Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

Hurrying for the Green Light

It was a rainy, chilly evening. I was walking outside, about to meet with a friend. I was a bit late, so I was in a hurry. I was coming towards a crosswalk as the traffic light changed to green for the pedestrians and the waiting people started to cross the street.

I hastened to catch the green light and did. But as I was hurrying across, just a meter or two from the other side, I heard a dull sound and everything went dark.

Going Out and Coming Back

In what seemed like a moment after, I was floating above the street, facing the dark rainy sky. Everything appeared just as in the physical. I floated above the trolleybus wires, ie. about 6 meters above the street. I felt calm and peaceful and was hearing a very loud high pitched sound, but it didn’t bother me.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)

It is hard to estimate how long I was out, but suddenly, I was pulled back into my physical body. I was lying on the ground, people had gathered around me, some were shaking me, others were frantically trying to tell everyone what to do with me. Someone called for water to be given to me to drink, another asked for someone to raise me on my feet.

I became aware that the lower part of my astral body was still floating outside of my physical body. As I felt someone lifting my physical body, my astral feet began to merge with their physical counterpart. However, it felt forced and uncomfortable because the two bodies didn’t have enough time to merge naturally, in their own pace.

I could understand why people were doing this, they wanted to know that I was alive, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t seriously injured. But the way it all happened too fast was a bit too much for me.

After a few minutes I was able to stand on my feet. Only now I realized that a car had hit me. Although fully in the physical world, I could still hear that high pitched sound very loud. I felt it was like a cocoon around me, protecting me. It helped me not to feel worried or scared, just peaceful. I wasn’t even in pain (perhaps this was an effect from the shock of the accident.)

I was taken to the hospital where I got a few stitches on my head. At this point, I did start feeling pain all over my body. Thankfully, besides the wound on my head and some bruises here and there, I was fine. Soon I was able to go back to my daily activities as normal.

Reflecting on the Experience

Having had some background knowledge from Belsebuub’s courses, but most of all having had some out-of-body experiences of my own helped me understand exactly what was happening during the accident.

I had already felt what it was like to be in my astral body, felt the reality of being outside of my physical body, as well as the separation between the two bodies that occurs as we fall asleep. I had also heard that high pitched sound before, sometimes right after the split from the physical body and going into the astral dimension.

None of these aspects were strange to me, so with the accident, having that ‘involuntary’ out of body experience I knew exactly what was happening to me. The shocking thing about it was really just how it had happened.

Belsebuub mentions in his book The Astral Codex that people who die as well as those having a near-death experience (NDE) go first to the astral plane. Perhaps my experience wouldn’t be classified as an NDE as I wasn’t seriously hurt to the point of death, I was just ‘pushed’ out of my body, but the place that I went to was the astral plane I knew from previous experience.

Reflecting on this experience, I wished that this information was common knowledge, as it is so much a part of life and how human beings operate.

Had I not come across it beforehand and been able to experience aspects of the astral, I can imagine how confused I would have been afterwards. And if those people who had the care and compassion to stop and try to help me had had that knowledge as well, maybe they would have possibly handled the situation with less worry and anxiety.

A few days after the accident, I went to see a doctor who was going to assess my general state. He asked if I had lost consciousness during the accident. I hesitated with my answer – my physical body was unconscious, but the real me was very aware. The doctor became impatient. I said ‘no.’