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Meeting a Mouse in the Astral

Experience submitted by Dimi

It was early hours of the morning after a restful night’s sleep. I was finding myself coming out of a dreamy sleep state and I could hear a soft noise in my room.

I was visiting my mum, sleeping in my old bed, the one I had had many astral experiences while growing up. The room felt familiar and so did the sensations of being there.

I could hear the wind outside, the birds singing as the day was getting started for them, these were usual sounds. But this soft sound coming from my room was new, unfamiliar, strange.

Since coming across Belsebuub’s work on out of body experiences, I’ve learnt to be more attentive to signals between the physical  and astral dimensions, to pay attention to such information as it can reveal more about the nature of life beyond this realm and into the other.

And as I continued to come out of the dream state, I could sense myself being in my physical body but not locked in. I could sense (see, feel) both the physical world and the astral world at the same time, so I remained still.

I found myself looking around my room using my astral eyes while lying in my physical body yet feeling separate from it.

My eyes noticed this dark outline of someone tall. It did not have the feel of being human, it felt more like an entity, but not a negative one.

It seemed focused in a spot in the room. It had not noticed me or sensed me being aware of its presence.

I directed my gaze at what this entity was looking at. It was a plastic bag with sealed snack foods I had packed in it the night before.

I had it put in my room to remind me to take more items with me when leaving the house that day. I became curious about who this entity was and what it was doing in my room.

I then focused on the gentle sounds coming from the plastic bag. They were purposeful and intermittent, as though this creature was experienced at what it was doing and knew how to keep as quiet as possible.

I then found myself trying to work out what it might be, all the while, still being able to see the large entity in my room.

As I continued to focus my attention in the direction of the sounds coming from the plastic bag I found myself more into my physical body and locking into it. I then moved quietly to get out of bed and closer to the bag.

I could no longer see the entity as I did in the astral, but I could see its physical counterpart.

It was a little mouse!

Image by Pexel
Image by Pexel

Once it realised I had noticed it, it scurried very quickly out of the bag and into the hallway towards the kitchen and outside.

I found myself astounded at what I had experienced.

This little mouse had made it into the house, looking for food during the winter months, but in my experience it had a very different appearance in the astral.  This was interesting.

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  • Thanks Dimi. It was nice to hear about your encounter with the astral counterpart of a mouse. I would not have guessed that it is so big. Also nice reminder about the room where you grew up in. As soon as I read that sentence I remembered immediately the inner states that I had in my parent’s house. It is wonderful to bring a mystical yearning into situations in our lives.

  • Fascinating. I’d never have imagined a mouse could be so big in the astral!

    I guess physical appearances are deceiving: it is the essence/consciousness that really matters, and all beings have consciousness.

  • Thanks for sharing that unusual experience Dimi. It’s extraordinary that such a little creature had such a large astral body!

  • What a nice experience. It makes me feel that animals are more than they appear to be.

    And I always liked mice. I mean, just the look of them. They seem very cute to me, with those tiny black eyes. I still remember when our cat brought a live mouse into our living room.

    And I remember how easy it was to astral project in my bedroom in the house I grew up, where I first started exploring the astral. Compared to other places where I’d spend the night. I can’t go back there now, but it would be interesting to sleep there again.

  • Thanks Dimi for sharing this. I’ve encountered several animals in the astral consciously but never a mouse so clearly as in your experience. Who would have known their astral counterpart can be so different than their appearance in the physical.

    Reading your experience did make me question my view of mice. I was in similar situations as Karim where mice are just too close and sniff around places where you sleep and live. Keeping the hygiene aspect in mind, I always tried to keep them away as best as I can. With that, I have formed this preconceived idea about mice instead of seeing them for what they are. Your experience made me question that, especially because of your curious approach to the sound and the different appearance of the mouse in the astral.

    • I used to not understand what people had against mice. I thought they were just exaggerating. We had one come into our apartment one winter. It stayed out of sight mostly, just sometimes when I was sitting quietly it would come out and stand there and I would be able to observe it, and I thought it was cute and harmless. In the end however it created a smelly mess in places and destroyed something in the house, and I realised the value of protecting my home and not being blindly nice to all kinds of creatures. However, like in Dimi’s experience, mice don’t seem to have an unpleasant vibe to them like some creatures do like some nasty bugs for instance. Maybe it’s just that wild animals don’t quite go together with a human environment.

      • I agree Laura, I think it’s important to have common sense when it comes to maintaining our living environment. Although mice look cute, they can probably cause quite a bit of damage, if they decide to gnaw through electrical cables and the like. Fortunately, there are humane mouse traps available, where the mouse is caught but not killed. Of course, the only downside with this is that the mouse may be very happy in its new home and decide to make its way back once it’s released outside! 🙂

        In the case of insects, I don’t think there are too many in my own country that can cause harm, so I usually try to transport them outside, rather than killing them. But some insects like ants can begin to infiltrate rooms incessantly, which can be unhygienic once they begin to crawl inside the food cupboards etc. There are some natural ant powders to deal with infestations, which seem to be the lesser evil, as although they kill the ants, at least they don’t harm the wider environment.

        There can also be potentially life-threatening insects in places like Australia, some of which I had some close encounters with. So although it’s valuable to preserve natural life, I think it’s good not to allow ideals to put us at risk, by applying them rigidly to all situations.

      • Ha ha, cute and harmless. 😀 They are cute I must admit, unless they settle too well and then there is suddenly many of them in your house… Then a cute cat may be an option. 😉

  • What a neat experience Dimi! I really liked how you described the familiar room you used to have many astral projection experiences in, how it felt on the verge of switching to the astral realm. I can relate to that, and there certainly is something magical about the places where we used to have regular mystical experiences. In the astral plane, I often find myself in an apartment or surroundings of the block of flats where I grew up, and always recognize its particular atmosphere.

    Regarding the entity in the room, it sounded very interesting. I wonder what made you think that the entity was actually the mouse? Was it close to the bag? Or did you somehow feel it was in a way causing the noises in the bag?

  • Dimi, your account had something like a fairytale quality to it : ) Mysterious, extraordinary within the ordinary, but heart warming somehow. Makes me feel like there are such mysteries and secrets around us everywhere, even in the normal things of our lives we would not think twice otherwise, and you can start to discover that just by training yourself to be in the astral dimension.

    Yes this totally makes me think of Spirited Away or other animations by Hayao Miyazaki, Karim.

  • That was a peculiar and intriguing experience indeed. That’s its astral counterpart had such a different form. Not sure what that means, but life seems to be full of little mysteries. Your astral exploration reminds me a bit of some Hayao Miyazaki film like Spirited Away or something, with this giant mouse in your room doing its own thing and you being the curious main character trying to understand these happenings. 🙂

    I’ve also woken up to the sound of mice nibbling, gnawing, fidgeting and prying— very close to my ear. I think some animals have this nice joyful energy to them, like doggies, deer, birds etc. I used to think mice were quite nice, but hearing those sounds and that energy so close to my ear when waking up, them moving around me while I sleep, it was actually not so pleasant for me.

    P.S. I couldn’t help but add a bit of this little poem to a mouse by Robert Burns.

    “Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
    O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!

    I’m truly sorry man’s dominion,
    Has broken nature’s social union,
    An’ justifies that ill opinion,
    Which makes thee startle
    At me, thy poor, earth-born companion,
    An’ fellow-mortal!”

  • The title of this account and the account itself put a smile on my face – thanks Dimi!

    Interesting how the mouse had such a different presence in the astral…

  • This was interesting indeed, you could tell it was not negative, yet not human but still it had a large outline / shape. Little but mighty at the same time!?! What funny encounter Dimi!

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