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How an Accident Caused Me to Have an Out-of-Body Experience

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

Hurrying for the Green Light

It was a rainy, chilly evening. I was walking outside, about to meet with a friend. I was a bit late, so I was in a hurry. I was coming towards a crosswalk as the traffic light changed to green for the pedestrians and the waiting people started to cross the street.

I hastened to catch the green light and did. But as I was hurrying across, just a meter or two from the other side, I heard a dull sound and everything went dark.

Going Out and Coming Back

In what seemed like a moment after, I was floating above the street, facing the dark rainy sky. Everything appeared just as in the physical. I floated above the trolleybus wires, ie. about 6 meters above the street. I felt calm and peaceful and was hearing a very loud high pitched sound, but it didn’t bother me.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)

It is hard to estimate how long I was out, but suddenly, I was pulled back into my physical body. I was lying on the ground, people had gathered around me, some were shaking me, others were frantically trying to tell everyone what to do with me. Someone called for water to be given to me to drink, another asked for someone to raise me on my feet.

I became aware that the lower part of my astral body was still floating outside of my physical body. As I felt someone lifting my physical body, my astral feet began to merge with their physical counterpart. However, it felt forced and uncomfortable because the two bodies didn’t have enough time to merge naturally, in their own pace.

I could understand why people were doing this, they wanted to know that I was alive, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t seriously injured. But the way it all happened too fast was a bit too much for me.

After a few minutes I was able to stand on my feet. Only now I realized that a car had hit me. Although fully in the physical world, I could still hear that high pitched sound very loud. I felt it was like a cocoon around me, protecting me. It helped me not to feel worried or scared, just peaceful. I wasn’t even in pain (perhaps this was an effect from the shock of the accident.)

I was taken to the hospital where I got a few stitches on my head. At this point, I did start feeling pain all over my body. Thankfully, besides the wound on my head and some bruises here and there, I was fine. Soon I was able to go back to my daily activities as normal.

Reflecting on the Experience

Having had some background knowledge from Belsebuub’s courses, but most of all having had some out-of-body experiences of my own helped me understand exactly what was happening during the accident.

I had already felt what it was like to be in my astral body, felt the reality of being outside of my physical body, as well as the separation between the two bodies that occurs as we fall asleep. I had also heard that high pitched sound before, sometimes right after the split from the physical body and going into the astral dimension.

None of these aspects were strange to me, so with the accident, having that ‘involuntary’ out of body experience I knew exactly what was happening to me. The shocking thing about it was really just how it had happened.

Belsebuub mentions in his book The Astral Codex that people who die as well as those having a near-death experience (NDE) go first to the astral plane. Perhaps my experience wouldn’t be classified as an NDE as I wasn’t seriously hurt to the point of death, I was just ‘pushed’ out of my body, but the place that I went to was the astral plane I knew from previous experience.

Reflecting on this experience, I wished that this information was common knowledge, as it is so much a part of life and how human beings operate.

Had I not come across it beforehand and been able to experience aspects of the astral, I can imagine how confused I would have been afterwards. And if those people who had the care and compassion to stop and try to help me had had that knowledge as well, maybe they would have possibly handled the situation with less worry and anxiety.

A few days after the accident, I went to see a doctor who was going to assess my general state. He asked if I had lost consciousness during the accident. I hesitated with my answer – my physical body was unconscious, but the real me was very aware. The doctor became impatient. I said ‘no.’

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  • Thanks Pavlin for sharing your experience of going through that unexpected accident. It’s good that your prior knowledge of what to expect from the astral plane helped you to remain calm during what would otherwise be a traumatic incident.

    I’m also very glad that you didn’t sustain lasting physical damage, despite the passers-by doing everything that is not recommended when attending to someone involved in a road traffic accident (e.g. trying to move the person without initially assessing them for injuries).

    Your last comment about your response to the doctor also made me smile 🙂

  • Wow Pavlin! Quite an experience to have. And to be safe and healthy after it as well.

    It is wild to think of how much confusion and fear someone who didn’t know about OBE’s and the astral plane might experience going through the same thing, rather than being relatively at ease, getting ‘pushed’ out of their body in a physical accident. I also wonder how the Doctor would have responded if you told him you went out-of-body.

  • What stood out to me from your experience Pavlin is that you seemed to be helped to go through this situation in a calm and peaceful way. From what I know about accidents like this is that it is always advised not to move the person who had an accident in case they had broken something especially the spine. Luckily you were fine. On the other hand, what you said that if the people had handled you differently the transition to your physical body would be a lot easier makes me think how wonderful it would be if we all had the knowledge about the astral and the non-physical matters that affect us in our daily lives.

    • Hi Tina,

      I remember I came across this advice while taking a driving course, I think. Then I realized that also from a very physical and medical point of view, the way people around me acted was really not good. Had there been any spinal injury, it could’ve ended quite bad. Thankfully, fate didn’t have that for me at that time.

  • Thinking of this experience has reminded me to be more watchful and careful in traffic actually. That one second faster or whatever is simply so not worth it. It’s interesting to watch the ‘drives’ internally that would cause me to be less careful than I should.

    I was once hit by a car as a kid. A friend and I, both on the same bike, were racing to go to school and crossed a street without stopping. The car hit us on the side. I was completely fine, though adrenaline and fear were rushing through my body. My friend was fine as well. Quite remarkable when I think about it actually. The bike was totally broken though, probably having taken the blow. I didn’t have a NDE, but I did see a ghost. As I’ve never seen anyone as pale as the man who stepped out of he car realising he had just run over two kids.

  • Phew Pavlin. I like your point that if this was more common knowledge, people would behave differently – not being so rushed and frantic but knowing that you may be temporarily ‘out’ and making your return more gentle.

  • It’s interesting how your attitude to the experience was very different than you’d expect from a normal person. I also find that study of Belsebuub’s work and verifying some aspects of it helps me to face death, although I feel like I am so stuck in daily life that I am unable to make full use of this information or potential. I wonder if this experience, although seemingly small, had an impact on your approach to life.

  • Wow, Pavlin. I’m also very happy you’re ok. I especially liked how that high pitched sound was protecting you. Perhaps you were extra protected by the angels that day 🙂

  • That’s certainly an extraordinary way to have an out-of-body experience Pavlin. I’m very glad you are okay!

    I wonder if there was perhaps a protection and perhaps this incident was already foreseen? So perhaps in that moment you were protected? There definitely seems ‘something’ going in the way you experienced it, with just a sort of thud and darkness, the clarity, and no pain (at first.)

    It seems because of the knowledge you had before you went through this experience in quite a calm way. I can imagine the people around you were not so calm 🙂

    I like what you say about how it would be nice if this information was more common knowledge since it’s part of human existence. It seems some people are more open to it, others are not.

    Very interesting nonetheless.

    • I wonder, Karim. Probably it was predetermined like most of the events, but I wondered at that time why I wasn’t given a premonition or a feeling of some kind to know what was about to happen. Then again maybe I was given it, but I couldn’t receive it…Or it was meant to come by surprise? It’s good to have this opportunity to reflect on it again.

      • I can relate to those questions from situations I’ve been in myself. In general these predetermined events can make my mind boggle 🙂 Sometimes I’m shown something will happen, and I would think that knowing about it will allow me to prevent it, and yet it still happens… At other times I’m shown something in dreams and I am able to change it. (How my day will transpire spiritually for example.) Sometimes I’m shown something and because of having knowledge of it I act in a certain way which makes it come true. But then I ask myself, if they hadn’t shown me it wouldn’t have come true.

        Basically knowing a future event why still having time to act in one way or another can sometimes put me in a sort of sci-fi timetravel crossroads. 😉 Also it’s obvious they know us better than we know ourselves.

        Yes, maybe you’re right on the case that knowing something like that would happen might’ve caused you to act in a less predictable way? And was it supposed to happen like a karma? It certainly provokes a lot of questions. I’ve had to change my understanding of divine influence quite a few times actually on how things work.

  • Hi Pavlin,

    It sounds like you went through that experience like it was normal and it didn’t shock you, which I think is nice. You were mostly unhurt physically and it sounds like it didn’t cause you trauma or fears, which was all thanks to your previous experience with OBEs. How interesting that you felt the sound was protecting you from being worried or uncomfortable! I think I’ve heard it or something similar with astral projection and I always found it a little unsettling, hoping it would go away, but it’s nice to see how it can actually be your friend 🙂

    I think you make such a good point where you say if only more people had the information and experience of OBEs and the astral, people would respond and live differently, life would be so different. Most of humanity is missing such a big part of who we are as human beings by not knowing about it, not exploring it.

    The ending made me smile 🙂 Indeed you didn’t lose consciousness!

    • Yes, having had some experience with the astral made it all much easier to go through. Although after the accident I was surprised to discover that every time I had to cross a street I felt a very strong fear that I hadn’t had before. Dealing with it is a story on its own, but it was again a time when Belsebuub’s work was really helpful in seeing, understanding and being able to get over it.

      I’ve felt the same about that sound. Whenever I’ve heard (which has been only a few times) it in the astral right after splitting form the physical body, it has felt unsettling, almost inconvenient at first. I wonder why it is there.

      • I once reversed a car (my brother’s 🙂 ) into another one while driving away. I was relieved the damage was very minimal. But I felt the difference between not having anything happen, like normally, and having that accident was so small. It was so easily made and I had these thoughts like if I turn the wheel an inch more, or wait one second longer to break etc. such a thing can happen again. So when driving around afterwards I was unreasonably afraid. This feeling soon passed though. I’m pretty sure you’re case would cause a much bigger fear having been hit by a car yourself!

  • Thank you for sharing Pavlin, and how great you didn’t get any serious injuries…
    I especially liked the ending – how you concluded that technically speaking, you really didn’t lose your consciousness during the accident, even though the doctor most likely understood it differently. 🙂

  • Hi Pavlin,

    I wonder if the impact of the accident pushed you out of the body? my brother had something similar happen to him many years ago with a car accident but in his case he was in the car, another car hit him who was on the wrong side of the road. My brother just as you did saw the accident from above and could see down upon the crash and then came back to the body, his injuries were only minor as well, the expierinces are very similar in some ways. I wonder if the body can only handle so much pain before the consciousness blacks out as physically it would have been very painful to be hit buy the car?

    • Hi Steve,

      Interesting to hear about your brother’s experience and it’s good to hear he wasn’t seriously injured.

      I think that’s probably the case, the body just blacks out temporarily to cope with the stress and then whether the person has a conscious experience outside of the body or not is maybe due to spiritual help or the state of their consciousness?

      I think help probably plays a big role in these experiences. If you think about how not everyone who goes through an accident would have a NDE.

  • Very glad you are okay, Pavlin! What a close-call! A reminder that accidents can always happen and there is so much to be grateful for in every moment.

    It’s interesting to hear your account of the accident given that you already had knowledge of OBEs and you knew what was happening to you (in being in the astral, etc.) and that you even felt rushed back into your body. For someone without that sort of experience, I’m sure that would have opened them up to a new life perspective.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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