Experience submitted by Richard Spencer

Experience submitted by Richard Spencer

Waking up in the Astral Plane

This one night I was giving astral projection a go based on a method that I had learned in Belsebuub’s courses and not really having any luck I decided to roll over and just go to sleep, although my mind and body had different ideas as I was lying there for a long time seeming like I was wide awake.

However, at some time I must have drifted off and I found myself flying down the hallway of my house, being very excited but also trying stay focused, as I learned in Belsebuub’s courses heightened emotions can end the experiences quickly by bringing you back to your body.

So I focused on my flying however I found that I was rolling over as I flew up the hallway and couldn’t stay level through the air, but remembering what I had learned in the courses helped to correct this problem.

I proceeded to fly through the living room and into the kitchen seeing the rooms in a very different way while viewing them from the ceiling looking down. After trying a few things like going through walls, viewing the ceiling close up etc., I went back into my bedroom and my wife was there sitting on the bed.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

As you can imagine I was quite excited being conscious in the astral after spending a lot of time trying to achieve this, so I tried to explain to her what was happening pointing out that we are in the astral, I rolled upside down showing her how I was floating with my feet in the air, keeping in mind that this was her astral body I was talking to not her in the physical.

Unfortunately she didn’t share the same excitement and told me just to go back to bed, this made me question what was really happening and soon after I found myself back in my physical body.

I managed to come out of my body again into the astral but couldn’t hold the awareness and soon slipped into a dream.

Being able to wake up and be conscious in the astral still requires a lot of effort for me and is not something that comes easily but one thing that amazes me is that when I am lucky enough to experience this, is how natural and easy it feels to be in the astral dimension and it’s just the influence of the mind that affects me from getting there consciously and remaining there.

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