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Feeling Myself Float out of My Body While Concentrating on My Heart

Experience submitted by Dimi

I found myself awake much earlier than usual at 4am in the morning, so decided to use this opportunity to astral project. I decided to concentrate on my heart beats, a method I learned in Belsebuub’s courses.

I prepared my body by relaxing it and then shifted my focus to my beating heart.

I even placed my right hand on my chest in line with my heart (something I had not done before now), so that I could feel the heart beats more intensely to start with.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

I remained in that position throughout the entire attempt. 
My body got heavier. I could no longer feel my feet or the weight of my legs. I remembered where I had positioned my hands and arms, yet I could no longer feel them.

I also knew that it was most important to remain still and to continue hearing and focusing on the heart beats, which had become louder and more easily felt throughout my body, pulsating, radiating outwards, helping this sensation in my body to expand and make me forget the feeling of having a body.

Then I felt a different sensation take over, one of numbness. It was accompanied by a tingling sensation throughout the body.

At this point, I noticed this subtle temptation to move, to break the stillness and the concentration. It also introduced a level of tension in my mind and in my body. It was a crucial point. It became even more necessary to relax and to remain focused, concentrated on the heart beats.

By continuing to concentrate on the heart beats, focusing my attention on the sensations of each beat pulsating, I found myself easing back into the experience, without a thought in my mind, without any physical tension in my body. I had managed to relax back into the astral method with my body and mind.
 I began to feel the sensations of numbness again.

I remained focused. The numbness remained but also developed into a tingling sensation that came over my body, soon followed by a natural lightness, a weightlessness that felt familiar.

I took note of all these sensations, these changes going on from within, without judgement or comment, without disturbing or disrupting the flow. I began to feel even lighter.

Then I heard this clicking noise as though something had unlocked itself or become separated, accompanied by a buzzing noise – like that of engines – in my ears. It got louder. It too was familiar. That’s when I felt myself start to float up, to separate from my physical body.

I kept floating upwards, looking at the white ceiling above me. I could sense the outline of all the other objects in my room, but kept my focus at the ceiling as I continued floating upwards and closer to it. The ceiling fan did not get in my way as I kept floating. I got so close to the ceiling that my nose nearly touched it!

Instinctively I knew that I would continue floating up and through the ceiling. At that point, I decided to turn around, to do 180 degrees turn and face my bed. I knew I would see myself lying there, my body sleeping. In that instant, I found myself turning and facing downwards. Sure enough, there I was, lying in my bed, my physical body sleeping, resting. I wondered if this was real.

I then found myself looking closer at the detail of my body laying there, my legs, the bed sheet, my head and…my arm over my chest at the position of the heart!! I felt a smile come over from within.

The confirmation of the realness of this experience was most welcomed. 
I quickly felt myself float down much faster than floating up and enter my body almost like a flash. There I was, eyes opening up, awake in my body and… with my hand over my chest at the position of the heart.

I stayed in that position for a while, letting the significance of what had happened sink in and so as not to forget the details of the experience.

  • Thank you Dimi for this great run through what you experienced and the detail of how it unfolded. Its very helpful and inspiring to read. The familiarity you noted with the various sensations kind of rids the fear from OBE experiences to show that there is a process and it is a process.

    Thanks again I found your share to be very uplifting and inspiring for my own wishes to learn through out of body experiences.

  • Hey!! It was amazing to read this dimi.That brings me to the reason I am writing this I have being trying to astaral project for a long time I usually do everything same as you until the point where you can’t feel your body this happens to me too I stay still and nothing happens after that I get frustrated and move myself. Also I have another quarries like can you open your eyes at this time and will the sounds that I hear in my room disappear.

    • Hi Daksh nice to hear of you’re efforts of trying to learn to have OBE’s.

      I’m sure Dimi will get a chance to answer your question but I thought I might share my experience with you. I’ve found that thoughts about the process can be what keeps me from splitting/floating up/ lifting out of my body. I suggest having another read of Dimi’s experience and see if you can pick up where you’re experience maybe stopping at and see what Dimi did, and perhaps reflecting on that to see what you can try the next time?

      From my experience opening your eyes does end the sensations and then you start again, either where you left off or from the beginning, depending on how much you moved and changed your focus. I find relaxing into the experience is more helpful as it allows the process to keep unfolding as Dimi showed in her experience above.

      All the best with your experiences, you’re probably much closer to it than you think!

  • This was so nice to read Dimi 🙂

    It is amazing all these sensations and things are happening to us every night as we go to sleep and we are never aware of it normally, just blackout into dreams. And then when we are aware of it through concentration, it feels so strange and amazing at first (at least to me). So it’s hard not to be distracted by the practice, but you did so well with it.

    That’s great how you noticed that crucial moment where you started to feel the urge to move, to break the flow like you said, but instead you brought your focus back. I think this is what often happens to me, I mean I go some way into the process of separation, but at some point start to feel this discomfort or restlessness or other physical sensation that makes me move and break the practice. But behind it I think is also a lack of faith and trust that I can really make it ‘to the other side’, so I don’t put 100 % into the practice. Good thing to realize.

    I really like how you got proof of the reality of the experience by seeing your arm on your heart from up the air! There is something very nice and gentle about that.

    I feel inspired to strengthen my efforts and not give up now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Your description was so ”real”, Dimi, and it was so nicely given that really captured my attention.

    I also admired your persistence getting to the end of this practice and reap the benefit of it, discovering how real this astral world can be if we are consciously projected in that dimension.

    I can also relate your effort to stick on this buzzing noise in the ears with some relevant efforts I had. It is already familiar to me as well but in the beginning of my attempts, it was a problem, as I was feeling that my ears would blow up. When I learned to be concentrated more and more on that sound, this ”pressure” was settled down and I knew that if I would insist not to lose my focus there, after a while I would be out of the body. That’s why I think that from every astral practice, we can gain more and more knowledge for this world and the techniques to get there.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It is so true, with each experience and conscious practice to get into the Astral, I have learnt something new, thanks to Belsebuub and his work!

  • Hi Karim, yeah I’ll get really hot and start to sweat which put me off from concentrating properly

  • Thank you for that incredibly detailed description of astral projecting, Dimi. The various sensations you experienced, the challenges you faced in your practice (and how you overcame them), and what transpired after your projection are very helpful and motivating!

    • I find relaxation is key…Otherwise, I can lose the focus and find myself a couple of steps backwards…

  • Hi Dimi, thanks for sharing the experience as I’ve had a tendancy to get distracted with this practice and have even felt a lot of heat which was hard to overcome at the time, you really hung in there with the practice and your determination was very inspiring to read.

    • Interesting you mention the heat Steve, I had completely forgotten about that until you mentioned it! I also used to experience it many times in the past when trying to project and also found it hard to get past it.

      • There has been a heat also, it seems to come with the tingling, but I never thought of it as being separate, I had put it down to the changes going on at that phase of the process I have become so familiar with.

  • Thanks for sharing your little journey through the process of projecting! The way you described it made it feel as if I was also going through it myself and compels me to want to try go deep enough into the practice to go through those stages consciously. I’m impressed at how you were able to ‘stay on track’ as we can so easily get taken away by obstacle one, two or three. Very inspiring.
    It makes me think that those obstacles (like the first ‘weight’ of subconscious sleep that can knock us out, being concentrated long enough to go through the whole relaxation properly etc.) are lot more difficult to overcome when trying a practice in going to bed at night after a long day. Definitely eager to try an astral projection practice soon, although I’ll try it at a different time of day, maybe this afternoon or if I wake up in the night tonight.

  • Thanks for sharing Dimi, the Heart concentration technique is a wonderful way to experience the astral.

    • Thanks for sharing everyone. I have never found it easy to astral project, but after doing a mantra and really trying to focus all my attention on the practice also trying to be aware during the day, I had a great experience where I saw my self coming out of my body , I flew out of my window like a bird flapping my wings flying around a beautiful park land seeing all the beauty of the park , I than landed in the park and began to walk around and than jumped up in the air and took off flying again a few things happened and before I knew it I was back in my room, and than I woke up

      • That’s so nice how you flew above that beautiful park and even walked there a little. I’m yearning to experience the beauty of the astral more, feel the light hearted sincerity and trust like a child that my efforts will get me there and even if not I am learning by trying. Thanks for sharing Carmel!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s great that you managed to keep concentrating on the practice and experienced the process of splitting with such simplicity.

    I’ve always had to work very hard to have a conscious out of body experience and I was often unsuccessful. To be honest most of my results with the astral plane occurred by waking up in a dream. This hasn’t been the case for my wife, who would often manage to have a conscious out of body experience.
    I remember doing a practice with my wife one evening using a mantra which we’d learned from the belsebuub courses, my wife managed to split consciously while I continued to do the practice laying down in our bedroom. Suddenly, my wife pulled me out of my body and we found ourselves floating outside of our bedroom window. From there on I lost the moment, but my wife mentioned that I focused in a certain direction and took off at a high speed. She said that I appeared to know exactly where to go and gave her no attention. It would have been great to be conscious for a longer period and verify more at the time.

    Over the years, I’ve discovered that practicing to be aware and connecting with my Divine Mother during the day is vital to properly understanding our purpose in the astral plane during the night.

    • What a beautiful experience you had in the astral with your wife John! I always wanted to do something like that, I mean projecting together with my husband and go to explore somewhere. But it seems, according to your wife’s testimony, you already had a plan in mind and could not afford to be disturbed by anything at that moment! 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing.

    • How kind of your wife John 🙂 Must be lovely to share experiences of this kind.

      It’s interesting, though I admit the image of it is also appears a bit funny to me, that you lost the moment and took no heed of your wife yet blasted off ‘on a mission’. haha 😀

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Dimi. It must have been great to clearly see your physical body still sleeping in bed and to be able to objectively verify that the experience of being in the astral plane was real. It’s good you were able to keep your cool while approaching the ceiling too! ?

  • What a nice, detailed description of your astral projection Dimi! I especially liked how disciplined you were throughout the practice to stay focused and not to let any sensations to disturb you. It is also amazing how you saw your physical body so close up, with all the details; it must have been a really touching experience! I also liked what you mentioned about the “click” sound, I think I recall hearing that as well at some point when projecting.

    • The clicking sound seems to be a marker for me, a point that indicates I have completely separated from my physical body and that I can consciously get up. Sometimes I don’t hear it as loudly but I know to get up.

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