true and I have no hesitation in heeding every word of advice offered on this subject!

As I said, I have never knowingly been troubled by negative entities before, but it seems that now they know what I’m up to, they really are out to annoy me!

Belsebuub: Yes, they really are there. There is a huge war going on between the forces of light and darkness. Most of this is unknown to the average person.

Question: Having the right tools is enabling me to observe aspects of fear and have the potential to deal effectively with each issue that arises. I agree that ultimately there isn’t actually anything to fear—it’s just a matter of proving it to myself, which gives me solid confidence.

In your experience, is an individual’s level of spiritual development likely to be tested to the same degree by negative entities?

Belsebuub: The more we progress spiritually, the more the negative entities attack us and try to stop us. They see us then as people who are getting away from their grip and who begin to pose a threat to them.

The further into the light we go, the more the darkness comes against us.

Question: I am glad to get these tools. I have had several friends who have become very involved in the psychic without really having any interest in the spiritual work that must go along with it. Without an exception, they have all been negatively influenced by it within a couple of years. I was interested in such things at first myself, but was always more interested in self-awareness and knowledge than in the psychic and other “parlor games.” I had a situation a couple of years ago with a friend who had developed her clairvoyant skills fairly highly, and had put together an informal class dealing with different topics. I didn’t take it too seriously and out of curiosity decided to attend.

I had been working with awareness and self-knowledge, but didn’t take seriously the need to protect myself. One night I attended her class, but in the early hours of the morning I was awakened with a strange sensation. It’s very difficult to explain the sensation, but similar to an extreme shame or ego attack.

Now, I’m not prone to huge bouts of shame or anxiety, but not knowing what was going on I didn’t halt it soon enough. After a while, I realized it was an attack, and I was able to stop it immediately, but, not soon enough and by the time I woke up, I was physically sick. I literally felt de-energized for months.

It taught me a very valuable lesson/s though. Don’t set yourself up for these attacks. Protect yourself. Practice awareness. Don’t be where (if you can help it) these influences are being called upon. I wouldn’t go around classes such as that, for anything.

Belsebuub: You are quite right about those entities and about dealing with them and avoiding harmful places.

Self-knowledge is a vital basis for development, because the esoteric path is all about inner transformation, but it is important to protect yourself psychically.

Question: I was just wondering whether these recitations are things that must be said aloud, or may be said silently in the mind.

Belsebuub: You say them aloud, because the word has strength and because then you do it aloud in a dream or in the astral too and it has more power there.

It depends on the situation in the physical though, because there are many times when you have to pronounce it silently.

Question: At one stage I remember rising slowly towards the ceiling from my bed. Then all of a sudden I heard a very evil growl right beside me. It was what I thought at the time to be my cat, but my cat is only a kitten and I remember thinking “This can’t be my kitten making such a noise.” Anyway, I remember this growl was stopping me from fully projecting and then it was simply over. Does this sound like a negative entity? I didn’t really feel scared at the time because I thought to myself that this isn’t real and I said for it to go away. But then I felt it was quite over-powering and I didn’t succeed to project.

Belsebuub: Yes, it was a negative entity. If you had used the recitation then it would have gone away. As it was it succeeded in its attempt to stop you in the astral. Next time you will have learned from this one and will be able to get rid of anything negative that appears.

Question: Is using the circle of protection and recitations around newborn babies beneficial in saving them from the harm of negative entities and their egos from previous lives?

Belsebuub: Yes, it can be beneficial to protect them from outside evil entities, although they are much less susceptible to attack than adults because fewer of their egos have manifested and their consciousness manifests more.

Question: Is there any shield of protection that moves with you, without breaking, to protect you from sinister beings?

Belsebuub: There is a work with an elemental of a Century plant (Agave Americana), which gives a more all-round protection.

Question: Last night I resumed working on trying to astral travel in accordance with this week’s assigned practices and I have had some success! I began by doing the recitation and casting the magical circle and then I recited the mantra Fa Ra On, which I haven’t tried before.

I must have gone straight to sleep, but after about an hour I found that I was awake in the middle of a dream and began walking around and doing things as though awake! While walking around I found that I was able to walk through things. It was then that a bad entity attacked me. I was grabbed from behind. I turned around and saw that it was non-human—possibly an ego as I think I have seen it before. So I applied the Jupiter recitation and it worked! After saying it three times the entity disappeared. Then I did some flying.

I still haven’t been able to astral travel straight away by rising out of the body, but continue to work on it. However, I have succeeded in remembering and using the recitations so I am feeling pleased.

Belsebuub: That’s good. Keep working toward astral projection like this and it’s likely to be just a matter of time before you get it.

Question: I have had experiences where I was threatened by beings. In these experiences I seem to be conscious that I am dreaming/in the astral when I am threatened. I still feel unclear as to when it is an experience in the astral, or whether it is my subconscious producing these experiences. Is there a way to tell?

Belsebuub: You get to know whether something is real or whether it is a projection from the subconscious with progress in the elimination of the egos (the elements of the subconscious). If you do these things then experience and your intuition will also assist you.

In any case, you should use the recitations if you see any negative entities and are aware enough to; then you will get rid of them.

Question: While trying a practice of astral projection, I saw dark shapes (shadowy, dark clouds) moving around the room. In fear I snapped out of the practice feeling very scared.

Belsebuub: Fear is something that can be overcome. The negative things you perceived could have come from your subconscious, although they are more likely to be negative entities in the astral. To deal with them in future use the recitations.

Astral and Dream Experiences

Question from a course attendee: On a recent astral experience, I was taken somewhere and I was shown some things I did not understand at the time. The first was of what appeared to be an ancient wall. On this wall were round objects that upon closer observation became scenes of different people and different times. The only thing that comes to mind is the Wheel of Samsara. Was this an esoteric symbol to teach me?

Belsebuub’s answer: Yes, this very much sounds like symbols that were used in the astral to teach you. If you don’t understand them now, remember them very well, so that later if you continue this work and your capacity—your consciousness increases, along with the information that you get from these courses, you will find that you can understand the things which seemed to be obscure in the beginning.

Question: The other night was the first time I have ever consciously got up in the astral. I made the conscious decision to gently roll out of bed. I wasn’t even sure it worked, but then it was as if the lights came on and I was somewhere else. I took that little jump and floated along effortlessly through walls and any object. I went through a plate glass window and hovered above the trees. I did not know where to go since I did not know where I was.

This confusion brought me back to the comfort of my bed. I went back in the astral several more times as I often do, but when I tried to pass through a different wall, I thudded to the floor. Is this common? What was holding me back the next few times? It was as if the walls were solid!

Belsebuub: The problem with the wall was your mind; doubts cause that problem. Push into the wall with your hand so that it starts to go through; then follow through with the rest of your body.

Question: I’ve heard that you should be careful when shape shifting in the astral because you could come back with a part of that animal and start developing some of its wild characteristics. I would really appreciate your comments on this. Is there danger there?

Belsebuub: No, you can’t come back as an animal by doing that; what you are doing has nothing to do with the process of birth and death. You would do best to forget about shape shifting because it is a projection of the mind. Go into the astral clear of that and get some real spiritual teachings.

A Group Astral Exercise

Question from a course attendee: I wonder, is there a connection between the three Pyramids at Giza and the three mountains? Also, the Pyramids had golden tops. I wonder if there is a connection there with something to do with the crown Chakra?

Belsebuub’s answer: Yes, the three Pyramids do have a relation to the three mountains. The Pyramids contain many messages and have many symbolic uses. Amongst them is their use as a place of inititation; they are still used for that purpose today in the fifth dimension, where ceremonies of initiation take place for those who are being initiated on the mountains of the path to the Being. The top of the largest pyramid represents ascension; the gold top represents the triumph in initiation and the gold of the spirit. The Egyptians had a great esoteric knowledge, which mainstream archeaology today doesn’t really study or understand.

Question: In many dreams I become lucid and can make sentient decisions i.e. I want to go to Egypt. It’s just that at that point things often get messy and I wake up. I’m not sure why, but when I become lucid and decide just to watch the dream and interact minimally, the dream never lasts as long as I would like. How can I extend these experiences and gain more control?

Belsebuub: The problem is your idea of interacting minimally. You need to act more intuitively and in a more normal way there. When you get caught up in thoughts it can become messy in the astral world.

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