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An Astral Archaeology Trip and Lesson from the Father

Experience submitted by Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

This was an experience I had after practicing astral projection and self-knowledge exercises for about a year in Belsebuub’s online courses. Although the experience was long ago, it had a huge effect upon me. I have left out some of the more personal and esoteric details.

A small group of us were working towards a common goal: we wanted to astral project and reach a certain very spiritual destination and to learn about some spiritual artifacts described in different legends and myths.

The goal interested me deeply and I spent the week doing absolutely everything I possibly could in achieving the goal: regular concentration exercises, doing many reality checks to see if I was dreaming, doing nightly astral practices, etc.

In daily living, I worked as hard as possible to be self-aware and to not identify with different emotions or thoughts, which made my dreams clearer. I even bought a book that recounted parts of the legends associated with one of these artifacts. I think I can truly say that this goal was the biggest and most important focus of my mind’s attention at the time. And it paid off.

Towards the end of the week, I became conscious within a dream and asked my Divine Mother to take me to the destination. From my asking, the transition was so rapid it was practically instantaneous…

Suddenly, I was soaring through the sky at a very rapid speed (it was fun but maybe a little scary) and in my hands I was holding something very precious. In fact, I think it was the very artifact I had most wanted to see.

It was quite beautiful. I could see all the tiny details of its surface and feel its texture in my hands. Then, my flight came to an end and I was at a location that vaguely resembled the destination I had in mind. The object was gone. Things were kind of dark, but I could tell I was standing on grass and that the surrounding land had lots of hills and trees.

I paused for a moment to regroup and study my surroundings and then asked my Divine Father for something.

At this time, the entire sky and earth seemed to shake and a voice, resembling my own but with a deeper tone and coming from outside of myself, seemingly coming from all different directions and likely causing all that shaking, spoke to me and revealed an important spiritual message.

I then woke up in bed.

  • Hi Mike,

    wow! the outcome was a great reinforcer of your efforts! Validation of how well supported and encouraged we are to keep our spiritual goals going…

    If only we did keep up with our efforts more convincingly, consistently, with more dedication (prioritising the spiritual work in my daily life has been an ongoing battle), how far would we be able to go? (Belsebuub reminds us of this)

    Alas, I often fall short (due to persisting egos and a lack of understanding of them at times) – but I battle on…and, your story is an inspiration to keep going…thank you…

    • It seems we’d be without limits if we could truly prioritize our spiritual work above all the things of the world…
      I wish I could keep my efforts that strong all the time.

  • That’s an awesome experience Mike!

    And about the difficulties people mentioned in the comment below, I read today again this from Belsebuub and felt uplifted:
    “The principle of good is higher than that of falsity and brute force, and those who fight for good do so because it is right to do so; win or lose, they are part of the forces of light and can gain their own enlightenment.” Belsebuub

    • Yeah, this experience really means a lot, giving a tangible sense of the Divine Father and the truth of there being a Higher Being we can reach/connect to.

      That’s such a wonderful and inspiring quote. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Mike, that sounds like an incredible experience. Super powerful and profound. It is also interesting to hear that his voice sound like yours. That does create that sense of togetherness and oneness with this great power that should be uplifting and moving.

    I had a similar experience within a year of beginning the work. It’s stayed with my ever since and I can’t ever imagine forgetting it. It’s something I remember when things get challenging or when I feel weak.

    It’s interesting to also note how these incredible experiences also seem to happen very early to people. I wonder if this is related to our efforts being stronger when we first start or perhaps our receiving help when we are getting our work started. You story is exemplary of how much effort is required to get these types of experiences as well. Hope you’re doing well Mike

  • Wow, what a great experience Mike!
    I can imagine the impact that experience had on you!

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Mike. It’s great that your efforts paid off and brought a new insight.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful and powerful experience Mike. I found it amazing how you mentioned that the voice of your Divine Father sounded similar to yours, but with a deeper tone and apparently much more powerful. It reminded me of one of my experiences with my Divine Mother, and how surprised I was when she actually reminded me of myself, even though on much more nobler and powerful level of course. It made me think how we are a part of them, and they are a part of us, and this realisation inspired me to try harder to “be like her” if that’s even possible…

    • It’s a beautiful thing.

      There is a well known moving scene in the Lion King that made me feel this as well.

      To get glimpses of our own Being and our connection to them is an incredibly special thing, something that helps someone to keep going.

      • Interesting Karim. I have not seen the Lion King in a long long time. (like probably since I was 10). Very moving scene, very esoteric.

    • What an inspirational idea, Lucia, to be more like our Divine Parents!

      There really must be something to that, how your Divine Mother reminded you of yourself (at a higher level); likewise, I felt something similar with my Divine Father. Perhaps as you said, we are perceiving part of the reality that we are part of the same Being as our Divine Parents… So profound to contemplate!

    • Thanks Lucia, that’s a mysterious and moving thing to ponder. I guess it would make sense that we still carry the ‘flavour’ of our Being, even though we are so far from ‘being’ them. And fit seems to fit with the teaching that somehow even when an essence merges with a greater spiritual consciousness they retain their individuality.

  • Wow, how amazing it must have been to hear your Divine Father speak to you. And with such power that the whole sky and earth shook! Thank you for sharing this experience. I’m also inspired by your diligence and effort.

  • Even now your description of the voice you heard shakes at the significance of the reality that I see with the five senses and makes me question the significance of what I don’t see.

    It was a bit of a chaotic day for me where things that I perceived important were proven unimportant, and the time that I spent seemingly having gone nowhere. On the one hand it brought a bit of a relief because there is so much of me that gives wrong value to things of daily life, and seeing it gives a chance to free myself from its grip.

    On the other hand it brought with it a myriad of emotions and thoughts. As I read your experience it knocked against the reality that I was living in at the moment and I could see how a poor psychological state was taking away my ability to perceive what is truly important.

    It is very clear to me that a reasonable psychology is needed to experience spiritual things, otherwise there is too much preoccupation with the material.

    • Thanks for your comments and insights, Aleks.

      I can share those feelings many days, looking back, and seeing that I ascribed too much value into the things of the material world, and lost touch with things of a higher importance. This world and all its problems are just mesmerizing; and yet there are things that are real, beyond this world, and they are the only things really worth our devotion…

  • Sounds like you had such a passion Mike for this goal and in your own words, did absolutely everything you possibly could to achieve it. Maybe it even felt natural and you wanted to do all those things, because you felt so strongly about wanting to learn about it? How wonderful that your super efforts paid off so well.

    I’ve been wondering lately how one can find such an overwhelming passion for spirituality that always surpasses anything else in your life, to truly be making consistent progress. Because I’ve seen how easily even a little strength you’ve built up towards a goal can be lost and results not achieved and letting yourself slip back into the same patterns, traps and obstacles as before. Were you just genuinely passionate about this goal that allowed you to make the efforts, or was there anything that helped you with it?

    • It all felt so natural, Laura. The second I heard about the goal, something really “clicked” and I felt totally committed to achieving the goal. And I found a huge boost in reading about the goal and related topics from spiritual authors like Belsebuub and in reading ancient myths/legends.

      It is a good lesson, I think, in what it takes to truly succeed in this work. I can only imagine what I could have accomplished internally if I managed to maintain my goal of doing this spiritual work throughout all of my life with that intensity, and not just with that that given week…

      Being inspired about a goal is a massive help. Maybe cultivating this inspiration comes down to proper goal setting? Or that seems to be a part of it…

      On the other hand, an inevitable part of the work is facing setbacks and, eventually, overcoming them. There is always opposition, within and without. Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect that even with a complete determination that we won’t face failures along the way and even feel unmotivated at times. I think what matters is not giving up and striving again to intensify our practices and get our work back on track when we notice our work is lacking.

      • Thanks for the reply Mike, it makes sense. Lately I’ve also realised how it really has to be something we create within bit by bit, and not expect it to arrive on its own. So then the more efforts we make, the more momentum it creates, and the more we want to do it. Belsebuub also says the more you activate (and liberate) consciousness, it brings its own spiritual feelings. For me it’s crucial to always choose the spiritual over the mundane, even if and especially when it feels uncomfortable, to be able to make breakthroughs and make any kind of progress. I still don’t quite understand it and what my initial question was so there’s much more to learn but these surely are the first steps.

        • Yes, I’ve found that to be true Laura – “the more efforts we make, the more momentum it creates, and the more we want to do it”.

  • Nice example of how the energy and focus you put into practice over here paid off over there and in general benefited you. It seems from the many accounts on this website that this principle is just the way how it goes. I mean we can’t really expect to be given things ‘just because’. For me whenever I’ve put efforts in I’ve gotten something back, and the greater the power put in the greater the return.

    You seemed to have nice focussed approaches regarding specific goals Mike, nice!

    That voice in the end is very special. It’s often such greater experiences that need to stay personal. But at the same it’s good to mention their existence for anyone possibly interested in this side of life. That’s it’s not really about flying around and putting our hands through walls, but the astral dimension as a means to learn, and grow closer to our Being and the divine.

    • The astral is sure about a lot more than flying around, cool as that may be.

      I wholly agree on getting more in return for greater efforts, but it can be a tough thing to estimate just how much we have put in and what we can expect to receive in return for our efforts. Sometimes it feels like I haven’t really “tried”, but I know I have been sincere, and had a great experience. Other times, I have “tried” very hard, seemingly for a long time, but had little in return. And yet somehow, I still get the feeling I’m getting just what I deserve for the work I have put in… Just something I have observed over the years.

  • An amazing astral experience and the effort and work we must put in
    to achieve this is so important.
    Thanks for sharing Mike.

  • Wow Mike. I am seriously impressed by your diligence and devotion to the focus! Makes me realise how much can be achieved in just a week of serious effort!

    • Yeah, a lot can happen very quickly with the right efforts.

      I remember hearing from a fellow mystic once that if we eliminated our egos internally as hard as we possibly could in a single day, we could make more spiritual progress in that day than in all our days up to that point. It sounds a bit extreme, but perhaps not out of the realm of possibility in the early stages of the work, given just how much work there is to do…

      • Yes, also I’ve heard – an believe – that you can do a huge amount of work to overcome a serious defect like anger in 3 months. It makes you wonder though – why aren’t I able to? Why are most people not able to? What keeps us going around in circles and wasting so much time?

        • I can only sigh and nod in agreement, Ella. Truly, so much progress could be made in a reasonably short time if only the effort and sincerity were there.

          Lately, I’ve seen some recurring patterns of egos that I really wished I had eradicated, but they seem to lurk forever. I know that within a week or two, say, I could have broken free of their grip, but I just don’t seem to get the understanding to overcome them. I feel inspired to do the work and I even see the egos manifesting and I try to go against them… but after repeated attacks, I eventually find myself identified again.

          It seems the push and pull of the material world: the worries and stresses of our job, wanting to compete, wanting to get things done quickly, etc., can be very strong, unless we are firmly grounded in the spiritual. It’s like each time an ego arises, it gives us a nudge, a push. If we don’t stand firmly in place, those nudges eventually topple us over.

          Maybe I should meditate upon this recurring pattern.

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