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Seeing My Bedroom in the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Lilia McNair
Experience submitted by Lilia McNair

When I first came across Belsebuub’s course on Astral Travel and Dreams, I was interested in exploring it because a few years before my mother had an accident where she came out of her body watching the people trying to bring her back to her consciousness.

One day, after a few months of daily efforts, while I was trying to concentrate on my heart, I felt my astral body detaching from my physical body…

In the beginning, I was conscious of my physical as well as my astral body. I could see that my astral body was detaching gradually from my physical while I was lying on my bed.

Later, I noticed that I was fully conscious in my astral body and I knew I was in another dimension. I slowly stood up from my bed and there I was in my “astral” bedroom.

I used one of the reality checks Belsebuub mentioned, by taking a little jump and I started floating. I soon noticed, I could walk, I could float, I could fly and my room seemed very similar to my physical bedroom.

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Suddenly, I noticed an object which was under my bed to start following me while I was exploring. It was something that I wasn’t expecting to see in my bedroom and I realized intuitively that it was placed there for my learning.

The object also helped me to stay conscious for a long time because seeing it following me was a reminder that I was not in the physical world.

I went out of my bedroom to explore the rest of the house and then returned back.

When I returned, I saw an interesting familiar figure by my door and I talked to her. Then, I saw somebody that was funny and awkward at the same time, on my bed and this brought some emotional reaction. My experience ended and I returned back to my physical body when I felt intense emotions.

  • Thank you for sharing this with us Lilia.
    It’s great to see that you got that special help to keep you in the astral.
    I was so amazed and emotional after my first astral experience that I spent all day in gratitude and reflection.

  • Thanks for sharing your first astral experience Lilia – I wonder what that little thing was that followed you around …?!

    • Hello Ella, well, It wasn’t little and it wasn’t anything people normally put under their beds ;).

  • Hi Lilia,
    That was quite an amazing and lovely first out of body experience! And I totally can relate to what you said at the end. It was the same thing for me about the realization of knowing now that i’m not just this physical body, that I exist outside of it and there is so much more to life than what I see during the day and dream at night – it was like the knowing that there was more to life had finally been validated. Really lovely experience, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Geraldine. Yes, it is amazing how one experience can change a person’s whole life and perspective 🙂

  • What a nice first experience Lilia! It sounds like you got to do quite a bit of exploring your first time out!

    Your persistence in practicing and developing concentration paid off.

    • Thank you Mike. Persistence really helped but most of all what helped me was the way the course was, the order of the practices and the reasoning behind them. I am grateful that I came accross Belsebuub’s course.

  • That seems so nice that after your efforts the results came and you found yourself there out of your body! It’s interesting as well about this object following you to remind you that it was the astral world? Sometimes after becoming lucid over there I start to fall back into dream scenarios or somewhere along the way stop aiming for that clarity and go along with whatever is happening.

    Sometimes just before going to bed, when my bedroom is quite dark, cool, clean, it can be so nice to just take a moment to feel the silence. To try to go to sleep and do a practice in this clarity. It seems nice to simply be in one’s room in the astral, if we’re clear.

    • Thank you Karim! Like, you, most of my experiences end because I fall back into dream or wake up. After my first experience I have never had an object following me like that. I feel it was some kind of help and a symbol at the same time.

  • That was quite rich first out-of-body experience Lilia! I mean, you managed to do quite a lot on this first occasion and even seemed to get a lot of help. I can imagine how an experience like that would make you search for more.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience of astral projecting for the first time Lilia. I can understand how the out-of-body experience, which your mother had, would have prompted you to search into the nature of other dimensions. So it’s wonderful that through persistent efforts, you were able to explore those dimensions yourself in a safe way. Realising that our consciousness exists outside of our physical body can be an eye-opening experience, which provokes a lot of wonder.

    I wish you all the best with your future investigations! 🙂

    • Thank you Michael! Yes it has been an eye-opening experience :). My mum’s experience happened a few years before I came across the courses and made me wonder. However, I had never tried to find a course or try consciously to make it in the astral because of fear. At the time and for many years, I wasn’t even aware that a person can learn to have out-of-body experiences.

      Some years later, I was studying psychology and I was interested to learn more about life and human psychology because I was feeling that science, theories and books weren’t enough. This is how I found Belsebuub’s work. One of the courses, I realized was the course in Astral Travel & Dreams and although I started it with interest to explore, fear and doubts , the course itself as well as my mum’s experience helped me to deal with my fear, to try harder and longer and to make it.

      • I find having my own out-of-body and spiritual experiences to be so incredibly much more more interesting than theories, books, intellectual ideas. It’s really a completely different thing, much more nourishing, much more fulfilling.

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