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Moving past Obstacles in an Attempt to Astral Project

Experience submitted by Karim
Experience submitted by Karim

There were some circumstances going on in life which I didn’t fully understand. Perhaps intellectually I could have some ideas on it, but I wanted a more direct understanding of the situation myself. So I was quite determined to try to find out more using astral travel.

Normally for me it’s through lucid dreaming that I start off my experiences. Leaving the body at will specifically through astral projecting for me requires a sustained effort of specific practice to have that skill developed, which I hadn’t at the time.

However I had a genuine and serious wish to learn about something and this allowed me to get over many hurdles I normally wouldn’t even reach in an unpractised level.

An Early Night

My resolve was such that I put aside all the plans for the evening and went to bed at 7pm. My attitude was simply that I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

First off though I noticed my urge to push forward had put some tension on my body, which I knew from past experiences wouldn’t allow me to get far. So the first thing I did was to properly relax my body.

I wasn’t worried about ‘getting it over with’ or how long it would need to take as I felt sure I wasn’t going to let my psyche be taken into thoughts and the subconscious. I concentrated on different parts of the body. Starting with my face, then I moved onto my fingers, which I always find very pleasant to relax fully.

I scanned for tension in my body and relaxed it using techniques of tensing up muscles and releasing them, breathing, as well as some visualisation to aid me with the very tensed up areas such as my neck.

The concentration on relaxing, as well as the relaxation itself, naturally brought me deeper into the process of sleep. That stage of exploration where the conscious mind is like the scientist’s measuring tool and our body and the process it’s going through the subject. Where we’re still in the body but magically feeling it could lead to something, with each new sensation possibly marking a step closer.

I could feel that my breathing had gone into full auto-mode, when noticing this it made me a bit more in control of it again, but I stayed at ease and tried to breath naturally. In past experiences this disruption in breathing has on occasion been enough to disrupt the flow of the practice.

At one point I sort of ‘came back’ to my body and full awareness and with something feeling different. Not sure what this is. Maybe it’s me having fallen into psychological sleep without realising it and my astral body naturally trying to split, but not being able to yet and this jolts me back into conscious awareness? This is a common thing that happens to me. I was glad to be back, although I never knew I was away, and continued my attempt.

I could feel my body starting to greatly heat up. This felt completely physical and yet I knew my temperature, even being under the bedsheets, couldn’t be that warm. It was one of those splitting sensations I sometimes experience. I also knew this because in the past whenever I’d stopped the practice and got up, instantly my temperature was normal. It’s a sensation that I’ve found can be difficult to ignore though, but again I continued on.

At one point I could feel that my right hand changed position into making a fist, even though I hadn’t initiated it, plus I knew I’d put it flat on the mattress when lying down. I’ve heard many people say that feeling one’s astral limbs moving is a good time to get up because you’re already in the astral. But not for me.  In the past virtually every time I moved I was still in the physical. So I decided to ignore it.

At this point my heartbeats (or perhaps astral heartbeats because the beats were very fast for a body which is just falling asleep) became very loud and I decided to focus on them. Even though some very sound advice says that it’s best to stick to one technique for the duration of the astral projection attempt and not swap halfway through. I remembered that indeed in the past this switching has thrown my practice and now a worry about this switching wanted to manifest. But this time, still due to my determination, I didn’t allow that worry and moved on.

There have been plenty of times where I reached advanced stages in the astral projecting process, but still fell asleep towards the end of it. I didn’t want that this time, so at one point when I didn’t know in what dimension I was anymore I tried to get up. However I was still in the physical…

So I started once again. This time I more easily and quickly got to the stage where I felt it was about time to float out of my body. However my physical body simply didn’t let go of me!

Leaving the body at the end of the day like this has always been incredibly difficult for me. Perhaps specifically for me as well due to physical tension from the day still being there despite trying to relax. I’ve had more success when my body has already slept and physiologically relaxed itself and I practice after that.

A Lucid Dream That Same Night

Somewhere during the night though I realised I was in the dream world. I was in my room in my family house. At first I couldn’t see very clearly, but this improved when I did some protective recitations.

Interestingly enough I didn’t remember my strong goal at all, the very reason I was eager to try to project earlier that night. Why? Maybe it was because to some degree I made it more important than it actually was? Furthermore I did receive guidance on it in dreams on other occasions, but more at the time and fashion of the divine beings’ choosing.

I looked out of my window and saw the stars. A number of times that week during daily life I’d seen the evening stars from my city window, but I’d had trouble connecting to that subtle and magical energy which they exude. In fact I hadn’t been able to feel it at all. This was due to my own state.

In the lucid dream the scenario was the same, yet still I really wanted to feel the magical energy! From that empty feeling inside, in desperation of wanting to feel that magic, I started sending some telepathic messages to my ET brothers to show themselves.

I looked at the stars in the distance, but nothing…

So I continued my communication from the heart and at one point I started to notice a moving ‘star.’ I questioned: “could that be something?” Or “perhaps it’s just my own imagination creating it.

However then, very clearly and obviously, it made its way towards me across the starry sky, increasing in apparent size, flying high above and over my house. It even left a faint trail on its flight path, which reminded me of one that can also be seen behind a craft at the end of this video over Mount Shasta.

With it came the affirmative, strong and warm feeling of “Yes, we’re here .” As an answer to my question just before and at the same time a response to my yearning to feel some magic again, it was just so lovely.

  • Thank you for sharing about your persistent efforts Karim. I can relate to the strong decision you speak about. I mean, sometimes things just seem to ripen inside, and this feeling of “today I need to do this” appears. I was wondering many times what brings it about, and it seems to be different things… Sometimes a longer period of entropy brings this feeling of “enough is enough”, sometimes a serious matter that needs answers makes me push extra hard for results. But to have this level of spiritual practice on a daily basis seems to be very difficult. It is also true though, that with the right inner efforts put in throughout the day, the nights tend to turn magical and helpful as an answer to that.

    It was also nice to read about your sincere plea being answered by the brothers from the space… 🙂

    Wishing you many more magical moments during the days well as nights.

  • It’s good you were able to turn the interest in gaining an astral experience into persistent efforts Karim. Although you didn’t manage to stay conscious during the astral split, the lucid dream you had during the same night sounds like an inspiring and memorable one.

  • Thanks for posting your experience Karim. When I saw the title I could relate to it immediately.

    I am also now focusing on a goal. And just like you, I’m seeing obstacles and overcoming some of them (while not so much others). And just like you I’ve also had a lucid dream and other dream experiences that are helpful, but not directly related.

    In my case the focus has now been going on for over a week now. I have noticed how in some days I get guidance on what my obstacle will be. It’s usually a certain feeling that if ignored will take away my interest and strength to pursue my goal.

    I also find it inspiring how you dedicated a specific evening to reach your goal, starting practicing from early on. I have missed this approach this time and will incorporate too.

    • Yes I also find goals so easily disarmed and the strength taken out. Something worth understanding or we might keep going like that. For me I noticed that something needs to be a genuine goal coming from within me, or else it’s just to easily reduced into nothing. From that genuine goal it needs to be turned into a focus in the mind/ a plan, then of course followed by applying action and activity to it, in order to make it past the first hurdles (and one secret is that those obstacles are actually, when overcome, what give strength to the effort) etc.
      But beyond that, I find it difficult to maintain some goals on a longer timescale. Although some other more deep goals are just there in what I do.

      Specific goals for the astral seem to particularly not do well with me for some reason 🙂 and I feel naturally more inclined to the focus on self-knowledge. However that doesn’t mean, I’ve learned, that efforts shouldn’t be made on the OBE front at all, as we cannot expect to receive the full results in the astral without that effort.

      • Hi Alex and Karim,

        recently I wanted to not only ‘find a goal’, but more find an understanding on how to overcome the entropy that sets in which stops results from happening. So I actually chose something that was not ‘burning inside me’. I mean, sometimes we have this intense urge to understand something, but for me more often than not, I don’t. Yet I need that intense urge to discover, to find something new, to break out of the mundane way of living. So I chose a goal I was ‘semi-inspired’ by, an intellectually interesting thing that I knew had depth but didn’t invoke any big emotions or attachments, which I have found can actually badly effect my focus. It was on my past lives. Interesting, but remote …
        What surprised me was that my curiosity deepened as I worked on the goal and had some results. The question changed and became more real to me. The longing became more genuine, and my efforts bolstered.
        So what I learned was that I need to learn how to set goals and persist in them more than I need to find the ‘right’ focus. Sometimes it’s clear what I have to look into, but most of the time it’s about learning HOW to look!

  • Thanks for posting this inspirational article. I too always seem to ‘be in the physical’ at the time when many people say that it’s time to get up.

    • Hey Craig nice to hear from you 🙂

      Yes same here. Although I’ve also seen sometimes when jolting back to my physical awareness after seeing ‘dream images’ or an astral scene popping up very vividly, that this means I was probably already on the verge of being out there. So close yet so so far 😉

  • It was inspiring to read about your strong determination and persistence Karim. Even though you ended up getting a different outcome and experience than what you intended, but that still was helpful in a different way and was still a result of your efforts. It’s beautiful how you were given support or courage maybe? by those ET’s responding to you in such a nice way.

    It’s interesting what you said, ‘I did receive guidance on it in dreams on other occasions, but more at the time and fashion of the divine beings’ choosing.’ I suppose we shouldn’t be so attached to the outcome of even the strongest practice we can put in, to avoid falling into pride or discouragement or something, but be more concerned of constantly trying to do our best and do even better, so that we come to a place where the divine beings can reach out to us.

    • Yes, I found it so nice of them to appear! and answer my telepathic call.

      The second thing you mention I also find to be true. It seems that if we do our best in the best way we know how— we will get the help coming to us as well, perhaps not the direct results we imagined, but in a way that’s good for us.

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