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Starry Nights after Our Wedding Ceremony

Experience submitted by Zorana Scheffers

For our wedding, my husband and I were very much inspired by a ceremony laid out on Belsebuub’s website which incorporates a lot of symbolism for the spiritual work that can happen between a couple.

The ceremony itself turned out to be beyond what either of us hoped for, and even nowadays we look back at the special moments we perceived throughout it and the presence of some kind of force of light.

Afterwards, for several days in a row, at night I had conscious out-of-body experiences of flying among the stars. In some of them, I experienced heightened states of happiness — feeling the beauty in being alive and awake in a higher realm, then waking up to the wonderful sense of being on a kind of magical journey.

Upon noticing this pattern, I wanted to supplement the experiences and build up more momentum by committing to a specific astral practice before bed or very early in the morning. The technique I used was concentration on heartbeats (one of my favorites), a practice Belsebuub mentioned in an earlier edition of The Astral Codex.

With this method, I would feel the splitting sensations and go out of the body many times in one go. I noticed that around dawn was a really productive time. After a few successes with it, I explored the practice further to see what worked and what didn’t.

© Photo copyright Roy and Zorana Scheffers. All rights reserved.

Other times, I would realize that I was dreaming, wake up entirely in the astral and simply start floating towards the stars and observe my surroundings in child-like joy.

Since this was happening many nights in a row, it strengthened the feeling that I was a visitor here rather than there in the astral.

Each time after waking, I felt like these experiences charged me with a renewed sense of purpose and strength towards my spiritual goals.

  • Sounds like you had a series of beautiful wedding gifts given to you Zorana 🙂 Thank you for sharing. I love how you had many experiences flying among the stars. And that you woke up with a sense of being on a magical journey.

    I’ve been present at two wedding ceremonies similar to the one on Belsebuub’s website. Each one felt very mystical and magical to me, with the sense of forces of light being present. It was just so beautiful to be part of something like that.

    • Those ceremonies sound beautiful Anne Linn. I can imagine they must have been very profound experiences for the guests, as well as for the bride and groom.

  • Beautiful Zorana – it shows how profound the wedding ceremony that was shared by Belsebuub and his wife is, and how an alchemical marriage really is something that can take us to the stars and towards our awakening. Thanks for sharing.

  • That was nice to read Zorana, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a very inspiring and mystical time.

    I’ve always wondered how new couples many times have these inspiring and mystical experiences. It had happened to me as well and the way I interpeted it was as some kind of help to understand the potential a realtionship has; to get a solid foundation and a reminder for the hardships ahead.

  • What a beautiful experience, Zorana.
    Apart from other benefits, it sounds like you also had a confirmation that your union was on the right track too.

    What stood out was your feeling of how you were a visitor here in the physical rather than in the astral. I feel this sense is very significant in our efforts to perceive this life as a ground where we can change and transform.

    • That part stood out to me too Tina. It would be great to feel more strongly how this is a school where we go to learn every day.

      • Yes, that’s something I’ve been learning about a lot lately Anne Linn – how life is a school, which we learn in each day.

  • Very beautiful experience Zorana.

    It seems that you had the support and the boost from the forces of the Light for this magical time of your life.

    I liked your comment that you had the feeling that you were a visitor here than there in the astral.

    I wish all the best to you and Roy.

  • It’s amazing to hear that not only your wedding was magical, but that the spiritual atmosphere and help also extended into the night!

    It’s great that you also actively chose to put more efforts into this flow by doing practices. It may sound like a simple thing, but I really like what you said about how practising one exercise for a few nights in a row made it easier, to gain some momentum. Makes me realise I need to do that.

    Flying among and admiring the mystical and mysterious stars of the infinite like that sounds lovely. 🙂

    It’s also good to hear, from actual experience of it, how meaningful the wedding ceremony Belsebuub and his wife have outlined is. For me it was also eye opening in the sense of learning any person can create their own ceremony based on their understanding of spiritual principles.

    Hope you will hold the feeling and memory of that time close & strive to reach that magic in your marriage together Zorana and Roy!

    • Yes, it had a much more profound feeling to it than I anticipated.

      I wish you lots of strength with gaining momentum with practices, that you bring about the change that you need. Reflecting on this time, I remember how key it was for me to have a proper program for things to really take off and how that has been just as true today.

  • Thank you for sharing Zorana, I agree with others about how beautiful start of a married life this must have been! Beautiful gift really.

    Interestingly, I have always felt that a marriage could “lead someone to the stars” and used to mention it to others even before I found Belsebuub’s work. Then upon finding it, I was amazed how the importance of the alchemical relationship was revealed there, and how it was really a foundation block for somebody to transform themselves internally and reach those stars one day for real. 🙂

    Regarding the ceremony, my husband and I had a similar experience during ours, feeling the forces of Light being present in the whole atmosphere, as well as the little details that felt like a gift.

    Wishing you and Roy a continued journey to the stars!

    • That’s nice you had a similar feeling during your wedding ceremony Lucia. I can imagine how happy the forces of light must be in celebrating a spiritual marriage and a couple’s united journey towards peace.

    • I’m so glad you had a similar experience during yours, Lucia. I’m not sure why I was surprised that it had such a strong mystical feel to it — I probably shouldn’t have been — but I suppose I expected a very nice ceremony and that was that. To have the rest on top of that, these small but powerful magic moments, was much like a gift as you say. Even remembering it now gives me a small boost 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and wonderful wish!! May we all carry on with this journey to the stars ; )

    • I remember that bit of light rain falling during your wedding ceremony, Lucia. Like a touch of music. It felt so meaningful and symbolic somehow.

      • Yup, that one was magical… It was not a rain actually, just the droplets of water from the trees (from the previous days rain) suddenly falling down with a beautiful rustling sound after a significant concluding words being said. 🙂

  • Fantastic Zorana!

    What an inspiring way to start married life; it seems the ceremony Belsebuub laid out is powerful.

    When you talk about floating up to the stars it reminded me of a time I stayed with a relative who lived near the country side. They had a lot less light pollution than the city and I wanted to get a look at the stars. So I projected (using techniques from Belsebuub’s work) and floated up through the ceiling to lie just above the roof; the view didn’t disappoint.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, I can imagine the view would have been fantastic Martin. It’s great you were able to experience it – it must have been pretty uplifting.

    • Haha. Stargazing, next level up! Pretty neat your inspiration lead you to that experience, Martin. Must’ve been something to always be able to come back to for a little encouragement.

  • Dear Zorana,
    This was really, really lovely to read! It feels that the magical event of your wedding helped you to connect with the forces of light in a very tangible way, sending you to the stars, night after night 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing, as reading such experiences always gives me a boost of joy and yearning.
    Best wishes to you & Roy, of course <3

    • Hi, Geraldine. 🙂 Thanks very much for your kind sentiment. I know what you mean — it’s nice to have this give and take with sharing experiences as I also often feel uplifted after reading someone else’s.

  • Nice to read Zorana, if I didn’t know about astral projection and such I would say that you were so happy with your marriage and that “sent” you to the stars. Maybe it’s part of the case though but also is great that it gave you the boost to carry on with your astral practices and have more experiences.

    All the best with your spiritual goals and your marriage of course 🙂

  • Thanks very much for sharing those experiences and insights Zorana. What you mentioned about feeling spiritual forces around you on your wedding day really stood out to me. It’s funny that I never really thought deeply about it before, but it makes sense that a spiritual wedding would also be a celebration for the forces of light.

    It’s also great that the series of out of body experiences followed such a special celebration. It sounds like there was some divine help for you as a newlywed to experience the sense of joy and wonder that can accompany a true spiritual journey.

    I’ve also grown to love the concentration on a heart practice, despite really struggling with it in the beginning. I used to find it so hard to even perceive my own heartbeats, so felt I didn’t really have anything solid to focus on, but over time, I’ve begun to find it much easier and more enjoyable to do. It also provides a welcome break from the activity of the mind, in a similar way to practicing awareness in nature.

    Nice photo of you floating in space in your bedroom, by the way! 🙂 I think you captured the wonder of your astral experiences there.

    • That’s exactly what it felt like, Michael — a celebration for the force of light. And the aftereffects were really so joyful.

      About the heart concentration, what has also helped is doing the practice after a mantra. The heartbeats are a lot more prominent. Perhaps it’s all the deep breaths needed throughout the chanting that make this so, or it’s something more mystical — maybe a blend 🙂

      And thanks for the compliment! It was a fun little project.

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