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My First OBE and Finding the Guidance to Keep Going

Studying Astral Projection

Experience submitted by Anne Linn Kaland
Experience submitted by Anne Linn Kaland

When I first started looking into astral projection, I had no real guidance. For a while I read articles online and eventually decided on some practices to use. At night while in bed, I started to concentrate upon a small angel statue I had on my nightstand. I would then lie down and try to see it in my mind’s eye.

Later I found that concentration upon an object was also a method that Belsebuub’s talked about in his online courses I later attended. But this was before I found his website.

At times I would notice strange things happening. Like my hands moving, or even floating without me doing anything. And the sudden ability to see my room through closed eyelids.

My First Astral Experience

A few days before Christmas I went to bed in the middle of the day. I just wanted to take a nap and had no intention of trying to astral project. I remember lying on my side when I suddenly heard a loud buzzing noise and felt my whole body vibrating. I looked at my hand, expecting to see it shaking, but it lay completely still.

Confused, I called out for help because I couldn’t move. My brother and his wife were visiting, and were watching TV in the living room down the hallway. I was hoping they would hear me.

I called out again, but no one came.

Eventually, with much effort, I managed to lift my head and the rest of my body from the bed and hurry down the hallway. Just as I reached the living room door, I woke up in my bed.

This was my first astral projection.

Even though I had found it frightening at the time, I was eager to try again. I felt so excited! It was as though I had discovered a beautiful secret that had been right there in front of me all my life. And now a whole new world was opening up to me.

Every day after school I would lie down and try to project. I found it a lot less scary to try in the middle of the day, than at night. I started learning to relax when the vibrations came and to not fight the fact that I couldn’t move for a few moments. When I did that the whole process went much more smoothly.

The next time I projected I lifted out of my body like a balloon. I felt so light and very free. I landed lightly on the floor of my bedroom, and I decided to try to walk through my door. I remember how it felt, the wood as I passed through it. It was as though I could feel the texture of the door from the inside.

I continued to have several short experiences like that.

One evening, though, as I went to bed, I kept projecting without wanting to. I would fall asleep and find myself out of my body. I would make myself wake up, but as soon as I fell asleep again I would slip back out. It was a bit frustrating.

I would walk around inside my house not knowing what to do. I was afraid to go outside, so I just walked around between the bedroom, bathroom, living room, hoping to wake up. I remember looking at my own reflection in the dark windows of my living room. I had thought it might be creepy to see myself, my spirit or ghost self, but it wasn’t. Everything felt clear. I felt very awake.

Doubts About Astral Projection.

After this last experience, I started wondering if I should be projecting at all. I didn’t have anyone to encourage me to keep going, and to tell me I was safe, and what a gift and opportunity it was to be able to project like that.

Instead, I decided to make the experiences stop. I’m not sure I really wanted them to stop, but I was trying to be “reasonable” and do what I thought was right. I started spending the nights at a friends place and didn’t have any more experiences for some time.

Finding Belsebuub’s Courses

It was about a year later when I felt a longing to astral travel again. But when I tried to project I just couldn’t do it.

I began looking for help online and came across Belsebuub’s course on astral travel and dreams. I wish I had found it sooner, so I hadn’t given up on astral projection so easily, as I think it would have helped to have known other people trying the same thing.

I started practicing what I was being taught, and even though it was more difficult this time around, I started having experiences again.

That sense of magic and wonder came back into my life.

I learned to ask for help while in the astral, to use my time more wisely. And to ask my Divine Mother to teach me instead of walking around aimlessly, not knowing what to do.

It was wonderful to have come across Belsebuub’s work, instead of trying to fit all the pieces together by myself. I also became less afraid to explore the astral. It wasn’t so scary anymore to go outside my house and see what was there. Learning the techniques to defend myself while out of body really helped with that.

  • It was very interesting Anne Linn to read your account. Your initial experiences trying to project, brought me memories of my first attempts many years ago. They seem very familiar and similar to mine. Seeing my room through closed eyelids was one of my first experiences, while trying the astral projection. I remember one night while I was relaxing my body, a buzzing noise appeard becoming so loud that I was convinced that an airplane was passing above the room. Some years before I come in touch with Belsebuub’s teachings I had also lost my interest in OBE’s. After attending one of Belsebuub’s talks in Athens, I had a very strange sense of longing. In the night I found myself in a cafe with many people talking, but I was no interested to participate. Then I noticed someone looking like him staring to me and I remembered suddenly that I had returned home to rest after the talk. I realized then that I was in a OBE and I turned to find Belsebuub and talk to him. Coming across Belsebuub’s work helped my very much to understand that I had to have an intention during OBE’s and give a meaning to those experiences. As you said most people come across these experiences during childhood. It’s sad that only after a lot of years perhaps somenone will have the opportunity to read something about OBE’s. I remember when I first got the information I took my friends one by one and talked to them about astral, giving also a relaxation practice to attempt before sleep. It was surprising to see that this worked for most of them. Thank you for reminding us the unlimited value of these experiences to sense the spiritual and work for the inner change.

  • Wow Anne how lucky you were to have the ability to be able to project like that, lucky you did find Belsebuub teachings and was able to use that gift in a more profound way

    I wonder how many people out there have this ability to project but not knowing what it is and what to do while there? I remember one time we were advertising the courses at a stall and someone came up to me asking me if I could show them how to stop astral projecting as it happened to them every night

  • What a wonderful way to explore astral projection. I can’t imagine being able to be in the astral long enough to want the experience to stop – you must have had so much help at that time!

    I also really liked your approach, at least the way I perceive it through the article. It seems to give the space to astral projection, without rushing it, no strong expectations, and a sense of having time. I am drawn to relearn the techniques, and especially to find this calm way of practicing them.

    • It was such an exciting time in a way. I remember feeling very eager as I walked home from school, knowing I was going to try to project again in the afternoon. Now when I think about it, I feel I should remember what I did then, and try to feel excited like that. And this feeling that I had then, that I was going to project, being almost sure of it, made it happen more often I think. And of course yes, I think I received a lot of help.

  • It’s nice to read your experience Anne Linn. From what you are describing I get the feeling that your first encounters with astral projection were quite magical as this whole world opened itself up.

    It strikes me how similar your story is to how I found out about OBEs, stopped, and later found Belsebuub’s work as my interest for the astral never left me. The main thing which made me stop at the time was that I could not place my experiences into context. Everything was so extraordinary and I could lay down in the afternoon to then find myself in this other world. Having a few books as a reference helped but I was lacking guidance in that this is all normal and part of life. How we can use them to develop ourselves spiritually and that there are others who are having similar experiences as me. I too wouldn’t have known what to do without Belsebuub’s clear guidance in his many talks, books, and articles. It really is a true blessing to have his work freely available.

    • Oh, that’s so interesting to hear Roy. I think that was part of my problem too. I didn’t quite know what to do once I was in the astral, though it was so very exciting to discover that such a place existed. Learning to use it for a spiritual purpose makes it so much stronger and useful, even interesting.

  • What a wonderful independent initial investigations you had into the world of astral projection Anne Linn! I’ve often felt like it should be taught to young teenagers, (or younger) when the ability is more naturally available. It’s great that your curiosity about life lead to such experiences, and that you were able to have some first-hand knowledge of the realness of astral travel before taking up the courses online.

    I can imagine you may have become anxious about whether it was ‘OK’ to do without encouragement that it was natural. It’s a shame especially given your natural ability that guidance wasn’t there, as is the case for most people, and it makes it apparent even more what a blessing it was/is to have access to Belsebuub’s astral practises online. When I was a teenager having lots of lucid dreams and intense dream experiences I really longed for someone to reassure me that I wasn’t loosing my mind or somehow ‘leaving life’, and also guidance on how to best direct these experiences. I didn’t have such out of body experiences as you, but it was somehow easier for me to become lucid and I would often be like “oh, now I can fly again … why do I sometimes forget its possible?” when I was a kid. 🙂 I remember having a clear-as-day experience in my back garden, standing beneath a planet that was really low in the sky. It was very beautiful, like Earth but different colours. I grew up thinking it was real, until I started to believe it had ‘only been a dream’, being told that by enough people. When I learned about astral travel and lucid dreaming I realised it was some kind of lucid experience.

    Anyway, my point is it’s a shame that we aren’t taught these things at a younger age, that it’s not more widely known and understood. But then again, looking at how few people come across the knowledge and for some reason aren’t interested (what could be MORE interesting?!) it’s clear why.

    I remember Belsebuub saying that our ability to project can become even better than the natural ability we have when we are young – wishing this for you!

    • Thank you, Ella. What Belsebuub says is very encouraging! I wish the same for you 🙂

      I too wish we were taught this at a younger age. I think we’re a lot more open and naturally gifted when we’re younger, and then as we grow older that door kind of closes, and then it takes more effort to open it again. I feel I’ve been in the process of unlearning a lot of things that society taught me. And kind of coming back to that natural magic that is there, that we know as children.

  • Thank you for sharing about your first astral experiences Anne Linn! I found it amazing how you were almost “involuntary” projecting again and again. 🙂 It looks like your Being was pushing you to find out about the existence of this dimension and even though you stopped for a while, eventually you find your way back to the exploration of this new world.

    I experienced something similar, where I felt a strong need to delve into these things about a year before I found Belsebuub’s course on astral travel. With different techniques gathered on the web, I managed to have several lucid dreams and was amazed how “real” this other dimension was. I still didn’t understand the connection between lucid dreams and astral projection though, and it was only through Belsebuub’s course that I finally understood this connection, and was also able to piece the different pieces of the puzzle together. I don’t know what I would have done without that clear guidance, and especially without understanding how to use the astral projection for gaining spiritual knowledge and inner change.

    • Yes, his course was so much deeper than anything else I’d come across. And what interested me most was spirituality, so it was nice to learn how to use astral projection for that.

      I wonder if there was someone watching me as I was trying to learn astral projection, and encouraging me by giving me experiences 🙂

  • I agree Laura – I’ve found Belsebuub’s writing to be the deepest and most profound spiritual work I have encountered, while at the same time being written in a very clear, simple, logical and direct way, without flowery language or ideas. I’ve seen some of the various writing and courses on astral projection by other practitioners of it, but as you mentioned, there usually seems to be a significant fee involved, in order to access much less useful information. The fact that Belsebuub made such efforts and personal sacrifices to give his work freely, despite it having much more depth to it, also struck a chord with me immediately.

    I have found Belsebuub’s work on astral projection to be a valuable resource, but what really sparked my interest to take this spiritual work further was his explanation of how to progress on the esoteric path. Again, I have looked into the various spiritual ideas and concepts that are available in the fields of religion, science and the new age, but Belsebuub’s work seems to “cut to the chase” in a direct and straightforward way.

    What particularly appealed to me when I found Belsebuub’s writing was his down-to-earth and practical approach, which is something I struggled to find from other sources. He seemed to go much further than the theories, which underpin many fields of conventional science, such as psychology and quantum physics. Yet at the same time, I found no trace of the way-out beliefs and delusions that can so often crop up in the new age.

    I find that when I listen to people who don’t really have direct personal experience of something, it can often just sound meaningless, like when you mentioned you came away from the expensive astral event you attended with an “empty handed” feeling. Yet this kind of approach is so common not only in the field of spirituality, but throughout the world. We can turn on the TV news and watch politicians reading from scripts that someone else has written, focussing on giving out the right body language to show power or honesty, as they’ve been trained to do, yet lacking any real substance to their words.

    However, I found that whenever I listen to Belsebuub speaking, it seems so natural and unpretentious and yet is something than has the power to touch me directly at my core. His words seem to have a spontaneity, directness and honesty to them, which goes way beyond anything else I have found during my search for spiritual knowledge over many years.

    • That was meant to be a reply to Laura’s post at the bottom of the page, by the way 🙂 I accidentally posted it in the wrong place.

    • I feel this too Michael. Belsebuub’s writing and his talks have a power behind them. Something I haven’t found anywhere else. Sometimes I pick up a book that writes about something spiritual, but I usually lose interest in it because it lacks that light, that power behind it.

      • Yes Anne Linn, I had a few spiritual books by other authors, which I read a bit of, but then lost interest in and eventually gave away. When I found Belsebuub’s work though, I was keen to read as much about it as I could. Like you said, I think it was because of the uniqueness and power of his writing, which I haven’t found anywhere else.

  • I can understand how it must have felt having these experiences before you had much information on OBEs; many of my early practices, too, were done in the afternoon when it was light outside, because I had fears of astral projecting in the night.

    That’s really neat how you naturally discovered a technique to astral project on your own through visualization! This is one of those experiences that makes one reflect on how metaphysical experiences are there for everyone and we can all discover spiritual truths on our own time (and likely also through divine guidance).

    • I must have read about it somewhere online, that technique of visualization. But it seems to have been pretty much the same thing that Belsebuub taught.

      Yes, leaving the lights on became a must for me in the beginning. I even had the TV on in the living room pretty much all the time, so I would feel less alone in a big house.

      • I did a similar thing when a lived by myself for a couple of years Anne Linn – leaving a light on at night and having talk radio running in the background during the day to feel less alone. After a while, I didn’t mind the darkness so much though and left the light off – after I got more confident with the techniques suggested by Belsebuub to deal with negative interference.

        • That’s interesting to hear. Maybe it’s a normal thing to do, to fill an empty house with light and noise, to feel less alone. Darkness doesn’t really bother me now, thankfully. I think also learning about how be closer to the divine, learning about our divine parents has made me feel less afraid and less alone.

          • I’ve found the same thing – learning about the divine, how to connect with my Divine Mother, has helped not to be so afraid of the dark and being alone. I used to be quite afraid of the dark when I was younger, and it was made much worse by watching horror movies : ( Eventually though I had enough sense to see that they made me feel too terrified so I stopped.

          • Yes, I agree Anne Linn and Laura, I have also found that developing a connection with my divine parents has helped me to feel less alone, particularly in times when I have been socially isolated.

            I also used to be very fearful of the dark as a youngster and would give myself the creeps even just going upstairs in the evening. But I’ve found that this has diminished considerably since I started to apply the techniques to protect myself against negative entities, which I learnt from Belsebuub’s work. It doesn’t really bother me to sleep in a pitch black room now, which is good, as having too much light in a room can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythm and disrupt sleep.

  • Thanks for sharing a bit of your introduction to astral travel Anne Linn!

    I was personally very lucky to find Belsebuub’s courses very soon after finding out about astral travel. So I had an exceedingly good base to start my explorations from. But I can imagine when having experiences on your own and just having bits of information that it could be very confusing and difficult for someone.

    I hear you about wanting to wake up from the astral but not being able to. Sometimes a worry, like worrying about my physical body being okay, would make me anxious and want to wake up, but I couldn’t. Which was unpleasant. This could turn into a whole ‘slur’ of trying to get back to my body and wake up. However I’ve seen it was actually my own inner state that made me miserable rather than the cause being the astral dimension. In later experiences I’ve been able to use the techniques of self-knowledge and awareness (and the recitations) to get to a good state while being there which would turn things around.

    • Yes, it could have been my own inner state that kept me in the astral, making it hard for me to wake up. I for sure wasn’t in a good inner state at that time.

      It was an interesting time, looking back at it. It made me look at the world in quite a different way.

  • Thanks for sharing your account Anne Linn. I’m glad that you didn’t give up your interest in astral projection and were able to gain more experiences after finding Belsebuub’s courses.

  • I really like that you focused on the angel statue Anne Linn, this natural inspiration that came from inside you, and it helped you to focus. It makes me want to find something I purely find inspiring to use with my concentration/astral projection practices, rather than using something it’s become a habit to do.

    It’s amazing that astral experiences were happening almost spontaneously for you. I don’t have a history with that. The only time was when I was a teenager, I had a few lucid dreaming experiences spontaneously after reading about it on a website. But I didn’t know what it was, that it was another dimension, that it was a real experience, not just happening in my head where I could make things happen for fun. I would never have thought this was a skill you could actually train yourself to do, before coming across Belsebuub’s courses.

    Right before finding his courses, I went on another astral projection course given by an organisation. It was so expensive that I could only attend for one weekend (the retreats for example cost several thousand dollars). Comparing what these lectures felt like to what Belsebuub’s courses felt like, the former ones practices and advice seemed a little confusing and illogical, focusing on unimportant things. At the end I came out with an empty handed feeling.

    Belsebuub’s explanation and advice on astral projection is so clear, concise, logical and profound but simple at the same time. I don’t think there is another structured, complete work like his available out there, that helps and guides you with all the different aspects of OBEs and astral projection, who has so much knowledge about it. So it’s very nice to read that you started practicing astral projection and getting experiences again when you had found his courses and didn’t give up completely. Fear could have made you do that. It’s also nice you decided to go against ‘what a reasonable person would do’ 😉

    • Yes, I’m so glad I continued also. I missed so much that feeling of magic the astral brought me. To be connected to a different ‘world’ like that.

      I still have that angel I focused on back then. It meant something to me because it had been a gift given to me by a friend of my dad after he passed away. I liked that it had HOPE written on it.

      • That’s so really nice Anne Linn; I must have a look at that special angel next time I visit you. 😉

      • It’s nice that your first astral projection came after you had been concentrating and visualising the angel statue Anne Linn. It seems significant, in that it was given to you after an unexpected and significant loss and yet helped you to gain something new – a new way of seeing the world. In the context you described, the word “hope” feels symbolic. I can see that the family friend who gave you the statue would have found it appropriate and fitting after the loss of your dad, but I guess he didn’t know there would be a spiritual significance to it too.

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