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Flying through the Country in the Astral

Experience submitted by David R.
Experience submitted by David R.

One summer afternoon I lay on my bed and began to try one of Belsebuub’s methods for astral projection – the concentration on the heart.

I lay there and made sure I was well relaxed and began to concentrate on my heart. 

I had used this method with success before but never during the day and was looking forward to trying it out.

As I was settling into deeper concentration I found I was feeling sleepy sensations and just stayed calm even though I was keenly anticipating success.

The next thing I knew I was rolling out of my body and was hovering there, so I looked around the room and began floating and decided to fly through the window and noticed how it stretched as I flew through it.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon as I was flying around the rural countryside, my senses seemed to be magnified and I was noticing all the beautiful details and it started to rain.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)

It was beautiful, I could feel the rain drops in the astral as I kept flying and taking it all in before going back and returning to my body.

  • Hi David, what a simple yet profound experience you describe. I seem to think that a more vibrant, natural beauty exists beyond the physical realm (at least that is what I have concluded from my experiences). Even rain seems different over there!..

  • Hi David,

    It was actually quite relaxing to read your experience. It made me feel how simple astral projection can be if you have built up the momentum of concentration, relaxation, determination and faith that the technique and the combination of these factors will work. Not allowing the mind to make it complicated, or bring its worries, doubts etc. into it, bringing distortion and tension.

    I love your description of flying above the countryside and feeling the raindrops in the astral. It must have been magical.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Hi, Dave! Thank you for sharing this inspiring experience. I liked your relaxed, and yet determined way of approaching the practice.


  • What a beautiful experience, David! The part of feeling the rain while flying must have been amazing, especially with the view of the countryside.
    In the astral, we truly can be as free as birds!

  • Great experience Dave thanks for sharing, I know what you mean the feeling when out of the body the beautiful feeling and how real and natural it feels

  • Hi David, sounds like you had a great experience.
    I really enjoyed reading how you were able to take in all the details of your surroundings, in particular feeling the rain drops 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Inspiring to read David, thank you.

    I love the way you keenly anticipated success and looked forward to it; that’s the way to go. It is so enjoyable it is to practice Belsebuub’s teachings.

  • Sounds like a beautiful and clear experience David! I like what you said about staying calm and “keenly anticipating success” – that is so important, not to get over-excited when the first signs of astral projection appear, but still keenly await it, continuing with the practice.

    I also had to smile when I was reading about how the window stretched as you were flying through it, as I often experience the same sensation in the astral. The window seems to be made of some sort of rubber or chewing gum as I pass through it, but not always. I kind of concluded for myself that on those occasions this happens, there is probably still some sort of remaining mental block present, telling me its going to be difficult to pass through the glass, since it is a solid object. 🙂

    The countryside sounds very inspiring and the rain must have been beautiful to feel as well.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • It was nice to read you experience David.

    “…and was looking forward to trying it out.”
    It inspired me especially to see the nice and light approach you had towards the practice. To just make some time in a nice afternoon to try it. Life can be so ‘busy’, so much to do. I haven’t made time to simply do a practice in the afternoon in a relaxed way like that for a long time 🙂 Your story makes me want to try it though. To just lay on the sofa, relax, and see what can happen with a gentle effort like that, a heart practice seems particularly conducive to this. I might give it a try tomorrow.

    The actual astral experience you had, feeling your senses heightened and feeling the rain so vividly, while flying over the countryside also seems so nice, like a great nutritional boost for the consciousness.

    • Yes, that stood out for me Karim as well. To take a break during the day and do an enjoyable practice, like concentration on the heart.

  • Very nice experience David! I could just imagine what it must have been liked – it must have been really nice to experience it first-hand and seeing it all in the physical as well. The rain would have been very neat to see in both worlds 🙂

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