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Waking up in the Dream World Using Reality Checks

Experience submitted by Karim


Knowing I Was in the Dream World and Going about Exploring It

After waking up during the night from some symbolic dreams which I spent some time taking in, I later fell asleep again.

During some dream situations in the house I grew up in I saw people who I don’t normally see during the day now. This was only a slight nudge or doubt, but it was just enough to lead to the next step, it triggered me into applying what I had also done during the day—to do a reality check (a technique I learned about from an earlier version of Belsebuub’s book The Astral Codex).

I asked myself the question “is this a dream? where am I?“, yet due to previous experiences I knew almost straight away I was in the astral dimension.

Immediately I tried to gain control over my clarity and direct my senses to perceiving the astral world. But it didn’t work quite so well, and I felt a bit of a low vibe in the surroundings and in myself.

I thought maybe there are negative entities around influencing the environment. My own thought of this alone was enough to create an imagined dark atmosphere. I applied a recitation of protection, but still a bit of that atmosphere remained. I felt that this told me it was due to my own imagining of it.

A Change of Scene

Some moments later in my dream I was back in my old house, the same one. But this time it felt completely different. Not only was it in my own mood, but as I walked into the backyard everything felt very pleasant and vibrant, with lots of colours.

Towards the back there were three friendly creatures. One of them was a dog and it said something to the effect of: “You need to be more natural…” (talking about my way of being aware), and then it said “…like the wind.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

And as this dog, which I believe was probably a representation put there by spiritual forces to help me, said this last line I could feel myself being carried away in this wind of colours which flowed around the different objects and along the nearby surroundings.

From what this creature said, as well as the contrast between the two scenes in the same place, I understood the meaning. I was trying to force my perception too much while in the astral dimension. Sort of “ordering” my mind and senses to be clear and perceive by willpower. I was doing this as a counter to my subconscious which can so easily make my perception quite “murky” over there.

  • That’s just magic to read Karim, an astral dog telling you to be like the wind. But I know what that wise canine means (well, I kind of do, if I really did, then I’d be actually like the wind, or actually able to be aware). Almost every time I ‘get it’, it seems like I’m just ‘remembering it’, and I realise how natural awareness is, should be, and was – when I was younger. It’s really sad and even shocking to see how the mind just gets heavier and heavier in a normal person’s life, trapping that natural awareness more and more, unless they make a real revolution within, which are the spiritual exercises. Funny how being natural is somehow so linked to making immense efforts… it seems so contradictory … it’s like the effort to overcome the dead inner states is needed for these effortless, natural, wind-like qualities to emerge. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ella, I hear what you’re saying. I was doing a concentration practice today and there was a brief moment where I could practise it free of the subconscious coming in through the mind. It made me see how easy a pure concentration is in that state, like a natural thing, and so ‘quick’ – you focus on something and you dive right in. I thought how if someone’s psyche was like that any exercise would be easy! Such as achieving results with astral projection.

      Of course it would be ideal to be free in the deeper sense of all of the subconscious states that come up in us constantly, but I think training my untrained mind can help a lot in the meantime as well to reach better results.

  • Thanks Karim for sharing your experience. It is a good reminder about doing quality reality checks and the wonder of awareness.

    I can definitely relate to forcing awareness, particularly in the past, but also in day-to-day situations when I want to make myself aware and it is difficult because of compulsive thoughts or emotions. It does not seem natural to me either because in it there is an avoidance to tackle the blocks to awareness, which although challenging to do, is helpful for self-knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Nice experience, thank you for sharing Karim. Looks like that wise dog had some goot tips for you. 😉 What a nice analogy, to be like a wind that gently flows around all the objects naturally… Being carried by that “wind of colors” must have felt wonderful!

    • Although I didn’t make this connection during the experience, afterwards (and when reading it back now) it does remind me of the ‘colours of the wind’ song, and even in its message somewhat, in Disney’s Pocahontas.

      It did indeed feel wonderful! 🙂

      It’s been a good lesson in general for me ensure more that I feed myself more on that beauty found in awareness and in the perception of the natural world.

  • That’s a great lesson. I think a relevant teaching on awareness for many of us. It has to be natural…

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • All the best when you decide to plan a new your reality check effort/program! And that hopefully in those moment when you realise you’re dreaming your experiences will be fruitful.

  • It’s great that your efforts paid off Karim, so that you were not only able to wake up in your dream, but also get some practice guidance on how to make your approach more effective (from a talking dog no less!) 🙂

    I’ve also found benefits from using reality checks during the day, in order to wake up in dreams. I would usually pull my finger to check if it stretched and can remember an Inspector Gadget moment, where I grabbed onto a moving train and my arm stretched the length of the platform! I knew for sure I was dreaming then! 🙂

    • Haha (or should I say ‘hoo hoo’ as in the theme song :-)) That seems like a sure sign of being in the astral. Were you able to get more clear and make use of that moment Michael?

      • Hi Karim,

        I don’t think I was clear enough on that occasion, so although I realised I was dreaming and was able to do some checks, I didn’t actually become lucid enough for those dream images to subside, so that I could perceive my actual sleeping environment accurately.

        I had a clearer lucid dream a couple of nights ago, where I realised I was sleeping and was doing some checks in the place I was sleeping, but there were still some things that weren’t really accurate and clear. I think I need a better level of clarity and practice during the day, as when I’ve had a sustained focus, the experience has been much clearer.

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