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Flying around My House While out of the Body

Experience submitted by Richard Spencer
Experience submitted by Richard Spencer

Waking up in the Astral Plane

This one night I was giving astral projection a go based on a method that I had learned in Belsebuub’s courses and not really having any luck I decided to roll over and just go to sleep, although my mind and body had different ideas as I was lying there for a long time seeming like I was wide awake.

However, at some time I must have drifted off and I found myself flying down the hallway of my house, being very excited but also trying stay focused, as I learned in Belsebuub’s courses heightened emotions can end the experiences quickly by bringing you back to your body.

So I focused on my flying however I found that I was rolling over as I flew up the hallway and couldn’t stay level through the air, but remembering what I had learned in the courses helped to correct this problem.

I proceeded to fly through the living room and into the kitchen seeing the rooms in a very different way while viewing them from the ceiling looking down. After trying a few things like going through walls, viewing the ceiling close up etc., I went back into my bedroom and my wife was there sitting on the bed.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.
Public domain image found on Pixabay.

As you can imagine I was quite excited being conscious in the astral after spending a lot of time trying to achieve this, so I tried to explain to her what was happening pointing out that we are in the astral, I rolled upside down showing her how I was floating with my feet in the air, keeping in mind that this was her astral body I was talking to not her in the physical.

Unfortunately she didn’t share the same excitement and told me just to go back to bed, this made me question what was really happening and soon after I found myself back in my physical body.

I managed to come out of my body again into the astral but couldn’t hold the awareness and soon slipped into a dream.

  • It’s pretty funny how your wife didn’t realize there was anything strange about your flying upside down in front of her 🙂 In the morning I wake up and think what a strange dream I had but in the dream it feels so self evident and normal, whatever strange thing it was. I suppose her not knowing about the technique at the time would have had an influence on her ability to wake up in the astral. In a recent dream I also became lucid and found my husband on the street in his own dream scenario. I enthusiastically tried to help him wake up and telling him we were on the astral plane. He didn’t say anything, or really wake up from his dream but also didn’t resist as I pulled him along with me. He didn’t remember anything like that from his dreams in the morning though.

    Yes it would be nice to hear if this actually worked for anyone, and how! I mean trying to wake up their spouse or friend and them actually becoming lucid in the astral plane and remembering it in the morning.

  • Thanks for sharing Richard, that a great experience, I really enjoyed reading your account.
    It’s such a beautiful feeling to consciously fly in the astral.

    Like Karim, I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve tried to show people that I was flying by calling out to them, saying “look, look up it’s real, I’m flying”, sadly, I’ve never been successful at getting there attention.
    On another occasion, I had trouble staying in the air and began to slowing drop toward the ground, and suddenly I began to flap my arms which completely felt like the wings of a large bird. This may sound strange but I was totally conscious. I kept myself up with the technique of a large winged bird for an unknown period. As I flew around, I managed to get the attention of my father, I called out to him to let him know that it was the astral plane and that was the reason that I could fly. He looked at me pleasantly for a short period, and I was so happy, but he didn’t wake up consciously.
    When I woke up, the knowledge of flying with wings was so real and I could still feel the wings, but soon I was so disappointed to be back without that ability.

  • I had a very similar experience as well when I was starting out — I finally had an astral experience where I had lots of control and was able to stay out longer and actively go around the house. At one point I too went back in the bedroom and tried to tell my husband that I’m in the astral and so is he, shaking his shoulder (maybe a little too enthusiastically ?), but to my disappointment he just groggily said something like “no, we’re not, go back to bed” (can’t remember exact words, but that was the sentiment), turned over and went back to sleep, which was so surprising to me at the time because, like you, I was also very excited. When I asked him in the morning whether he remembered that interaction, he said not at all, so seemed like he was just too deep in a dream when that occurred. Interesting how similar our experiences are in that sense ? I wonder how many other people experienced this scenario as well with their significant other..?

    • Ha ha, that’s funny how these asleep spouses tend to send you “back to bed”. I didn’t have this kind of experience, just the ones where I thought I was talking to my husband, but he could not remember anything upon waking, so I was not really sure if it was him after all. On one such occasion, I “rolled” him out of bed in the astral, and he fell on the ground with me hovering above him, explaining that we were in the astral. Still, no recollection afterwards from his side. 😀

      • Ha thats funny Lucia thats really making him wake up throwing him out of the bed ; )

    • Wow thats weird it does sound like a very familiar experience, it would be interesting to see if there are others out there that have also had a similar experience. My partner also did not remember the experience : ( , also my partner was not really involved in this work Im not sure if that also made some difference to her response??

      Thanks for sharing

    • I did with my former boyfriend who was the one who first introduced me to Belsebuub’s courses. I remembered I had just started taking an introductory course with my boyfriend and he was giving me advice on how to concentrate the mind on a single thing, like the process of falling asleep, to get an out-of-body experience so I decided to give it a try that night. I didn’t split but did end up having a lucid dream and when I realized I was dreaming, I reach over to wake him up and told him that it had worked – we were in the astral. I recall both of us flying (which was sort of new to me back then) up to the top of the terraced roof of my apartment building holding hands and talking while looking out into the incredible sky. When I woke up, I excitedly asked him if he remembered what had happened that night in the astral. Unfortunately he said he couldn’t remember anything.

  • That sounds like some great quality flying throughout your house Richard ? I liked your upside down move to show it obviously wasn’t the physical world.

    I can relate to trying to let people know we are actually in the astral world while I’m there. Often trying to wake people up or make them realise. It always feels so real over there and I think how would I, or that other person, ever forget this? But it’s not as straightforward as that. What I started doing later was explicitly telling people a specific and distinct word to make that stick in the memory better.

    It’s interesting how you were both practising to achieve an astral experience for a long time and at the same time when you had it the place also felt very natural to you.

    • Hi Karim yes it seems that there is a difficulty to have astral experiences and it requires a lot of effort, for me at least, but when I manage to become aware there it just seems so easy and very natural
      Interesting telling someone a specific word did you find that this worked for you??

      • I haven’t had any success with the specifc word yet 😉 It was more the case that when I noticed that people were never remembering (or most often) what I thought were genuine encounters over there I thought of doing something very ‘whacky’ or memorable. The one specific word is also to verify it later, no one is going to come up with ‘KETCHUP!’ just like that. One other time I grabbed someone’s big toe and looked at them wide-eyed… the person didn’t remember.

        It seems the things I come up with on the spot over there can seem a bit silly here.

        • Great idea Karim I never thought of that I might give it a go next time I get a chance, thanks for the tip

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Richard. Its great to hear that using belsebuubs techniques you were able to verify the astral dimension. I also agree with using the advice belsebuubs has given wisely, to make use of these experiences to gain self knowledge, as there is so much to understand about this great work.

    • Hi Chris before doing Belsebuubs courses I had heard about the astral from when I was practicing martial arts which was very exciting for me but never was there any techniques or explanations really given so it was a relief when I found these courses to piece it all together and to have practices to achieve the astral

  • Hey Richard,
    Thanks for sharing, I can really relate to your experience as i to got a handle on the astral with Belsebuub’s techniques.
    Yes they are of great help indeed.

  • Hi Richard, that’s a pretty cool experience flying around your house like that and trying to make your wife wake up in the astral too! As fun and amazing that type of experience is I have found the best advice as given by Belsebuub is to use the astral for gaining self knowledge to help with spiritual awakening.

    • Hey Dave yes it was a fun experience and I couldn’t agree more about using the experience of the astral for gaining self knowledge and understanding the truth of what ir really going on in life

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