Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

One Saturday afternoon, when I was taking one of the courses by Belsebuub, I took part in group practices with the aim of astral projection.

Experiencing the Power of Sound

Listening to Music

We started with music and listened to a few classical pieces. It was really beautiful music, and I sensed while I was learning to listen to these classical pieces of music in a more conscious way that I was able to perceive the melody, tone and sounds in a new more meaningful way.

Chanting Mantra

Following that, we then chanted the mantra O, related to the heart. I focused my attention on the sound and tried to feel it in my heart area.

My mind wondered off a few times but because I wanted to experience the effect of this sound and was very interested in seeing how these practices would unfold together, I was able to bring my focus back more easily to this beautiful sound that was permeating the room and also within me.

I really enjoyed the experience of this mantra and just wanting to be focused through it. The sound coupled with the focus on the sound helped me to feel my heart area and I could feel a stronger sense of my heart beating.

I felt very uplifted and inspired by doing these two practices, and I could definitely sense a great awareness of my heart beating and of having a clearer perception of the room and everything around me and also of my inner state within me from that experience.

I also had a heightened feeling towards wanting to experience spirituality and to having a closer spiritual connection with divinity, and I began to see that doing these practices were really spiritually uplifting.

Photo by Pixabay </a

Photo by Pixabay

Learning about my Heart

This next practice was actually going to be a focus on our heart and I realised that I didn’t know much about my heart or ever given it a second thought of how my heart was, so it was really helpful to listen to the instructor guide us through a general overview on how the heart works.

The way the instructor explained it and having had the practices we had done so far, it was very easy for me to visualise the process and it made me very keen to see if I could learn how my heart functions and feels for myself using conscious investigation.

I had a lot of enthusiasm at that point and a real desire to understand more about how my heart actually works.

I started with the beats of the heart and then I moved towards focusing on the beat of my heart as though I was seeing it from within my body.

I stayed with this focus for a while trying to also learn at the same time how visualisation works because sometimes I would focus with this mental way and I’d lose the visualisation and the focus on the heart beats, so it was a bit of learning to see how to perceive my heart consciously rather than just having a mental image of it, it really was a different way of seeing that had a depth and reality to it, not just a mental image.

Because I was so concentrated I began to feel the beginning sensations of sleep which I knew were part of my astral body separating from my physical body, and at those moment this ‘fear of the unknown’ within me would rise up in me when I thought that I may be getting closer to an astral split.

This fear of the unknown had definitely held me back in experiencing the astral split but I knew that it was something I could overcome because I had already been working towards understanding it with the self-discovery techniques I learnt from Belsebuub’s other courses.

Interestingly through this conscious visualisation of my heart, I also gained some understanding of how fear affected the workings of my heart as I saw how my heart responded each time that the fear arose and it helped me to have even more determination to overcome it.

It was only a short 20 min practice and yet it was a great experience not only learning more about my heart beating by trying to perceive it from within my body rather than just feeling it from the outside, but also to learn how conscious visualisation works. 

I went home that day with a lot of enthusiasm and I was very moved by these practices and how they had helped me to have a greater care and insight towards my own heart.

Projecting with a Concentration on My Heart

I really wanted to make use of this enthusiasm, motivation and the experiences I had just gained and so I tried the concentration on my heart again the next day. I made sure I relaxed my body completely from head to toe. I then took my focus to my heart and concentrated on its beating as I just lay there in bed, just feeling it beat.

I then moved my focus to try to perceive it from within my body, using the physical sensations to help me to see my heart and how it may be working and what it looked like as my heart was beating.

Using my concentration and visualisation I imagined and felt the walls of my heart with my hand and explored its shape and texture. From there I took my focus to go inside my heart to see what it looked like inside the chambers.

I went down the arteries of the heart and inside to feel the powerful flow of the blood and its circulation through the veins. I kept going over and over these different aspects of the heart, each time to gain more understanding of how my heart works.

My concentration was fired by this natural interest and that helped me to keep my focus and explore naturally without any force on my mind to stay concentrated.

I dosed off into sleep a few times, but I kept coming back to the concentration and visualisation of my heart.

In one of the moments that I fell into sleep I found myself awake in a different and alert way and I was standing up, but when I tried to move I was back lying down in my physical body.

After a few attempts to go back into what I sensed was my astral body and coming back to my physical body, I realised that I was trying to move in the astral with my mind. I was trying to think myself to move and it occurred to me that was why I kept coming back into my physical body.

So by this going back and forth from my astral body to my physical body I realised that I had to stop thinking about moving and walking and somehow learn to use my astral body.

So I decided to just go with the body I ‘felt’ I was in. Using this feeling sense I returned to that feeling of my body standing up and then very naturally moved my arms and legs as I would normally do in the physical and I began to walk to my bedroom window.

I knew that I was in the astral, I could sense the environment was the astral intuitively and I decided to take a jump and see if I could fly, then I flew out of my bedroom window and down the street.

My experience didn’t last that long in the astral plane, the experience of flying was exciting and because of that excitement I woke up back in my body shortly afterwards, but I was so very happy to have had that experience in the astral and also having learnt valuable insights over those few days of trying to explore astral projection through concentration and visualising, through the power of sound using mantras and listening to music that has special connection to the heart.

I really appreciated this wonderful introduction to learning about my heart and this lovely gentle approach to astral projection in a way that I wouldn’t have thought was possible had I not tried these practices by Belsebuub. They helped me to also have a greater determination to overcome the lower emotional states of the egos as I gained a glimpse into how they have a negative effect on the natural balance and rhythm of our hearts.