Experience submitted by Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

This was an experience I had after practicing astral projection and self-knowledge exercises for about a year in Belsebuub’s online courses. Although the experience was long ago, it had a huge and profound effect upon me. I have left out some of the more personal and esoteric details.

A small group of us were working towards a common goal: we wanted to astral project and reach a certain very spiritual destination and to learn about some spiritual artifacts described in different legends and myths.

The goal interested me deeply and I spent the week doing absolutely everything I possibly could in achieving the goal: regular concentration exercises, doing many reality checks to see if I was dreaming, doing nightly astral practices, etc.

In daily living, I worked as hard as possible to be self-aware and to not identify with different emotions or thoughts, which brought greater clarity and objectivity to my dreams. I even bought a book that recounted parts of the legends associated with one of these artifacts. I think I can truly say that this goal was the biggest and most important focus of my mind’s attention at the time. And it paid off.

Towards the end of the week, I became conscious within a dream and asked my Divine Mother to take me to the destination. From my asking, the transition was so rapid it was practically instantaneous…

Suddenly, I was soaring through the sky at a very rapid speed (it was fun but maybe a little scary) and in my hands I was holding something very precious. In fact, I think it was the very artifact I had most wanted to see.

It was quite beautiful. I could see all the tiny details of its surface and feel its texture in my hands. Then, my flight came to an end and I was at a location that vaguely resembled the destination I had in mind. The object was gone. Things were kind of dark, but I could tell I was standing on grass and that the surrounding land had lots of hills and trees.

I paused for a moment to regroup and study my surroundings and then asked my Divine Father for something.

At this time, the entire sky and earth seemed to shake and a voice, resembling my own but with a deeper tone and coming from outside of myself, seemingly coming from all different directions and likely causing all that shaking, spoke to me and revealed an important spiritual message.

I then woke up in bed.

Looking back, not only was this an important early experience for me in learning about the astral plane, but the level of effort I put into achieving that aim taught me a lot about the work I need to put in to gain more of these experiences.