Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

A Little Background

This account is about sleep paralysis, which was among the most influential experiences I had growing up, ultimately leading me to discover many beautiful things beyond what the eye can see.

But not before some turmoil.

For anyone out there who has gone through, or is going through, sleep paralysis and is scared of the experience: I encourage you to read this full account. Things do start off quite scary, but they eventually turn out for the best.

Having found Belsebuub’s work and learning many powerful techniques and exercises, I now actually really like sleep paralysis, I feel very safe when I experience this natural phenomenon, and I see it as step towards magical and uplifting journeys in the astral plane!

The Experiences

When I was around 11 years old, I was sleeping on my side and woke up in the middle of the night. I went to roll over, but I couldn’t. I tried again, but couldn’t. My body was immobilized. I was awake but paralyzed…

I then became aware of the most awkward sensations: I felt like I was encased in cement, like there was a heavy weight all around me, but at the same time I felt kind of numb – like the feeling of a foot being asleep, except my entire body felt this way.

I tried to move again, but couldn’t. Again and again I tried, but couldn’t, and I began to panic.

Why can I not move?
Am I dead?

I was desperate to move, but couldn’t. I felt a cold presence nearby and my fear quickly escalated.

I tried to cry out for help, but no sound came out of my mouth.

Eventually, I was able to shout out, β€œHelp me! Help me!” I cried out repeatedly.

Eventually, movement began to be restored, starting in my extremities, slowly moving in towards my torso, and I got up with quite a start.

This was the first of what would amount to many, many such experiences in my life. The next morning, I tried to tell my parents what happened and if they heard me screaming, and they said they heard nothing. I was bewildered because I did manage to vocalize something in the end.

Why couldn’t they hear anything?

These experiences quickly became commonplace for me, happening several times a week, sometimes several times a night, for about 4 years! I was actually scared to go to sleep in the dark.

Some experiences were more frightening than others: often, in addition to the paralysis, I would feel hands moving over my chest or neck, trying to choke me, and see visions of demonic entities and fire nearby.

Layered Experiences or False Awakenings

On a few occasions, after having a bout of sleep paralysis, I would get up from bed and walk down the hallway to wake up a little bit (I’d found going back to sleep straightaway increased the likelihood it would happen again).

I would sometimes go to talk to my parents about the experience, only to suddenly find myself in bed again, paralyzed, having only dreamt of getting up the first time!

This could sometimes even happen multiple times in a row, with my never being sure whether I was physically awake or just dreaming.

Some Research

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a vast amount of information was at my fingertips. After a few months of searching, I did find someone online in some forums, an older lady, who had some knowledge of metaphysics, and who could relate to my experiences. She was able to provide me with some partial answers.

archangel michael

A depiction of the Archangel Michael slaying a demon (sometimes depicted as dragon).
Painting from Mfsad, by [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

She taught me that the experiences were taking place in another dimension called the astral plane, that it is possible to go to this dimension consciously to travel around, and that prayer can be a very powerful tool. She recommended praying to angels, such as the Archangel Michael.

The point on prayer was most beneficial in my situation.

At one point, I was in an extremely intense sleep paralysis experience, lying on my back, with hands choking me. I prayed to Archangel Michael so intensely I could even feel tears in my eyes. Almost instantly, there was a flash of white light, and I awoke on my side!

Despite the experience taking place on my back, I was sleeping on my side. This was one of the first pieces of evidence I gleaned that the astral plane might be real: I must have been on my back in my astral body with my physical body on its side.

With some faith that she was being truthful, I even tried some techniques for astral projection. At the time, maybe age 13 or 14, I had minimal success. There was one experience where I may have partially or fully projected, but I was heavily influenced by my subconscious, something I only learned how to address later with Belsebuub’s courses.

At this point in my life, because my understanding was so limited and I didn’t know the purpose to astral traveling besides maybe just having fun flying around, I maintained an interest in spirituality, but didn’t practice.

After these difficult years, the sleep paralysis mostly stopped and things were kind of quiet for a couple of years.

Inspired by a Classmate

A classmate of mine in high school, for a class assignment, shared his personal experiences with astral projection one day. At this point, a flame of deep yearning to explore the esoteric again consumed me and I spent a long time on the internet the following days and weeks, looking for all the information I could find about astral travel.

This eventually lead me to Belsebuub’s work.

Discovering an entire community of like-minded people, plus free courses in astral travel and much more, was the most wonderful discovery I could have ever hoped for. I learned so much and I began to have a much more complete picture of what was going on.

Later, I even told my classmate about the online courses and he told me he knew about the courses and highly recommended them.

My New Understanding of Sleep Paralysis

I don’t think this story would be complete without going full circle and giving my new perspective on the phenomena.

I now understand that sleep paralysis is a natural part of the body falling asleep, and for anyone interested in astral projection, it is a sign that the physical body is on the verge of sleep, meaning a conscious out of body experience is within reach. Many times now, I have been able to take advantage of sleep paralysis to leave my body and explore the astral plane.

Because our consciousness can be in the astral dimension during sleep paralysis, this is why shouting cannot be perceived in the physical world and why my parents never heard me.

I also learned other methods of protection. Demonic entities can try to scare us while at the verge of sleep or even when are are traveling in the astral plane, and while they can never cause us physical harm, they can be very unpleasant as my early experiences showed.

I now use a Circle of Protection to block out evil influences as I fall asleep, and I know how to fend off negative presences if I encounter them elsewhere in the astral plane by using recitations.

Another very important point that I’ve come to understand is just how valuable the astral plane is. The very first time I heard about the astral plane, it just sounded like a cool place to explore – like how people go sightseeing. But I now see the astral plane as a place to receive profound teachings about my personal inner journey and the hidden laws and forces active in the world today.

With the knowledge I now have, I wish I could have spontaneous sleep paralysis experiences more often!