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Verifying the Astral Plane with a Toy Car

Experience submitted by Kevin Kaland

One of the most memorable astral projection experiences I’ve had happened somewhat unexpectedly one morning. I had been practicing astral projection regularly after taking the courses by Belsebuub, so the fact the experience happened wasn’t too surprising. It was what happened during it that amazed me.

As I mentioned, this was in the morning. I don’t remember exactly how I astral projected, but I sat up in my bed knowing that I had done so. I got up from the foot of my bed and looked around.

It must have been about 6 or 7 AM in summer, and the morning light was streaming in through the windows vividly. The calmness and beauty of the scene struck me a bit.

At about that point, I was surprised that I hadn’t already returned to my body and that it seemed so easy to remain out of body. I didn’t dwell on it, though, and decided to make use of it to experience something new. I hadn’t flown or floated much in my astral experiences at that time, so I decided to combine that with something else I had done a couple times — going through walls!

I climbed back over my bed with the goal of floating down to the backyard through my window, and I did just that. I could feel myself slowly floating down, and it was here that a simple but surprising part of the experience took place.

As I was floating down, I noticed a toy car from years ago near the shed in a place where it had been for a while. I figured that it was an image from my subconscious showing up in the experience and was certain that the thing had been moved or wasn’t there anymore.

Public domain image found on Pexels (edited).

As I touched down on the backyard grass, I gently woke up from the experience. One thing I wanted to do quickly was to confirm whether or not seeing the toy there was indeed something made-up or not.

Well, wouldn’t you know it — the toy car actually was there! It was just as I had seen it in my astral experience. It goes without saying that this had quite an impact on me and, whether I realized it or not, showed me that the astral plane was most definitely not a fantasy world.

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for sharing this experience. It was really nice to read and could get that sense of the vividness and tranquility of the astral.

    It’s also quite amazing how you were later able to discover the toy exactly where you saw it. One would wonder if it was arranged for you to do that experiment and receive that confirmation.

    All the best!

  • I like your eagerness to verify if the car was there Kevin. When many things can be projections from the subconscious, this check and to dought before I think are quite important.
    Thanks for sharing

  • I can imagine how you felt Kevin when you confirmed to yourself that the astral plane is real.
    This is probably the most amazing thing about Belsebuub’s work.

  • Nice experience Kevin! I agree, walking through walls and flying are two of the coolest feelings when in the astral – but mostly, it’s that extra-refined sense of beauty and calmness, like you describe.

    Great you got to verify your experience like that! I wonder if that toy car had any deeper meaning for you, like something associated with the happiness of childhood? It’s been amazing to me in the past how little objects, or pets, that I have almost totally forgotten, come to me in dreams with a huge emotional significance attached to them!

    • I never quite got the knack of walking through walls when lucid in dreams Ella. I always seemed to lose consiousness and slip back into the dream world. I wonder if it’s something that other people have found tricky, or if it was something specific to my own experiences.

  • Thanks for posting Kevin!

    Reading your experience reminded me of the same time when I was just learning astral projection. Everything seemed secondary and in the evenings, nights, and mornings I would try to relax, feel the sensations of the astral plane, remember dreams, and like you – try to experience floating or something new in the astral.

    It is wonderful to get a renewed remembrance of this time.

  • What a neat experience Kevin, thank you for sharing! I could almost feel the beauty of that early morning that you have described. 🙂 And not only it had that lightness and beauty about it, but also proved to be quite practical and objective in verifying something real.

  • That sounds like a nice experience Kevin. Especially that little moment of tranquility when the morning sunlight was shining in. I’d take moments like that for granted as a kid, but now I see more how precious and special they in fact are.

    I wish many more people had experiences such as yours, and also that they had the appropriate information to know what was going on. Otherwise time can easily brush the reality of it away.

    • I used to love those tranquil moments as a child too Karim – watching the sunlight shining in through the window and feeling at peace.

  • That’s a nice experience Kevin. It’s amazing how something so simple and child-like could provide the verification you needed that the astral was real.

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