Experience submitted by Zorana Scheffers

For our wedding, my husband and I were very much inspired by the ceremony laid out on Belsebuub’s website which incorporates a lot of symbolism for the spiritual work a couple can carry out in the quest for enlightenment.

The ceremony itself turned out to be beyond what either of us hoped for, and even nowadays we marvel at the special moments we perceived throughout it and the presence of some kind of forces of light.

Afterwards, for several days in a row, at night I had conscious out-of-body experiences of flying amongst the stars. In some of them, I experienced heightened states of joy and happiness — feeling the beauty in being alive and awake in a higher realm, then waking up to the wonderful sense of being on a kind of magical journey.

Upon noticing this pattern, I wanted to supplement the experiences and build up more momentum by committing to a specific astral practice before bed or very early in the morning. The technique I used was concentration on heartbeats (one of my favorites), a practice Belsebuub mentioned in an earlier edition of The Astral Codex.

I would lie in bed, relaxed, very still, and concentrate only on each beat of the heart. Sometimes I would start to feel the beats in other parts of my body, like the arms, feet, and I would try to concentrate on them fully wherever they were. Practicing this a few nights in a row, I saw how much easier it became to feel the heartbeats, since in the past it would take longer to really get into the practice and feel the heart properly.

With this method, I would feel the splitting sensations and go out of the body many times in one go. I noticed that around dawn was a really productive time. After a few successes with it, it was very exciting to explore the practice further and see what worked and what didn’t.

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Other times, I would realize that I was dreaming, wake up entirely in the astral and simply start floating towards the stars and observe my surroundings in child-like joy.

Since this was happening many nights in a row, it strengthened the feeling that I was a visitor here rather than there in the astral.

Each time after waking, I felt like these experiences charged me with a renewed sense of purpose and strength towards my spiritual goals.